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Frank Sinatra sang “Let’s take a boat to Bermuda/let’s take a plane to St. Paul/let’s get away from it all! ” To travel is to give into wanderlust — regardless of how you define it. You may crave a wild adventure or simply want to admire mother nature from the serenity of a hammock. You may love the thrill of jumping on the subway in a gigantic city or instead dream of kayaking down a solitary river. In other words, “Let’s leave our hut, dear/Get out of our rut, dear/Let’s get away from it all.”

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Tuesday, Sep 21, 2010

Pattaya, Thailand: Backstage at Tiffany’s

From Swerve of Shore 10 hours ago More from this authorMuch has been done in the way of backstage photographs of ladyboy cabaret shows in Bangkok and Pattaya, but I felt like I couldn’t readily talk about or explore this aspect of the culture without experiencing it firsthand. So my assistant contacted Tiffany’s Show in Pattaya and asked their PR director if it would be OK for me to come by and take some pictures. After a lot of back and forth and a few roadblocks, she finally agreed. The above images are from the hour that I had with everyone as they prepared for their show. It’s funny how connections are made. Another assistant had introduced me to her friend in Bangkok, and I photographed her and agreed to come by the next day to meet some of her friends as they did hair and makeup for an iPhone 4 commercial. There I met another woman named Mae and took a portrait of her. When I mentioned that I was trying to get backstage at Tiffany’s, Mae told me that she had a friend that was in the show. Her friend, Tu, could

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I Am Not a Number

Gin & Lemonade 9 hours ago

Image via Wikipedia The alarm clock is tuned to BBC Radio 4.  If I hear one more feature on benefit cuts, taxes, the Government, or even cricket, I think I may actually throw the radio out the window.  This is not the kind of stuff I want to wake up to in the morning.  Especially considering I live it.  I see the outcome of benefits and benefit cuts every time I look my bank balance.  I am on benefits.  They have their place.  I would like to be off them, though.  I am not going to comment on the actual statistics and numbers.  Other people have done that better than me.  I left my University Psychology course because of the stats.  I don’t like them.  I’ve never been one. Every time I listen to a report that rattles off the statistics of people on benefits, I want to shout at the radio/screen, and I sometimes do.  That’s me, you bastard.  I am not a number .  And I want to work.  I’ve liked all the jobs I’ve had.  And I want another one. I went to the jobcentre yesterday, and they ask

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Distance from Question from Janet Home relating to Visiting #Crieff 2010-09-21

Distance QuestionsJanet Home asked the following question on 2010-09-21 can you help? What is the mileage from Inverness to , Original Page: Distance from Crieff in Great Britain it related to “Distance from” Crieff, Great Britain and was categorised by the person as Visiting. If you can help Janet Home answer this then that would be great! Visit the link to do so now Or maybe you can help answer a different question here world distances


On the road again

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are…So, I’m on the road again. After MUCH hemming and hawing, IRC finally gave me the go ahead this afternoon at 2pm to leave. On a flight at 7pm. Talk about last minute. I’ll be back in my old stomping grounds, Liberia, which I’m simultaneously looking forward to and dreading. My last few months there were less than plesant, and I won’t have Nick there to keep me sane – but I did have some good times, and I hope I won’t be there long enough for the place to really get under my skin. Plus I get to see some good friends and former colleagues, which is nice. Of course, timing couldn’t have been worse. When I originally agreed to the assignment a month ago I told them I had to be back by the 1st to move. Unfortunately everything was delayed, so now poor Nick has to move into our new house (!) by himself. I packed as much as humanly possible, but feel really badly. I’m super bummed I’m not going to be around! Anyways, it’s time for fl


And through Germany we go
Lukasbinder’s Blog
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The Blue Ridge Parkway at 75

Semi-Regular Raves ‘n’ Rants

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Costumes On A Budget

Meltdown Free Disney


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Travel: Vienna

Dutch goes Dutch.

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21.09.2010 Travel

HIV, AIDS and HOPEI traveled a lot this year, Europe and within South Africa – and I am just preparing for the next travels which will bring first to Durban and Johannesburg and in October/November to Europe before in December Johannesburg is again on the agenda. I am always amazed to hear after my return: “How was your holiday”. It seems that many people connecting travel still only with holidays and it seems that being sometimes exhausted and feeling tired after arriving home is not an option. I do enjoy traveling on one hand, but on the other hand it is meanwhile no fun anymore to spend so much time at airports with all the changing security measures. I love to meet new people but on the other hand it is indeed sometimes difficult to connect every day with new people in another city. Maybe one feels the “ying” and ‘yang” of traveling more when one grows older. But what I still have maintained  is this curiosity to learn when on travel, to be curious about new


Reader’s Post – Vintage Chick’s Story

Dancingdivorcee’s BlogAfter a conversation with a friend who told me about her desire to have kids and simultaneously her need for space, I thought it a good time to post one woman’s story about motherhood. As Vintage Chick says, it’s impossible to explain to someone who has never had kids the enormity of the responsibility. I’m sure that one of the greatest fears of  first time expectant mother’s  is, what if I don’t bond with my baby?  But even when that isn’t an issue (from someone who fell intoxicatingly in love with both children at first sight) there are still moments when you find yourself wondering how the hell you’re going to get through the next 18 minutes, let alone the next 18(+) years. This is not a moan about motherhood, after all for most of us it’s a choice and one of the greatest blessings life can bestow upon us. But while the bliss is self-evident  (as anyone who has gazed deep into a baby’s beautiful loving eyes, or inhaled the delici


To the moon, Alice ….

That’s MY Armrest, You Moron!Boeing has reached agreement with Space Adventures Ltd. to shoot people into space –  okay, fly people into space. They can take seven people and I’m already making my list.  Let’s see, there’s the creepy guy in my building that stares at me in his long blonde ladies wig; the teacher/nun in second grade who was quick with the ruler, smelled like kerosene, and told me that I, too,  would make a good nun;  loud talkers on cell phones; all cats; wait, I get three more …. Boeing: Let us fly you into space –


Tuscan Cooking Class

Sherri StyleSunday was our cooking class in Tuscany.  Our driver met us at the hotel for our short drive to Impruneta.  From the moment we met Veronica, our hostess, we felt at home…she is one of the warmest people I have ever met.  Her villa was picturesque, complete with rows of olive and grape plants.  The class is held a small studio where her father painted.  Veronica converted it into a small kitchen with a stainless steel work station, a lovely table set with beautiful roses from her garden, and simple white dorotti china and sterling flatware. The menu was simple Tuscan, bruschetta, gnocchi with pomodoro sauce, peas and meatballs with lemon and parsley, and tiramisu.  All the vegetables and herbs came from her garden and the eggs from her chickens.   During the class nothing went to waste….all the scrapes went in a bowl for chickens….we would all laugh….” for the chickens” in our bad Italian.  We learned to make the sauce and the gnocchi.  Rolling the gn


The Lincoln Highway

MomsAdoptionRoute of the Lincoln Highway My mother and her mother used to drive across country during the 30s. They had a big Packard and drove the distance more than once, back when dirt roads and gravel were still pretty common on the nation’s major automotive arteries. Their secret weapon? The Lincoln Highway, the first transcontinental highway in the United States. The Lincoln Highway was dedicated in 1913, and took a route more or a less through the center of the country, starting at New York City and ending up in San Francisco. There were other named highways in those early years, such as the Jefferson Highway and the Victory Highway, and all of these were integrated in 1926 into the U.S. Numbered Highways system…most of Lincoln Highway became Route 30. It’s become hard for people to imagine how quickly conditions in the United States changed after WWII. Before the war, driving outside the cities was still something of an adventure, and took much planning, as there were no


Response to Going from Death Valley question from distance calculator

Distance Questionsdistance calculator replied thus In response to This Death Valley question distance calculator said: Try this hope that helps This travel question stemmed from: Going from Death Valley it related to Death Valley, CaliforniaCalifornia. If you can help answer this question from Going calculator then that would be great! Visit this link to do so now Or maybe you can help answer a different question here world distances


England’s Work Houses

Beth Bruno PhotographyI should do more research before writing this post, but the history of social welfare in England is fascinating! We saw plenty of castles and quaint villages, but my favorite day was our visit to the work house. These large buildings were the 19th century solution to the homeless and beggars. Prior to building “regional” houses, each village was responsible to care for its own poor. But this soon became inefficient and industrialization increased the numbers faster than village parish churches could keep up. The large work house was an efficient solution to a shire’s poor. Families came in through a sterile room and left through 3 doors- men, women, and children- in uniform and without their belongings. IF they were “good,” they were able to see each other on Sunday afternoons. The work was designed to be laborious and grueling, a deterrent to falling into poverty. The work houses obviously became socially scrutinized, the subject of Dickens’ work, a

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Pilgrimage – 11 Dec – Leaving it at the top of a mountain
Living As Herby
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Ghostly Manor Thrill Center Debuts New Haunt For Opening Weekend 2010
The Insider
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