Driwancybermuseum christmas and newyour card

Dr Iwancybermuseum sent to All collectors from all over the word Marry christmas And’ Happy New Year Special for You

We upload a sample of dr Iwan E-book In Cd-ROM THE CHRISTMAS HISTORY COLLECTIONS 1500 1800


World’s first Christmas card Christmas cards originated as hand-written letters sent by school children to their families in England in the early 1800s.

The invention of the steam press in 1840 made it possible to mass-produce Christmas greetings. Christmas cards were first printed in London, England.

They were designed by John Calcott Horsley of the Royal Academy for Sir Henry Cole in 1843 and were sold at Felix Summerly’s Home Treasury Office.

The greeting was “A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You.” A portrayal of a child sipping wine in a toast on the central panel caused a stir with temperance groups. Cards were first mailed (to friends) by W. C. Dobson (Queen Victoria’s favorite painter) in 1845. First mailings in U. S. were in 1846. Louis Prang, a Boston lithographer, marketed multicolored Christmas Cards in Europe in 1865, and in the U. S. in 1875.

He made Christmas Cards popular. Mailing was expanded with the “penny post card,” 1893. Half-tone engravings appear in 1900. The home photograph card begins in 1902 by Eastman Kodak.