I found The Graham Bell vintage telephone at Padang in 1985, FIRST THE PHOTO IN VINTAGE MAGAZINE *001





,  after that I never seen and found another original vintage first telephone. I have seen many fake and more rescent telephone in Indonesia collctors, except Mas Mahfud Ericson Telephone, plaese all the Insrument Collectors must be carefully because many fake and repro telephone exist to day please look carefully my original collections before buy one for your collections, plaese another Instrument collectors who have the same original first telepone tell me via comment,thankyou verymuch .

B. The Vintage National Geography Magazine Graham bell Telephone Info 1936*004



A Prophecy of 1877*004
One of the first business telephone transactions on record, and probably the firs over ‘long distance’ was between a Travelers man and the father of Alexander Graham Bell-*005 concerning an accident insurance policy.


A publication of the period quaintly observed :’This,we think, is the latest novelty in accident insurance, and a fresh demonstration of the usefulness of Prof. Bell’s invention. It is not only capable odf transmitting the human voice over long distamces, but preserves every articulation distinctly, and it no doubt destined ere long to be of great practical value’.LOOK THE PICTURE DURING THE FIRST USED OF TELEPHONE *006


Prophetic words! Both telephone and the Travelers have come a long way since that day in 1877. Both have grown into vast service networks that cover the entire cntinent.
Today (1936),thanks to this expansion, the holder of Trevelers Accident and Automobile Insurance, while he may be out of luck, is never out of reach of help when he needs it. No matter where he may meet with an accident, he has only to call the nearest Travellers man for prompt service.
For travellers has thousands of representatives, and claim statins located strategically throughout the Unites States and Canada. Thus Travellers policyhlders can be certain, not only of accurity is along-established company, but of getting their money when and where they need it. (look at Graham Bell with his telephone in 1877 book picture illustration, and anther Graham Bell vintage pictures)

C. The Vintage Bandung Magazine 1975 about Telephone inventions.
(1) Alexander Graham Bell telephone
It Happened on March,10th.1876, Alexander Graham Bell , was the first man to have his voive transmitted by telephone. In his labotary while he was wrking on a transmitting instrument he had just invented, Bell spilled acid from a battery over his clothing. Spontaneously he immediately spoke through the instrument to call his assistent , warsn, who was in another room:’Mr Watsn,come here. I want you!’ Watsn rushedinto laboratry, shouting ‘ Mr Bell, I heard every word you said, very vclearly!’ the acid that was spilled in Bell’s laboratory in Bston uSA accidentally helped to make the day one to be remembered by the whole world as the date when the telephone came into existance. the first telephone that could be used publicly was installed in 1877; today (1975) more than 170 millin telephones in the world.
Perhaps Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor, didnot rea,ized that his discovery was going to become one of the most important means of communications.

(2)The word telephone comes from the Greek words tele meaning far and phone meaning sound. These words actually describe what the telephone does. It carries sound over a distance, by using electric currents. The telephone transmits speech so that it sounds natural.

(3)Lars Magnus Ericsson Telephone
Two year after Bell invention,in 1879, a Swedish name Lars Magnus Ericsson*007


 also succeeded in making a telephone in his own cuntry. Although this equipment was rather primitive compared with today’s telephones, the word was amazed by Ericsson’s creativity (look the illustration of Ericsson profile*008 and his first telephone*009)


When Ericsson retired frOm bussiness activities in 1903, his company had already grown and was well known throughtut the world. Nowadays Ericssn’s company can make a picture telephne so that you can see the person’s who is talking to you. Using this instrument you can show your companion picture,photos,diagrams and the likje, while you talk to him on transmitter (1975)
As you often see in foreign film (now everybodies in Indnesia and the world have the digital handphone, and Ericsson company joint with Sony was one of the modern first product now ), there is wieless or radio telephone that doesn’t use a telephone cable.
Ericsson also made the first buttons telephones , change from the Dial telephones.( Sonny Ericsson product also developed in the technology until now,like Ipod and blackberry etc)

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