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1. Paleolithic period
in Somalia was found the palelitic Cane Painting cirvca 9000 BC, the Deer disign , fanmous as the Anciet Rock art (look the ill.)

 2. Stoge Age Period
(1)There were te Somalia stone age culture were called the Douan cultures .
(2) In 2th century BC, there were The Kingdom of Punt Deir el Bahr , still exist now the relief of temple.
(3) The Roman empire had conquer the Somalia Nabatean empire
(3) in 4th century BC there were the Jaleb Sie in North Somalia.

3. Ancient Mediveal Somalia
(1) In Somalia we also found the ancient pyramid, Tombs, ruin cities and stone walls

(2) The Adal Sultanate of Gerad dinasty was called the Apuuran State.

4. 13th Century AD
(1)Saad ad-Din build the Mosque at Maga Dislu and became the center of Islamic

(2) 1314-1344
Amda Seyine I asacended the throne
(3) 1415
(a)Sultan Adal capture Saad ad Din, then Ethiopian emperor Victor Yesha I occupied Saad ad Din until recapture by the Son of Sultan Adal Saad Ad Din II.
(b) Saad Ad Din II ascended the throne , became the king of Adal, and he built the newe Capital at Zeile (now Dakkar, famous city at Paris-Dakkar rice)
(4) 1432
(a)Emperor Yeshaq was died, and his sn Jamal al Din ascended the throne, but he was assasinated by his brother Badlay Ibn Saad, and he becomes the King of Bali.
The king of Bali sent envoybto Sultan Mamluk of Egypt empire.
(b) The Adelite kingdom rule by Sultan Muhammad , and Solmonic ruler of Baede Marya.

5. 16th Century AD
Imam Ahmad Ibn ilribr al Ghanz the leader of Somalia.
(b) 1541
The Portugeus Estecai da Gamma arrive at Somalia

7. 1660 AD
The Portugeous Mom bar Surrender and joint the Somali Omani Forces. and the new dinasty was born The bni dinasty and the Gobron Dinasty with sultan Warsangli.
The thirs sultan was Sultan Jusuf Mohamud Ibrahim.

8. 19th century AD
Sultan Jusuf Muhammad was died , and his sn Ahmad Jusuf ascended the throne. in this century European power begun to scramble Africa.
Mohammad Abd.Harson was the leader of Somalia, he repulsed the British infrm Expedition t Somalia, and he have therelation with Center power , The Ottoman empire and Germany empire.
(c) Sultan Muhammad was died and his son Shamayed Di ascended the throne
(d) Sultan baeda was died and his son, Eskader ascended the throne
(Somalia that time divided in several Kingdom)
(e) The War between the the Adelite Kingdom and the kingdom of Baeda. (King Shamayed vs King Eskader), Empeor Eskader win and invaded Dakkar.

1. The Italian Protectorate of Somalia acquired frm 1888 to 1927, extended along the Indian Ocean from the gulf od Aden to the Juba River.


1.British Somaliland was formed in the 19th century in the northwest.

Somalia Berber Postmark

2. 1940
Italian conquer the British Somaliland
The British were able to trally reconquer Somalia
British Somaliland stamps

Somaliland under the BMA (britis Military administration),lok at the BMA overprint of British Somaliland stamps.

1. 1949
The UN approved eventual cfreation of Somalia as a sovereign state .
Italy took over the trusteenship held by the Great Britain since World War II. (the MEF-middle east Frces area)
Somlai Indepence prclamatin, SYL was the Somalia first and most powerful party.
(1) The North and South of Somalia Spoke different language (English vs Italian), Somalia made refendendum the North Somalian rejected the referendum that had won a majritry vote.
(2)Britain gave the Somalia independence June.20th 1960. and on July ,1st 1960 it joined with the former italian part to create the Independece of Somali Republic.
5. 1961
Mother paramilitan Organizatin revolted when placed under the Southern Command. Between 1960 until 1964,open conflict Somalia-Ethiopia
6. 1964
chase fire between Ethiopia and Somalia.
the Somalian Democracy general election. and Abdullad Shermade became the first president of Somalia(look at his picture ill)


Somalias first President O.Daar
Maj.Gen. Salaad

1. 1969
(1) October,15th
Coup d’etat led by Major General Sahad Gabeire , pressident Shermade was killed.
(2) October,21th
On October,21.1969 , a SRC (Supreme Revlutionary Council) seized power in bloodless Army and Police coup, named a mainly civilian cabinet to aid it. and abolished the assembly. it made Somali, a Hamitic language spoken by most of the population became the official language, and decreed a standardized spelling using latin letters.
(3) October,28th
Maj.gen. Shad Gabeire and Mohamas Saad Barre assumed the Civilian Gvernment.

2. 1970
(1)in May ,1970 ,several foreign companies were nationalized,
(2) NSC (National Security Courts) were set up as the Judicial arm of the States. The SRC alomoverhauled the Local Government move important then Marxis ideolgy to the republic acceptance of the revlution reign in this country.

3. 1971
SRC creation the somali revolutionary Socialisst party as one party State

4 1975-1976
Ogaden war.

SRC dissolved itself, formally vesting power ver government in The SRSP under the direction of Supreme Council.

Somalia stamp 1977
Somalia stamp 1981
Somalian Pirate now
cute Somalian Now


Ethiopia and US aliiies regained control over Ogaden.

SRSP secretary were Saad barre and his son in law Abdullah as the NSS chief

Somalia stamp 1981

President Saad Barre grips the power.

Saad Barre and
engisten agreed to withdrawal their armies from futher confrontation in the Ogaden

(1) in this year begun the Somali Civil war
(2) Jan.25th
USC(Union Somali Group) led by Mohammad Farah Aided attack Mogadishu.
(3) Jan.26th
Saad barre gvernment was taken out of power and the Nothern westren Somaliland hill. region of Somalia declare its Independence led by Isaaq.

11. 1992
UN Securiy Council Resolution approved a coalition of UN peacekepers led by US to form UNITAF , tasking with ensuring human security, the troops landed in 1993.

12. 1993
the battle of Mogadishu

UN withdrew in march 3rd 1995.

14. 1997
Saad Barre of Westren somalia liberation Front infiltratin the Ogaden

(1)The Self proclaimed State took the name Puntland afterd declaring temprary independence in this year.
(20 In this year als declared the State of Jubulaid at the southern West of Somalia.

16. 1999
RRA(Rahaweyn Resistantance Army) self proclaimed in this year along the lines of the Puntland.

Abdiqasin Salad Hassan was selected to led the TISG armistic Nation government.

The Temporary Sucessor was reasseted.

Abdulah Jusuf Ahmed , the former presiden of Puntland was selected as the next President of Somalia.

4. 2006
TFG support in Somalia until US armies back in this year
The rival ICU (Islamic Courts Ubion) in Mogadishu .

5. 2007-2008
ICU splintered into several different faction.
Al Shabaan Score Military victory as the end f 2008, the group had captured Baitor but not Mogadishu.

6. 2008
(1)In this year following of the Transitinal Federal goverment to the President of the cuncil asking assistance from the International Community in its efforts to address act off Piracy and armed roberry against Ship off.

Somalian Pirate
cute Somalian

(2) Nov.21th 2o8
BBC reprt that India Navy had reciceived UN apprved to enter Smalian water to combat piracy/
(1)In January 2009, Al Sahaab and the militants had managed the force and the ethipian trops withdrew from the cuntry leaving behind an underequipped AU (african Union) peacekeeping force
(2)The new president was elected.
(3) February 2009
TFG (Trasitition federal Gouvernment) with the help of AUT(African Union Troops) began a counter offensive to retake control of Southern half of the country.
(4) March 2009
Somalia newly established Coalition Government announced that it would used the Sharia system as the Natinal official Justice system.
(5)somalian pirates

(6)October 2010

The Modern Islamic Army Camp at Baled Hawo city


Zum Thema

Somalische Regierungstruppen haben gemäss Medienberichten einen strategischen Erfolg gegen radikalislamische Kämpfer errungen. Die Soldaten der Regierung eroberten demnach die Stadt Beled Hawo an der Grenze zu Äthiopien und Kenia.

Die Al-Shabaab-Miliz, die die Stadt bisher kontrolliert hatte, habe Beled Hawo am Sonntag verlassen, berichtete das Onlineportal Garowe Online. Zahlreiche Einwohner seien vor den Kämpfen aus der Stadt geflohen.

Al-Shabaab, eine Miliz mit Verbindungen zum Al-Kaida-Terrornetz, hatte die Grenzstadt länger als ein Jahr kontrolliert und unter anderem an den Schulen das Verbot von Englisch- und Mathematikunterricht durchgesetzt.

Islamisten kontrollieren grosse Gebiete

Die Islamisten, die die Übergangsregierung des gemässigten Islamisten Sheik Sharif Ahmed stürzen wollen, kontrollieren grosse Teile des Südens und Zentrums Somalias.

In den vergangenen Monate hatten die Regierungstruppen eine Offensive gegen die Rebellen begonnen. Somalia hat seit 1991 keine funktionierende Regierung mehr und ist von Bürgerkrieg und Clankämpfen zerrissen.