The Srivijaya ‘s Candi Bahal were not famous in the world, becaause ver hard to visit this interseting and historic area, i hope UNESCO will register this monument as The Human Heritage Ancient Building of Ancient Indonesia heritage and give the fund to restored and clean tha area because my friend Kali siregar have report the situation of that candi not so well , please look at the illustration and information of Candi Bahal.

1. The Candi Bahal Plaque in the front of monument


2. The Candi bahal Area not clean, dirty, oh my god please UNESCO dan Indonesia Govermenmert and menistry of Tourism and native Art save this human heritage.

3. Information Of Bahal candi

1)Candi Bahal were built during Srivijaya Kingdom and Raja Chola Of Tamil Empire attack Srivijaya ,stiil confueced stiil in studies.the smae with candi  Muara Takus near Kampar river Riaouw. name  Candi bahal , may be from Berhala , native indonesia languange means Goddest not therreal GOD, more famous with name candi portibi because  located at kecamatan portibi di sibuhuan kabupaten padang lawas, where many tapanuli etnis lived there, like  suku batak mandailing. Siregar, hasibuan, harahap, nasution, lubis, dst Battak Mandailing Ethnis.

Candi bahal consist three monument , yaitu candi bahal I, II, dan III  which different locations Bahal II 300 m from  bahal I dan bahal III  100 meter from the road ,pass the villagers house and Sawah rice field.

Now  candi bahal didnot used for pyaring, the location situatio not so well and dirty. please look the front Candi Bahal ‘s Wooden Name Plaque

Very intersting, during afternone during the sunside .all the”Bata “became red, how beautiful that candi.

.2) Location

The  Candi Bahal before someone have toll me near Gunung Tua city, but during my adventure in that area noone now, this day my friend  Klai Siregar have write about the location, at  Padang Lawas ,the road  Padang sidempuan dan Padangbolak.After past  sibuhuan, if from Pekanbaru through small road  , candi bahal at the right about 0,8 km from the road enter inside. The roiad condition waving because too muck Sait Truck running on this road. The private car from zmedean to candi Bahal  will took time  13-15 hours, better toking the general Bus from  medan-padang sidempuan , after that taking new bus from padang sidempuan-padang bolak and at least padang bolak- bahal village..3) More illustration of Candi Bahal

a) Candi Bahal I

b) Candi Bahal II

c) Candi Bahal III

d) candi bahal relief

e)Candi Bahal artifact.

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