The Literature Study Of Rare Unique Collections’s Investation Value(Studi kepustakaan Koleksi nilai InvestasiLangka Dan Unik)












The Driwan’s  Cybermuseum


(Museum Duniamaya Dr Iwan)

                              * Ill c-001


                               Dr IWAN SUWANDY,MHA

Ill-C 001.Kartupos Amal in commemoration of One Year of Free Indonesia, 1946, sent from Wood Plant Priaman to West Sumatra.

1.The research of Collections  that has an investment value (unique and rare) that a “reasonable” collection is something interesting at the moment, especially since the crisis Global stock markets in last  2008 where the confidence of investors towards capital market (shares) began to decline and begin to look “Investment at  Collection” * 1)

 2. The investment value of a collection is determined not only by the scarcity or old age but also by the quality and beauty for personal enjoyment and exhibitions * 2)

 3.Beutifful collection depends on the consumer’s eyes and the condition of collections such as its investment value is a subjective thing

4.Istilah Unique Collections from English Unique Collection is often interpreted incorrectly so identified with a unique collection of rare collections with high investment value and eventually become a pile of garbage collection of unique because there is no investment value and no collector wants to buy it so sold in kilogram such as waste paper.

 There is also a unique

5.Koleksi called “Rare”, “Limited Edition” or “Curio”, “Antique” * 3)

 6. Collectors and investors a unique collection has always encountered difficulty in selecting a decent collection collected, are often disappointed when selling his collection because it is considered very low tidakseperti the diperkirakannya.Sehubungan to the above is necessary to study a literature study, comparison willing deri collection development catalog and value of auction results within a certain period of time in order to be able to answer some of the things that always makes pertanyaanbagi collectors and investors a unique collection:

a. Types of collections worthy of investment

   Netherlands Indies stamps of the most rare and collectible worthy

b. How to prove the hypothesis below:

1) Unique collection does not always have the value of investments


Stamps during the war of independence of Indonesia on Sumatra’s most endangered only two seeds are found, one of which there are stamps dimuseum Den Haag The Netherlands belongs to the famous collector of Ricardo and that this personal property of Dr. Iwan S, but although not necessarily unique and rare high-value inventasinya, my wife commented ugly stamps not appeal to everyone interested, but when viewed Bulterman dutch philatelic experts immediately shouted wow while holding the head, very interesting, there are only two in the world, want to sell, I said no because the proper postage stamps on display at museums Indonesia or juxtaposed with a collection Ricardo at the Hague Museum, but when I offer to other philatelic experts from Holland, I say, this stamp I want to donate to the Musuem Hague on condition that my name be listed and I was invited to Holland during the delivery receipt donation charter of this rare stamp He said I should be let out, but already five years old no answer, how, I can confirm the hypothesis of rare but interesting and not always have a high investment value.

2) always has a unique collection of information needed certain people.


battered map is not attractive, but it has the information you’ll want to know, you know, and Kalijati Subang may not be, the place is very historic, Mat is a dijatikan airfield where the handover of power from military talks Hiundia To the Commander of the Dutch forces in Java pendarata Dai Nippon Let.jen. Hitoshi Immamoto, nah lu, this new collection of valuable historical information is needed because the people of Indonesia and of course the Netherlands, and then you’ll want to know how Immamura General profile, to satisfy your curious look at the photos in question below


After seeing Immamura jen.Hitoshi profile, add your curiosity, he conferred with whom,-please read the 1942 Japanese occupation of Java or The Military Administration of Dai Nippon Dai Nippon Gunseikanbu Java or Java. (Waah, it makes people curious information-hungry-Dr Iwan s)

The investment value can be known collection of antique trade market lately become known due to the recession that many “dealers” (merchant-peyalur) and “auctioner” (auctioneer) believes this will end ugly situation. Objects and collections of its kind developed competitive prices are always found and sometimes suprising a rapidly changing type of object status and became a collector’s item * 4)


This medal was Mao who want a collection, but currently hunted Chinese collector, because the country’s economy soared and people began to prosper, then the most beloved komeradnya scarce especially during the cultural revolution in the purchase price is very high, even a lot of copies produced in 1978 when new mao died is still purchased in China for a souvenir by tourists because of the original price is exorbitant. Expert philatelists late V. Esbensen once wrote a letter to me, what do you collect philatelic items and the Japanese occupation of Indonesia’s independence war in Sumatra, an investment wkatu will be a very high value if your country is more prosperous economy, it is true when the Japanese economic boom 1985, Japanese Occupation of philatelic collection of all the Japanese hired premises exorbitant prices, but this time the Japanese collectors are old and many died as Mr Aoki market for so lonely anymore, I’ve sold at a profit again booming, until now my collection of China still intact and began to boom, perhaps I should immediately take it off, how, not amazing.

Investment interest in stamps that had started to fade sparkle * 5) after various capital market crisis.

Traders collection of money (numismatic) will be showered money if someone figures illustrated the old money dies. * 6)

On this, there is my experience, a pile of money when I see old pictures bung Karno fractions Rp.25  money”prit jigo”(jigo means  25 in java,pruit  means  police fluit.)very much in circulation, in conditions which are smooth hard to come by, you know how the price skyrocketed began ten thousand dollars, then up twenty-five thousand dollars out of 1990 and finally in 2000 rocketed so a hundred thousand dollars, but since the economic recession falling again live 75 thousand dollars, for the moment I have most tinngi off all but the serial number has the same or increased PA 12345 and I am still pretty because the prospects are particularly good collection of serial numbers of one or two letters, do not know yet learned dong, read the book, curious about the message of this book before it runs out combed others, information is our teacher to become a successful collector (Dr. Iwan S)

Author of an article titled “The Collector” admiration for the collectors who love the collection was transformed into knowledge for the crowds, but he was concerned about the greed and their keserakahan* 7)

Collection that has a high investment value is not always illiquid, hard-sold by market value, traders have the principle of “buy-cheap and sell as cheaply as high”. Nevertheless there is also a collection of the liquid, among others, watches Antiques * 8)

The wealth of an ethnic cultural heritage is a reflection of a culture, one of which is equipment and meubeler Chinese ethnic “cuiho” which utilized at marriage * 9) (including musical instruments, prayer desk and bed clothes and knick-perniknya following Bridal-pen)

Everyone has the idol and brackish respective heronya so interested in storing printed matter, photographs and cards with pictures of the idol known as “trade card” * 10)

The Idol of the present tempo da sports field by the target of collectors such as football card spot * 11) and NBA Basketball Ball * 12)

The term Unusual Coins (coins unusual) “Sometimes confusing” (a confusing time) with the term creation of “the cormercial marketplace” (an open place in the city who use the site pasa), is often a “Deceptive realm of numinmatic emission” (issuance of currency scam ). Unusual Coins Nevertheless there is also published as the local currency or tokens * 12)


This silver coin 1975 mas-1980 sold the store to weigh about 45 grams of silver, sold per gram rp 500 is equal to one U.S. $, so it costs about 45 U.S. $, you know how much it costs now, because it is very rare and very limited edition silver coins Dutch King Willem I of this value is the same with a Toyota Avanza, kalu not believe it can definitely try to look if one wants to exchange with his car, but do not be battered.

Discusses Unique collection will not be exhausted so that the paper is limited regarding the collection does not include any Personal Unique Collections Unique Nation or National Heritage (National Heritage Collection * 13)

Collectors and investors a unique collection of the world very much like the King of Great Britain Stamp Collection parents Queen Elizabeth II Great Britain, former King of Egypt’s extraordinary collection when he abdicated auctioned at prices high enough so that dijulukilah kolesi time stamp as “The King of collection and The collection of the King “seiiring with the development of postal communication in the late twentieth century, the postal stamp issued in a very high sold to 20-100 million eksp. As well as communist countries through the following propaganda movement that dispenses postage stamps that have been stamped postal stamps collectible investments decreased, so that when inin only a unique rare stamps are still so sought after collectors and investors spesialistis * 14)

Collectors and local investors in Indonsia pretty much the end of 2008 arose in the case of ancient statues Solo and involves collector who does not confess as an investor, was released by the State court, and this time prosecutors appeal (do not save a unique collection of national cultural heritage is protected secar law, -pen).

Some collectors are known to the authors discussed in the paper itself, among others, Postal History collectors of Japanese occupation and revolution NRI Ricardo 1942-49 Mr. Jacobson’s former director of state-owned van den Berg-Batavia which currently belongs to the Museum Fiateli Hague Netherlands, ex-lead Ceramic Collection Average IOC Mr. Brundage, Japanese Samurai Collection Mr. Baud-Sri Lanka Collector Cigarette Wrap Butet Kertajaya, Paintings Collection Afandi Bp Sumarican and lainnya.suceeded   some stamp collectors Unique Collection which can afford to buy houses, collectors of antique furniture antique store building in Jakarta, Collector paintings visualization Indonesia from the Netherlands and other countries * 14)

Results research of about Type, Value Investing and discussion as well as a unique collection of illustrations unique collection of private collector Jakarta is simply the next chapter, for collector can contacted senior and specialist writers to be able to discuss and obtain special personal papers with the agreement.

After reading this simple book, readers who understand Indonesian expected to provide corrections and input new information temuam unique collection can then be published so that a more complete book in two language, Indonesian and English in the future. .

The discussion notes Feet:

* 1) Endarto, Eko, Investing in Collectibles, Majallah Cash, December 2008 issue. Eko Endarto, author of the article above is a financial planner from the Bureau of Financial Planning & Rekan Jakarta Senduk Safir, wrote in Majallah contact: “Investing is not easy in unique Collection. There are many criteria that determine an item worthy of collection or not. However, the many criteria it also makes no fixed rule could be a good collector’s item or not. Investment in the collection gives a high yield potential, because people do not because of physical mengingginkannya, but “value” of his.

* 2) Carlson, Lars-Oslo, Postiljonen International Auction 192, Malmo Sweden, 2008p.16.

            An item of oustanding quality and beauty. A rarity for its appearance and not necessarily for its value. Suitable in any private collection for enjoyment as well as for exhibition. An item of excellencein highest regard to quality, beauty and rarity. A wonderful Addition on any collection in its area.

* 3) Apex philatelicauctions No. 88, Kingston, Surrey, Englan, july 2008, P.2

            We deal in a commudity for the which there are no accepted, standard guidelines covering all eventualities.The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder And that no two eyes look at will from the same collection (stamps) in the sane way. Collection condition, just like collection valuation, is a subjective affair, your ideas may be the same as mine: They Might not be.Thelaw equally, of course, makes its living out of arguing the toss abput subjectivity Nowhere does stop white and gray begin black and gray stop and begin?

* 3) Salim, Peter “Nith Bahasa-Indonesia Collegiate Dictionary, 2000

a) Collection, (1.) collection, the collection of these fossils took twenty years, the collection of these fossils took 20 years. (2.) Koleksi.The museum has a large collection of fossils, the museum’s rich collection of fossil-fosil.3.Onggokan, stacks, a collection of mud, mud.

b) Unique. Unique. A unique design, unique design. (Other than the other-world philately uniquely identified with RRR, there is only one-pen)

c) Rare (1)unusual found.. a rare flower, the flowers are rarely obtained. (2). archaic. Very good, (3). Extraordinary, a rare option, an incredible opportunity.

 d) Limited Edition. (1) Limited is limited (only one exemplar one of one, one hundred exemplar written No. 1: 100-pen). (2) Edition, (a). Issue. edition, prints. A new edition, new edition. (B) .. The number of publications. The third edition of a book, the third edition of the book (generally the first edition and a limited amount of stamp collection as the first black British penny, first edition antique book / comic book-pen) 2. Sample issue (mold-proof experiment, Ultramar, sample / model / examples / sample-pen).

(E) Curio (1).. Want to tahu.I am curious to know what he’s making.saya want to know what is being done (a curiosity raises motivation collection collection-pen). (2). Strange and abstruse. (3.) Curio comes from the Italian language means strange and interesting stuff (associated with magical powers, protection and sustenance-pen)

(F) Antique.Adj (French) (1) antique; old-fashioned, outmoded, an antique statuw, an antique statue. (2) From the ancient Greeks and Romans, (3) From the time of the lalu.antique hero, the hero and, (3) The style of the past, (4) The style or model

Antique (5) is an ancient, antiquity.

4) Miller, Judith and Martin Miller’s Collectables price guide, WilliamClows ltd, England, 1996.

The Antiques trade at least seems a to be shrugging off the recession and most dealers and auctioners seem That quetly confident the worst is over. Collectables continiu to be growing and exciting area, with bargaining prices Treasures still being discovered at boot fairs or in attics and new, suprising Sometimes, objects rapidly aquiring collectables status.

5) Nurdiana, Avantih, Genih M. Sinaga, Must: Hobbies and Collectibles Rezeki thanks to glue stamps, Cash, a nov.2008hal 16

Investment interest had faded stamps that started shining as falling prices of various instruments investasi.Asal smart choice, collection or investment in philately postage stamps will be taping the sustenance of abundant opportunities.

6) Sihite, Magdalena and Hidayah, Arryl Acmad; General of the Great died Menningalkan Mamfaat; Cash February, 2008 Page 16

Besides having a historical, ancient money is also a lucrative investment fields. There are people who actually reap for Suharto when former preiden meninggal.Mereka money traders (old) who sprayed the price of old money sustenance dengannaiknya pictorial Suharto and many are looking for coins Suharto of Rp 300,000 and Rp.500.000. made of 23 carat gold, the coin is specially designed for the limited circle bdan not sold according to its nominal price, USD 850.00 .- Fractional padaawalnya already sold Rp. 1 million. (The same thing with the money and the general picture of the president Sukarno Sudirman-pen)

7) Ajidarma, Seno Gumira; San Collector; Compass December 28, 2007, hal3

Collection as a representation of greed and keserakahan.Sang collectors like to have everything as complete. For the true collector, completeness is the key word, danpada turn completeness then enrich his knowledge. They may dihalalkanboleh lawful because it means that produkyif, the rescue of cultural property and the nation. But how the ancient statues collectors who do not understand your own collection? Do I also have to say if the collector does not know anything about archeology, the best way to make sense of the ancient statues, albeit amateur. (The collectors need to be alert to the collection of national cultural heritage is protected by law-pen, but law enforcement officials also need to understand the kind of national culture collection of ancient items must not otherwise protected so that the judge deliver goods to their demands. Usually as a pretext for compensation-pen )

* 8) Khoiriyah, Ruisa; tanggan Antique Jewelry Bags Make CiamikKontan Contents, December 2008, p. 6.

Pengemar antique watches more and more, but can reap the benefits nan thick, fairly liquid.Ramainya pasarnyapun watch antique hunters from abroad make a lot of people looked at this old stuff as an alternative investment. Watches such ancient ema, the price goes up steadily. (Same thing * with an antique camera-pen)

* 9) Cross-Cultural. “Cuiho” Riwayatmu first; Compass, January 2009.

The title above cited two words in the lyrics of “Solo” by Gesang.Bedanya, this paper does not want meomantiskan circumstances and the wealth of cultural heritage of the Peranakan Chinese in Indonesia.Tujuannya is a reflection of acculturation, not the glorification of the past. Various types of cabinets cuiho tionghoa typical display at Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Wednesday (14 / 1). Cupboard end of the 19th century to early 20th-century iasanya are used for supplies for the bride baru.Pameran greatest legacy of the Peranakan Chinese culture that lasted 15 – 23 January 2009 at the same time welcome the lunar new year which falls on 26 January 2009

* 10) Salim, Peter ibid * 3)

 Tradeable can be exchanged, can diperjuabelikan.Tradecard 9 (sports propaganda cards, cigarettes and others traded for collection-pen)

* 11) Brenner, David; The Love of Soccer; Octopus Book Limited ed / 1, London, 1953 p90. and Compass (AP / Reuters / Ray) “Ronaldo Best inword” Kompas 14 January 2009.

Soccer Chronology, 1857 Photos of the soccer-the poldest bola.Shefield FC soccer club in the world-is still in existense formed.1928. football cards from cigarette factory (cigaret card) with pictures Dixie Dean. Dixie Dean scores a record 60 League goals in a seasons’ 1928 The first 10 000 poundserlings transfer from Bolton’s David Jack moves to Asenal, 1933 Ted Drake scores seven goals for Arsenal in a League games against Aston Villa. A Devision on Record, Photo of Bobby Moore, England’s Worldcup winning captaian in 1966, The best of Ajax’s three successive European Cup win in the seventies was Their second record, a 2-0 win over Inter-Milan. Both goals were the resource persons mecurial scored by Johan Cruyff, Pele last game.The match was the between the Cosmos and Santos of Brazil.

Manchester United’s Portuguese player ChristianoRonaldo fought back tears after trbaik crowned world player of FIFA in Zurich, Switzerland Monday 12? 1 – (2009)

* 12) Mishler, Cliford in Michael & Cuhaj; Unusual World Coins, companion volume to the standard catalaog of World Coins, 4th Edition, KP Books, USA, 2005

The purpose of Unusual World Coin of Unsual is to chronicle the confusing Sometimes, Often Deceptive realm of numismatic emissions, primaly created with RHE commercial marketplace in mind, the which purport to reprsent sovereign government entities. As the Standard Catalog of World Coins mission is focused on the circulating and non-circulating legal tender coins of the national Government, Such issues included here are Generally exempted from coverage in SCWC. While some early issues in the realm were the resource persons UWC documented by Richard D. Kenney in his study Unofficial Coins of the World (as published in the Numismatitist 1962-64), the number of offerings in the marketplace Multiplied Appearing exponetially from decade to decade since the 1960 s into these early years of the 21st century. The purpose of UWC is to porovde order to this universe as it related, compares and contrast to SCWC realm. (Never found some coins that semuka unsusual mistaken for a false creation of a coin dealer, was later discovered to include the unusual coin coin a very limited local or limited production with a substantial investment value is discussed in chapter IV of the unique collection of private-pen)

* 13) S. Iwan; “Unique Collection of World Heritage”, Personal Essay, 1990, not yet published.

Unique collection of World Heritage generally be associated with a unique collection of ethnic / national heritage which is a legally protected moyong so generally state-owned and on display in the National Musuem, for personal property should be reported and must have permission to be stored and the time of death should be left to museum national because it is important to study the origin and culture of the nation. The motivation for writing this book for research and reviewing this collection of world heritage requires a very high cost and there must be written permission for are indicated in a paper. Digitally record the image collections are often prohibited by the museum grounds will damage the collections. Illustration World Heritage Collection. Collections can only be displayed from the collection of illustrations from the book Antique books, especially before World War two early 20th-century khususnyadari illustrations and watercolors, prints lithography, and wood block engranve XV till XIX century that today’s increasingly difficult to find and value of the investment continues to rise because many pengemarnya and attractive display dikafe-cafes and restaurants, especially for the generation of babyboomers born in 1960-1970 who are currently well-established economy.

* 14) S. Iwan; Rare stamps are unique; personal papers, 1998, unpublished.

Unique rare stamps instead there is only one world or the new 2,3,4 or 5 are met is still sought out and hunted down by collectors and investors since the monetary crisis of 1998 10 YEAR AHEAD WITH HOPE TO BE INCREASED BY SAVINGS invetasi Fair VALUE FOR OLD HRI.

* 14) S. Iwan; Collector’s Collection Unique World: personal papers, 2000, unpublished.

Collector’s Collection is a collection of unique private world that need to be given awards, now there are given an international certificate by Gueiness local records and Indonesia by MURI (Indonesian Record Museum), but no one has menkaji motivation of the collector and his collection of visualization in detail, the author examines from literature study several prominent collectors in the world and appears logical that the public has not been known. This paper aims to motivate the development of a unique collection of new collectors, so unique collection can be known and useful in scientific research for the betterment of mankind on earth and the collector of a unique collection of opening up to reveal a collection of findings and a special certificate from the authors will be used as a memento of the results business.


Indonesia  version:



                                            *ill c-001



                                                          Dr  I W A N   SUWANDY,MHA

*ill-C 001.Kartupos Amal dalam rangka peringatan Satu Tahun Indonesia  Merdeka 1946, dikirim dari Priaman ke Kayu Tanam SUMBAR.

1.Kajian tentang  koleksi  yang memiliki nilai investasi (unik dan langka) sehingga ”layak koleksi” adalah sesuatu hal yang menarik pada saat ini, terutama sejak terjadinya krisis Global pasar saham pada akhirtahun 2008 dimana keyakinan para investor terhadap pasar modal(saham) mulai menurun dan mulai melirik ”Investasi dibarang Koleksi”*1)

 2. Nilai investasi suatu koleksi ditentukan bukan hanya oleh kelangkaan atau umur yang tua  tetapi juga oleh kualitas dan keindahan untuk kesenangan pribadi dan pameran   *2)

 3.Keindahan koleksi tergantung pada mata konsumen dan kondisi koleksi  seperti nilai investasinya  adalah suatu hal subjektif 

4.Istilah Koleksi Unik berasal dari bahasa Inggeris Unique Collection sering diartikan secara keliru sehingga koleksi unik diidentikkan dengan koleksi langka dengan nilai investasi tinggi dan akhirnya koleksi unik menjadi tumpukan sampah karena  tidak ada nilai investasinya dan tak ada kolektor yang mau membelinya sehingga dijual dalam bentuk kiloan seperti kertas bekas.

 5.Koleksi unik ada juga yang menyebut”Rare”, ”Limited Edition” atau “Curio”,”Antique”*3)

 6. Kolektor dan investor koleksi unik selalu menemui kesulitan dalam memilih koleksi yang layak dikumpul, sering kecewa saat menjual koleksinya karena dinilai sangat rendah tidakseperti yang diperkirakannya.Sehubungan dengan hal tersebut diatas perlu dilakukan kajian  berupa studi kepustakaan, sudi perbandingan perkembangan nilai koleksi deri katalogus dan hasil lelangan dalam suatu kurun waktu tertentu guna dapat menjawab  beberapa hal yang selalu menjadikan pertanyaanbagi para kolektor dan investor koleksi unik :

a.      Jenis koleksi yang layak dijadikan investasi


                      Prangko Hindia Belanda yang paling langka dan layak dikoleksi

b.      Bagaimana membuktikan hipotesis dibawah ini:

1)     Koleksi unik tidak selalu memiliki nilai investasi


Prangko Masa perang kemerdekaan RI di Sumatera  yang paling langka hanya  dua biji ditemukan,salah satunya ada dimuseum prangko Den Haag Negeri Belanda kepunyaan kolektor terkenal Ricardo dan yang ini milik pribadi Dr iwan S, tetapi walaupun unik dan langka belum tentu nilai inventasinya tinggi, isteri saya berkomentar prangko jelek tak menarik siapa yang tertarik, tetapi bila dilihat Bulterman pakar filateli belanda langsung berteriak wow sambil pegang kepala,sangat menarik,hanya ada dua didunia,mau jual , jawab saya tidak karena sepantasnya prangko ini dipajang di museum prangko Indonesia atau disandingkan dengan koleksi Ricardo di Museum den Haag, tetapi saat saya tawarkan kepada pakar filateli lainnya dari Negeri Belanda, saya katakan,prangko ini ingin saya sumbangkan ke musuem den Haag dengan syarat nama saya dicantumkan dan saya diundang ke negeri Belanda saat penyerahan piagam tanda terima sumbangan prangko langka ini, Ia jawab boleh saya akan beri tahu,tetapi sudah lima tahun tidak ada jawaban,bagaimana ,benarkan hipotesis saya langka tapi tak menarik dan tak selalu memiliki nilai investasi tinggi.

2)     Koleksi unik selalu memiliki informasi yang dibutuh orang-orang tertentu.


peta butut ini tidak menarik, tetapi memiliki informasi yang anda pasti ingin tahu, Subang anda tahu dan Kalijati mungkin tidak, tempat tersebut sangat bersejarah, kalijati adalah lapangan terbang yang dijatikan tempat perundingan penyerahan kekuasaan dari Militer Hiundia Belanda Kepada Panglima pasukan pendarata Dai Nippon di Jawa Let.jen. Hitoshi Immamoto, nah lu, baru koleksi ini bernilai histori karena ada informasi yang dibutuhkan rakyat Indonesia dan tentunya Belanda, dan selanjutnya anda pasti ingin tahu bagaimanakah profil Jendral Immamura ,untuk memenuhi penasaran anda lihat foto yang bersangkutan dibawah ini


Setelah melihat profil jen.Hitoshi Immamura,anda tambah penasaran , ia berunding dengan siapa,-silahkan baca Pendudukan Jepang di Jawa 1942 atau The Dai Nippon Military Administration Java atau Dai Nippon Gunseikanbu Jawa.(waah,memang penasaran membuat orang haus informasi-Dr iwan s)

Nilai investasi  koleksi dapat diketahui dari market  perdagangan barang antik yang akhir-akhir ini menjadi tidak diketahui  akibat resesi sehingga banyak “dealer”(pedagang-peyalur) dan “auctioner”(pelelang)  yakin  situasi jelek ini akan berakhir. Benda-benda koleksi berkembang jenisnya dan harga  bersaing selalu ditemukan  dan kadang-kadang suprising  suatu jenis benda dengan cepat berubah statusnya menjadi barang koleksi *4)


Medali Mao ini dulu siapa yang mau koleksi, tetapi saat ini diburu kolektor China, karena ekonomi negaranya meroket dan rakyatnya mulai makmur, maka komeradnya yang paling dicintai khususnya yang langka masa revolusi kebudayaan di beli dengan harga sangat tinggi, malah tiruannya yang banyak diproduksi tahun 1978 saat mao baru meninggal dunia saat ini masih dibeli di China untuk kenang-kenangan oleh turis karena yang asli harganya selangit. Pakar filatelis almarhum V.Esbensen pernah menulis surat kepada saya, apa yang anda kumpulkan benda filateli masa pendudukan jepang dan perang kemerdekaan RI di Sumatra,suatu wkatu akan menjadi investasi yang sangat tinggi nilainya apabila negara anda tambah makmur ekonominya,ternyata benar saat Jepang booming ekonominya tahun 1985, koleksi filateli Pendudukan jepang diborong semua orang Jepang denga harga selangit, tapi saat ini para kolektor jepang sudah tua dan banyak meninggal seperti mr Aoki pasarannya jadi sepi lagi,untung saya sudah jual saat lagi booming, sampai saat ini koleksi saya dari China masih utuh dan mulai booming,mungkin saya harus segera melepasnya, bagaimana, menakjubkan bukan.

Minat investasi perangko yang sempat memudar mulai berbinar *5) setelah berbagai pasar modal mengalami krisis.  

Para pedagang koleksi uang (numismatik) akan kecipratan duit apabila uang lama bergambar seseorang tokoh meninggal dunia. *6)

Tentang hal ini , ada pengalaman saya ,suatu waktu saya menemui setumpuk duit lama gambar bung Karno pecahan Rp.25 alias uang prit jigo yang sangat banyak beredar,dalam kondisi yang masih mulus sulit didapat, anda tahu bagaimana harganya meroket mulai sepuluh ribu rupiah, kemudian naik dua puluh lima ribu rupiah tahu 1990 dan akhirnya tahun 2000 meroket jadi seratus ribu rupiah,tapi karena resesi ekonomi jatuh lagi tinggal 75 ribu rupiah,untuk saat paling tinngi sudah saya lepas seluruhnya kecuali yang nomor serinya sama atau naik PA 12345 dan cantik masih saya koleksi karena prospeknya bagus terutama nomor seri satu atau dua huruf,belum tahu belajar dong, baca buku, penasaran pesan buku ini sebelum habis disikat orang lain,informasi adalah guru kita untuk menjadi kolektor yang sukses(Dr iwan S)

Penulis artikel berjudul “Sang Kolektor” kagum  kepada kolektor  yang kecintaannya  terhadap koleksi menjelma  menjadi  pengetahuan bagi orang banyak, tetapi ia  prihatin terhadap kerakusan dan kesrakahan mereka *7)

Koleksi yang memiliki nilai investasi tinggi tidak selalu likuid ,susah dijual dengan nilai pasar, pedagang punya prinsip “beli semurah-murahnya dan jual setinggi-tingginya”. Kendatipun demikian ada juga koleksi yang liquid antara lain Jam tangan Antik *8)

Kekayaan warisan budaya suatu etnis merupakan refleksi suatu kultur, salah satunya adalah peralatan dan meubeler etnis tionghoa “cuiho” yang dimanfaatkan saat menikah *9)(termasuk alat musik,meja sembahyang dan pakaian serta Ranjang Pengantin berikut pernak-perniknya-pen)

Setiap orang memiliki idola dan heronya masin-masing sehingga berminat menyimpan barang cetak,foto dan kartu dengan gambar sang idola yang dikenal sebagai “trade card”*10)

Sang Idola tempo dulu da masa kini dibidang oleh raga menjadi incaran para kolektor seperti spot card sepak bola*11) dan Basket Ball NBA*12)

Istilah Unusual Coins( koin yang tidak biasa)  “ sometimes confusing” (beberapa waktu  membingungkan) dengan  istilah kreasi   “ the cormercial marketplace”(Tempat terbuka dikota yang gunakan  sebagai lokasi pasa), sering  merupakan “deceptive realm of numinmatic  emission  “ ( penerbitan matauang  tipuan ). Kendatipun demikian Unusual Coins ada juga yang diterbitkan sebagai mata uang lokal atau token *12)


Koin perak ini tahun1975-1980 dijual toko mas dengan menimbang berat peraknya sekitar 45 gr,dijual per gram rp 500 sama dengan satu US $ ,jadi harganya sekitar 45 US$, anda tahu berapa harganya sekarang, karena sangat langka dan edisinya sangat terbatas koin perak Belanda Raja Willem I ini nilainya sama dengan sebuah mobil Toyota Avanza,kalu tak percaya coba cari bila dapat pasti ada yang mau tukar dengan mobilnya,tapi jangan yang butut.

Membahas Koleksi Unik tidak akan habis-habisnya sehingga dalam karya tulis ini dibatasi mengenai Koleksi Unik Pribadi saja tidak meliputi Koleksi Unik Warisan Bangsa atau National (National Heritage Collection*13)

Kolektor dan investor koleksi unik didunia sangat banyak  seperti Koleksi perangko  Raja Inggeris orang tuanya Ratu Elisabeth II Inggeris, Bekas Raja Mesir yang koleksi luar biasa saat ia turun tahta dilelang dengan harga yang cukup tinggi saat itu sehingga dijulukilah kolesi perangko sebagai “The King of collection and the collection of the King” seiiring dengan berkembangnya komunikasi pos pada akhir abad ke XX pihak pos menerbitkan perangko dalam julah yang sangat tinggi sampai 20-100 juta eksp. Serta gerakan propaganda negara komunis liwat perangko yang membagi-bagikan perangko yang telah distempel pos investasi dikoleksi perangko menurun sehingga saat inin hanya yang perangko unik yang langka saja yang masih jadi incaran kolektor dan investor spesialistis *14)

Kolektor dan Investor lokal di Indonsia cukup banyak akhir tahun 2008 timbul kasus Arca Kuno di Solo dan melibatkan kolektor yang tidak mengaku sebagai investor , dibebaskan oleh pengadilan Negeri  ,dan saat ini jaksa  naik banding ( jangan menyimpan  koleksi unik warisan budaya nasional yang dilindungi secar hukum,-pen).

Beberapa kolektor yang dikenal penulis dibahas dalam karya tulis tersendiri antara lain kolektor Postal History Pendudukan Jepang dan revolusi kemerdekaan NRI 1942-49 Mr Ricardo mantan direktur BUMN Jacobson van den Berg –Batavia  yang saat ini milik  Museum Fiateli den Haag Negeri Belanda, Koleksi Keramik Mantan pimpin IOC Mr Average Brundage  , Koleksi Samurai Jepang Mr Baud –Srilangka, Kolektor Bungkus Rokok Butet Kertajaya,Koleksi Lukisan Afandi Bp Sumarican dan lainnya.Keberhasilan beberapa Kolektor Koleksi Perangko Unik yang mampu membeli rumah,Kolektor meubel antik membangun toko antik di Jakarta, Kolektor lukisan yang memvisualisai Indonesia dari negeri Belanda dan lainnya*14)

Hasil kjian mengenai Jenis, Nilai Investasi koleksi unik serta pembahasannya serta illustrasi koleksi unik pribadi kolektor Jakarta secara sederhana pada bab berikutnya, untukkolektor senior dan spesialistik dapat menhubunggi penulis guna dapat berdiskusi dan memperoleh karyatulis khusus pribadi dengan perjanjian.

Setelah membaca buku sederhana ini , pembaca yang memahami bahasa Indonesia diharapkan memberikan koreksi dan masukan informasi temuam koleksi unik baru sehinga selanjutnya dapat diterbitkan buku yang lebih lengkap dalamdua bahasa Indonesia dan Inggeris pada masa mendatang. .

Pembahasan catatan Kaki :

*1) Endarto,Eko,Berinvestasi di Barang Koleksi, Majallah Kontan,edisi Desember 2008.            Eko Endarto , penulis  artikel tersebut diatas  adalah perencana keuangan dari Biro Perencana Keuangan Safir Senduk & Rekan Jakarta , menulis dalam majallah kontak :” Berinvestasi dibarang Koleksi tak mudah. Ada banyak kriteria yang menentukan suatu barang layak koleksi atau bukan. Namun banyaknya kriteria itu   pula yang membuat tak ada aturan baku suatu barang bisa menjadi barang koleksi atau bukan. Investasi di koleksi memberi potensi hasil tinggi, karena orang memang mengingginkannya bukan karena fisik, tapi “nilai”-nya.

*2)Carlson,Lars-Oslo, Postiljonen International Auction 192,Malmo Sweden ,2008p.16.

            An Item of oustanding quality and beauty. A rarity for its appearance  and not necessarily for its value. Suitable in any collection for private enjoyment as well as for exhibition. An item of highest excellencein regard to quality,beauty and rarity . A wonderful addition on any collection  in its area.

*3)Apex philatelicauctions no 88,Kingston ,Surrey,Englan,july 2008,p.2

            We deal in a commudity for which there are no accepted,standard guidelines covering all eventualities.The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and that no two eyes will look at the same collection(stamp) in the sane way. Collection condition,just like collection valuation, is a subjective affair, your ideas may be the same as mine: equally they might not be.Thelaw , of course, makes its living out of arguing the toss abput subjectivity-where does white stop and grey begin and grey stop and black begin ?

*3)Salim,Peter”Nith Collegiate English-Indonesia Dictionary,2000

a)Collection ,(1.)Pengumpulan,the collection of these fossil took twenty years ,pengumpulan dari fosil-fosil ini memakan waktu 20 tahun.( 2.)Koleksi.The museum has a large collection of fossils, museum itu kaya dengan koleksi fosil-fosil.3.Onggokan,tumpukan, a collection of mud,tumpukan lumpur.

b)Unique. Unik. A unique design, rancangan yang khas.(lain dari yang lain-Dunia filatelis unik disamakan dengan RRR , hanya satu ada-pen)

c)Rare.(1).jarangdidapat. a rare flower,bunga yang jarang didapatkan.(2). archaic. Sangat baik, (3).luarbiasa ,a rare option,kesempatan luar biasa.

 d)Limited Edition.(1)Limited  terbatas(hanya satu exemplar one of one, seratus exemplar ditulis no 1 : 100-pen).(2)Edition, (a).Terbitan,.edisi,cetakan. A new edition, edisi baru.(b)..Jumlah terbitan. The third edition of a book,terbitan ketiga dari buku(umumnya edisi pertama jumlah terbatas dan menjadi koleksi misalnya perangko pertama black penny inggeris, first edition buku antik/buku komik –pen)2. Contoh terbitan (cetakan percobaan-proof,  Ultramar,sample/model/tjontoh/contoh-pen).

(e)Curio.(1).Ingin tahu.I am curious to know what he’s making.saya ingin tahu apa yang sedang diperbuatnya (rasa ingin tahu ini menimbulkan motivasi pengumpulan koleksi-pen).(2). Aneh dan sukar dimengerti.(3.) curio berasal dari bahasa italia artinya barang aneh dan menarik (  dikaitkan dengan daya magis ,perlindungan dan rezeki-pen)

(f)Antique.Adj(perancis)(1)antik;kuno,ketinggalan zaman,an antique statuw,patung yang antik.(2)Dari masa Yunani dan Romawi kuno,(3)Dari masa yang lalu.antique hero,pahlawan masa lalu,(3)Dengan gaya masa lalu;(4)Gaya atau model

antik(5) secara kuno,antiquity.

4)Miller,Judith and Martin,Miller’s Collectables price guide,WilliamClows ltd,England,1996.

The Antiques trade at least seems to be shrugging off the recession and most dealers and auctioners seem quetly confident that the worst is over. Collectables continiu to be growing and exciting area, with bargaining prices treasures still being discovered  at boot fairs or in attics and new, sometimes suprising,objects rapidly aquiring collectables status.

5)Nurdiana,Avantih,Genih M. Sinaga,Mesti; Hobi dan Rezeki Merekat berkat Koleksi Perangko, Kontan,1 nov.2008hal 16

Minat investasi perangko yang sempat memudar mulai berbinar seiring anjloknya harga berbagai instrumen investasi.Asal pintar memilih,koleksi atau investasi di prangko bakal merekatkan filatelis pada peluang rezeki yang melimpah.

6)Sihite,Magdalena dan Hidayah,Arryl Acmad;Jenderal Besar Mangkat Menningalkan Mamfaat; Kontan Februari,2008 Hal 16

Selain memiliki historis , uang kuno juga merupakan ladang investasi yang menggiurkan. Ada orang yang malah menangguk untuk kala mantan preiden Soeharto meninggal.Mereka pedagang duit (lama)  yang kecipratan rezeki dengannaiknya harga uang lama bergambar Soeharto dan banyak yang mencari uang logam Soeharto pecahan  Rp 300.000 dan Rp.500.000. terbuat dari emas 23 karat ,uang logam kusus ini dirancang untuk  bagi kalangan terbatas bdan tidak dijual sesuai harga nominalnya ,padaawalnya pecahan Rp 850.00.- sudah dijual  Rp. 1 juta.( Hal yang sama dengan Uang bergambar presiden Soekarno dan jendral Sudirman-pen) 

7)Ajidarma,Seno Gumira;San Kolektor; Kompas 28 Desember 2007,hal3

Koleksi sebagai representasi kerakusan dan keserakahan.Sang kolektor ingin memiliki semuanya dengan  selengkap-lengkapnya. Bagi kolektor sejati, kelengkapan adalah kata kunci, danpada gilirannya  kelengkapan itu kemudian memperkaya pengetahuannya. Mereka boleh dihalalkanboleh dihalalkan karena maknanya yang produkyif,yakni menyelamatkan harta budaya dan mencerdaskan bangsa. Tetapi bagaimana kolektor arca kuno yang tidak memahami koleksi sendiri? Apakah saya juga harus mengatakan  jika sang kolektor tidak tahu menahu tentang  arkeologi , cara terbaik untuk memaknai arca kuno, meskipun secara amatiran. (para kolektor perlu waspada dengan koleksi pusaka budaya nasional yang dilindungi oleh undang-undang-pen, tetapi para penegak hukum juga perlu memahami jenis koleksi budaya nasional jangan asal barang kuno dinyatakan barang dilindungi sehingga hakim membebaskan tuntutan mereka. Biasanya sebagai dalih buat kompensasi-pen)

*8) Khoiriyah, Ruisa; Jam Tanggan Antik Bikin Isi Kantong CiamikKontan,Desember 2008,hal 6.

Pengemar jam tangan antik kian banyak, selain bisa meraup keuntungan nan tebal, pasarnyapun lumayan liquid.Ramainya pemburu arloji antik dari manca negara membikin banyak orang melirik barang lawas ini sebagai alternatif investasi. Jam tangan kuno seperti ema ,harganya naik terus.(hal sama dngan kamera antik-pen)

*9)Lintas Budaya.”Cuiho”Riwayatmu dulu;Kompas,januari 2009.

Judul diatas mengutip dua kata dalam lirik “Bengawan Solo”karya Gesang.Bedanya ,tulisan ini  tak ingin meomantiskan keadaan dan kekayaan warisan budaya Tionghoa peranakan  di Indonesia.Tujuannya adalah refleksi akulturasi,bukan glorifikasi masa lalu. Aneka jenis lemari cuiho khas tionghoa dipamerkan di Bentara Budaya Jakarta,Rabu (14/1).Lemari akhir abad ke-19 hingga awal abad ke-20 tersebut iasanya digunakan untuk bekal bagi pengantin baru.Pameran warisan Budaya Tionghoa Peranakan terbesar yang berlangsung 15-23 januari 2009 ini sekaligus menyambut tahun baru Imlek yang jatuh tanggal 26 januari 2009

*10)Salim,Peter ibid *3)

 Tradeable dapat ditukarkan,dapat diperjuabelikan.Tradecard 9(kartu propaganda olah raga, sigaret dan lainnya yang diperdagangkan untuk koleksi-pen)

*11)Brenner,David; The Love of Soccer;Octopus Book Limited ed/1  ,london,1953 p90 .  dan Kompas(AP/Reuters/Ray)”Ronaldo Terbaik Didunia”Kompas 14 januari 2009.

Soccer Chronology,1857 Foto pertandingan sepak bola.Shefield FC-the poldest soccer club in the world still in existense –is formed.1928. kartu sepakbola dari pabrik sigaret(Cigaret card)  dengan gambar Dixie Dean .Dixie Dean scores a record 60 League goals in a seasons’ 1928 The first 10.000 poundserlings  transfer David Jack moves from Bolton to Asenal ,  1933 Ted Drake scores seven goal for Arsenal in a League games against Aston Villa. A Devision on Record,Foto Bobby Moore, England’s Worldcup winning captaian in 1966,The best of Ajax’s three successive European Cup win in the seventies was their record second, a 2-0 win over Inter-Milan .Both goals were scored by mecurial Johan Cruyff,Pele  last game.The match was between Cosmos and Santos of Brasil.

Pemain Manchester United asal Portugal ChristianoRonaldo berusaha menahan air mata setelah dinobatkan sebagai pemain trbaik dunia FIFA di Zurich,Swiss senin 12?1-(2009)

*12) Mishler,Cliford in Michael &Cuhaj ; Unusual World Coin,companion volume to standard catalaog of world Coin, 4th Edition,KP Books,USA,2005

The purpose of Unusual of Unsual World Coin is to chronicle the sometimes confusing, often deceptive realm of numismatic emissions, primaly created with rhe commercial marketplace in mind, which purport to reprsent sovereign government entities. As the Standard Catalog of World Coins mission is focused on the circulating and non-circulating legal tender coin of nasional goverment , such issues included here are generally exempted from coverage in SCWC . While some early issues in the UWC realm were documented by Richard D.Kenney in his study Unofficial Coins of the World ( as published in the Numismatitist 1962-64),the number of offerings appearing in the marketplace multiplied exponetially from decade to decade since the 1960 s into these early years of the 21st century. The purpose of UWC is to porovde order to this universe as  it related, compares and contrast to SCWC realm.(pernah ditemukan beberapa unsusual coins yang semuka dikira kreasi palsu dari pedagang koin, ternyata kemudian diketahui koin tersebut termasuk unusual koin lokal yang sangat limited atau terbatas produksinya dengan nilai investasi yang cukup bermakna yang dibahas dalam bab IV koleksi  unik pribadi-pen)

*13) S.Iwan ; “Koleksi Unik Warisan  Dunia”, Karya Tulis pribadi ,1990,Belum dipublikasikan.

Koleksi Unik Warisan Dunia umumnya berupa koleksi unik terkait dengan suatu etnis/bangsa  yang merupakan warisan nenek moyong sehingga dilindungi secara hukum umumnya milik negara dan dipajang dalam musuem nasional, bagi milik pribadi harus dilaporkan dan harus memiliki izin untuk disimpan serta saat meninggal harus diserahkan kepada museum nasional karena penting untuk mempelajari asal usul dan kebudayaan bangsa. Motivasi penulisan buku ini karena untuk penelitian dan mengkaji koleksi warisan dunia ini membutuhkan biaya yang sangat tinggi dan harus ada izin tertulis untuk dtampilkan dalam sebuah karya tulis. Merekam gambar koleksi secara digital sering dilarang oleh museum dengan alasan akan merusak koleksi. Illustrasi World Heritage Collection . Koleksi hanya dapat ditampilkan dari koleksi illustrasi dari Buku Antik khususnya buku-buku sebelum perang dunia ke-2 awal abad ke-20 dan khususnyadari ilustrasi lukisan cat air , cetakan lithografi,engranve dan wood block abad XV sampai XIX  yang saat ini semakin sulit ditemui dan nilai investasinya terus naik karena banyak pengemarnya  serta menarik dipajang dikafe-kafe dan restoran  terutama bagi generasi babyboomers kelahiran tahun 1960-1970 yang saat ini sedang mapan ekonominya.

*14)S.Iwan;Perangko Langka yang unik;karya tulis pribadi,1998,belum dipublikasi.

Perangko unik langka malah ada yang hanya satu-satunya didunia atau baru 2,3,4 atau 5 yang ditemui sampai saat ini masih dicari dan diburu oleh para kolektor dan investor berhubung terjadinya krisis moneter tahun 1998  DENGAN HARAPAN 10 TAHUN MENDATANG MENJADI TABUNGAN INVETASI DENGAN PENINGKATAN NILAI LUMAYAN BUAT HRI TUA.

*14)S.Iwan; Kolektor  Koleksi Unik Di  Dunia:karya tulis pribadi,2000,belum dipublikasi.

Kolektor Koleksi unik dunia merupakan koleksi pribadi yang perlu diberikan penghargaan, saat ini sudah ada yang diberikan sertifikat internasional oleh Gueiness record dan lokal Indonesia oleh MURI(Museum Record Indonesia), tetapi belum ada yang menkaji motivasi para kolektor dan visualisasi koleksinya secara terperinci, penulis mengkaji dari studi kepustakaan beberapa kolektor yang ternama didunia maupun di Indoesia yang umum belum dikenal. Karya tulis ini bertujuan memotivasi berkembangnya kolektor koleksi unik baru, sehingga koleksi uNik dapat diketahui dan bermanfaat dalam penelitian ilmiah demi kemajuan umat manusia didunia serta para kolektor koleksi unik membuka diri untuk memperlihatkan koleksi temuannya dan sertifikat khusus dari penulis akan dapat dijadikan kenang-kenangan atas hasil usahanya.

THE END@copyright Dr IWANS 2011