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That is the second generation of seiko sports divers using that case. more specifically they are the 6119 sport divers that replaced the original 6106 line that introduced these models. Your particular model with the orange dial was unique to the 6119 series as it did not have a 6106 counterpart (the black dial and brown dial versions were issued both as 6106’s and 6119’s). the orange dialed version replaced the yellow/goldish dialed 6106 variant which was dropped and never resissued.These are sought by collectors but not as much as some of the other variants. the reason is because they were produced in much larger numbers than some of the others, so used versions are still relatively easy to find. I would say that a decent used example can be had for about $125 +/-. Factor in the cost of a full physical and mechanical overhaul and you shouls have a watch with a resale value somewhere in the $200-$250 range. To the right collector, since your’s appears to be fully NOS, you might be able to get somewhere in the $250-$300 range (especially if you can find it’s box and original paper work). on the open market, however, because of the availability of these models, I don’t think you’ll get more than the range of a fully restored example ($200-$250).

Here is a picture of mine (second from the left), together with the brown dieled 6119 version and the yellow/gold dialed 6106 version it replaced. the last one on the right is also a 6106 sport diver, but that one used a different case that was shared with 6119 sushi roll sport divers. Mine is fully restored and has had the bezel enamel redone in orange to match the dial (something that is fully reversible should I ever decide to sell it). The strap is a modern perforated black and orange rally strap.

Here is another picture:

Here is another picture:



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Hi, first time poster here. Can someone here tell about this serial number?

The caseback is from october 1980. Cant tell you more about the watch without seeing more and better pictures of it.

Right, here’s another one..

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