I. VIETCONG WAR, Perang Vietcong 1969


1) January 1969

 (1)Kebijakan Nixon “Vietnamisasi” penagananya sedang meningkat seperti merekan bernegosiasi antar bangsa di paris.Pewrdana Menteri mereka mencapai kesepakatan  untuk Ameika Serikat keluar tetapi akan meninggalkan mereka meneruskan perperangan sampai terakhir memperolah kemenangan

 Nixon’s policy of Vietnamisation played into their hand as they negotiated interminal by in Paris. Their prime aim was to reach an agreement which would get the US out but would leave them able to continue the war within the country until final victory.

Sehingga mereka mencetuskan Resolusi  menolak setiap rencana  yang di keluarkan oleh Henry Kissinger, Pimpinan negosiasi Amerika di Perundingan Paris yang diajukan agar baik  Angkatan Perang  Vietnam Utara maupun  Amerik ditarik dari Vietnam selatan.

So they resolute reject any proposal out foward by Henry Kissinger, America’s chief of negotiator in Paris,which required both North Vietnamese forces about the Americans to withdraw from the South

 (2)American bombing caused grievous losses, but, making use of widely dispersed factories and with supplies of arms from China and Russia, the communist leadership in Hanoi was prepared to continue waging for years to come.


(3)The Vatican rewarded Nguyen Bao Tung ( Native Vietnam best Stamps collectors) a medal( VIIth Pontificate of H.H. Pope Paul VI) for his book entitled “Journeys of Pope Paul VI”


(4) President Nguyen van Tieu picked General Tran Thien Kiem as premier in a goverment with other soldiers, technocrats , and folloers of former president Diem predominated. He had chosen to base his goverment on military rather then popular support


          (5)Paris talks expanded to include saigon government and Vietcong representatives(D)




2) February 1969


     (1) The original vintage photo of AVRN Vietnamese captain native with two photographers,  one surgent  and one  civilian  in the front of US ARMY , ARMY PICTORIAL CENTER.

            ( I found this photo at HCM city in 2007, who know where the army Pictorial center ? I think at Saigon, who was the Vietnamese captain and is he still alive, please comment- auth)


3) March 1969


(1)March,12th. 1969

Registered 460 overprint stamped  Long –Xuyen ,Postally cover with 3 dong stamp , CDS Long-Xuyen 12.3.1969, to Trinh-Van-Phan Bo-Moc –Vu Sai-Gon. This official letter from Duong-Thanh-Pinh Truong Trung Moc Bo-De Long-Xuyen(A-G)  

(Rare registered from Long Xuyen,from official offiice civilian without KBC stamped,trough  civil post office with special rate 3d , non official 6 d , what the meaning of the official office Duong-Thanh-Pinh ? please comment -auth)


4) April 1969


      (1)April,20 th.1969

The very rare postal history of AVRN” TRAN TRANG HOA M1” postal used covers with  South Vietnam military stamps type M1 ‘s  clear CDS Quan Buu  2045 ,8.4.1969,  with red double circle Quan Doi Cong Hua BUU-TIN-VIEN KBC 4308 send from Le van Vien B.V.3.D.C /L.Ngoui Chan KBC 4308 to  code Q.T , Tran Trang Hoa  219/19 Pham ngu Lao saigon with destination CDS bigger type (saigon ?) Quan Buu 8.4.1969.




( This postal hstory very best for showed , becaus fine condition and the samedestination with another postal history military stamps typ M2  24-4-1969 , this  postal history one from KBC 4308 never report the location may be Cam Ranh? , another KBC 4091  –Quan Trung Military school/training academy at Quan Tre- please comment –auth)




The very rare “TRAN TANG HOA M2” Quan Trung military Academy at Quantre postal history  with South Vietnam Military stamps type M2 not cancalled by Quan Buu CDS , send from Dai Doi Chi Hung Tien Doan Phong ve KBC 4091-Quan Trung  Military School/Training Academy at Quan tre , red doubble circles stamped “ Quan-Doi –Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa BUU-TIEN-VIEN K.B.C. 4.091 TOAN” and CDS Quan Buu Vietnam 26-4 1969 to Tran Tang hoa, So 219/19 Phan ngu Lao Saigon  with note Nho Chuyen cho Huyen Trang xin that that thar cai) , on air mail par avion envelope, no quan Buu detination CDS.

Another collection from the Quantrung KBC 4091 military acedemi :

(a )The photo of Quan Trung Military academy’s  Student, two student in the front of modern canon weapon, and one student with war helmet  was taken in another year february 1970.

(b) The ceritificate of Gunshooting bravet “ Chung nhan Then X6) from KBC 4091 –Quan Trung Military academy  April 24 1972 signe by Brig.general (Thieu-Thoang) Hoan-Van lac.


(The very rare M2 stamps and never found with CDS on that S.V.Military stamp ,  destination Quan tre, Military School/Training Academy “Quan Trung” , please comment the TRAN TANG HOA M2 ,the illustration as the cover of the Book Vietnam war 1 with T.T.Hoa M1 cover , please comment after read the letter inside the cover below for more information. I have seen the Fake cover of M2 stamps , report by IMNAHA. I am very happy to showed this rare postal historry with anothe M3 and Vietnam map cover , ICCS cover, if I the US Indochina phillatelic association send the invitaion to show this two  at their annual exhebation  because very difficult to get the US visa this time , please comment-auth)



                                                                                    Huyen Trang men !

La Thu ? dtai  tiu, minh chong thong biet viet ga han dto? Lan quon voi trang la ke? Lan cho Trang nghe truong hop duoc han hanh viet tho cho Trang truong hop nhu sau

Trang cuoc hanh quan luo soat thu dtech Minh dta luc Soat dtuoc so mang anh, vi rach nat vien Minh khong biet vo la to bao so nay  va May mau le Trong nhung Trang ngay vach nat dto lai con mu tien bay leu Phung Minh nghe nhat vay chu khong biet muoi dto co pha la minh tin hoang bon phung o?

Sau vi doi va hang gioi thiu cua Huyen trang, tu nhien Minh thay thich va vui vin vi chi ? Trong vai hang ngai ngai dto uo cung dta thew hien dtuoc phan nao ma long Minh hang mo uoc nhat la thich nhy chien Sat nang, vi moi mat buoi chien tat nang Minh thuong huong vi quc nha va xan dte nho thuong me gia va em doi.

Thei Minh cha them viet nha vi noi lan noi chen la Minh co the choc len dtuoc.

Minh xin nghing bat moi dtang va hen tho sau se Viet nhiem hon.Minh dtiem ma Minh so uoc nhat la Trang pha thanh tha voi Minh ten Minh Se Co gaiy thank that voi Trang moi van dte,



Tai bat : dia chi cua Minh hitch tai co chung nha china vi thong thung,dti nanh quan luon men nha co o han cu vay minh mien dtia chi cua anh bao co han cu dte lich lai voi huyen trang vi nha the thu se o la that lac :

                           Ha Ei vai Dieu

                              Dai Doi Chu Huy / The Doan phong Vo KBC 4091

                                          Liu Tiao lau Cho






(3)April,24th 1969

The very rare US Military payment certificate series 651 were issued with replacement code A-A in this day and the note used until 19.11-1973.

(This not veryrare because used during the war and before the fall of Saigon didn’t use anymore  and another series also issued in 1969 like series  661 BB in 1969 , 681 cc in 1969 and 692 EE in 1970 then in, many were change to US dollars for buying gold  due to the refugees, I have never seen this notes, only report but not confirm 5c,10c, and 25 c, the 50 cent only one report, the 1,5 and 10 dollars never report. Please comment why the series  651 AA very difficult to found?-auth)


5) May 1969

(1) May,10th. 1969

The Handwritten last wish letter from Ho Chi Minh at Hanoi.


“ Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa,Doc tap-Tu do-Han phuc.

Cuoc chong My,cu’u nuo’c cua nhan dan ta du phai kinh qua gian kho, hy sinh nhieu hon dua, song nhat dinh thang loi hoan toan.

            Do la mot dieu chac chan.

            Toi co y’ dinh de’n ngay do’, toi se’ di khap hai mien Nam Bac de’ chuc mung dong bao, can bo va chien si anh hung; tham hoi cac cu phu lao, cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong yeu quy cua chung ta.

Ke theo do , toi se thay mat nhan dan ta di tham va cam on cac nuoc anh em trong phe xa hoi chu nghia, va cac nuoc bau bin khap nam chau da tan tinh ung ho va giup do cuoc chong My, cu’u nu’oc cua nhan dan ta.

            Cuoi cung,toi de lai muon van tinh than yeu cho toan dan,toan dang,cho toan the bo doi,cho cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong.

            Toi cung gu’i muon ciu’oi cung cua toi ta. Toan Dang, toan dan ta doan ket phan dau, xay dung moi nuoc viet nam hoa binh, thong nhat,doc lip, dan chi va giau manh, va gop phan xung dang vao su’ nghirp cach mang the’gioi.

                                                              Ha’ Noi,ngay 10 thang 5 nam 1969





(not complete letter, maybe native vietnam will translate the Ho Chi Minh Letter-auth)



(4) the calour Photo of Ho Chi Minh (P)


(5) The cover of Vietnam Book propaganda  with national Flag “Viet Nam Dau Tranh Vi Doc Lap Va Chu Nghia Xa Hoi and Chu tjeh Ho’ Chi Minh photo, in this book  have illustrated the vietnam war photo


(a) Chu tjeh Ho Chi Minh


(b) Thi xa Cao bang sau ngay quan xam lu’o’c Trung Quoc rut


(c) Nhan dau cac vung xung quanh thj xa Lang So’n di so tan trong thoi gian Trung quoc xam lu’o’c.


(d) Xu’o’ng sura chua nong cu o’ cao bang bj bon xam lu’o’c trung quoc tan pha.


(e)Nha may san xuat phan dam lo’n nhat Vietnam o’ Ha Bac


(f) Hai hong,Phan xu’ong nguoi nha may co


(g) Xurong che’ bien muoi o’ Nha rang.


(h)Ruong trong lua tinh Hoa Binh


(i)Cy ruong bang may o’ tinh Quang Binh


(j) Hai che trong nong truong Moc Chau


(j) Nha may go dan o tinh Phu Khanh san xuat hang xuat khan,


(k) Mo rong ho chua nuoc o’ tinh Lai Chau


(l) Nha may nhiet dien Quang Ninh


(m)Thap khoan tren dong bang son Hong


(n) Hai Pong Xay nha o’


(o) Cac chi tho theu lang Binh Minh gan Ha Noi


(p) San pham cua mot horp tac xa huyen Kim Son


(q) Cua hang ban den giay


(r) Tran dia trong nyui cua bo doi Lang Son


(s) Pho lu bj thiet hai trong thoi gian Trung Quoc xam lu’o’c.


(t) Bo doi giup dan uyen Kim Bang dan mu’o’ng dan nu’o’c tu’o’i ruong.


(6) Nam 1969, nganh xang dau da ngien cu’u.thiet ke va che tao thanh cong may bom cao ap Truong Son;tiep do hang loat cac loai ong va phu kien duoc che tao,nho do co the chu dong thay the, sua chua va co nguon du tru can thiet, bao dam toan bo he thong duong ong van hanh tue trong moi tinh huong.


 (2)   May,14th. 1969

   Nixon proposes simultaneous withdrawal from South Vietnam of American and North Vietnamese forces (D)


  6) June 1969

(1) June,1st 1969

The Soldier civilian stamps were issued, the uncommon mint 80 pi.

( I found thi stamp on postally cover,look at registered Danang 11.10.69 and  Saigon 17.12.69-auth)



(2)June,8th. 1969

Nixon with Thieu on USS.Midway , annouces withdrawal 25.000 American troops from Vietnam.(D)


7)no info


August 1969



        The replacement note B-B of series 661 beautifful women were issued in this day to change the series 661 J-J.and also in this day issued new design notes series 681 army warfare design with replacement coed C-C (I only found the 5 cent series 661 B-B  notes in  good condition only  , very rare in very fine condition because this notes were used until 7.10.1970 only one year and after that the war became more battles everywhere-please comment-The series 681 found 5 cent,10 cent submarine design, and 1 dollar  airforce pilot in fine condition- auth)


(2) August,29th,1969

The uncommon mint Bannar Man stamps,50 pi, were issued.


9) September 1969

(1) September,3rd. 1969

   Vietnam National Hero, Ho Chi Minh dies in Hanoi at age seventy-nine, this day (RIP=Rest In Peace).

(read his handwritten last letter, on 10th May 1976, four month before he have  passed and his vintage photo in 1955 after the Vietminh war-auth)


(2) September,20th,1969

The Civilian became soldier “Tong Bong Vien “ stamps were issued, the uncommon was 10 pi.


       (3) September,24th .1969

       The  serial collections  of Vietnam Cong-hoa Buu-Bien reciept of Bien-Lai So : Nhan Cua O Tay Chanh ,so tien la 3542. with Coniem(revenue) Vietnam Cong Hoa Nha Truoc Ba Va Coniem 3X 3$00.

(very best the collection of revenue rate and variation of tax reciept  , from 21.12.1968 until12.4.1971,this were the first report of rate during the escalation of Vietnam liberation war :

No.       Date             Tax            Revenue 

                                                Rate    Type

a)      21.12.1968      3172       0$80   large coniem

                                                2$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00        “

                                             ( 7$80)

b)      22.3. 1969      2772         0$80  large coniem

                                                1$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00       “

                                               ( 6$80)

c)     24.9.1969       3542          3  X

                                                3$00        “


d)     23.12.1969      3472        0$80          “

                                                3$00         “

                                                5$00         “


e)     21.3.1970       9138        2×0$80       “

                                              20$00         “


f)       26.6.1970      8015        0$80           “

                                              20$00        “


g)     31.12.1970    9735      5X0$80         “

                                                20$00       “



h)      12.4.1971     8875     2×10 d         stamps

                                          5$00        Nha Tuoc Ba va



i)      8.7.1971        11.825   3×10$00        “

                                            2X0$80          “


(The 10$00 revenue rare, and used stamps in March.12th 1971, why ? look at March 1971-auth)


10) October 1969

(1)October.17th 1969

The very rare “Bao Thi”(The  Military Headquaters) Return to sender Registered airmails Cover from R no 908 ovpt Danang , with 16 d nam-quoc-te nahn quyen ed.1968 + 2 d-soldier civilian stamps (rate 18 dong) cds Danang 17.10.69 to Saigon cds 22.10.1969,  the addres cross , handwritten Bao(1) cross with red handwritten date 21/10,  and red squared box stamped “retour afsender “and straight stamped “not found’  with hand writen 8/12 and in the back Bao Thi 12/12. 


(Rare registered letter from Military HQ-“Bao  Thi” Danang after Danang under Vietcong between Jan-March 1968 –auth), return to sender after seeking many battle’s area were seen   many destinations and post stamped  during vietcong war in fighting area Danang, this the first report,altough the condition not so fine but very good multi postmark & stamped still read. The best showed covers  –auth )  


(2)October,15th. 1969

     Massive antiwar demonstrations in Washington (D)

(3)American troop in Vietnam reduced by 60.000.(D)


11) November 1969


(1)November,8th 1969

     The President van Thieu photo in the day at Bien Hoa , S.Vietnam , he attends National Day ceremonies at military cementary near Bien Hoa . In most photos Thieu ( wearing dark grey suit)  accompanied by Vica President Cao Ky , who is wearing a Nehru jacket. ( image by



12)December 1969


(1)     December,17th.1969

The postal used cover from the ownwer of VIPITRA SA import-export,88.Le Van Duyet Saigon ,to Kinh giu Bac Si Le Cuu Truong,99 Nguyen Du Saigon, stamp 2d-soldier civilian (rate 2d in city) , CDS SAIGON VIETNAM 17.12.1969.

       Inside a  beautiful “Chinese New year greeting “in chinese char” on American navy boy holding flower and the picture of a habour and a trap lady’s fish tailed  post card.


(2)            December, 17th.1969

The AWA aerogram letter sheet without prestamps l, send from Nguyen Hien 374/1 Nguyeng ngoc Suong Phu Nuan saigon Vietnam with  3 stamps 2 x 1,5 d and 1x 3 d (rate 6 d)  to Miss Ho Thi Tuyet Hong , CDS Saigon Vietnam 28.12 1969,as regular civilian postal service , in the back hand written :



Phu Nhuan                             Thu bay Ngay 27-12-69

                            Hong men,

      Mot canh thi cua Hong da den tay anh va sau do mot

Thiep Noel nua da roi vai Sau tay anh nhung anh thuo vi

Tinh da khong co mot loi than hoi gi ca cho Hong , anh

co loi nhiem , anh an han ve ming , va anh xin hong dung voi goan

lay tho thu cho anh va de anh noi so ly do toi sau anh lai co mot tai di nho  vay.     

sau khi nhan duoc thu cua hong, anh hinh goi diem thoa cho hong hen ngay gap nhung mot phan o  tai dinh phu nuan khong hen doan thoan cong cong hai le o chanh day tung co doan hoa nhung cua may seu chu my anh khong muon phu va vi vay anh da kho goi duoc cho hong……….etc…………………………………………………………….

Va vi vay ma truong tho bay ngoi viet tho hong de ta toi hong lue nay ta sau, chai cong ru van huong . Anh xin loi hong ve ru kang tren lao thu tu hay diem thoi de xen con vrie sa sau toi anh se tiu cho hong sau dung buon ve nua nhe anh biet toi voi, tho cho anh









1) January 1970





(1)January, 10th 1970

The Airforce VNAF free postal airoplane and rocket cover,  send from “KBC 4652 LDPT”VNAF 4th Division Phong Dinh, to Dinh Vu So 332-1 “KBC 3319” Cam Ranh Naval Training center with CDS Quan Buu 10.1.1970. and red KBC 4652 double circle stamped . At the top of cover handwritten “ Thu Ta The Ve Bien Nhatrang mien Cac nay”(what the meaning ?). Inside the letter in Vietnamese language:


              Con Tho ngay 31.12.69

                                                Chu Ngen

Hom nay tap nhan dtuoc Tho Qui, tep Lay Lam Ngung, Vi Qui dta chon dtuoc nganh Hai Phoa theo tap nghi thi Qui se La chanh thuc La nguoi lungcua dai duong.

Vi qui Se dti tau bien Luc Qui nang Khoa nganh hai Phai Xem xen, voi nganh Bom dtau cua nganh H.Q.vey,Khi Ban dtuoc dti tau Bien Bau se dtuoc dti tat ca cac tinh cua V,N.

Tap lat tiet La dta mot Phen tinh nguyen dti nganh Xa thu, De Lau nguoi hung o Giang Nghung tap o toai nguyen dtuoc, vi tap dta La RQ ma o dtuoc tren Trei Anh Ban dtuoc, nhung Ban dti hoi Pkao Eoi Chung Cuoi o co vo dto vi no so Ban thut Sap Nha dto Q suen tap cang quen luc qui dti co gei Lai cho thieu Ba lo noi o?———.

Can dtoi voi tap thi o co nhung noi o co thi o dtuoc ngoi nhung nguo: Qui biet Ra con tiet nhiem nhung tap dtem tu choi vi  tap ho mat cam ve van dte am uong vay le lat ra nhung au o tap cung xen xen voi ban ma thu.

Con phep thi Bi cap roi tai du ky roi nen o duoc ve cuoi thu tep cung chuc qui dtuoc nhiem mai mang ve  suc khoc nan nay tap cung nhu qui au tet tai dton vi cung nhu noel vua roi nhung C.T.cung Vui vui dto ban.

Thoi tap xin tau dtung biet va mong tho qui dtien neu Ban co dti dtan coi tap o mai ta dta chi cu.

                                                            Thau ly

                                    Tap luc nay ngheo quc qui vi



(Free  airmail –rocket VNAF 4th Air Division  cover, postally used with red KBC 4652 and Black Quan Buu stamped 10.1.1972  from KBC 4652(Phong Dinh Air Force)  L.D.P.T (?)  to CTTT Chong Thu literaly mean Gouverment Building,Tao Tac literally mean Building & Construc-tion, CTTT means Corps of Engineers , Ve Bien Nha Trang mien Cac Truong, Dinh Vu Sro 332-1(?),KBC 3319(Naval Training center Cam Rahn). The back side of the cover pencil written nhan ngay (arrive) 17.01-1970. one week after postal date stamped auth), and the type letter fron the same sender to “Huyen Trin Qui” from Phong Dinh 20.2.1970. Huyen Trin Qui covers were the best collection for showed because many variations during the war 1969 until 1971-aut)


     (2) January,15th 1970

The Bird triangle stamps were isuued in this day and  the uncommon mint stamp 30 pi.




2) February 1970


(1)February,12th 1970

          The “Nguyen Trinh Qui civil Cholon “ cover, send by Lo Ngoy,5,Kom voi CL ,civil cover without Quan Buu cds and KBC stamped, rolling cds Cholon on South Vietnam Flag with USA-Australia flag,another design not clear send to H.V.H.P 12c/69 DVS 332 -1 tr D3 , KBC 3319-Can Ranh Naval Training Center.

(Nguyen Trinh Qui joined the Naval Training center at Cam Ranh, the other cover always to his station “Vung Tau HQ 503” , together with another Huyen Trinh Qui cover will very intersting collection to show,please comment-auth)   

(2)February.20th 1970

(a)Kissinger begins secret talks in Paris with Le Duc Tho (D)

(b) The vintage B-W photo of the Student of Quan Trung Military academy at Quan Tre  , on the back of the photo ,  handwritten “Ky niem Quang Trung K 1/70 KBC 4091 thang 2/1970 “(This vintage photo will best showed collection with the “Tran Trang Hoa M2” cover because from the same location  during the vietnam liberation war, and also with another “Tran  Tran Hoa M1 “ cover  because the same type military stamps, please comment-auth)


(c)Another “Huyen Trinh Qui “ cover, Free airmail flight-rocketvtype cover from KBC 4652 (Phong Dinh VNAF 4th Air Divison) L.H.P.T.(?) to D.V.S.332-1(?)  KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh Naval Training Center ). with KBC and Quan Buu CDS with letter inside :



Phong Dinh ngay 20.2.1970.

                             Qui Neen

Zap nhan duioc zho qui tap nung lam vi do la Bui tho ctan xuan qui van khoe cho con o xon minh cung nhu zhuong zap moi ve e bua truoc.

          Voi Khoan  ctau thang tu hay  cua thang Ba tap moi xin phep ve 7 ngay a qui co Biet anh thai da xung ngay 17 tai cau tha can cu vi q my.

          Cho anh thai cack tap vao A Cay Si Thoi Zan cunc qui cung ve vung Bon Ling Nbgfoi con Viet zap xai doi ve Sai Gon,Theo Tap chua ughi den Viec du ninh chua co gia vinh hon ning Liang ninh chi ca may ngau Ba ma thi nieu tap ve Sai Gon nen tap dtoi Hay o tien thi o nha Phai cho tap so se nhu anh thai tay thi kho nen tap Quyet dinh o lai. Etc………….

Choi tap co toi loi thein qui va chuc qui van Su Nho y muon o8 dtau thi vw dto vua/chua. Ven thu sau, mong bau.  


(During joined the Training center at Cam ranh KBC 3119, Nguyen Trinh Qui recived several letter , military and civillian cover, best collection with many different type postal histories covers-auth)


3) March 1970


(1) March,18th. 1970

     Sihanouk overthrown in Cambodia by Lon Nol (D)and his Photo (P)


4) no info

5) May 1970

(1) May,1st. 1970

THE CU TRI (Election card?) Saigon Quan(military) Truong.with native char : Tua qamp Voang Quan 8 , sign by Quan Truong saigon Nguyen Van Phav  with four A-D in the corner,the A have used. In the below of certificate “ Chu’y ,- Xin giu ky the de co dip dung sau nay. (OD)


(2)  May.4th. 1970

     Large antiwar protests spread across the United states. National guardsmen kill four students at Ken State University in Ohio.(D)

7)June 1970

(1) June .2nd.1970

The earliest  Chung-Chi Hop-Le Quan-Dich certificate Of   Bo Quac Phong Nha Dong vien” So Dong Vien So 3” with Military and People Emblem.




Ho Ten(name)     : Luu Khac Nhon

Sinh(birth)             : 2/2/31

The can-cuoc so : 319334

Cap tai                 : Q5/ 8 / 02 / 1961

Dia-Chi                  : 175 / 17 Nguyen Tri

                                  Phuong Cholon.  825661 SDV3/QD/31     



Co bieu-luc den    : 30/06/1971

KBC 4309  NGAY 02 JUNE 1970

Trung Ta nguyen –Van-Koi

Chanh Su-Cu So Dong vien 3

Hand sign. Yo 825661

Guoc gia ban den 30 SEP 1971

KBC 4.309 ngay 01 JUL 1971

Dai ta Nguyen Phuoc Nhung

Chanh Su-Vu So dong Vien 3


Si-Quan Phu Ta- Handsign .


(The first KBC with point between 4 and 309. at Saigon area-OD)



The Cu Tri “Election” card,sign by Quan Truong Saigon in this day.






                                         Viet –Nam Cong-Hoa

        A                              THE  CU  TRI                                                    B

                                               So : 03008398           


                  Ho va Ten    :    NGUYEN THI  CHAT

                  Nam va noi sinh :       1927        –         HDG

         Tru quan  :  03 CH      07   03     P  T  GIAN      633-  Z 

        The can cuoc so : 03908762  cap tai     SGN ngay   20.02.70

                                                      Saigon,ngay   01  thang   06 nam 1970


                  Chu ky cua Cu-tri                               QUAN TRUONG


                                                                                          SIGNED STAMPED

                                          Red official stamped             NGUYEN VAN-PHAV 

                                  “ Viet -Nam Cong-Hoa

                                          Do Thanh Saigon

     C                                 Toa Ranh Vanh                                                    

                                                  QUAN 8”


(3)June .14th.1970

The earliest Civil covers send from Qui-Nhon without used KBC number (before KBC  3040) send from CDS Qui Nhon  14-7 1970 to Saigon, with black propaganda Stamped “ Goi thu SAIGON bo de so Quan” (meaning:” Go to Saigon …?… Army”) ,


( the earliest military propaganda stamped.inside chinese char. Letter date 31.5.71 two month before ,because the war civil letter delayed send-auth). (PH)



(4)June,22th. 1970

     The “Huyen Trin Qui M1Military cover with military no value stamp from DAI DOI 3/2 KBC 3396 , RIVER  Mine group  91  Navy Saigon ,WITH RED CIRCLE KBC 3396 STAMPED to  T.T.T.P HQ 503 (HQ 503 was the LST;landing ship Transport at Vung Tau  NVH Navy,TTTP ?-auth) VIA KBC 3328(Naval Fleet Headquaters in saigon -auth), the militeray stamp didnot cancelled (from September 1968-auth) ,and Quan Buu CDS on enveloped . The B-W vintage photo of two soldiers in the battle field .


(The very rare  Huyen Trin Qui M1 NAVN ‘s cover  send from the Battle field, by HQ 503 “LST –Vung Tau” via KBC 3328-Navy Headquaters . This time Nguyen Trinh Qui was back to field area at Vung Tau,  I have several Huyen trin qui Cover from the same persons , but from different type of  free postal cover and  I also  have found five covers with military no value stamp type one green yellow tank and one type two red green guerilla army. The military stamp were only cancelled    26/9-1966  without Quan Buu and KBC stamped ,  postal CDS Quan Buu 2045, 8-4-1968 with  KBC stamped, but the other covers  military stamp wasn’t cancelled with Quan Buu and KBC stamped on eneveloped not on military stamps from September.9th. 1968, Nov.24th 1969 .

 Military stamps cancelled illegalized (CDS or Quan Buu) after 1969 were bogus or phillatelic creation because Military stamps only cancelled by Quan Buu CDS later date found  in March 1968 not after that,   the military stamps type 2, issued in 1969 and never found cancelled CDS quan buu,please comment  because IMNAHA found bogus fake illegal cover ,cancelled in 1968 at tet as first day cover. The six collection’s cover of the military stamps Quan Buu type 1 and 2 were the very best collection for postal history showed, please com-ment and invite us for the show in 2010 -auth).

INSIDE the cover was found   CHINESE CHAR’s Letter written like latin from right to left  different from original native china char:(free tranlate)


This letter was send from the Battle field at border area“TIN” (KBC 3966-2nd Battalion,not known location-changed location due to the operation field.)


Are you recived my  letter ? I have joint the battle at the border area “TIN”, we were fight until the Gunshot sound were stop, and we were win, the enemy some died and wounded. This time I just came to the province” Lung Ching” Vietnam.

The Battle very best at “Chup” in the “Chung nan Pantau” area (Chung means Center, Nan mean South , and Pantau mean half , where ? may be someone  will told us –auth), the battle around 21/2  hours and the enemy lossed much  with many died, the battle still exist and our  march foward until the enemy flea away .

I didn’t recieved your letter , may be beacuse the war situation. Where do you now ? at “Tin”border too ? How about the health of your  mother and sister&brother ? 

(The only one  and very rare “Huyen Trinh Qiu M1 “ the battle field ‘s Cover send from his friend  Duong Dinh Son Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966- 2nd Battalion , always moving due to operasion field at the battle in the border :Tin” –please comment-auth)

7) July 1970



(I have seen the same medal in Rusian market Cambodge in 2007 but very expensived price, and I found at HCM city le Cong Key market with fair price, original because the owner name was scrabbed and still have pattina, please comment why on the front’s center blank ,something missing?–may be ROK military will gave information. Imnaha also have ROK-vietnam postal covers.At the other place I also found a pin with a hand hold flag red-white with one star in the center , Coan Thanh Nien ….Danang Vietnam ? not clear good patina,why two colour ? and a square bronze patina pin”Dai Hoi I Ngia-Binh 1977, please comment -auth).



August 1970 no info


9) September 1970

(1)September.13th. 1970

(a)Another ”Huyen trin Qui” cover ,  prepaid Stamped free military letter sheet type light blue, send from  DA 83/8 ND(?) via KBC 3119( airbone 6th Battalion Saigon) to 27/10/2 Huynh Ainh Cua (?)  Tan Dinh Saigon, but without Quan Buu and KBC stamped (may be personal delivary).

     The letter written in native vietnamese char :




Mien Gioi  t vien ngay 13/9/70

Khin Phia

Ba, Ma

Nhan sewe phu chi maino qua va doi da dac bat ven say gui ve than gia sing qa chi.

            Ba Ma ngoai ny con van manh va phu dia sinh lam rat monh pin nha, ma’a! Chi hai chi chac dta kha toi phai khong ma, gia Sinh minh pan bang an chu o con qu ma ong hanh to cho lon chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba Ma.Vai hano vo tham Ba ma vo cau chuc na dinh manh khoe bang on.

        Con  cua va ma.(OD&PH)


     (b) Letter sheet pre stamped M3, send from DD 83/8 ND KBC 3119 (Airbone 8th Battalion saigon) to Saigon, send by courier, no CDS Quan Buu & KBC stamped, M3 type a-light blue colour. The letter :


                                              Mien Gioi tra ven ngay 13/9/70

                                                            Kihn Phua


            Nhanh tuoc thu  am maino qua va vai da dtac ven say geu ve tham gia sinh va cho. Ba na nguoi nay con van manh va nha na sinh lam nen rat nong tin nha, ma a   ! chi hoi chi chac dta kho toi phai khong ma, gia sinh minh tan bang an chu a con vu na ong thanh to cho con chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba ma

            Vai hang vo tham ba ma va cau chuc gia dinh manh khoe hang on.

                                                                                    Con cua va ma


Vi trong nguoi tuoc khoe nen con nhay noi dtay

            Ma nho ge cho con xin S lon man ruot thi l

            Kho dtay nha ma dte con dung.



            (c) Letter sheet pre stamped M3 type 2-drak blue, send from KBC 3043/HQ ( never report,not know location &institution) to  trung si I THAI /TL/QV, KBC 3921(not known institution & location), send by courier , no CDS Quan Buu and KBC stamped. The letter inside :

                        Em Thu !

            Da hon tuan li nay thanh nho pho Tay-Minh Vang Long nguoi tinh nhay-Du. Bon anh dta phai truoc them mot tuoc quan tranh hanh mia, Anh dtat moi hy vong em cha anh sec dtang quoi cho anh nhiem. Nhung roi ! Bon anh dta dti ra.Nhiem Thien –Ngon man lua va mo hoi.

            Em Thuong !

            Mot sai nguoi bon cua anh dta nga giu mot cach dton dtan khi anh va ung bon bi tuoc  lanh tren xa them , theo sat voi cai tien dtoan sat vung trin gioi ta va bon.

            Nhan la thu thu hoi ma em voio chien ngay 26/10/71 trong luc anh tong sap sua dtua hon ve ban mong hom ngay sau nhung dtem thiue trang con mat ma lam viu.

            Em! Anh khong tuong truong chuve anh co thu hong dtem thiu suot , chin trong vov con truon ngu liu nao cung nhu thiu duc mon moi. Hioi dtem la, bon thuoi ,mot ly ca phe sua , ca cao loi thiu an thi khoi noi, ga co , vat co cav dtong co. Dam nao vai ngui trong bon anh thanh phien nhan, nguoc lam viu, ke lam dto om nan chao co, con goi co,..cung vi the tuy…….very long letter……etc………………………………..

            Vai hong cho gia dinh, nha co ranh bim thu cho anh hay va anh cung se tin thu ho em dti em va tinh dto lo phan nao ve anh, goi ve thu cua anh long thung nho cua nguoi chong xa vo, cha xx con,xi gia dinh hanh phuc



10) October 1970

(1) October.7th. 1970

(a)Nixon proposed “Standstill cease-fire” but repeat mutual-withdrawal formula next day(D)


(b) American combat death in Vietnam during last week in this month numbered twenty-four.(D)


(c) American troops strenght in Vietnam down to 280.000 men at year end.(D)


(d) In this day , the new series 692 with the replacement note EE of US military payment certificate were issue and used until 15.3.1973. This note very difficuot to find .

( I have never seen this note, maybe someone will showed us their own collection-auth)


(e) The official free postal cover of Bo tai Chanh “Nha Tong Giam Doc  Thue Vu” with the re official stamped, send to Saigon  CDS Saigon Vietnam 7-10 1970 and round E.K Saigon no date round sramped.

(what the meaning “ Bo tai Chan “Nha Tong giam doc Thue Vu”?

      , official cover with official stamped free postal cgarge.-auth)


11) November 1970 no info

12) December 1970

(1)  December.10th 1970

Very rare “Huyen Trin Qui”Free airmail flight and rocket covers, postally used with Postal cds  Pho(ng Dinh) (10).12.1970  and not clear red  official Double circle stamped “Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa NHA TRANG ? “ SEND TO    KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh-Naval Training center/military school) HQ 503 Vung Tau(LST,Landing Ship transport NVH Navy Vung Tau) , but din’t found the postal man made with handwritten in  red ink pen:” cross and  another adress C-KBC 3328 “ (send via Navy Headquaters)

     To open the mysteri of this covers, please read the letter inside that cover :


Xu Biwn Ngay 10.12.1970

Qui Ngen

Cap nhou duoc thi Ban sau ngay tap tro Ve ctun nvi co nguo hen trao lai tap, tap nung lam bei ti tap nhon thu dai ngaoi quc ca co le ban kiet cho vi tep o co han gai, baw trai den cung mot cton vi ca dan mang kho quan du. Con gia Dinh o Ca vi rhi moi thang moi Ve thi tap o la vet ve, kan a kan cu Biet ngay tap ve ctun Vi Bi nhop het mot ctem,roi bi phat lam j dem Ban ngay shi Phai Truc Dien pkoai nen tap o CS Phi gio  hoi cum cho kan, Vi hom nay. Lauc Vi Ce Binh Thuong.

            Bo dong I thang nghi Thi Ve Phong ngu cho cten toi hom sau lai lain Va nhoi lam Buun Vo tan o cu viec nao Viec cho het duoc , cho nen doi tap qua Ben ctay tap moi du luc jauve Thi Lam Ngi Hia thi hoi met ty jhink jhiong moi nghi,com bay gio.  Etc………………

            Thoi yen gio lam roi tap  xin tau tan cting no’r ctay nho meng thu te……. etc(OD&PH)



(2)  December.12th 1970

     The civil postally used covers without the sender ‘s name send from Saigon CDS 12.12.1970 with rate stamp 6 Dong +3 Dong (9 D) to Parto (Patton ?) Ca USA, Mrs V.J. Eletto, without sencored  , the earliest civil letter to the American’s wife from saigon (PH)



d. Vietnam liberation war in 1971


1)January 1971


(1) The native  vietnam best stamps collector , Nguyen Bao Tung best seller book is “20 years of the Vietnamese Philately”(1951-1971) written in four language (Vietnamese, English, French and Chinese) Published by South Vietnamese Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1971. This book gives a brief  history of philately followed by a  short account od Indochinese stamps from 1886. It lists special flights and cahects before catalogueing the stamp.

Technical and topical are through. Part two in English, it contains a foreword on the Geography, history , religions and customs of Viet-Nam, following which there is a simplified listing of the stamps and their topical motifs. The French parts contains an introduction somewhat similar to english section, and the fourth part is in Chinese . Finally the stamps are list for a third time cross referenced by Scott and Yvert catalogue numbers. ( If somone had this book please comment to compared with my informations because Tung only stamps, no revenue ,photo and document history –auth)



2) February 1971

(1)A major test of “Vietnamization” took place in South Vietnamese Forces in this month, when South Vietnamese Forces invaded Lao without American adviser .

       They performed poorly . The Life photographer who had been covering Vietnam for a decade , was killed during the operation.


3)March 1971

     (1) March, 12th,1971

     The reciept of Tax by Buu-Bien Vietnam Cong Hoa, Nhan Cua O Ytauy Thai ,so tien la 8875 signed by truong ty, with revenue type Nha truoc va coniem 5$00 and Stamps 2 X 10 d.

(the only one Stamps used as revenue because the shortage of 10$00 revenue, and the situation very bad, -auth)


4) no info

5) May 1971


     (1) May,31th.1971

The rare “Huyen Trin Qui” free military postal vietnam Map with paralel line cover, send from Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966 (2nd Battalion, unknown location)  with red KBC Stamped 3966 and Quan Buu date stamped 31-7.1971, send via KBC 3328 (Naval Headquaters saigon) by DVD (?)  HQ 503 ( LST-Landing Ship Transport NVH Navy at Vung Tua), inside Chinese langguage latter. The same type of cover send  in June,7th.1971 and October ,5th.1971 .


6) June 1971


(1)June, 9th 1971

The decision was further reinforced when President Nguyen van Thieu pressed through an election lam on June,9.1971, which would limit the number of presidential candidates.  

The bill-disigned to cut the number of presidential candidates to give the winner a more convincing majority-stilpulated that prospective presidential candidates must have then nomination papers endorsed either by 40 deputies or senators or by 100 members of elected provincial councils.

Presiident Thieu consequently entereed the South Vietnamese presidential elections with only one opponent former general Duong van Minh, who later withdrew.



The Military and Naval operation on Vietnam coast stamps were issued , the uncommon mint with ace  40pi ( I found this stamps in HCM city-auth)

(3) June.25th 1971

The Civil covers send  from CDS Qui Nhon 25-6- 1971 with chinese char letter, to Saigon with rate 2×1 dong + 4 dong stamp(6 Dong), with propaganda stamped “In International aid day 22.08.1971”  with  chinese char letter inside,(PH)


7)July 1971



The reciept of Tax by BuuBien Vietnam cong Hoa, nhan cua O tang Tai, so tien la 11.825 with rare ravenue 3 X 10$00 and common 2X 080 (rate 21$60),

(the last serial reciept of Tax paid via Buu Bien during the escalation of vietnam liberation war-auth)

(2)July 14th 1971

The rare”Huyen Trin Qui “ free military  city’s dot of Vietnamese map cover with  paralel line border trade mark  two peagons and red-blue line via airmail , postally used with Quan Buu cds 14.1.1971, and red KBC 3966 , Free airmail covers from Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966 (SECOND ARMY BATTALION LOCATION ?) TO DVH Vung tau HQ 503 (LST –Long Ship transport NVN-Navy) via KBC 3328(Naval fleet Headquaters Saigon) 

     (The same type of Covers send with Quan Buu Stamped 14.5.1971 and 31.9. 1971 from the same sander and recievers address.

          From this three cover were found only two letter in chinese character, my  best friend have tranlated

(a) The letter send  31.5.1971

(b)  the letter send 10.7.1971 from chinese native military , Mr Yang Tung San to his vietnamese friend, Mr Huynh Trinh QUI  via LST transport NVN navy at Vung Tau (HQ 503):





I am very happy to recieved your letter in July and thank you very much. My friend told me that   letter -writing  will  upgrade our skill . If you don’t mind please asked my girl friend  Lim who stayed at Sikung why she didn’t answer  my letter anymore since 1970, I have send to her two letters but she didn’t answered.

Before she write a letter to me twice per month, she was my girlfriend since at the same  school (classmate).

My girlfriend have said in her letter that I am not handsome, but  onother person told me that I’m not like that.

I hope you will help me to solve this problem ,

I am brokenheart, pessimistist and BO Hoat (Heart Illness) , because many my friends have married and they have their children, I want to be like them.

Your area very beautiful, that is way please help me to buy Picture Postcard from your town, because my brother like that card for send to his friend. Please tell me the price of the card and I will send you money for purchused.”


( this the first and last used of the border line Map with blue city ‘s cover. There was a report of this kind of cover used after 1971, that cover bogus, phillatelic creations because after  10 th .11. 1971 the new Map blue city without  paralel borderline  was used with native Han Khong (Air Mail) and blue line- OD&PH) and after that in 1983 another type Map Cover without paralel boderline with red dot city, I have seen this red dot whitout paralel line 83 edition, used by The ICCS –Indonesian garuda Mission Vietnam 1974 with guinine 9 d  Soldier helping wounded ,1972 2dition, but I think this postal history covers from Pleiku,Hue and Danang were fake because the rate to low for foreign country ,Indonesia- I have the original cover  ICCS not official postal history cover , look at 1974-auth)(OD&PH)

August 1971


     (1) August,3rd.1971

                Diep Van Kinh Goi “Stencil official invitation from Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa Bo Chong-chan ,Saigon Thuy-Cuc Khu Cholon red stamped  , stamps 0d50 and other stamp off, CDS Saigon- Cholon Viet-Nam, to Hoang Thi Hoan , ngu tai no 9 h Nguyen Kim.






            _________                                          Cholon,ngay  3 thang 8 nam 1971

SAIGON THUY-CUC                                                S0………./ STC/KCL


                                                            D I E P   V A N   

                                                                 Kinh Goi


                                    Ong , Ba  …..Hoang Thi Hoan……………………………..

                                    Ngu Tai so:……9h…Nguyen .Kim…………………………


            Trivh vau :  V/v gia ho thong quoc  va dau thuy –luong- ke


            Thua Ong, Ba


                        Tran trong tin ong , da ro :

            Cong tac gan ho thong nuoc ve dat Thuy-Luong-ke  tai

            Dia chi …..Treu……….can phai dao duong noi mat nhua

            Do d’o phai xin gay phep dao duong do Toa Do-chanh cap

                        Hien nay Khu toi da ghi die chi tre’n vao danh sach

            Xin phep dao duong ao …….71…………… ngay  28….4…71….

            Thao thu tu ngay dong tien.

                        Khi nao nhan duoc giay phep tren Khu toi se cho

            Thuc hien ngay cong tao trong vong 1 tua’n 1 e , Nguoi ra

            Ba khong phai dong them mon tien nao ca. Neu co ke mao

Ngay ba’ng Dien thoi so 50.532 hoac 24.683 . Viec lam

Nay khong nhung Ong, Ba khong bi mat tien ma con giup

Cho Saigon Thuy-Cuc bai tru tham nhung.

                        Kinh chao Ong, Ba’

                                                            TRUONMG KHU CHOLON

                                                                        Red stamped


                                                                  HONG NOOC DIEN


9)September 1971


(1)         September,3rd.1971

The official cover of Nha-Thuoc Phu-Cat ,Duoc Si Hu-Rac-Huu , Hue send with rate 6d native dancer stamps , rolling CDS Hue Viet-Nam 3-9.1971 to Kinh Goi,Hop-Thinh Cong-Ty Saigon.

10)October 1971

     (1) October, 5th,1971

The lattest used of free Vietnam Map with paralel line and blue dot city , this the same of “Huyen Trinh Qui free vietnam paralel line map “ cover send from KBC 3966-2nd battallion not know location via Navy headquaters Saigon by” HQ-503” LST navy NVH at Vung Tau.  

     (2) October, 21th.1971

Another rare “Nguyen Trinh Qui civil cover” send by Nguyen Chi My KBC 3402/2 (AVRN Strategic Army corps Military Zone 2 location Cantho) , civillian cover without Quan Buu cds and KBC-stamped , with rolling cds Cantho Vietnam 21-10n1971 on 6d stamps , via KBC 3328 Naval fleet Headquaters Saigon by DVH Vung Tau HQ 503-LST NVH navy.

( The same sander to Nguyen Trin Qui ,in November ,9th 1971, the best collections for show-auth)


   (3) October, 25th,1971

          The Gia Bao Thi certificate from Luat-Khoa Dai-Hoc Duong         VIEN DAI-HOC SAIGON of the Laotian ,  signed by Chu ky Doi-Hoc Duang, Nguyen Thuong Kien Doc-Su Hanh chanh.


     VIEN DAI-HOC SAIGON                               so the sinh vien : 2759 bi S

LUAT-KHOA DAI-HOC DUONG                   Mon nhiem y   : phap vau

Noi thi : Truang Suat

Phong Thi : Giang Duong So Phong Doc sach

Cho Ngoi :  3 Nhom 3                                        GIAY BAO THI


                  Tran trong bao de ………………………………………………………

      Ong(Co,Ba) ……….VO THI THAO……………………………………………

      SINH NGAY 10-04-52       tai …………..Pak Song (Laos)…………….

      Sinh-vien ban  …Cu Nhan B…………………..Nam thu……I…………..

      Duoc biet ……..Co………………………………..da duoc ghi danh thi

      Khon……II………………………………………Nien-khoa 1970 – 1971…..

      Ong (Co,Ba ) phai co mot tai noi thi ho ……..  1430 …………….

      Ngay ……..17 thang 11 nam 1971………de du thi va mang then

–         The sinh-vien do Truong cap ve nien khoo

                  197 0 – 1971

      –         Giay bao thi nay

      –         But va muc (giay thi va giay nhap bai se do Truong phat)


                                                      Saigon , ngay 25  thang  10  nam 1971


                               Truong Dai Hoc            T.U.N. KHOA TRUONG

                              Luat-Khoa                Thu Ky Doi-Hac Duong




11) November 1971


(1)November ,9th 1971

     Another rare “Huyen Trinh Qui Cover Prestamped cover  6d, send by Nguyen Chi Moy-civillian – KBC  3402/2 (ARVN strategic Army corps Military zone 2 ,cantho ?) , civil cover without Quan Buu and KBC stamped,but trough  postal CDS Cantho-Vietnam 11.9.1971 (reinverse CDS) via KBC 3328 –Naval Fleet Headquaters Saigon by HQ 503- LST NVH navy at Vung Tau.


(2) November,16th 1971

The first Fish thematic stamps issued, the uncommon stamps 100 pi

(I have two postal History of the fish stamps 2 d , one as revenue with coniem 30$00 revenue 2,12.71  and postalhistory covers 23.3.1973, please look at that interesting information-auth)

(2)  November.19th. 1971


(a)The earliest used Vietnam Liberation map enveloped without border paralel line, blue city and blue line Han Khong –Via airmail cover.

      The free Han Khong cover with trade mark Cam Tu Son Ha send from Dai Da 3/2 KBC 3996 (2nd Army battalion location ?) by LST NVN  ,Navy, Vung Tau HQ 503 via Naval Fleet HQ Saigon ( KBC 3328) with Quan Buu CDS and red KBC 3966 stamped .(PH)

(This covers was the same sender and recievered of the three border paralel line map blue city , two peagon trade mark, covers above the first earliest report(PH)

also found the Liberation Map Cover without border paralel line  but with Red Dot city, used 1n 8.4.1983 with 2x 20 Xu military stamps ,  from Hue To F-1. QI T/P H.C.M – read at chapter Vietnam after liberation.

 I have found the same Hankong cover but with added stamp 2x 1 dong  but without Quan Buu stamped, date not clear, only red KBC 3119 stamped, send from Dai Doi 83/8 ND-written above cover “Co Quoc Danh Du Traca Nhiem “  KBC 3119 Airborne 8th Battalion saigon  to Tan Dinh(?) Saigon.but with “The rolling & clear type Small Quan Buu clear new CDS” 11.12.1970  (the first military covers send to civillian the military postal rate 2 Dong,  – the first report of this type rolling Quan Buu cds ,  this military Quan Buu new postmark were the earliest used because in november 1970 still used the old not clear Quan Buu post mark. If the old quan Buu postmark used after december 1970, the cover was bogus or fake cover  -auth)


(3) November.2nd. 1971

Bo Quoc Phong “Chung Chi Tinh Trang Quan Dich” certificate  sing KBC 4.309 (CHOLON) by Dai Ta Nguyen Phuan Nhung, Chanh –Su-vo S0-Dong-Vien 3.



Emblem       VIET-NAM CONG HOA        : Co hieu luc den: VA MUOI MOT  THANG TAM Soldier &         BO QUOC PHONG                         : NAM MOT NGAN CHIN TRAM BAY MUOI       

Civillian     ______________________          : HAI (31-8-72) .

                          CHUNG CHI                   :                               KBC.4.309, ngay 02 NOV 1972

                TRINH TRANG QUAN-DICH      :                              Dai-ta Nguyen –Phuoc Nhung

                         _______________              :                               Chanh –su-vu So-Dong-Vien3 

Ho Ten          : Luu-Khac-Nhon                :                                                 signed

Sinh : 2-2-31                 Tai : Cholon        :___________________________________________________

Can Cuoc So : 02133550 ngay :12-8-69: Gia han den:

Cap tai           : Quan 5                             :                            KBC,         ngay

Dia Chi : 175/17 Nguyen-Tri-Phuong CL:

            TINH TRANG QUAN-CHI              :

            ______________________              :

-Tai hoan gia canh so 825661, ngay     :

 2-6-70 .Co hieu luc den 30-6-71           :

-Duoc chuyen qua lop tuoi Don Quan :

 “Chung-chi’nay khong co gie tri nreu :

duong . Su co bang cuoc Tu-tai hoac  :

van hong tuong duong ben la.”

Co hieu luc den : Ba Muoi Mot Thang  :

tam Nam Mot Ngan Chin Tram bay Muoi Hai(31-8-72).



12) December 1971

(1) December.2nd 1971

Saigon Thuy Cuc “Giao Keo” ,  with red double circle stamped and sign  by Nguoi Yeu Cau Cung mCac Nuoc on 30 Dong Revenue, and added stamps 2 X 0,50 Dong + 2 Dong (rate 3 Dong) with saigon postal date stamped

 ( may be this for legalization by postal , same in Indonesia during Indonesian Independent War-auth)



e.Vietnam Liberation war in 1972


1)January 1972


(1)In 1972, after military duty , Nguyen BAO Tung have made weekly phillatelic program on Vietnamese  television , gave the viewers through his collections, the history of Viet Nam, oriental culture.


2) February 1972


     (1)February,3rd 1972

The native homemade cover with green and red pen strip border , send from Saigon rolling  cds Saigon vietnam 3.2.1972 to TP.Qui HQ 503( Vung Tau), KBC 3328 (?)  in pencil writting, no sender name with stamps 3d native vietnmese lady playing a traditional music.


( the interesting cover ,why no sender name, and The pencil writing, my be the little boy send to his father who joined the military operation at Vung tau? Please comment-auth)


(2) February,12th.1972

The postally used cover with vietnamese  US,Phillipine and australia flag stamps, the latter date12/1/69 cross 70, postal cds not clear, hand written recieved 12.02.1970, almost one years no communication, from saigon to KBC 3319 HVHP 12/69, DVS 332-1 tr 73 (Cam Ranh Naval Training center) , without Quan Buu and KBC stamped.The letter inside in Vietnamese language : 


                                    Cholon ,ngay 12/1/70

Ziu nien,


            Toi vua nhan ctuoc thi Zui vaisang nay. Toi ret vui bung va voi

ho an cho Zui ngay dtay.

            Thoat tien, toi in dtoi cam on loi Chiu tung cao qui cua Zui, nhung Zhui a, Chuong trinh dte I nam nay nang lam

Nut la thoi lai theo ban C thi cang Phai nut hon; Vi mon Triet hoy va Sinh Ngu 1 nang ne ghe dti nen toi pha ban tam toi 2 mon nay nhieu hon ca; dtai Biet la mon triet no vua triue tuong lai vua Khi Khan thi lam dao toi co thi ly ho mot cach tron ven dtuoi-toi  phai dti hoc them lop luyen thi  mo vao dtau thang nay vay nue toi tuong cung chua tham  nhuan dtuoc may.

            Nhung du sao dti mia toi cung pha gong cong dtat gioi dti mia, toi …………………………..etc………………………………………….


Toi man phep dting but noi dtay , hen zui, chui Zui  luon vin kgoe va se huong thu nhung ngay Xuan xap dten mot canh tren ven.

                                                                                    Ban Zui



(if someone want the complete letters please comment and translate ,auth)


3) March 1972


(1)March.23th 1972

Air mail cover from KBC 3176 (location ?) to Saigon with KBC 3176 and Quan Buu Stamped, rate stamps 2x 2dong (4 Dong) (no information location of KBC 3276-PH)

4) April 1972



The uncommon “Plane over Dalat” stamps were issued, especialle in couple two or block four.

(I have found this stamp on postally cover send by express (khanh) label from Vung Tau to Saigon,mixed with the stamps soldier on Vietnam map 10.12.1972-auth)



              The very rare Gunshooting  colt, M16 and M60 ‘s green bravet Sung M16 “CHUNG Nhan Then Xa” from KBC 4091, Quantrung Military Training center at Quantre, after joint the training from 17-22 /4/72 signed by Brigardir General Hoan-Van-Lac.








:                                  *                                             :

                            #          #

:_______________________# Colt     M16  #_______________________________:    :

:    : __________________ #  M 18    M60    #______________________________:     :

:    :____________________#                      #_______________________________:     :

:    :_______________________#######__________________________________:      :

:    :                                               @@

:             :                QUAN LUC VIET NAM CONG HOA                                 :    :

:    :                                     ______________                                                     :     :

:    :                          CHUNG NHAN THIEN XA                                                  :    :

:    :          Chu Huy Truong: TTHL/QUANG-TRUNG                                                     :     :

:     :                 Chieu Biet Nhan Cua  Hoi-Dong Giam kheo Ky                                         :     :

:     :                   thi dua ta…….Sung M 16…………nam 1972                                        :     :

:     :      to chuc ngay ..17-22/4/72 …… Tai..TTHL/QUAN TRUNG                                          :     :

:     :      chung nem…..B2/ND KIM NGOC SON..quoc 73/138.334                          :     :

:     :       da van mung………M 16…………vo song so tem .53.80 so nang                 :     :

:     :       duy cap  huy-hien……Thien –con Uu hang …….                                         :     :

:     :                                                                             KBC…4091 ngay 22/4/72          :     :

:     :  9124/TTHL/QT/KH/KH                      Thien –Tuong HOANG –VAN-LAC            :     :

:     :                                                                             SIGNED                                        :     :




5) May 1972



     Trong cuoc chien dau chong phong toa thang 5-1972 , nganh xang dau cung cac nganh thep, dien than va nhan dan cac dan toc tinh Lang Son, chi trong 15 ngay dau thang 6-1972 da ti cong xong he thong  kho va tuyen ong tir bien gioi ve de kip thoi tiep nhan mot khoi luong lon xiang dau,cung cap day du cho cac nhu cau quoc phong, dan sinh.

          Sau do, tiep tuc xay dung 6 tuyen ong tu Lan Son.  Quang Ninh toi thu do Hanoi , hinh thanh mot mang luoi ong dan dau lien hoan,vung chac suot tu Bac den Nam.

6)June 1972     

(1) June,15 th 1972

     Uncommon mint”Vietnam armed” stamps were isssue

7) July 1972


(1) July,11 th 1972

“Huyen Trih Qui KBC-4026 ” Free airmail letter from KBC 4026 (location ?) to HV/HP 2 c HSQ/CN (?)

Huyun Trinh Qui ,KBC 3319(Cam Ranh Naval Training Center), with red KBC 4029 and Quan Buu 11-7-72 Stamped.

     (Inside the letter from KBC3397 (River Patrol Group 52 ,Navy, Cat Lai ) date 8th June 1972 (may be this letter send from KBC 4026 not yet known location, three day from the  cat lai front, or from another cover, this letter from this location have never report before-auth), the letter



            KBC 3397 ngay 08-07-1972


Chin Qui Luong men’

            Lau qua hoim nay  midi ranh dte bien tho tham may cau cui dtay, moy Su Hiong cau ma may cau rat nhien.

            Tu ngay ve dten gio chang noi dan gi may  cau anh dtinh rau quoi coi dtam ra loin bicing moi chuyen vo anahDien nay viet tho ra  cung chi biet mong  loin Sao cac can em cua toi luon manh la  anh vung .

            Sao chuong trinh hoc dten dtai roi nhi qua giai dtoan 1 chuk rang co gang quen tat ca moi cu’c kho binh teu dti roi ve nong ru’o’u voi ong anh nay cho vin nghe may can yei qui ma’tui.

            Be Hong goi toi hiam may can dtay, be’ Hong gai loi Hiam may cau Hong Saji loin chi dau cua may cau roi dtay.

            Ham uo anh dau ba ma anh laao cte xin cuoi  Hong vei xon loin t ca lang dteu cleoi voi nhung roi co tai la ruoc co ban toi cung vay thoi phai Khong maij cau en.

            Huh Dien mo cae cau mong sao maij cai Thuong nhan nhu anh em Ruoh ctc cho tin ctu’ot  lain anh ca ngho may cau.

            Mong thu hoi an ma may cau roi nhien ,Ve giang dtoai phe quc chung dti bo deu chi nhung toi tien qua troi na.

            Thoi chuc nay cau em cuo tui luon vui manh cte ngay thang gian Kho Quan truong troi qua man.

            Thruong Nhien. GD 52 TT(?) KBC 3397 ( river patrol group 52 ,Navy, at Cat Lai,.)  Sai-gon van binh thuong HQ 503(Ving Tau navy ?) dao moi dteu nhen qua ghe nay loin buon ghe ven o chang vinh tai nua. (OD&PH)


August 1972

            (1) August , 18th,1972

The rare prestamped  taiwan China aerogram letter sheet, send fromTaiwan China CDS 18.8.72 to Cholon south vietnam, the letter in chinese language:

“I have recieved your letter , say hello to our family. I did.t fill well because after 29 years married my wife from the village-women , she didn’t the parent , but still have sister. “ this family latters. 

( this aerogram very difficult to find because the People Republic of China didn’t like the name of Taiwan china, they asked to withdraw the aerogram, in Republic of China Teipe this aerogram didn’t listed.

I also found another aerogram with CDS Taiwan china CDS 8.10.74, please comment from China Taipeh about Taiwan-auth)


9) September 1972


     (1)”The soldier helping wounded “ were issued, the uncommon was mint 100 d.


10) October 1972

(1)  October,21th. 1972

The Vietnamese Card ,So Quoc-Gia Danh-, Bo tai Chanh, Nha Tong Giam-Boc Thue-Vu Signed by Cham Su Vu So Quoc-Gia,stamped Nguyen Vau Hai, Danh-BO 21-10-72 :


Ten Ho                  : Nguyen Thi Chat

Ngay va noi sinh : 1927 tai Hai Duongt

Nge-nghiep         : Noi Tio

Dia-chi : 633/20 Phan thanh quan Saigon.

So Quoc-Gia,Danh-Bo without photo)


11)November 1972 no info

12) December 1972


(1) December,10th. 1972

The “Khan” urgent express mail from  Vung Tau CDS 10.12.1970 to Saigon cds 10.12.1972, rate stamps 3 x 10 Dong (30 Dong), type of stamps  Plane over Dalat (2x10d) and military on Vietnam map(10 d)  stamps.

(Rare civil express covers with uncommon   Plane over Dalat  and soldier on vietnam map -auth)


f. Vietnam Liberation War 1973


1) January 1973


(1)A ceasefire was finally agreed, the Americans would withdraw from Vietnam within sixty days and the settlement would be left to the Vietnamese.

(2)The North Vietnamese soon resumed the conflict and despite massive supplies of American arms, the badly led South Vietnamese army crambled completely.


(2)         January, 10th.1973

The civillian postal used cover from CDS Saigon 10.1.1973 to Binh To Saigon 11 , rate 9d , stamps soldier help victim. Inside letter in chinese language :

“ I have recieved the Chinese new year card, Sin Tjia, from you that made me  very happy , thank you very much.

          Father and mother   always thingking of you, they hope you will be advanced and success.

          The  Ship couldn’t landing at saigon, I don’t know when we can meet agai .

 Are your weight up and became more fatty ?

          There were many  regulation from the Army “,


     (3) January,25th.1973

Name card cover with rate Stamp 3 d, send from CDS BAO LOC 25-1.1973 to  saigon, the name card :



                   DANG VAN-TU

                        Don Dien Hoang Hue


                             Trin Mung nsm moi

                                     Quy Suu

                                                Rap chieu bang HOANG-HUE  

                   Cinema bao Soe   98.THONG-NHUT – DILINH




2) February 1973



(1) February.5th 1973

The Military free mail pre-stamped letter sheet type dark blue send from Toan Dai Doi 6 khoa 29 (?) KBC 4027 (National Military Academy Dalat ) to Nguyen van Tai KBC 3790 ( location ?) with “BLACK KBC 4027-Dalat Military Academy (THE ONLY ONE Black KBC  stamped, may be the red ink not availabled) without Quan Buu stamped and not clear CDS, the letter date 5.2.73 to Kinh Yi Trung Ta Nguyen van Tai KBC 3790 (Location ?) , the letter hand written   :


KBC 4027 ngay 5.2.73

                        Chua Bhu,

            Hom nay chan xim co vou loi ve tham Bhu Thim va voi em vi thoi gian hep chau xin thu loi ve su cham tin  cau.

            Mai dau xuan da qua chan cung xim kinh chui bhu Thim duoi  luon an khang manh khoe va caiu luon tan toi bhai baih da ra truong roi chu thruong ? bhau xin chu noi voi thay chau dung ban tan nhun ve chau jeo truong lo dio dtay dtu ca nhung gi chau bien ve cho thay chan diu dtung nhung fi chai Viet  Dung ban tam nhim qua vi chau

            Chau chi xin chua noi liom mung 4 tet chau so xin chu noi voi thay chan la chau se viet thu ta loi sau vi su khong y tu va bat can cua chau.

            Vu thoi goan han hep nin phai mot thoi pan cau san thu moi dten thay chau sau thu luon  nay. Mot lan nua chau chui  chi luon manh, Thim va coi em vui tuoi va  chau xin dung but.

            Kinh dton, Tan Khan Sinh dai doi B/29 KBC 4027.



(2) February.14th 1973

Bo Quoc Phong ,Chung Chi Tinh Trang Quan-Dich , sign by Dai Tu Nguyen Phuoc Nhung Chanh Su-vu So Dong viet 3, This certificate same with the  certificate 2 nov 1971, belong by the same person , but different type used “ Tai hoan gia canh duoc chuyen lap toui don quan,

Co hiewu luc den : KHI CO LENH MOI (?), (THIS    CERTIFICATE WITHOUT THE LIMITED YEAR USEABLE. Different from the 1971 certificate.OD)

3) March 1973


(1)March , 23th.1973

     The rare cover send from KBC 3176, not known institution and location, with cds  Quan Buu 23-3.1972 on stamps 2x2d fish stamps(rate 4d) and  also on cover, red KBC 3176 stamped  to saigon.

( Unusual Quan Buu cds on stamp from unknown location KBC 3176, the same type cover also found from KBC 4974 unknow location in 8-12.1973  rate 10 d and 21-12.1973 rate 7d . I thing the unknown area were the moving operation area where no post office there and the military postal service take over the postal service that is why CDS Quan Buu on regular stamps and different rate, please comment-auth)


(2) March,26th .1973

President Nguyen van Thieu holding agrarian reform law were issued due to the third annyversary of that law, the 10d rare in mint and uncommon in used, very rare in block of ten.

( I found this rare stamps on [postally cover, send from KBC 6984 to Saigon 3 , Quan Buu military postal date stamped 9.6.1974 without KBC stamped, please look at that postal history discussion at the date chronology  –auth)



4) April 1973


(1) The war unpopularity in the US grew strong, and following the Peace talks, the US agreed to withdraw its forces in April 1973.

     US Secretary General Henry Kissinger  and Vietnam envoy Le Duc To agreed to Chaese fire, and in this Year they had win the peace,s  Nobel prized .

(Although the war still until two years more in 1975, in the year the same US President Barrrack Obama win the peace’s noble prize, the criteria was who first had an idea for peace near same with the Vietnam ceasefire 1973, please  comment-auth) 


5) Mei -6)June 1973 no info

7) July 1973

(1) July,1st .1973

THE CU’-TRI Election(?) CARD , ISSUED BY Quen-Truong Quan Saigon with stamped Toa Han Quan 10 Saigon,


Ho va ten    : Nguyen Thi Chat

Nom va nai sanh: 1927 Hai Duong

Tru quan : 724/26 Phan Thanh Gian

The can-cuoc so o3908762 cap toi Saigon ngay 1970.

CHU Y: Xin giu ky the de co dip dong sau nay. 9In the corner ,A-D, and the A was used.(OD)


7)-10) no info

11) November 1973

(1) November.2nd. 1973

ID CARD “THE CONG-CHUC” Bo Quoc Phong, Quan-Luc Vietnam Cong-Hoa, with jellow and three red line armour-ed,



Ho va Ten       : Trinh Van-Te

Ngach trot      : Thu-ky CN/B2/3

So truac tich   :   blank

Chuc-vu          : Thu-Ky

Dan-vi              : Dai doi THD/Bo TTM

KBC 4180(location Hanh Dinh ?), ngay 02/11/1973


Doi dai Truong Dai Hoi Tone Hanh Dinh

Bo Teng Tham Muu Q.L.V.N.C,H (?)   

12) December 1973

(1)December,8 th. 1973


The Green orchid cover send from KBC 4974 (location unknow ?) to Cholon with rate stamp 10 Dong , KBC 4974 and two Quan Buu CDS 8.12.1973 one on Stamps, and another on cover  (Unknow location KBC 4974-PH)

 (No information the location of KBC 4974 and unsual Quan Buu cds on the stamp ,there was another same cover in December ,21th.1972, rate 7d . Please someone who know the institution and location of that KBC 4974please send the information through comment ,thanks-auth)



(2)  December.14th 1973

The cover from Nguyen  Loah Sang,  Pres La Cour D’Appel  de Saigon Advocat, to Ong Giam Doc Saigon 2, CDS Saigon 14.12.73, the stamp off.(PH)


(3) December,21th 1973

The same Orchid cover, send fromKBC 4974 (unknown institution and location) , the Quan Buu CDS 21.12.1973 on 2x 3d and 1x 1d stamps(rate 7d) ,also Quan Buu CDS on cover, and red KBC 4974 red stamped. To Cholon quan 5.

               (This cover made me crazy because at once I think one cover only because same like the twin with the other one in December.8th 1973, but different rate !0 d and 7d , and why Quan Buu postal cds on regular stamps, this the only postalhistory like that, May be the regular post office didn’t open because of the battle around that area, please comment-auth)






(3)December, 24th. 1973

     The rare civil postal cover from Binh Minh , cds Vung Tau  24.12.1973 send via  KBC 3328 Naval fleet Headquater saigon by HQ 618 – PGM –Patrol Gunboat medium to Tai Binh.

       (Unusual tranpostation PGM HQ 618 at Tai Binh-auth)









g.Vetnam Liberation War in 1974


1) January 1974


(1) American service men , 110.000  had burnst their draftcard and 40.000 young men had evaded call-up by leaving for neighbouring Canada and for Europe.(D)


(a)Air mail covers from Indonesian KONGA V/ICCS Region V Saigon send to SKOMDAK III (West Sumatra Police Headquaters ) Padang-Sumbar, overprint INDONESIA , with stamps rate 81 Dong (7 stamps) with CDS TAN AN 30-1-1974 ( My first Postal History of Vietnam war was Given by Police Mayor. Suroto to me as Medical Police Inspectur in 1975, from this postal history I started to collect Vietnam war Postal history –auth)

(b) ICCS Communications Center Ton Son Nhut, the photo of Indonesian Garuda Mission army and Police in the front of that centers (This photo was given to me from Indonesia national  Police Captain who joined the Garuda IV Indonesia ICCS Vietnam auth)

(c) Unused Free Port Special letter sheet Garuda IV Indonesia ICCS Vietnam, Garuda was “Eagle” Indonesia National emblem.(PH)

(d)Indonesian Mayor General Wiyogo Atmodarminto , commander of the Ivth Garuda Mission to Vietnam inspecting his men (Photo-D)

(e)The Indonesia participation in Upholding World Order ICCS in Vietnam 1973.-1975 under Garuda IV,V and VII.

In performing its task, ICCS met many difficulties due to the fact that certain points of the parisb Agreement on ending the war between the US and Vietnam, were conraversial. This led Indonesia to pull out GARUDA VII from Saigon in April,27,1975 the annexation of South Vietnam by North Vietnam waas the reason for the first Asean Summit in Bali to stress again the urgency to preserve political stability in South east Asia.

(f) The ICCS Vietnam plaque of Garuda IV Mission in Vietnam (Memorabilia)


2)-4) no info

5) MAY 1974

       (1) May, 7th .1974

The very rare President Nguyen Van thieu holding the agrarian law, third commemorative, send from KBC 6984 –uknown location , the Quan Buu cds on stamps and on cover to Saigon.

(the same type of cover from unknown location KBC 6984, may be the battle area which no postal service there, the very rare Nguyen van thieu stamps 10 d postally used by Quan Buu postal service without KBC staped, only one ever report, please comment-auth)


6) June 1974


     (1) June, 9th,1974

     The very rare postal cover with rare 10d Nguyen van Thieu holding agrarian reform law stamps, send during the liberation war from KBC 6984 (not know area ?) to Saigon-3, Military CDS Quan Buu 9.6.1974 .

(  This is the first report of rsre Thieu stamps on postally cover during the year 1974 , if someone have the same  at the year 1975 before the fall of Saigon , please report and show us-auth)


7) no info


August 1974


(1) August 1974

     The Watergate scandal had re-moved Nixon and his successor President Ford knew only too well that the American people wouldnot saction a renewed US involvement in the war


9)- no info

10) October , 8th.1974

     The rare Taiwan China bird fly aerogram letter sheet, send from Taiwan to Cholon south Vietnam CDS K(A) Taiwan China 8.10.1974.


11) November 1974

(1)November.27th 1974

The rare regional taxes revenue red brown colour “Gia Binh Mien Thue” ancient building design 40$dong , used for legalized the fotocopy of document” Truong Nu Trung-Hoc Chilang 1 Gia –Dinh. Thanh-Tich BieuHo va tan Hoc sinh : Nguyen –Thi-Nam ,So Danh-Bo: 38/69.

 (rare regional revenue from Gia-Dinh, also look at the pin from Dai Hoi Gia Dinh -1977-auth)


(2)Nam 1973-1974, nganh xang dau da khan truong cung co va phat trien tuyen ong voi chieu dai tong cong gan 5000 km, dua xang dau vao den Loc Ninh, Dong Nam Bo; xay dung mot he thong kho tang du tru co suc chua lon voi mang luoi cap phat toa rong ra cac huong chien dich (D)


12 ) December 1974 no info


h.Vietcong victory war in 1975



1)         January 1975


(1) National Front for liberation of South Vietnam.(US called Vietcong) from 1963-1969


    (2)Provinsial Revolutionary Goverment of Republic of South Vietnam 1975-1976


(3)Vietcong victory war in1975-THE FALL OF SAIGON


(4)January.6th. 1975

Vietcong capture Phuoc Long province , north of Saigon (D)


The very rare civil cover from D0 Thanh Cholon Viet Nam CDS 23-1.1975 with  rate stamps 25 d (20 +5) , inside the letter and name card in chinese language :


“My letter not sistematic, don’t laugh it.  this time  the Battle everywhere, the situation didn’t secured. The criminal and the badman everywhere and the price of good s up everyday.

        The Gouverment administration  very bad and they didn’t gave happiness. My work just finished , the time pass so fast , i didnlt fill that the new year come , I hope in the new year we will happy.

        With this letter I send my two photos don’t laugh when you see that .


                                We Siong




                             ________                                in chinese :

                Chuyen mon sua son cac loai     We Chi

                                     May may ben le gia tien re      Singer machine

                                    So 904/10 Duong Nguyen Trai         service





2) February 1975


(a)Motorbike tax “VIET-NAM CONG-HOA = THUE XE TU DONG= 19975 SO XE EO 2474” in the back


     BIEN LAI SO     : 1218

        NGAY              : 1-2-75

        SO TI’EN           : 7500 $

        NO’I CAP        :  GD


round red official stamped”Ty Phep Vu Vietnam Cong Hoa Gia-Dinh


(until February 4th the South Vietnam “Viet Nam Cong Hoa “ still have the power, and they still charged the motorcycle tax-auth)

(b),February, 1st.-28th 1975

      Very rare and informative collections best for showed,the small pocket  dairy’s book  ‘Lich Bo Tui 1975” of Trung –Tam Bao-Hiem Cong-Ty Saigon with handwritten information every day froem Saturday February 1st until 28th 1975 .

(very rare document historic collection, never report , only one because this was private handwritten information-auth)


(b,1) Front Cover


      The illustrated  High Building (?), LICH HO TUI 1975, THANG-2-1975, at the bottom  Doang Thuong Ngan Hang



      Chung Chuc Tan Xuan

              Red round wheel type




            68  , Dai-16 Nguyen-Hue (Lau 1)



                 BAO HIEM va TAI BAO HIEM

                        TAT CA CAC LOAI

(b.2) Backcover


            Thoan Thuong Ngan Hang

            Cong,TY HAC VON 500.000.000.500 GUE DU

                         Tre Se Truong Vung :68 Nguyen-Hue Saigon

                      Dien Tin : DITIBANK

                                 So’ Q.G.D.B : 170-592-21-003

             S’ Thuong Moi : 2466 B

                          Ho’n Thu          : 2372


                                    CHI  NHANH


                   TONG DOC PHUONG :

                                    48-50 Tong Doc Phuong

                                    Saigon 5-01  :        37469              

                  BINH DU’ONG             :

                                    1,14 Von Duyet

                                    Binh Duong-DT : 79

                   – Nhon cac  kho a’n ky thac

                   – Thuc hien moi nghiep vy ngan han’g

                   – Phuc vy o’n cho’

                                                – Lich su’

                                                -Nganh cho’ng

                                                -co’n moi

                        VONG THUONG  CHA’NH

                         PHAN CHU’A TA VUAN

#Inside backcover

Calender 1975 from january(Janvier ) to December (Decembre) every day ‘s  with Heoro or saint day , like 1st January : M Jour De L’AN, 31th December : M.S.Sylvestre, 25th December: Noel(Christmas)., and centimeter schales from 1 cm to 10 cm.




Saturday (thu bay) , 1 , February Thang Hay


                    Ngay 21 thang Chep du nam GIAP DAN


                              NAM AT MAO




                 KINH CHUC VI THAN CU










     Sunday                           2                    February

    Chu nhat                                               Thang hai


     Ngay 22 thang Chap du nam GIAP DAN




                           Doi Dai ve Cha





                        DOANH THUONG NGAN HANG





               Monday                3                 February

               Thu hai                                     Thang hoi


(same as above,after this not included)

Dai lau-7-40

11-2-75 Hong cije a quan  nua

Thuoac hut au cam roi dti lau

Dten so hu 8-10/ C’ est lache

,de faire le faux.le jauos

C’est la lachee a’ qui de l hac

De faublesse.Thap tu nhat sinh

Nen cun vot.Thap loec chung

Sinh noi bo. Diox ca the

Gran nay ma mot wsec theiu-

Dtay nai co du ich gi?

5-2-75 Sang nay, nong cafe

Thuo lac 150$ ay com roi dti

Laen chau dot so. Den so

8 kem 5.(handwritten)

      Ngan Hang cua gioi Doanh thuong



(the complete informations of  Lich Bo Tui 1975 will put at the date that  written in the that pocket book’s dairy, this collection very interesting and best for showed after copy in the bigger format illustration and translate in English, please someone help me to translate –auth)


(2)February.5th 1975

North Vietnam General Van tien Dung goes south to take command of Vietcong (Vietnam revolutionary liberation) forces(D)



(3) February,6th.1975

6-2-75 (hanwritten) . Deu do’ muon gan 10 g  Toi na vi moi o nhen lo nghi vu vo, Co chou Dat dti lu do voi co, ain tria nghi co’ sang bea khu VH choi, au pho ,ga 150, chau dat nong muoi 90$. Lui bon ngoi nghi mot nai nuod phut ma ve , ve lai sang bui HC ngoi nghe ong xuan ve Soan noi ungi mot lac moi toi vo Sang phan TV lam utcc. Buoi chien noi tuyen ong ve ie nho ung roi lif law wei nha thuong.(Lich Ho Tui 1975)



7.2.75(handwritten).Thang pho nec tai vi xe va bo lao, hoi buon au com ra dti law din so.(Lich Ho Tui 1975)



    (5)February, 8th.1975

8.2.75(hanwritten) .Hom nay vi law dai biet rat vui ve. Dai so 8-15 C.S. ha? Gray to rat vui ve can thuong, nhung co nga lai thoi khong can, thuef ches chua co suong dai, ve nha. Buoi sang o nha co aia yho bi 150 $. Lai au them 50# Soi cho chau Dat thuoo la Ba tay kang.

Su tat dtuoc 1.2.3 ngay lai di lam nu nha thuong tu hon tha 6, hom nay thue hai chu nhat hoi dti le?, choan chu nhat hoi nga dte chin, thue boy thi lioi gat gong, au banh tuong nhong dtuoc ngon vi gray phai luon sau thuoc thuom. Mang dtuoc nau moi, moi su an lanh xia thieu chua ra em cho gra donh dtuoc moi su lyui am. Va ruong con dtuoc thoe manh. Hom nay thu hai. (lich Ho Tui 1975)



At this page of Lich Ho Tui 1975, handwritten in Vietnamese and Chinese char

          “ Nhat loan xuan thuy nhat phuong dtau thuon co danh, nhan tu khoe lai, Bach-tach bau duyai grai-ai lao, Hong hoa bat haong ho-thanh khai. Hiiu tri xuan khu khong dte thu, Sau khiep trau xau co yem dtoi, Lien lo duen chuong die vau su Kim chi hoang kinh co boy lai.”

          The chinese charcter tranlate “

“    “ (may be from the friend of the pocket dairy ownwer, because different style written, please comment-auth)


     (7) February ,12th and 13th 1975

     On this two page of Luon HO Tui 1975 pocket dairy, handwritten in two type character Chinese and vietnamese

                   The Chinese character translete :

                   The Vietnamese character :

“ Mot ang xuan dtai  nuoc chay quan , trai xua du –loch bai tai danh, Tho dte dta trang tho cong loa, canh thien hoa vang chay dtinh, Chien xun goi xuan thuongbla biec,nui kinh nho bui phu rao xang xa loan biet ngu xasa con dau nay thay non bong khaes van tanh”


(8) February,17th.1975

     17.2.75(hanwritten).Hom nay hay 17.2.75 u’c dau thon ma nua, nguoi thay lon lang de cgeu, tuy van e am muon viet dtuoc nhien nhung so yui khong chiu no phan cong. Vi vay hoi buon va dti cham tac phan khong viet nhanh dtuoc,Khong buit muoi dto viet cua vau so chuyen nghe co nhu vay khong va ra the nao?

Nho ngay xua tuen lau noi nae khong biet vi con ngoqua.Ta con cholon me noi, luc namg u may boy uic noi.

Thang cu dti voi cau truong Hoang. Thu tu, hom qua ngay ay-2 dti lam nhu thuong buon twa dti choi ve ngua bin Ho, ong K dau chuoc dep, minh noi dto buon la ong An biet K le tuo xua choyen mon.(lich ho tui 1975)



     (9) February, 19th.1975

Hom nay thu tui 19.2 moi vuoc vous cua a, bay gao lu dta 11 tuoi mau mat chu khong vi bui , dtat vin voi(Lich Ho Tui 1975)



     (10) February, 20th.1975

20.2 Deu so gan 8 –moi, suoc dau thom cho khoe,dten goi viet nay chua ce dtoc gra nao dai  21-Dao gao dten lua thua.

22.Nho Phuong Di loui gre nay moi co mot dtoa gra 9 koi 5, au di but de la con vu satoan, viet la polition phu impotante. It est ga co h de char char a u qui , ous don ne la na’moine u est fauih di char char ce qou vous von lay.(Lich Ho Tui 1975)


3)March 1976


(1)March,1st .1975

Civil ID


Ho Ten          : Nguyen Van Thay

Lan Nam      : 5 So danh bo 337168

Ngay va noi: sann 03 02 1962

Dieu Hoe      : Dinh Tuong

Con on         : Nguyen van Noy

Va Ba           : Nho thi San

Dia chi         :23/73 Nguyen Van hoc Chau


                   Gia Dinh Ngay 01 Thang 3 Nam 1975


                                  Hieu Truong


                              Red Stamped

                  Nam Thi Chy-Hoc Chan Gia





Nay buoi trisa ra sag ngain canh nho chay, nong chai nad oc 100$ ve au them 50$ dau phong (lac0 Din bi lau cvee ce ong o ben TTP phy yledin cua sang muion gap ong PT dti nor tuyen (lich bo tui 1975)

Below a phrase written in Franch character :

“ Une sowice de l’air lec printerps sous l’ear courant d’aeton.

A travers le jachis, le voyage ed l’homase de talent

Le paernu est insen’t sur la piveu blachi,en soullant.

Le spectacle qui pas de fleurs jave ni soent ‘n est pas juli.

Les osseau en se rappelen du joun tengo ons d’ailterce petie’les feuillage government vertes.

Le mortague a peur d’attein du les ponotiene qrasecouvremes avec les plantes orgenses et bleues .

Le routives d’autos reyaux par l’ e’criture nobli soisuteneart das lignes de jadis.

Apparn au gourd d’hai de joyenx montagre le visiteur n’y exeste pas. (lich ho tui 1975)


(3)March, 6th.1975

     Xe nhan con nho 6/3/75 (lich ho tui 1975)




(4) March,10th.1975

     Duong loi vo chu nghan cua co so (lich ho tui 1975)


(5) March,13th.1975

Cong vree dtoc sais and in english :”weeding through the old to bring fourth the new Confusius advocated virtue, benevolence and righteourness  no characteristoes of the upright rules, and Mencious advancing the confusian tradition, argued for the innate goodness of human nature”

In another page a letter in vietnamese character


Nguyen cau Mang

Dien mot ben ma Hai mot ben Nho ai non thuy buoi chan lan thu kau  suong nhat ba chom cuc, am vang may che niet ngoi dten Linh thay nhin biu com thay cho, Ho thanh ha? Nui dta thay ten.

Dong A kai may om den be .

Huong khoi lang dtay dtuc vung ben.

Minh mong cua dta luc nui vong quanh, Lap vong lo xo dta gap gheuk.

Khe tham hang sau xay tac dtong, Tra xanh muoc biec ve voi tram .

Thuyen buong truong Hbo tam lanh lang buon khaeh dton von boy ai chanh.

Tho tac kheu thay bay dtat kheo, Ha doung ueng mot canh xinh xinh .

Dong chou nguyen hue bien


(lic ho tui 1975)

     At Li Ho Tui 1975, page  February 20,21,22 23,24 and 25th ,        another information written in Vietnamese :

“Nua o-at mot tioi tuon dte thai .Gia gam gai, khap dtat quat cong lin.Sam nao dtong ca tuoi may tan-tac .Thoang anh lec, tic chop vu doi dtem.

Khap lang xom nha nha xien toi mai.Nua nhu ten vien vut ban tung hoanh tung hoi oi ve dai trang so hoi, Trung gio gain rui rit huy tre xanh.

Mua xuan lam tam nhe roi troi xuan dtain am long ngui tinh ten.Phat pho may canh hoa dtai,Nhon nho khu nhac tien canh, Lai cang nhu ve tranh tuyen voi.

Qui toi ce heu,co dau, codtan trang,co cau hui tinh. O caydta,co mai dtinh, Co bay thon nu xinh xinh duc dong.

Mua thu co nhung ha lang, co cay dtu buoi xuan sang dap din. Gia vi vu ti erg sao dien, Ru hon nue ta chien chien tien dte Cho lang co lam qua qui :

Banh dta, banh dtuc,banh lac, banh day. Dau thon co tup quan gay Tinh qui nhue bat nuoc dtay du tam ngo tu nhue khoch quo cu oi.

Veon qui tham mat huong nhai,luong cau. Thang tu chanh com goi dtau.Huong seu ngat ca vuon rau ac beo.Thang hai hou buoi roi nhiem, Ong ong ba em haon dap diu tun hoa, Khum khum gran muoyi ao nha,Cau tre lu tre vui dtua tap boi.

Tieng ga tua lang choi va, Tieng chien en gay,buon oi le buon  ! Ngay ngau gio ky nua dton, Mai tranh re nhung le buon va vo.Dem dai nhep tuong vong dtua, Loi ru di oi ngau xua vong ve.   Nho nhung sau mat le thu,xa xoi nghe day hon qua nao nung.

Cac tinh thuong du

Hoi Ninh , Lang-son, Lao-bang, Bai-lau,Tuyen-quang, Ha grang, San-La, Lai-Chan, Yin Bay, La0-Lai, Hoa-Binh.

Cuc tinh Trung du

Quang-yen,Bai-grang,Thai-Nguyen,Phu-Tho,Hanh –binh

Cai ting Trung chau

Bai Minh,hai Duong, Hung Yen, Kiui An, thai Binh,Ham dtong, Ha Nam. Ha Dong, San Tay, Ninh You va Phuc Yai.        


At page Februarym 26,27,28th, information written in vietnamese  and France :

Hoi van thon que

O lai qui la noi nguoi sinh tuong,cung dtat dtai,hanh phuc huong lau ben. Gac ngoai tai nhung loi noi huyen thien, Koe thanh thi voi bao niem trang le.Ve ky tu, ron rang chi dtang be.Day xe hoi, thanh lich the ma thoi cheu momang, ao ndoc hao, ban oi. Hua nhiem dtay,nhung cho thoi rat itchi cho bang rung xanh,dtang lua chin, voi co hua, voi nghe nghiep quen roi. Cao quy thay roi ong viec sinh sa laoi ngu coc dte muoi nguoi bon bi.

Aux paysans

Paysans, notex aux champs

Aux voix quivous drout la ville et sewervealles. Nou vry pas voty eaur, paysans ,nes a vui os!

A l’appel du cites, n’ouvrez pas vos oxilles. Alles donnent, helas, moius que elles d’out promis.

A vos champs, a vos bois,demeurez doic fidels. Ai mez vos doux valleus, aimez votre miteer!

Auguste est le travarl le vos mains patervelles.C’est de votre labour qui vit le monde entica.

                                      Autran (la vic rural)

On demontre qui la conolition

Necessaire et sufficante pour qu’um fraction irreductible puosse etre nuise seus forme de fraction decimal exacte est qui sou denominateur nei contience pas d’autre factueur premier qeu 2 et 5.

Dien Kim cam va dtu dte’ cho mit phan so khong thi pham hien thuo phan so thiap phan chung kae nghia lomau so xhy co chua nhy gia to tau tie 2 va 5.


GHI CHU-page 1

Hanh dien I    : La agusi Viet Nam

Hanh dien II   : Khong gi qui hon su suy nghi

Hanh dien III  : Dung nen lua doi tinh thuong hay tinh yen

Hanh dien IV :  Doi la mat

Tinh thau cuoc chien dtau

Hanh dien V  : Doi quan he

Dao dtuc o nhung viec nho, viec nho lam cao dtiep tinh than  cua ta.


GHI CHU-page 2

Dai Phat thanh Vietnam

58 pho Quan Su hanoi.






After three GHI CHU PAGE, we found on the Lich  Bo Tui  1975 information :


1) Dia chi, so dien thoai can nhu(telpon-auth)

          Canh-sai cu’u cap  : 17

          So cu’u hoa              : 18

Bo Chi Huy CSOG Thi-do :268 Tran-hung-Dao Saigon

DT 20.093,21.376, 23.576, 21.794,21.795.

BCH CSOG Quan 1: 11,Mac-Dinh-Chi-DT 20.029,24.029

          “          Quan 2: 73,Bac-si yersin-DT.20.095,20.643

          “          Quan 3: 245,Le-vin-Duyet.DT.20.027,24.924


          “          Quan 4:24,Doan-nhu-Hai.DT.21.58,24.188

          “           Quan 5: 359,Dong-Khanh.DT 36.154,36.595


               “           Quan 6:114,Pham-van-Chi.DT 36.141,36.595

               “           Quan 7:184,Ben Nguyen Duy,DT 36.138

               “           Quan 8:143.Tung-Thien Vuong,DT 36.113


               “           Quan 9:   DT 40.868(Dac Khu 9)

               “        Quan 10: 336. Nguyen-Tri-Phuong.DT.36.896


               “         Quan11:270.Binh-Thoi – DT. 50.092

So Canh Sat Lu’u Thong: 341,tran-hung_Dao DT. 23.554


BCH/CSOG Gia Dinh. 18 Chi-Lang – DT 20.802



     TU SAIGON :

Angkor            560  cs              Long Thanh            90 cs

Ba Ria              110                    Long Xuyen         190

Bac Lieu          276                    Loc Ninh               135

Banmethout  353                      My Tho                   71

Ben Tre             86                      Nam Vang            240

Bien Hoa          30                      Nha Trang            448

Binh Tuy                   174                      Phan Thiet            198

Chi Mau         344                      Phan Rang           321

Can Tho         169                      Pleiku                    538

Chau Doc      245                      Qui Nhon              677

Cho Lon             5                       Rach Gia              248

Da Nang        972                      Sa Dec                  143

Da Lat             302                      Soc Trang              231

Gia Dinh             5                      Tan An                      47

Go Cong          58                     Tay Ninh                  96

Ha Tien                    338                      Tay Vinh                198

Ha Noi        1.760                       Thu Duc                     15

Hue              1.079                      Thu Dau Mot            30

Hon Quang    124                     Vinh Long               136

Kon Tum         599                      Vung Tau                123

Long Hai        116                      Xuan Loc                  82



Ten Tinh                                       Ten Tinh Ly


An-Giang                                   Long-Xuyen

An-Xuyen                                   Quan-Long

Ba-Xuyen                                   Khanh-Hung

Chau-Doc                                  Chau-Doc

Chuong-Thien                           Vi-Tanh

Dinh-Tuong                                My-Tho

Go-Cong                                    Go-Chong

Kien-Giang                                Rach-Gia

Kien-Hoa                                    Truc-Giang

Kien Phong                                Cao-Lanh

Kien-Tuong                                 Moc-hoa

Long-An                                      Tan-An

Sa-dec                                       Sa-dec

Vin-Binh                                      Pu-Vinh

Vinh-Long                                   Vinh-Long



Bien-Hoa                                    Bien Hoa

Long-Khanh                               Xuan-Loc

Phuoc-Long                               Phuoc Binh

Phuoc-Thanh                             Phuoc Vinh

Binh-Duong                                Pu-Cuong

Binh-Long                                   An-Loc

Binh Tuy                                      Ham-tan

Gia-Dinh                                     Gia-Dinh

Hau-Nghia                                 Khiem-Cuong

Phuoc-Tuy                                  Phuoc-Le

Tay-Ninh                                     Tay-Ninh

Con-Son                                     Con-Son



Dartac                                        Banmethout

Kontum                                       Kontum

Lam-Dong                                  Bao-Loc

Phu-Bon                                      Hau-Bon

Pleiku                                          Pleiku

Tuyen-Duc                                  Dalat



Binh-Dinh                                    Qui-Nhon

Binh-Thuan                                 Phan-Thiet

Khanh-Hoa                                Nha-Trang

Ninh-Thuan                                Phan-Rang

Phu-yen                                      Tuy-Hoa

Quang-Nam                              Hoi-An

Quang-Ngai                              Quang-Ngai

Quang-Tin                                  Tam-Ky

Quang-Tri                                   Quang-Tri

Thua-Thien                                 Hue


Thi Xa : HUE-DA-NANG- DALAT- CAM-RANH- VUNG TAU.                 




                                  NAM CUONG

                      Tong Phat Hanh Sach, Bao

                   Cung cap dung cu Van Phong

                    Va dung cu Hoc Sinh.


                   185-187 , Nguyen Thai Hoc

                                  SAIGON 2

                        Dien thoai  : 23.867   





                                      TIN THAI


      Giam doc     : Ba HUYNH THI DU

                  32 , Lac Long Quan


                            S A I G O N   2




               Dai Ly , Bot mi SAKYBOMI  Va



        Moi cuoi thang tu 25 duong lich DOANH THUONG NGAN HANG

Kinh tang Lich Bo Tui cho thang sau.Kinh moi Quy vi Than chu den hoi .So Ngan Quy hoac tai can Chi nhanh D.T.N.H.


(Very interesting information have found inside the pocket book ‘Lich Ho Tui 1975 during the vietnam liberation war in 1975 very difficult to found the unique document collections, please someone helpme to translate the vietnamese and Franch character information, please comment-auth)


(7)March, 11th.1975

Vietcong capture Banmethout(D)

(3) March 15th1975

Thieu meet with his commanders at Camranh, orders nothern provinces of South Vietnam abandoned.(D)



10)  March.20th 1975

Thieu reverses himself, order Hue held at all cost(D)

(5) March .25th1975

          The Hue city falls to Vietcong(D)


(6)  March .39th1975

Vietcong capture Danang.

(7)  March.31th 1975

Pilotbeuro in Hanoi direct General dung to push toward Saigon in the “Ho Chi Minh campaign”(D)


4)April 1975-The last Month of Saigon US-Vietnam regime.



(1) April 7th1975

Le Duc Tho arrives at Vietcong headquaters at Locninh, to oversee offensive

(2)AS the North Vietnam army thrust south, millions of refugees fled in terror toward Saigon .


(3) South Vietnamese refugees are slung into hold of a cargo ship as they anxiously strive to flee the advancing Vietcong.(P


      (4) Prior  to the Fall of Saigon

Nguyen Bao Tung (Best Vietnamese phillatelist)  former captain of the republic of Vietnam’s Army (ARVN) , was the commander of the 34 th MP-CID ( Military Police-Criminal Investigation Detachment) in Saigon.

In his collections contains President Nguyen van Thieu stamps on cover bored the signatures of the president and official seals of Goverment.

In 1975 he wrote about stamps for “ de la Timbrologie”, “ Le Monde  des Phillatelie, Bien-Tong Ji-Pao (in Chinese)

( Who was the owner of this very rare covers , please showed us, I have the Thieu stamps 10 Dong,  postally covers with KBC stamped, when I have seeking the information via Gogle exploration I found this Nguyen Bao Tung informations –auth)


(5)April.8th 1975

The Military “Gia Phep”Dao Biet certificate issued by Chu ky va dau,trung ta by quan tieu Doan truong tien Doan- complete certificate look at no (19).

(6) April .21th1975

(a)Vietcong capture Xuan Loc, last South Vietnamese defense line before Sai-gon (D)


(b) With the North Vietnam army encircling Saigon , President Thieu officially resigned on April,21th 1975 

(7)April.23th 1975

President Ford, speaking in New Orleans , calls the war “finished”(D)

(8) April.26th 1975


(a)Thieu leaves Saigon for taiwan(D)

(The president Thieu stamp 10 dong was issued march 26th 1963, the first day covers reported in vietnam postmark catalog  with postmark” ngay nng-dan vietnam” and I have the very rare  postally used on cover -auth)


(b)President Nguyen van Thieu turned the government over to Vice President Tran Van Huong, but Huong resigned a days later, turning the office over to Duong van Minh, who was acceptable to the North Vietnamese officially surrendered as the North Vietnamese tanks rammed through the gate of the Presidential palace on August 1975.

(Thieu originally took refugee in Taiwan , but later moved to Londen, where he lived several years. He had a vary quite life, avoiding the limelight and granting few interviews. He later moved to US living in affluent Boston suburb. Slowly, he began to reemerge, travalling to portion of the world, talking with symphatic groups in 1989-1990.

In an organizing groups to support change in Vietnam , he said that he no longer wanted a leadership position thetre (“I am old too old to take power again’) but wanted to lend hisexperience to those pushing reforms. He said he hoped to return someday to his homeland.

As of 1996, Thieu was still living near Boston, holding to a quiet life. He to the repoter :” I read ( discuss) the work in my home “. Thieu died on Saturday September ,29th,2001 ,in Beth Israel Deaconss Medical Center , caused of death unspecified., he was 78.-auth)

(9)April,28th. 1975

Vice-President Tran van Huong transfers authority as chief of state to General Duong van Minh (D)


(10)  April 29th1975


(a)Option IV

evacuation of last Americans from saigon, begins, Ambassador Martin Depart(D)





a US helicopter evacuated American and a few lucky Vietnam-ese to the safety of a nearby US warship a day before the fall of Saigon (P)


(c)The fall of Saigon as the last Americans and accompanying Vietnamese were lifted from the American Embassy in a frenzied evacuation, seventy helicopters carrying 1000 people to safety on the US warship lying offshore.


(d) But hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese officers and civil servants who had been loyal to the American-backed South Vietnam regime were left behind .

 (11) April 8th1975

The Military “Giay Phep” DaoBiet

certificate was issued at KBC 4.709 (Cholon) sign y Chu ky va dau , trung –ta boi quan Tieu-doan-Truong tian Doan 5 Nhay –Du .


(a)phan 1 : Don Xin Nghi Phep

Cap bac : Binh-2 Ho vaten : Nguyen Van dong So quan : 67/813418 Don Vi : TD 5 ND/DD53.

So ngay nghi phep : 04 ngay ke tu : 08,10.75 den 14.04.75.

Ly do : An thuong hanh quan

Lam tai KBC : 4.709

Mai nhan don. Chi’huy truong KBC 4.709.

(b) Phan II: Kien Cua Cap Chi Huy Trung Tham Quyen Cap Phep

(c) Phan III : Quyet Dinh Cua Gioi Chuc Tham Quyen Cap Phep

Hiay phep so : 274/ta 5/ DD

Quyet Dinh : duoc q huong them

Duong-su nghi phep

Ngay du duong va phai ve trinh dien ngay 14.04.75.

Cap bac, Ho va Ten,chuc vu va so dien thoai cua

Noi nhun : Duong Su-Dan Vi cao phep, Don vi quan thu ho-so.(OD)

(the latest document issued by the Vietnam Cong Hoa Army (AVRN), 12 days before Vietcong Captured Saigon, best  collection for showed ,please comment-auth)



Vietcong Capture Saigon, Colonel Bui Tin  have  surrender to Vietminh.





(13) April,31th. 1975


(a)Victory, South Vietnam was completely liberated and Vietnam reunified , the stamps issued by Saigon Regime terminated its circulation.(D)

Hundred thousands of Vietnamese officers and civil servant who had beeen loyal to the American –backed South Vietnamese regime were  taken to camps and joint the rigid “Re-education”, where some spent months and other years, a Vietnamese Gulag.


(B) Trong cuoc Tong tien cong va noi day mua Xuan 1975, bang he thong duong ong va cac kho chua, bo doi xang dau da cung cap 96 van tan xang, dau, mo, nhanh chong tra nap cac loai nhien lieu cho hang ngan xe phao, may bay, ham thuyen , khi tai may moc cua cac quan chung, binh chung, cac quan doan, su doan, bao dam cho bo doi va binh khi ky thuat co dong than loc, nhanh chong trien khai tien cong dich tren cac huong.

Khoi luong nhien lieu tieu thu nam 1975 gap 25 lan khoi luong nam 1954,gap 16 lan khoi lluong tieu thu trong chien dich Xuan He 1972(D)


(c)The final communist drive to take Saigon in 1975 was officially dubbed the Ho Chi Minh Offensive, and afterward become Ho Chi Minh City (ibid Stanley Karnow-p171)


4) May 1975 no info


5) June 1975 no info


6)July 1975 no info


7) August 1975


(1)August ,7th 1975

     Rice Distribution coupon from August to December 1975, every month 7/8/75 50 kg, 1/8/75 100 kg and 18/7/75 100 kg.with stamped Ba Thu Thien.





The Stencil coupon were issued by Thanh Pho Saigon Gia Dinh , Uy Ban Nhan Dan Cach Mang Quan 10.


Hieu Mua Dau Lua Han Thang

Cap Cho Dong Bao To Khai Gia Dinh.

Ten Ho Gia Truong : Nguyen ThiChac

Nha o’ :724/26 Phan Thanh Bian Saigon 10.

(Moi lan ban deu,nguoi quen Ly cat o ra giao cho Phuong trach nhiem kiem soat)



(3)        Official Cover with Stamped,without stamps, send by courier.


Vietnam Cong Hoa Phu Thu-Tuong,

Nha Tong Ginh Boc Cong-Vu.from Trung Tam Huan Luyen Quan Doc Tu Nghiep , 10 Tran Quoc Toan Saigon to Kinh gui : Ong Tran Hieu Nghia , 30 Nguyen Van Hoc, Gia dinh saigon.

(The earliest official cover and letter ,Porsonal delivered without stamp and postal stamped.)(OD)


9) September 1975 no info

10) October 1975 no info

11) November 1975


(1) November.27th 1975

The rare Ho Chi Minh cover with Ho Chi Minh stamp , Khong Co Gi Quy Ho’n Doc Lap Tu Do,  send from An Hai to Truong Nong lam Su-bao-Loc but the stamps didn’t cancelled, the leter inside


                An Hai 27-11-75

                        Em Truan !

Hom goi cho, con quen nhung mon tau dan, san dac ma auc ten, o nha goi cho env,nhung mon con thieu.

Gia dinh tat ca von binh an, lam an van nhu ngay hao.

        Hot ga goi ten env nen hong soi coiu dtuong cho bo. Co gi em nhan voi dac nor ho, Chi.(OD&PH)







4.3.4            The Saigon – Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh during Unity Vietnam 1976-1980



 a. The Vietnam after the fall of Saigon in 1976.



1) January 1976


(1)Information from Qaaderni UNHCR by Sadako Ogata “An Instrument of Peace”

      In 1976 International public opinion becomes aware of the dramatic exodus by sea from Vietnam

The expression “Boat people” become famous throughtout the world, other people flee by land also from Laos and from Cambodia.(D)

2) February 1976 no info

3) March 1976 no info

4) April 1976 no info

5) Mei 1976 no info

6) June 1976 no info

7) July 1976

(1) July.2nd1976

     (a)The National Assembly of Vietnam decided to change the name of country into The Socialist Republic Of Vietnam.(D)

      (b)At the moment stamps issued by The Provisional Revolutionary Govern-ment of South Vietnam and The Democratic Republic of Vietnam  had run their course and merged into the postage stamps of the Socialist republic of Vietnam with the inscriptio “VIET NAM” . The last set of these two flows of revolutionary stamps feature the map of Vietnam, peaches and apricot in blossom nd the inscription “Vietnam is one, the Vietnamese Nation is one” and “Independence ,Unification and Socialism”.


(2) Native Vietnam document with Indonesia information 1975-1976.


        Sau that bai tham hai o Viet nam, camp-pu-chia va Lao de quoc . My dang gap rut cung con va dieu chinh cac tuyen chien luoc chua chung o chau A va Thai Binh Duong.

(a). Bam giu nhung vi tri con lai o Dong Nam A.

        Tang vien tro quan su cho In-do-ne-xi-a tu 20 trieu len 42,5 trieu do-la trong nam tai chinh 1976. vien tro quan su cho Phi-lip-pin 35 trie do-la trong tai khoa 1975-1976.dat muc cao nhat ve vien tro quan su cho nuoc nay tu 25 nam nay.

(b). Cung co tuyen”phong thu chien luoc”Dong Bac A,

(c). Co ve lap tuyen ngan chan o”vung Long chao Thai Binh Duong”

(d).Tang cuong lien minh quan su My-Nhat.

(3) Native Vietnam Propaganda:


 (4)2nd August 1976

 Pre stamped 60 Dong letter sheet with + 50 % stamped, and the cross line, Thu May Bay Aerogram letter sheet , not postal cancelled, personal deliver  , the letter :

                Anh Dien

Sue nay anh den nha, em ca dtua co chia anh coi mot cai thu tien quan Doan goi cho em Coi xong em luong anh cuoi nhung khong ngo anh lai co coc mat buon buon (co dtung vay khong anh ) cons buon gi the ?

        Anh oi! Sau keu coi xong anh co’ y’ nghi nhu the nao cho rieng em teh coi xong cai thu ay la con mim cuoi mot nu cuoi khong de soa em dta khong ong an ngai doc cho ma nghe coi ca Vay cai thu sao ma no gia doi den vie, dten khi nho coa nu tkhong het coi lung boc , hoi tham suc khoc ,nhung luc binh ung thi song chet moic bay.

        Anh! So di em muon anh coi voi em khong muon dau anh mot dien gi ca vu cho anh viay so cham lo chu dtai cua cap tien doi coi ban them em !!!!!!!!!! Nhg khong ngo anh lai buon, em mong anh dtung suy nghi va dtung buon vi la thu dto nha anh hua voi em nha anh cu em ?

        Nam nay em thu vew y khoa cho’ khong veo Nha nhei nam yoeu q Su phan nhu y dteonh mo uoc anh vay anh co mon keung ha anh.

        Neu co buon em dtreu gi thu noi cho em met hoeie thong cam cho con cho dtung gian em nha anh, hoac la 1 minh mang lay roi o noi gi dten di coi nho nho nhe anh.

                                Em cua anh

                                Sign Thieng

                                21.55 2/8/76.

August- 10) October 1976 no info

11) November 1976


(1) November 2nd1976

Jimmy Carter elected president of the United States (D)


     After the Vietnam war , in 1975 a mass exodus of Indochineese began, both by land toward Thailand and by sea ( The fammous Boat people) towards the region near the Indochina pennisula : Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

       More than one million people were involved and clearly the host countries were unable to bear the heavy barden of all those requesting asylum.

As the trime a kind of international resettlement bridge was organized , directing refugees mainly toward the United States,France, Canada and Australia, countries which in their turn successfully organized their integration .(D)


12)December 1976

       (1) December,22th. 1976

       A Chrismast card lady with candle, and written in chinese character, send inside the Cover from  Binh Minh(VinhLong) CDS Binh Minh 26.12.1976, the earliest new name with dai Hoi Dang Lan Thu IV stamps to TP Ho Chi Minh,the neww name of Saigon City, CDS small rolling type T.P.Hochi Minh I 27.12.1976. (this was the earlist T.P.Ho Chi Minh CDS,please report who have the earliest one-auth)
















b. Republic Socialist Vietnam in 1977


1)January 1977


(1)january ,21th 1977

The day after his inauguration, Carter pardons most of 10.000 Vietnam war draft evaders,(D)

2) February 1977 no info


3) March 1977

(1) Assistent Secretary of State begins talks with Vietnamese officials to explore US recognition of Vietnam.(D)

(2) The constant stream of refugees from South Vietnam by sea (The Boat People) and overland to Thailand, Malaya and Hongkong also aggravated Vietnam’s neighbours.

     The United States accepted hundres of thousands of Vietnamese , and more recently, numbers of “Amerasians” , the mixed children of US servicemen and Vietnamese.

(3) The Boat Man photo in Indonesia newspaper(OP)

(4)     The Boat Man in Galang Island Indonesia where they were checked before transvered to another country, and the Mobile Brigade from wset Sumatra had tasked in that area, (some document and Postal History will discuss in specialized postal history discussions.auth)

4)April 1977 no info

5) May 1977

        (1) May,15th.1975

        The beautiful green cover with red flower  send from Tra Vinh CDS 15.6.1977 with Dai Hoi Dang Lan Thu IV stamp of Buu Chinh Viet nam via CDS VINH-LONG 15.6.1977  to Than Pho Ho Chi Minh the new name of Saigon city, cds Bigger CDS  Vietnam *THANH-PHO HO-CHI-MINH* 16-6 1977  small type Vietnam*Tanh Pho Ho Chi Minh I 17.6.1977.

(rare postal history with four cds destination after the Vietnam  liberation War, please report the earliest of Tanh Pho Ho Chi Minh CDS,auth)


c.Republic Socialis Vietnam in 1978


1) -5) no info

6) June 1978

     (1)Vietnam Join Comecon, the East European economic community.(D)

7) July 1978

(1)Tension between Vietrnam and Cambodia buil up, relation between Vietnam and China deteriorate (D)

     (2) July,12th.1978

     The Special cover Vietnam Map with Communist flag , Dai Hoi IV Dang Cong San Vietnam with Ho Chi Minh 12 d stamp with red Map , send from cds  TP Ho Chi Minh-15250   to Tran Phu Quan 5 cds rollyng small type 15250.TP Ho Chi Minh.


8)-9) no info

10) October 1978

United State postpones plan to normalize relations with Vietnam

11) November 1978

Vietnam and Soviet Union sign a friendship pact, which the Chinese term a “threat to the security” of South east Asia. Vietnam starts to trepress its ethnic Chinese minority, thousand flee the country.(D)

 12) December  1978

(1) December,15th.1978

(a)Carter announces full-scale diplomatic relation between the United States and China(D)

(b)Relations with her nothern neighbour reached their nadir when Vietnam invaded and occupied most of Kampuchea and expelled the Chinese-backed Pol Pot regime. The Vietnamese –installed government was ostracised by the International community and Vietnam was condemed.

(c) Thousand of “Boat people” begin to flee Vietnam (D)

(2)  December, 25th. 1978

Vietnam invaded Cambodia


d. Republic Socialist  Vietnam in 1979


1)January 1979


     (1) January,18th.1979

     The private cover send from Nha 14 Toi Vi cds Tan nghia Viet 62551 to Phu Nhuan Gia Dinh cds TP Ho Chi Minh 75400 and small rolling CDS 75000  TP Ho chi Minh-3- *Vietnam*

2) February 1979

     The chinese mounted an armed attack across the Vietnamese border. (D)

3) March 1979

     The Chinese armed forces withdrew  as Beijing put it “taught” on Vietnamese a “lesson’ . There in the 1980s  the Chinese maintained a threatening posture on Vietnam’s nothern border with occasional armed classes, but  relations have become musch less tence since Vietnam withdrew from kampuchea in 1989.

     Vietnam remained isolated until the early 1990s, and no large-scale international aid or capital investment hand reached her. The potential of the hardworking and adaptable Vietnamese continues to be unexploited. A people who saffered so much deserved a better fate, and there were increasing sign that the United States felt she had a moral responsibility to help.

4)April 1979


(1) April,29th.1979

HO CHI MINH CITY , PHIEU VAI 1979 LINEN DISTRIBUTION 4 METER ,  WITH 10 CM TO  40 CM, TWO COLOUR TYPE RED AND GREEN WITH Vietnam Socialist ermoured and So  Thung De Hiep stamped. This coupon were the earliest HO Chi Minh City document after the fall of Saigon in  29th April 1975 (OD)

5)-6) no info

7) July 1979

Information from UNHCR (ibiet Sadako Ogita)

The situation in south east Asia is serious due to the presence of large members of Vietnamese, Laotian, and Kampuchean refugees.

An International conferenrence in July 1979 achieved very successful result : 260.000 resettlement places, contribution for 160 millions dollar and the opening of two transit centreres placess contributions for 160 million dollars for resettlement (D)

Between 1978band 1980, China settles 263.000 Vietnamese mainly of C hinese ethnic origin with other arrivals in following years. They will become 283.000 , sttled in 194 state farms and fishing operations.

UNHCR intervens with project to assist their integretion.

It is UNHCR policy to turn to resettlement of refugees in a third country when other solution are not feasible. For example, a high number of Indochinese refugees have been resettled in the United States and other Western countries.(D)


8)-9) no Info


10)  October 1979

       (1) October, 7th.1979

       The Green cover with red flower send from Cam Ranh Phu (no CDS), to CDS TP Ho Chi Minh 15100.


11)-12) no info  


e. Ho Chi Minh city and VIETNAMSE BOAT’s PEOPLES IN-1980.


1) no info

2) February 1980

In this month, Indonesia Police Mobile Brigade Kompi-06 West sumatra Padang Panjang have joined the “Halilintar”operation at Pulau Galang in order to keep the stabilty situation during the Vietnamese Refugees processing the island near Riau Island and Singapore, live temporary at the  refugee Camp “ Vietnam Refugee Galang Island Camp”.

Since June and July 1979, many Vietnamese refiugee, thousands with small boats flee from Vietnam, they were called “Boat People” many died in the sea due to Boat crash due to many mans in small boat.

As a humanity , Indonesia  give an Island of Galang where the processing by United nation were made.


      3) no info


4)April 1980


(1)The Operation of Indonesia Armed Forces (Police were in Armed Forces that this time) were  called “HALILIN-TAR OPERATIONS”  , from  the Mobile Brigade-man I have found Postal History, document and memorabilia :








(1.1)April.12th 1980

Order from the Command of Halilintar operations, The Chief Staff Navy General(laksmana Pertama) TNI(Indonesia National Army) Kunto Wibisono with  the “Panglima”(Chief) of Halilintar Operation  Command(Komando Operasi Halilintar) issued at Tanjung Pinang Riou 12 April 1980.(D)


(b) Postal History


(2.1)Military cover from the Command of halilintar Operation to the command of Mobile Brigade Police Second Leutenant fajar Prihantoro, this cover sent via courier.(PH)


(2.2) Official Military Covers send via courier, from Komando(command) Satuan Pengaman (stability unit) and Perawatan (care) Pengungsi (Refu-gee) Vietnam Pulau(Island) Galang to WA(deputy) Dan (Commandant) Ki (Compi) 0-6 SB(Moblie Brigade west sumatra) at Tanjung Pinang. With the sign of the Deputy H.Prihantoro when he have given this cover to me.(D)


5)-9) no info


10) October 1979

(1) October 4th 1979


(a)Vietnamese refugee Pulau galang emblemed cover send postally CDS Tandjung Pinang 4.10.79 rate 60 Rupiah  to  his wife Padang Pandjang west sumatra .(PH)


(b) Return to sender registered covers I have send to the Police Pos Command of Vietnamese Pulau galang, with  Sial Sdh berangkat (They have departured)


(c)Official letter sheet Vietnamese refugee Pulau galang (M)


(d)The Sticker of Vietnamese Refugee Pulau galang.


11) November 1980

No info

12) December 1980


(1)     December,8th.1980

The  civil homemade cover send with Military stamps 1976-1980 ,  2×12 (?) from Tinh Ha Son Binh to Than Pho Ho chi Minh.









1. “ Sunda” Anciet Sunda char.,Manuscript ,circa XVI th century
a)We found the information about Sandjaya, he said to be the son of Sena( husband of Sanaha) who was the regent of Galuh. Sandjaya was the Son in Law of Tarusbawa (Tohaan) in Sunda the king “Yang Dipetuan Agung”of Sunda
b) This manuscript very high historical works because the writer, date and years of productions list clearly .
The history aboud The King(Baginda) Rajasanagara with his family in Mojopahit and Sri Rajasanagara was thouht as the incarnation of Siwa and Budha.
Grandmothr of the “Baginda: Rajapatni, the daughter of Kertanegara from Singosari ,named Gayatri ,femous of her beuty.also the history of Mojopahit . (complete story see IUC”The Indonesia Regent ‘s Uniwue Collections-ed)

2. Prapantja; Negarakartagama, manuscript, 1364
The original ancient manuscript on “Lontar”leaf, only a lttle story about The”bubat” war 1357,between Sunda Kingdom and Mojopahit Kingdom at Bubat because Majapahit “Patih”(The high Rank General ) didn’t accept the marriege between the Hayam Wuruk King of Mojopohit with Dya Pitaloka daughter of king of Sunda( Complete story in the IUC book “The Indonesia Regent(“Penguasa”)’s Unique Collections, you will seen their artifact and image illustrations.ed)

3..Pararaton,”Lontar” Leaf manuscript.
The complete history about “Bubat War” between Majapahit during Haya Wuruk Reign with Prabu Maharaja Sunda as short told in Negarakertagama. Above.

4. Kidung Sundayana ,” Lontar”leaf manuscript, also told about the Bubat War .

5.Dewabuda; “Lontar” Manuscript,1435.
Told the history of the people of Sunda Kingdom religious Hindu-Budha (Cmplete story read in IUC limited bok”The Indonesia Regent’s Unique Collections” complete with artifact and image illustrations-ed).

6..Rangalawe of Damar Woelan, 67 Lontar- 52 ½ cm.manuscript.
The War between Suhita with Wikrama-warddhana vs Bhre Wirabhumi was told in folklore “Damarwulan –Mina Jinggo,
During Majapahit Kingdom administration ‘s Te Beautiful (Ayu) Queen (Ratu ) Kencana Wungu(Sauhita) , there were rebellion by Minak Jinggo(Bhre Wirabumi) because Minakjinggo want to merried Suhita, but not accepted by the bad face of Minakjinggo lake “Raksasa”Gigantism.
The Queen have made “Sayembara” if someone could bitten the Menakjinggo , she will gave a special reward. Raden Dawarwulan joined the fighting, almost “ lost the power, but with the helped of Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan , Damarwulan win the fight and Queen Kencana wunggu became the wife of Damarwulan, they were the regent of Majapahit.
This story very popular in middle Java, especially EastJaa, Raffles ever found the manuscript book about Damarwulan, now in the Britis Museum, beautiful colour illustrations list in the book “Gold letters” produced by London museum.
6..Rangalawe Kidung,Manuscript

7.Sivaratrikalpa, manuscript.
The legend’s books about the hunters Nishada and Sivatratri ceremonial to honour the “Siva” will up to Nirwana”Heaven” when he died. .

Iki Takepan daruwen Ida Cokorda I Noma Rai,manuscript 108 Lontar 36 ½ cm .

8..Lawe,Manuscript 79 lontar. With Bali script.

Wayang Semar,manuscript with many beautiful handpainted multicolour potrait of wayang,in old paper, yava and arabic translate char, circa 17th century

9. Serat “Purwaka” The world from start to completely dones, manuscript circa 15th century; rewrite in modern writing book my be in Ixth century.

10.Iki rupane Pamor Keris Kang Kena Digawe Jimat, The character of Keris Pamor(drawing blade) for use as amulet, Yava char. Manuscript with Pamor keris handsketched illustrations circa 15th century, rewrite in modern writing book in XIXth century

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                         Jakarta 2010 @copyright DR IWAN S


*001 ill cover vintage pasar senen market















2. INDIE,1930







Before XVIth Century

1.Chinese Source ibid 5*)

1) The Dynastic Histories, The twenty-four Historians, 600 large volumes,the history of every dynasty which has reigned in China previous to the present.
2)Mahuan; Ying-yai Sheng-lan;General Account of the shores of the Ocean, 1416.Mahuan sent with Chengho,the celebrated envoy to foreign countries, in his expedition of 1413.
3)Fei Hsin; Hsing-cha Sheng-lan”General Account of Peregrination at Sea”,1436.
4)Hwang Ch’i-tsung;Tung Hsi Yang Kau,Researches on the Eastren and Westren Ocean,1618.
5)Lo Shih ; Tai-Ping Huan-yu Chi, A Geography of the World, published in the period Tai-PingHsingkuo (976-983).
6)Hua Yi Feng-tu Chi, an Acount of custom and product of china and Foreign countries.,1594.

7)Sancai tuhui,1607,Ming Dynasty encyclopedia*10)

2. Indonesia Source ibid *6) and *11)

1) “ Sunda” Anciet Sunda char.,Manuscript ,circa XVI th century
a)We found the information about Sandjaya, he said to be the son of Sena( husband of Sanaha) who was the regent of Galuh. Sandjaya was the Son in Law of Tarusbawa (Tohaan) in Sunda the king “Yang Dipetuan Agung”of Sunda
b) This manuscript very high historical works because the writer, date and years of productions list clearly .
The history aboud The King(Baginda) Rajasanagara with his family in Mojopahit and Sri Rajasanagara was thouht as the incarnation of Siwa and Budha.
Grandmothr of the “Baginda: Rajapatni, the daughter of Kertanegara from Singosari ,named Gayatri ,femous of her beuty.also the history of Mojopahit . (complete story see IUC”The Indonesia Regent ‘s Uniwue Collections-ed)

2) Prapantja; Negarakartagama, manuscript, 1364
The original ancient manuscript on “Lontar”leaf, only a lttle story about The”bubat” war 1357,between Sunda Kingdom and Mojopahit Kingdom at Bubat because Majapahit “Patih”(The high Rank General ) didn’t accept the marriege between the Hayam Wuruk King of Mojopohit with Dya Pitaloka daughter of king of Sunda( Complete story in the IUC book “The Indonesia Regent(“Penguasa”)’s Unique Collections, you will seen their artifact and image illustrations.ed)

2).Pararaton,”Lontar” Leaf manuscript.
The complete history about “Bubat War” between Majapahit during Haya Wuruk Reign with Prabu Maharaja Sunda as short told in Negarakertagama. Above.

3) Kidung Sundayana ,” Lontar”leaf manuscript, also told about the Bubat War .

4)Dewabuda; “Lontar” Manuscript,1435.
Told the history of the people of Sunda Kingdom religious Hindu-Budha (Cmplete story read in IUC limited bok”The Indonesia Regent’s Unique Collections” complete with artifact and image illustrations-ed).

5).Rangalawe of Damar Woelan, 67 Lontar- 52 ½ cm.manuscript.
The War between Suhita with Wikrama-warddhana vs Bhre Wirabhumi was told in folklore “Damarwulan –Mina Jinggo,
During Majapahit Kingdom administration ‘s Te Beautiful (Ayu) Queen (Ratu ) Kencana Wungu(Sauhita) , there were rebellion by Minak Jinggo(Bhre Wirabumi) because Minakjinggo want to merried Suhita, but not accepted by the bad face of Minakjinggo lake “Raksasa”Gigantism.
The Queen have made “Sayembara” if someone could bitten the Menakjinggo , she will gave a special reward. Raden Dawarwulan joined the fighting, almost “kalah” lost the power, but with the helped of Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan , Damarwulan win the fight and Queen Kencana wunggu became the wife of Damarwulan, they were the regent of Majapahit.
This story very popular in middle Java, especially EastJaa, Raffles ever found the manuscript book about Damarwulan, now in the Britis Museum, beautiful colour illustrations list in the book “Gold letters” produced by London museum.
6).Rangalawe Kidung,Manuscript

7)Sivaratrikalpa, manuscript.
The legend’s books about the hunters Nishada and Sivatratri ceremonial to honour the “Siva” will up to Nirwana”Heaven” when he died. .

Iki Takepan daruwen Ida Cokorda I Noma Rai,manuscript 108 Lontar 36 ½ cm .

9).Lawe,Manuscript 79 lontar. With Bali script.

Wayang Semar,manuscript with many beautiful handpainted multicolour potrait of wayang,in old paper, yava and arabic translate char, circa 17th century

9) Serat “Purwaka” The world from start to completely dones, manuscript circa 15th century; rewrite in modern writing book my be in Ixth century.

10)Iki rupane Pamor Keris Kang Kena Digawe Jimat, The character of Keris Pamor(drawing blade) for use as amulet, Yava char. Manuscript with Pamor keris handsketched illustrations circa 15th century, rewrite in modern writing book in XIXth century


1 China Source ibid *5)
1)The History of Yuan Dynasty
a.Book 131, Account of Ike Mese.
b.Book 162, Account of Shipi and Kau Hsing

2)The History of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1643).
a.Book 304. Account of Cheng Ho
b.Book 324.
(1)King Sri Pah-ta-la-po(1370& 1375) , King Pa-te-na-pa-na-bu (1377), King Tu-ma-pa(Tumapel-Mojopahit) in 1403 &1460 and King Put-ling-ta-ha(1403) sent envoy with tribute to the Ming imperial court.
(2) Cheng Ho (1405) sent a massenger from Ming emperor to indonesia arcipelago country.

3)Yingyai Shenlan (1416)

2 Euro Source ibid * 6) and *12)

1)Polo travelling
a)Polo, Fathers and two brothers
Three trevellers into central Asia and china ,The father &Uncle (1266)
b)Marcopolo(1271 &1293)

2)Another travelling follow the Polo
a)Acre(1269 and 1269)
b)Geofrey de Langley(1290)

3) Portugoeus Voyage
a) Vasco de Gama

4)Ibnu Batuta Travellings

5)Francs travelling
a)Bergeron,Pierre ;Les Voyages Fameux du Sieur Vincent Leblac,marseillois qu’il a fait ,quatre parties du monde ,rediges sur ses Memoires ,1649 ,aveg privilage du roy.
The First Francs travelling to East Indie(Verrazane and Pierre Caunay,Jun.15th 1526.
b)Martin de Vitre; Description du premier voyage faict aux Indes Orientales par les marchant Francais de Saiht-Malo,de Vitre et de Laval,Francois, 104,first edition.
c. Voyages du Capitaine Ripon aux Grandes Indes ,Jounal inedit d’un Mercenaire,1617-1627.
d.Beaulieu,Augustin de; Relations de divers voyage curieux qui n’ont point este publies Seconde partie ,Paris,Sebastien Cramoisy,1664.
e)Tavernier,Jean-Baptiste; Jean-Baptiste Tavenier a Batavia (1648) les six voyages de J.B. Tavenier,Euyer Baron d’a uborne en Turquie,en Perse at aux Indes pendant l’espace de quarante ans et par toutes les routes que l’on peut tenir,3 vol,Paris,1679.
f)Thevenot,J ; Voyages en Europe,Asie at Afrique, Paris 1664-1668, Yves Bietskin, 1684.

2.2.3 Indonesia Sources ibid *6 &13*)
*5)Groenevelt; Historical Notes on Indonesia & Malaya compiled from Chinese Souces,1876, reprint in English by Bharata,Djakarta,1960.
*10) Paludan,Ann; Chronicle Of The Chinese Emperors,Thames&Hudson,First Paperback,2008.
*11)Berg,C.C.;Bibliotica Javanica book1 Rangga Lawe, Weltevreden(Cenra Jacatra) ,Albrecht&co ,1930.
*12)Dorleans,Bernard; Les Francais et l’Indonesie du XVIe au Xxe siecle, Indonesian and Francs, 2001.





*001 marcopollo dengan pakaiannya yang unik



Nicolo and Maffeo Polo kembali ke Venesia tahun 1269. Saudaranya telah melakukan perjalanan ke Asia Timur dan bertemu dengan penguasa Mongol di Tiongkok Kublai Khan, LIHAT LUKISAN  versi arab Marcopolo bertemu dengan Kaisar Tiongkok Kublaikan masa dinasti Mongol Yuan  *002.
 Kaisar tersebut mengundangnya untuk mengunjungi Tiongkok lagi, sehingga mereka mempersiapkan ekspedisi lain dimana Marco Pollo diikut sertakan.
Pada 1271, Marco Polo yang saat itu berusia 17 tahun dan ayahnya beserta paman berlayar dari Venesia ke  Acre (sekarang Akko),pelabuhan di Palestina..
 Dari sana, mereka mengendarai Unta ke Pelabuhan Persia Hormuz, yang saat ini Iran..
Para Polo ingin berlayar ke Tiongkok dari Hormuz, tetapi tidak ada kapal layar yang tersedia ,disana tidak ada kemungkinan pelayaran laut.  
Para petualang terus berpergian dengan Unta meliwati Padang Pasir dan Gunung drai ASIA .Lebih dari tiga tahun setelah meninggal Venesia, mereka mencapai Istana Musim Semi Kublai Khan  di Shang-tu, dekat wilayah yang saat ini dikenal sebagai Kaigan. Kaisar(Khan) menyambut kedatangan  POLO DENGAN SUKACITA
Kublai Khan  menghargai pengalaman dan pengetahuan tamunya . Marco memahami empat bahasa, dan Khan mengirimnya bersama banyak perjalanan dinas di kerajaan.Tur ini membawa Marco ke Propinsi Tiongkok Selatan dan timur sampai sejauh B urma. Pekerjaan Marco sebagi seorang pejabat ofisial di dalam kota Yangzhou  Tiongkok( juga disebut Yang-Chou) selama tiga tahun.
 Polo  bercerita tentang kemajuan dan kekayaan kerajaan Kublai Khan’s . Ia menjelaskan sistem pelayanan Po yang terdiri dari suatu jaringan stasiun Kurir. Penunggang Kuda mengantarkan surat dari satu statiub ke stasiun lainnya.
Setekah beberapa waktu berlalu, Polo mulai merasa cemas untuk pulang kerumah dengan aman. Kub lai Kan tidak ingin Polo meninggalkan Tiongkok, tetapi mereka percaya bahwa jika Kublai Khan. meninggal  sebelum mereka meninggal Tiongkok, para musuhnya akan menangkap mereka. Akhirnya pada tahun 1202, mereka memperoleh kesempatan. Keponakan Kaisar Kublai Khan, penguasa Mongol di Persia telah mengirimkan utusan untuk membawakannya seorang permaisuri. lihat gambar putr a Gheng ghis Khan Ogodai  (penguasa di Iran  dna daerah timur tengah lainnya)*M001 dan  pasukan gajah Kublai Khan *M002.
*M001  *M002
Utusan tersebut meminta Polo untuk menemani mereka kembai ke Persia, Kublaikan ternyata setuju. Pada tahun yang sama, Polo dan sebuah armada terdiri dari 14 junk berlayar dari Zaitun ( sekarang Quanzhou, atau juga dieja Chuan-chou, ini dalam bahasa Fukien Tjiang Thioe, kota kelahiran kakek saya, saya pernah  mengunjungi kota tersebut-Dr Iwan) suatu pelabuhan di Tiongkok Selatan (mungkin dimaksud Guan Zhou-pen)
Armada berlayar ke wilayah yang sekarang dineal sebagai Singapura, dari sana berlayar ke Utara pulau sumatra dan kemudian mengeliling ujung India. Polo melintasi Lautan Arab ke Hormuz. Disana, mereka meninggalkan perayaan pernikahan dan berpergian melintasi daratan ke pelabuhan Turki Trebizond ( sekarang Trabzon).Mereka berlayar ke Konstantinopel dan dari sana tiba  ke Venesia tahun 1295.
Perjalanan mereka ke Tiongkok dan kembali mungkin meliwati hampir 13.000 mil(24.100 km) Perjalanan  Mereka  selama 24 tahun.
Polo kembali dari Tiongkok dengan berlimpah kekayaan. Kublai Khan memberikan mereka gading, batu giok,perhiasan,porselein, dan benda berharga lainnya..
. Kewtika mereka tiba di Venesia, kota tersebut  sedang berperang dengan Genoa, musuh lamanya. Pada tahun 1296, Genoa ditaklukkan dAN mARCO DIPENJARAKAN. dIDALAM PENJARA, pOLO MEMUTUSKAN UNTUK MENULIS TENTANG KISAH PERTUALANGANNYA. dITAMBAH DENGAN  catatnnya, is mendiktekan kisah tersebut kepada seorang penulis yang terkeanl, Rustichello dari Pisa. Rusticello menterjemahkannya kedalam bahasa Prancis lama, yang merupakan bahasa literatur di Italia saat itu. Buku selesai tahun 1298.
Dalam bukunya, yang dinamakan  Description of the World,
Polo mengomentari tentang banyak jenis custom bangsa Tiongkok seperti  pertambangan dan pengunaan batubara sebagai bahan bakar.
,pada saat itu Batu Bara belum digunakan di Eropa. Polo menamakan Batu Bara sebagai Batu hitam.
. I a juga membahas pengunaan uang kertas, yang dibubuhi cap Kaisar.Pada saat itu, Perdagangan Eropa denmgan mengunakan koin  yang berat dibuat dari tembaga,emas atau timah.
Percetakan belum ditemuka di eropa, and para ilmuwan menkopi buku Pol dengan tulisan tangan. Buku deskripsi dunia ini dibaca secara luas di ewropa dan mempengaruhi banyak eksplorer(penjelajah). Buku ini mempengaruhi Chritopher Colombus dalam menetapkan jarak antara Spanyol dan Asia,
. .
Buku Deskrispi Dunia merangsang minat  bangsa Eropa terhadap Asia , Penemuan Tiongkok seperti Kompas,pembuatan kertas, percetakan (dan Pasta) >Genoa dan Venesia berdamai tahun 1299, Polo dibebaskan dan kembali berdagang di Venesia. .

TEMPAT DAN WAKTU KELAHIRA MARCOPPOLO YANG PASTI TIDAK DIKETAHUI. dan teriori muthakir saling bertentangan. Kendatipun demkian waktu yang spesifik sekitar tahun 1254 dan umunya diterima bahwa Marcopollo dilahirkan direpublik  Venesia Italia, sedangkan sampai saat ini kota kelahirannya belum diketahui. kebanyakan penulis biografi menunjuk titil Venesia sebagai kota kelahiran Marcopollo. Ayahnua Niccolo adalah sorang pedagang yang berdagang di Timur Tengah  di Timur Tengah sehingga menjadi Kaya-raya  dan memperoleh prestasi yang hebat. Nicollo dan saudara  lelakinya  Maffeo menyiapkan suatu perjalanan perdagangan sebelum Marcopollo lahir pada tahun 1260. Niccolo dan Mafeo sampai di Konstantinopel ketika terjadi perubahan politik, mereka melikuidasi assetnya  menjadi Perhiasan dan bergerak pergi. Berdasarkan laporan perjalanan Marcpopollo, mereka meliwati banyak wilayah Asia, dan bertemu dengan Kublai khan. SEdangkan saat itu Ibu Marcopolo menin ggal dunia, dan ia dibesarkan oleh Paman dan bibinya, dan belajar berbagai subjek termasuk mata uang asing,berdagang dan mengurus kapal kargo kedatipu ia belarjar sedikit dan tanpa huruf Latin.


Peta Perjalanan

In 1269, Niccolò and Maffeo returned to Venice, meeting Marco for the first time. In 1271, Marco Polo (at seventeen years of age), his father, and his uncle set off for Asia on the series of adventures that were later documented in Marco’s book. They returned to Venice in 1295, 24 years later, with many riches and treasures. They had travelled almost 15,000 miles (24,140 km).[4]

Upon their return, Venice was at war with Genoa, and Marco Polo was taken prisoner. He spent the few months of his imprisonment dictating a detailed account of his travels to fellow inmate, Rustichello da Pisa,[4] who incorporated tales of his own as well as other collected anecdotes and current affairs from China. The book became known as The Travels of Marco Polo, and depicts the Polos’ journeys throughout Asia, giving Europeans their first comprehensive look into the inner workings of the Far East, including China, India, and Japan.[6] While the book describes paper money and the burning of coal, it fails to mention the Great Wall, chopsticks, and footbinding raising a veracity issue.[7] Marco Polo was finally released from captivity in August 1299,[4] and returned home to Venice, where his father and uncle had purchased a large house in the central quarter named contrada San Giovanni Crisostomo. The company continued its activities and Marco soon became a wealthy merchant. Polo financed other expeditions, but never left Venice again. In 1300, he married Donata Badoer, the daughter of Vitale Badoer, a merchant.[8] They had three daughters, called Fantina, Bellela and Moreta.[9]


The San Lorenzo di Venezia church building in the sestiere of Castello of Venice, where Polo is buried. The photo was taken after the church was rebuilt.

In 1323, Polo was confined to bed, due to illness. On January 8, 1324, despite physicians’ efforts to treat him, Polo was on his deathbed. To write and certify the will, his family requested Giovanni Giustiniani, a priest of San Procolo. His wife, Donata, and his three daughters were appointed by him as co-executrices. The church was entitled by law to a portion of his estate; he approved of this and ordered that a further sum be paid to the convent of San Lorenzo, the place where he wished to be buried.[10] He also set free a “Tartar slave” who may have accompanied him from Asia.[11]

He divided up the rest of his assets, including several properties, between individuals, religious institutions, and every guild and fraternity to which he belonged. He also wrote-off multiple debts including 300 lire that his sister-in-law owed him, and others for the convent of San Giovanni, San Paolo of the Order of Preachers, and a cleric named Friar Benvenuto. He ordered 220 soldi be paid to Giovanni Giustiniani for his work as a notary and his prayers.[10] The will, which was not signed by Polo, but was validated by then relevant “signum manus” rule, by which the testator only had to touch the document to make it abide to the rule of law,[12] was dated January 9, 1324. Due to the Venetian law stating that the day ends at sunset, the exact date of Marco Polo’s death cannot be determined, but it was between the sunsets of January 8 and 9, 1324.[10]

The Travels of Marco Polo

A miniature from Il Milione.

An authoritative version of Marco Polo’s book does not exist, and the early manuscripts differ significantly. The published versions of his book either rely on single scripts, blend multiple versions together or add notes to clarify, for example in the English translation by Henry Yule. Another English translation by A.C. Moule and Paul Pelliot, published in 1938, is based on the Latin manuscript which was found in the library of the Cathedral of Toledo in 1932, and is 50% longer than other versions.[13] Approximately 150 variants in various languages are known to exist, and without the availability of a printing press many errors were made during copying and translation, resulting in many discrepancies.[14]


A page from Il Milione, originally published during Polo’s lifetime.

The book starts with a preface about his father and uncle traveling to Bolghar where Prince Berke Khan lived. A year later, they went to Ukek [15] and continued to Bukhara. There, an envoy from Levant invited them to meet Kublai Khan, who had never met Europeans.[16] In 1266, they reached the seat of the Kublai Khan at Dadu, present day Beijing, China. Khan received the brothers with hospitality and asked them many questions regarding the European legal and political system.[17] He also inquired about the Pope and Church in Rome.[18] After the brothers answered the questions he tasked them with delivering a letter to the Pope, requesting 100 Christians acquainted with the Seven Arts (grammar, rhetoric, logic, geometry, arithmetic, music and astronomy). Kublai Khan requested that an envoy bring him back oil of the lamp in Jerusalem.[19] The long sede vacante between the death of Pope Clement IV in 1268 and the election of his successor delayed the Polos in fulfilling Khan’s request. They followed the suggestion of Theobald Visconti, then papal legate for the realm of Egypt, and returned to Venice in 1269 or 1270 to await the nomination of the new Pope, which allowed Marco to see his father for the first time, at the age of fifteen or sixteen.[20]

Polo in costume.

In 1271, Niccolò, Maffeo and Marco Polo embarked on their voyage to fulfill Khan’s request. They sailed to Acre, and then rode on camels to the Persian port of Hormuz. They wanted to sail to China, but the ships there were not seaworthy, so they continued overland until reaching Khan’s summer palace in Shangdu, near present-day Zhangjiakou. Three and one-half years after leaving Venice, when Marco was about 21 years old, Khan welcomed the Polos into his palace.[4] The exact date of their arrival is unknown, but scholars estimate it to be between 1271 and 1275.[Note 4] On reaching the Mongol court, the Polos presented the sacred oil from Jerusalem and the papal letters to their patron.[3]

Marco knew four languages, and the family had accumulated a great deal of knowledge and experience that was useful to Khan. It is possible that he became a government official;[4] he wrote about many imperial visits to China’s southern and eastern provinces, the far south and Burma.[21]

Kublai Khan declined the Polos’ requests to leave China. They became worried about returning home safely, believing that if Khan died, his enemies might turn against them because of their close involvement with the ruler. In 1292, Khan’s great-nephew, then ruler of Persia, sent representatives to China in search of a potential wife, and they asked the Polos to accompany them, so they were permitted to return to Persia with the wedding party — which left that same year from Zaitun in southern China on a fleet of 14 junks. The party sailed to the port of Singapore, travelled north to Sumatra and around the southern tip of India, eventually crossing the Arabian Sea to Hormuz. The two-years voyage was a perilous one – of the six hundred people (not including the crew) in the convoy only eighteen had survived (including all three Polos).[22] The Polos left the wedding party after reaching Hormuz and travelled overland to the port of Trebizond on the Black Sea, the present day Trabzon.[4]




*profil marcopollo ketika kembali dari Tiongkok




Other lesser-known European explorers had already travelled to China, such as Giovanni da Pian del Carpine, but Polo’s book meant that their journey was the first to be widely known. Christopher Columbus was inspired enough by Polo’s description of the Far East to visit those lands for himself; a copy of the book was among his belongings, with handwritten annotations.[1] Bento de Góis, inspired by Polo’s writings of a Christian kingdom in the east, travelled 4,000 miles (6,437 km) in three years across Central Asia. He never found the kingdom, but ended his travels at the Great Wall of China in 1605, proving that Cathay was what Matteo Ricci (1552–1610) called “China”.[23]


The Marco Polo sheep, a subspecies of Ovis aries, is named after the explorer,[24] who described it during his crossing of Pamir (ancient Mount Imeon) in 1271.[Note 5] In 1851, a three-masted Clipper built in Saint John, New Brunswick also took his name; the Marco Polo was the first ship to sail around the world in under six months.[25] The airport in Venice is named Venice Marco Polo Airport,[26] and the frequent flyer program of Hong Kong flag carrier Cathay Pacific is known as the “Marco Polo Club”.[27] The Travels of Marco Polo are fictionalised in Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne‘s Messer Marco Polo and Gary Jennings‘ 1984 novel The Journeyer. Polo also appears as the pivotal character in Italo Calvino‘s novel Invisible Cities. The 1982 television miniseries, Marco Polo, directed by Giuliano Montaldo and depicting Polo’s travels, won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for six more.[28] Marco Polo also appears as a Great Explorer in the 2008 strategy video game Civilization Revolution.[29]


The Fra Mauro map, published c. 1450 by the Venetian monk Fra Mauro.

Marco Polo’s travels may have had some influence on the development of European cartography, ultimately leading to the European voyages of exploration a century later.[30] The 1453 Fra Mauro map was said by Giovanni Battista Ramusio to have been partially based on the one brought from Cathay by Marco Polo:

That fine illuminated world map on parchment, which can still be seen in a large cabinet alongside the choir of their monastery (the Camaldolese monastery of San Michele di Murano) was by one of the brothers of the monastery, who took great delight in the study of cosmography, diligently drawn and copied from a most beautiful and very old nautical map and a world map that had been brought from Cathay by the most honourable Messer Marco Polo and his father.

Marco Polo, an Italian trader and traveler, became famous for his travels in central Asia and China. He wrote a book that gave Europeans some of their earliest information about China, which was then called Cathay.Marco was born in Venice. His father, Nicolo Polo, was a merchant. Nicolo and his brother, Maffeo Polo, had left on a trading mission shortly before Marco’s birth. Marco’s mother died when he was a young boy, and an aunt and uncle raised him. They trained him to be a merchant. Besides reading, writing, and arithmetic, Marco learned about using foreign money, judging products, and handling cargo ships.


a.Perjalanan Polo

1)Polo Bersaudara
Nama keluaraga tiga orang revellers kepusat Asia and China. Tahun 1266 Nicolo dan Maffeo Polo , bapa dan Paman Marco Polo, berada di constantinople dari Venesia dengan barang dagangannya.
Mereka ingin menyeberangi Laut Hitam ke Solgaia dan tinggal beberapa waktu disini mereka melanjutkan perjalanan sampai bertemu dengan pangeran Tartar,Barca Kan ( Barka, a broher of Baton Khan), ia penguasa Sara dan Belgara.
Ketika terjadi perang antara Barca dan Alau ( Barka’s cousin , Hulaku Khan),Penguasa Tartar dihe Levant, dan Barca, the Lord of the Ponent ,kalah, akibatnya kedua bersaudara Maffeo dan Nicolo tidak dapat pulang ke Venesia melalui jalan yang telah ditempuh semula, sehingga mereka mengambil jalan liwat asia.
Meninggalkan Bolgara menuju Ucaca, dan pergi meliwati sungai besar Tigris meliwati Padang pasir selama 17 hari tiba di “Bocara”(Bokhara).
Ketika mereka sampai dikota tersebut datang Alau ,Bangsawan Levant, menirim duta menunjukkan jalan ke Istana the Great Khan( Mangu Khan, saudara Hulaku, Pimpinan dari seluruh Tartar
Mereka selama setahun mengikuti raja tartar Kablai Khan . Khakhan of the Tartars in the World.
Sebelum meninggalo Mangu Khan ,1259 AD, ia memindahkan ibukota Tartar Karakorumrtar ke Cathay di Utara Cina.
Kemudian Raja Tartar menjadi Kaisar Cina oleh Kublai Khan.
Kedua bersaudara tersebut mendapatkan penghormatan dan pelayanan dari Kablai Khan , Kablai Khan memberikan Tablet Emas sebagai paspor , yang bila ditunjukkan maka semua orang akan membantu perjalanan mereka , disamping itu juga membawa surat untuk Paus.
Kedua bersaudara melakukan perjalanan pulang selama tiga tahun ke Laya di Hermenia sebuah pelabuhan dimana kapal Asia tiba melalui Tabreez dan banyak pelayaran ke Italia,
Pada April 1269 mereka tiba di Acre dimana terdengar berita kematian Paus Clement IV, mereka kembali ke Venesia, menunggu pemilihan Paus baru yang memakan waktu lama.

Ketika Gregory X dipilih sebagai Paus, kedua bersaudra Polo memulai perjalan kedua ke Istana Kablai Khan pada bulan November 1271, saat ini membawa putranya Marcopolo.
Dari Acre ke Ayas and Sivas, kemudian ke ,Mosul,and Baghdad , Ormuz , pada muara Persian Gulf, dengan harapan menuju China liwat laut.
This they were not able to do , and so, turning their faces landward, they traversed successively Kirman and and Khorasan , Balkh and badakhshan, and ascended the upper Oxus to the Pamir plateau, a route not known.
Crossing the steppe of Pamir, the travelles proceeded by Kashgar, Yarkand, and Khoten , and the vicinity of Lake Lob , through the Gobi desert to Tangut , until at lenght , some time during the midsummer of 1275 ,they arrived at the the stately pleasure dome of Kablai Khan in “Xanadu” (Shangtu).
They Afterward proceeded with the Kakhan to his capital ,”Camalu” now Pekin They rose rapidly in the grat Khan’s favour,
Marco was entrusted with several missions in different parts of the empire, and in Champa or Southren Cchin-China , and the Indian Seas , and Southren India; while toall the hints of the Venetian Merchants to be allowed to return home with their gathere wealth, the aged emperor growled refusal.
Hulaku, the founder of the Mongol Dynasty of Persian (Lord of the Levant) was succeeded by hs son Abaka, who merried a dughter of the Greek emperor Michel Palaeleologus.
His brother Nicolas, who succeeded him, became a Muhammadian , but his son Arghun Khan was hostile to the Mohammadans .
He sent embassies (conducted by a Genoese named Buscarelli) to the Pope and the King of France and England , proposing an alliance against the Saracens and Turks; and in 1290 Edward I sent Geofreey de Langley on return mission to him.
Argun Khan ,having lost his favourite wife in 1286, sent to Kablai Khan to select another for him; and about the very time that Geofrey de Langley mission was setting out for England, the Polos were commissioned by Kablai Khan to escort te new bride he had chosen for his great nephew from Far Cathay by sea, go Persian court.
The bridalo party sailed from the port of “Zayto”(Chinchau) in the spring of 1292. They touched at eylon, at a part on the Coromandel coast, at Kayal , a port of Tinnevelly, the Koil of te present pearl fisheries, and at other ports on the Malabar and Konkan coast of Westren India, at one of which they passed the mansoon of 1293’
Marco Polo notices the fine cotton of Coromandel , the aboundance of pepper and gingr of Malabar , the incense of Tannah, and the peper,ginger ,indigo , and cotton of Gujerat.
Sailing on the close of the mansoon fro India, the party reach Ormuz about November 1293, and the Persian camp two month later.
Here the fair princess wep; as she took leave of the three Polos, who went on to Tabreez,and,after a long halt there, proceeded toward Venice , where they arrived aome time in 1295, having been absent from home nearly 24 years.
From the time of the Saracen conquest of Egypt ,Syria , and Persia , Christian had been forbidden to pass through those country to the east , and direct overland trade of Europe with India had entirely ceased .
Marcopolo ,therefore, was the first after Cosmas Indicopleustes (era AD 535-550) to give a written account of India, and yet we owe its existance to the Accident of his leaving late in life been taken in a sea fight by the Genoese, and thrown into prison , where he was pesuaded by a fellow-prisoner to dictate his narrative to relieve the tedium of their captivity.
In Marco Polo old age, and the Years following his death , a reamarkable land trade, but temporary , sprang up between Cina and the trading cities of Italy, of which curious detailsn are given in the book of Pagoletti . The chief import from he east were the rich satins and damask of China .
European linen were carried for sale on the way ; but china itself, in general , only silver , to purchase goods there. Factories of Genoose marchant were established at Fohpkien.This trade was apparentely carried on entirely own purchases.(*Sir George Birdwood; India office record)

c.The Travelling followed Polo
1) Colombus
The publication of The Book of Ser Marco Polo became one of the influences which inspired Colombus.
It was thought that n great breadth of ocean rolled between Westen Europe and Eastren Asia, and full of this Idea , Colombus launched boldly on the Atlantic , convince d that the first bshore reached by him would be those of “Chimpagu”(Japan) ,Cathay,”Chamba”(Cochn China), and India.

2) Benedict Goes
a route like Polo , from The gulf o Persian, landward Kirman,and Khorasan , balkh and Badakhsan , and ascended the Upper Oxus to the Pamir plateau in 1602-1607.

3) John Wood
An expedition of the Indian navy in 1838.

d. Portugoeus Voyage

1)Vasco de Gama
In 1444 , the Portuguese had obtained from the Pope an ordinance bostowing on them the sovereignity over all land s which had till the bee discovery by them , and all that should be discovered as far as the indies.
An Immediately after the discovery of America, by Colombus , the Pope, by an edict of 4th May 1493, while confirming the King of Spain in the sovereignitry of America, and strictly prohibiting all others from touching at any port 100(afterwards 250) Leagues westward of the Azores, declared that the Portugeuse were to posseses all eastwards of the line.
Accordingly , on the8th of July 1497, an expedition, commanded by Vasco de Gamma, sailed from the Tagus for India,
The expedition was not in favour with the people, but King Eamanuel, who in 1495 had succeede John II, was determined to prosecute the project of Prince Henry.
Prince Henry had ben the Gand Master of The Order of Christ, and his hopes had ben as much for the conversion of the heathen as for the extension of the commercce and dominion of his nation.
It was in this spirit that the future acts of the Portugeuse were, and continue to be, regulated; while the British , who at the present day hold away over many places once dominated by The Potugeuse , have followed the system of non-inteference in religious and social metters.
Vasco de Gamma rounded the Cape of Good Hope, and saw the east coast od Afrivca. On te 22nd November 1497 , and reached Calicut on the 20th May 1498.
In 1502 , Vasco de Gamma sailed a second time to the east, with a fleet numbering twenty vessels. He formed an allience with the Rajas of Cochin and Cannanore against the Zamorin of Calicujt, and bombarded the latter in his palace.

In the second expedition , consisting of thirteenth ships and tweleve hundreds soldiers, under the command Cabral , was despatched in 1500.
On his outward voyage, Cabral was driven by stress of weather to th coast of Brazil. Ultimetely he reached Calicut.

3)Antonio d’Abreu(1511) , Francesco Serrao 1515) and Antonio de Brito(1522), Portugouse voyage to Ambon Indonesia

e.Ibnu Batuta Travellings(Lee’s Ibnu Batuta ;Bird-wood Report ,India in the 15h century;Tr of a Hindoo; Yule’s Cathay,1829 translate from Arabic)
1)Born A.d.1304,Died 1377-1378
2)The great travellers of the Arab race, he spent 24 years(from 1325-49)in travelling throughout the east.
3)1334-1334 travelling to china






UHI-Uniquecollection Heritage Info-free information@copyright Dr IWAN SUWANDY 2010





.The complex innovation of Chinese and European printings are unique accomplisments in the cultural and other scientist books.
Antiquarian travel books are universally the object most sought by collectors especially engraved illustrated books before 1850*1)
due to  a result of many books were broken and the engravings sold off separately*2)

 *1) Miller, “Miller’s Collectables Price Guides,William Clowes ltd,London,199, page 26
Travel and guide books continue to be popullar collector items. Those books printed bfore 1850 are particulary sought for their engravings .

 * 2) ibid *1 page 26
This sad practise unfortunately increases the rarity of untampered wit books and hence their value.


 The type and themes of that unique books most intersesting for collector s and investors because they have always made mistake value estimation and the plaque of reproductions that has recently flooded the international market
The problems above, were one of the porpuse to write this books , if the collectors knows the authentics one , the copies can-not grown.
No many English-language study of Indonesia Ethic and travelling found in Indonesia , especially the unique books before 1850 as mirror of Indonesia *3) and rare illustrated the pictures will vizualized Indonesia.*4)

 *3) Nieuwenhuys;Miror of The Indies., Translated by Frans van Rosevelt ,Edited by E.M.Beekman ,Periplus Edition(HK)Ltd ,Singapore,1999.

*4) Hack&Marris ;Foreigns Painters who Visualize Indonesia,Singapore,1999.



Copies of engraved illustrations from the unique books before 1850 provoked international lawsuits.
Near the early XXth centuries many unique books repro including engraved or lithographic printings and manuscript , but the quality of papers and printing much lower than the original ones.


a.China Sources
The history of Eastren Asia, its geography and its people, before the time of European intercourse are subject on which so little is known, that the very defective narrative of the Arabian travellers of 9th century, of Marcopolo and Ibnu Batuta must be considered as works of the first import.Antiquarian Books from.Chinese ,Arabic,Indonesia and Europe Source. *5)

 2).Euro source
The history of Eastren and Southren Asia, commercial,Industrial and scientific; products of the Mineral,Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms ,useful arts and manifactre , especially about Paortugeus travelling asia by Italian (Polo),Arabic (Ibnu Batuta) and Portugeous (Vasco de Gamma,Magelhaens).*6
3).Indonesia Native Source
The history of he Mankind in Indonesia, not only the history of artwork about dancing, cloth, sclupture, ethnic and other artwork , but also all kind of humankind’s value like the artifactand image of spiritual and traditional object that have been protected as a local ,national or global heritage*7).
(Many Antique “Lontar”Leaf and Old paper’s manuscript found in Indonesia, but many still in the hand of colectors and the unknown family , that is way please contact IUC to added our informations for all local or global collectors.-ed.)

a.Chines Sources* ibid *5)
b.Euro Source*8)
(No Informations about this topics,please contact IUC if the Collectors had “it”.ed)
*5)Groenevelt; Historical Notes on Indonesia & Malaya compiled from Chinese Souces,1876, reprint in English by Bharata,Djakarta,1960.
*6)Balfour,Edward; “The Cyclopaedia Of India and of Eastren And Southern Asia”,In Threen Volume,English,3rd Edition ,1885.

3.. CLASSIC BOOKS (XVIth-XXth century
The History of Dutch Colonial literatures ,a series of literary works written by the Dutch about their live in the former colony of the Dutch East Indie,*9)
*9) ibid *3)Nieuwenhuys,Rob;Mirror Of The Indiesistory o Dutch Colonial Literature,Periplus editions(HK)Ltd,1999. 1.THE CLASICC BOOK BEFORE   1850 *ibid *9)
1)The 16th century
The United Netherlands was a nation of merchants, a brokerage house for nothernern Europe, and it wanted to get to the source of tropical wealth itself. Dutch navigators and traders knew the location of the fabled Indies, they were well acquainted with Portuguese achievement at sea, and counted among its member individuals who had worked for Portuguese .Philip II simply accelerated a process that was inevitable.
At first, various individual enterprises outfitted ships and sent them to the Far East in a far from luctative isplay of free enterprise. Nor was the fist arrival of the Dutch in the archipelago auspicious ,though it may have been symbolic of subsequent development .In june 1596 a Dutch fleet of four ships anchred off the coast of Java . Senseless violence and a total disregard for local customs mae the Dutch unwelcome o those shores.

 2)The 17th century
During the seventeenth century the Dutch extended their influence n the archiphelago by means of superior naval strength, use armed intervention which often ruthless, by shrewd politicking and exploration of local differences.

 3) The 18th century ibid *9)
Return to De Houtman’s and Van Necks voyages , their”sailings” had scouted the terrain and se the course. With incresing regularity ever larger fleets sailed for the Indies with, as Busken Huet said, the reliability of a fery services. The fact that this “ferry service” didnot always operate too smoothly is evident from the great many popular books that preferably deal in storms, hurricanes, skirmishes withnatives and the Portuguese, hunger, thirst, and sicknes.
No matter how regularly the ships went to and fro , by our standards certenly each voyage must been an ordeal. Just think of the cramped pace on board, thetension among thecrew,fight, the tereible food and drink, and especially the notorious scurvy. We do not require shipwreck on top of all that to dispel the notion that those votags were anything like a schedule ferry service .
However, apopular book without shipwreck or a detailed account of its horrors would not have been worthy of the nam, and needless to say, the number of accounts dealing with”disatrous voyage” is excedingly great. No doubt they had an attraction all their own.
Compared to the total merchant flet, the number of ships sailing annually from Dutch ports in order to trade thousands of miles away was relatively small in the seventeenth and eighteenth century . Even so, some thirty East Indiamen sailed every years.
The Batavian Society for Arts and Sciences founded in 1778, as the touchstone “by which every branch of arts and sciences can be judged”,”then the arts and sciences were in dismal straits in the beginning of the nineteenth century”
The liquidations of Dutch East Indie Company in 1795 had been subject to all kinds of political changes and under the constand threat of foreign and domestic war. For a years the Indies had been practically isolated from the mother country and left to its own devices.

 4)The 19th century Before 1850*ibid 9)
For an age when poetry was considered the highest, if not the sole expression of literature, it is curious to discover how much better its prose is.Like poetry, prose was also subject to set rules, such as in the epistolary and several other genres, but it was still a great deal freer and more vital than a poetry that had generally degenerated all to o much to a level of versifying. The writing of prose had taken on a dual purpose because it could also be made to function as the speeches, writing history, and describing people, places, plants, animal, and many other things.
It was simply that the regents of the East India Company would allow themselves to be potrayed on stage as a bunch of unctous and unconscionable that incompetents and coward.In 1805 ,
When the Batavian Republic came to be headed by Rutger Jan Schimmelpennick, a propnent of political innovation in the colonies.
Napoleon required a strongman more than he needed new policies, and he directed General Daendels to go to Indies. During Deandels’s gouverment , general political uncertainty and relative impoverishmentaa had casta a pall over the European community.
People lived increasingly , as they put it, a “plantation” life, and some did in fact little more than vegetate, indeed, the European was generally lampooned as a gross, indolent character strecth out in a chair and surrounded by a number of female slaves dressing or undressing, puting him to bed or fanning him.
The English interregnum(1811-1816) introduced some cultural revival but this was largely lmited to the top layer of society. Everyone else was left out and continued to enjoy the “plantation” life.
During the reign of Raffles , extensive tracts of land had been sold, and many promises and concessions had been made. When the high Commission assumed power, it was inudated with applicants.
This should in no way detract from Lieutenant-Gouvenour Raffles’s important accomplishments. The Englishman personally took it upon himself to further social devlopment through the revival of the arts and sciences , assisted by his celebrated wife, Olivia Fancourt.
The languishing Batavian Society provided a suitable contact with the Dutch community. He renewed the society’s directorship under newrules and regulations and he saw to it that it was properly housed.He partcipated in its activities by reading a number of his own papers, by getting the Dutch involved , and by attracting lectures from England and elsewhere. For a number of Dutchmen, English rule under Raffles promised a much more tolerable existence.Raffles had stimulated and tried to upgrade life in the Capital.
However, under English rule, a revival of Dutch literary activity was hardly to be expected.It renaissance , albeit modest , only occured after Van der Capellen had replaced Raffles. Van der Capellen continued on a similar but carefully guarded course, and his punctually, restraint , and moderation set an examples , and in one of his speeches , a cntemporary informs us , he declared himself to be “ an enemy of anything even remotely licentious” Of course Van der Capellen was more than just a pious killjoy. He sought to find the causes for what dissoluteness he encountered, and as a typical product of of the Enlightment , he naturally thought they lay in te lack of proper education and training. As it happens , educations had been one of he weak pointsof English rule.
Upon the restoration of Dutch rule in 1815 ,the Commision General sent to Java was accompanied by a lage and competent staff, including one Dr C.G.C.Reinwardt, in charge of education , sciences and agriculture,
Reinwardt was a German by birth and had studied medicine in Amsterdam.He was especially interest in flora and fauna, and it was he who founded the botanical gardens in Bogor, which have long since become world renowned, and for which he is most famous.But he directed his attention first and foremost to the area of education and healt.
He was a many-sided man, and Van der Capellen supported him wholeheartedly ,Contrary to every expectation,however , and with only a few exception,these applications led nowhere .
The Commission General,which according to its liberal principles was supposedly prepared to sell gouverment land to private individuals, now found itself advisors as Muntinghe,who had also been aide to Raffles,The Commision General was dissoloved in 1819.
Dr C.L.Blume assumed Reinwardt’s duties in Medicine and the natural sciences in 1822 , and he too made frequent trips to study flora and fauna , and to became acquainted with many country and people , The fight against endemic disease as cholera and smallpox also dates back to Van der Capellen ‘s early days.Between 1800 and 1813, hardly anything wothy of the name of either literary of scientivic activity can be said to hace taken place , neither within or without the Batavian Society.
The Colonial treaty signed in London on August 13,1814, signaled the end of English interregnum ovel all colonies captured from Dutch since 1803 and Van der Capellen alone in charge as Governor-General of The Indies.He is, in fact , tthe only one to stand comparison with his English predecessor, Sit Thomas Stamford Raffles.
Van de Capellen arrived in the Indies in May 1816, he found a small Euroean community there which since the liquidation of the company(VOC) in 1795.In 1826 King William I recalled Van der Capellen .
Shortly after Van der Capellen was replaced by Commissioner-General Du Bus de Gisignies , a Belgian by birth, had a much different personality from that of Van der Capellen , and he was much more the kind of official tcarry out the directives of his king and minister. He had ordered to economize, and the king had given hi carte blanche for the time of three years in which to do so.
Du Bus saved expenses with vengeance and dratically slahed the budgets for edu-cation, the arts, and the sciencs. In 1826, Muntinghe stepped down as councilor of the Indies.
Van de Graaf, Van der Capellen’s closest assistant, left o November 2 , only suffer sipwreck on the voyage back. Dr Blume left in the same Year.
In 1830,Du Bus de Gisignies was in turn replaced by Van de Bosch.This was not just another official bu a man who,in colaboration with J.C.Baud , intorduced an entirely new agricultural policy, the so-called culture system.
On May 22,1848nVan Hoevell was elected to became the president of the club”Dr Harmonie”, he was travelling on business in Banten, Westren Java, the rumor reached him incited Batavia’s inhabitants to riot (May Movement of ’48). Van Hoevell was supposed to be one of them.
*9)ibid *3 page 21,22,31,34.35,46,47,62,64.
*10)Hacks,Leon& Maris; Lexicon of Foreign Artist who Visualized Indonesia,Singapore,1995.page273
1)Franz wilhelm junghun (1809-1864) writing a social concience, he was a facintng character, aman with the power to entice and , in the ager sense, an impotant writer during gouvenur general j.j. Rochusen.
2)Edward Douwes Dekker(1820-1887) was an assisten resident of Lebak, part of the residency of Banten. The Capital of Lebak district was Rangkasbitung. The countryside was sparsely populated, ill suited for large platations, and for that reason it was not a part of “Culture System(Stetsel)” Toward the south it was wild, mountains, and isolated. It was generally considered to be out in the sticks.
The Resident Brest van Kempen refuses the Douwes Dekker’s proposal, and write a memorandum explaining the situation to goevenor general Duymaer van Twist and he too censures Dekker,s handling of th affair. He was asked to be dismissed, and leave s Rangkasbitung , he write a peitions and who finally write his book “Max Havelaar’. In 1859.The first edition 1300 copies had been sold out.
(Many International Sciences and Ethnic ’s Books sold in Indonesia,that time Dutch Est Indie, due to the growth of Educations ,The”Harmonie” Club.and the Kon. Batavia Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen, Indonesian Prince joined the Konijkle Nederlandsche Militaire Academie, Private librarian like De Jonge Libris etc some still exist between 1970-1985 during many Indonesia library bulidings renovation , the dirty old book sold as old papers because they din’t understand the value of the antiquarian books ,read introduction–ed)
*11)ibid 3* page 24-25,69


 1.BEFORE  WWII (1900-1941) ibid *3)
The ethical movement continued as aviable force at least through the administration of Gouvernor general Van Limburg Stirum.himself a proponent of the movement. Shortly thereafter ,the gouvernment clearly changed it policy by appointing D.Fock to the gouvernor generalship in 1921.
To be sure ,De Graaf took over from Fock in 1926, and he again was a man of strong ethical persuasion. Still, he wa unable to make much headway against the strong curent od patriotism. His improvised policies geneally foundered and he has since became a shadowy figure.
After 1931,however ,folowing the appoinment of De Jonge to the governor-generalship, goverment permanentlynabandoned ethical directives.
As early 1918 , a number of Dutch and Indonesian student got toether form an alliance that listes political Independence for Indonesia among it aims.
The contact between Netherlanders and Indonesians was at best limited to voluntary meetings and dinners of Dutch and Indonesian colleagues.Spontaneous and unprejudiced exchanges hardly ever took lace between them , centaily not if the subject werepolitics,and that was precisely what had become the prime Indonesian concern and on which everything depended-their dignity,their independece, their self-respect, and the future of their children.
They wee disappointed in the Netherlands goverment and felt cheated,The erstwhile noiypropaganda of the nationalists had fallen silent i 1936. Their leaders had been banished, Tjipto Mangunkusumo, the father of the Nationalist movement,as early as 1927; Sukarno was banished in 1934, following his arrest on August .31,1933 one week after Sukarno was transported to the island of Flores inFebruary 1934, Hatta and Sjahrir was arrested.A year later, they were banished to Upper Digul, deep in the interior of New Guinea. Hundreds of nationalists, arrested under the infamous article 153 bis were incarcerated in the concentration camp(MR BRAND SAID THAT THIS WASN”T LIKE HITLER CONCENTRATION CAMP but more humanity approach)  of Upper Digul, and a similar fate awaited hundreds more. It was a form of repression that sought to decaoitate the movement, break the oganization, creat uncertainty, and instill disunity and doubt.

 2DURING WWII(1940-1945) ibid 3*
The war in the Pacific began on December 8,1941 and was also start of the great process od decolonization in Asia.Still,literature had been curiously silent on the the subject.
With The Landing of Japanese troops , major and minor armed clashed followed, with the Duth East Indies amy ever retreating. The Armed Forces , with the exception of the Navy, surrendered in March 1942. In some place s, the resulting powervacuum made things unsafe for many Europeans, there was some looting, and people were in dangr of their lives. TheJapanese were now expectted to keep order. According to their prearranged plan, allallied military personnel was interned, and at a later stage the greater part of European civilian population as well.
Throughtout the entire Netherlands Indie,th Japanese set up camps : military camps, civilian camps, and separate camp forwomen and children.

 3 AFTER  WW II (1945-1950)) ibid *3)
The Japanes surrendered on august 15,1945, and the Independence proclamation of the Indonesian Republic was announced on August 17 1945.
At that time ,hundreds of thousands of Dutch people found themselves without adequate rotection.The Allies,in this case the English, who were assigned to occupy the Netherland Indies, didnot arrive until weeks later. It was to take several months,in fact,before they could fully take over from the Japanese. The resulting power vacuum led to a wage of agression, seemingly throwing the entire country into chaos. The revolutioners exploited this situation, it stated with the so –calle “Bersiap” period,attended by numerous killings of Europeans,chinese, and Japanese, as wel as collaborating Indonesians. To many Europeanss,the “Liberations” often meant either new imprisonment or death,giving the word a bittes teste.
During the first half year,British troops were almost in sole charge of the militay situation but proved too few in number.Gradually,Dutch forces arrived on the scene.THE dutch attempt toregain power wasoppose by an army of the young Republic with its own improvise style. AS a weeker army,it chose the guerrilla method.
The situationas not the same everywhere and therewas also difference between conditions on Java iself and on other island.
To The Indonesians,the Dutch belligerents were the enemies of a newly gained political freedom, whereas o the Dutch the Indonesians represented rebels who hardly cares for the interest of the population at all.


UHI-Uniquecollection Heritage Info,free information @copyright Dr IWAN S 2010

Before XVIth Century


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a)We found the information about Sandjaya, he said to be the son of Sena( husband of Sanaha) who was the regent of Galuh. Sandjaya was the Son in Law of Tarusbawa (Tohaan) in Sunda the king “Yang Dipetuan Agung”of Sunda
b) This manuscript very high historical works because the writer, date and years of productions list clearly .
The history aboud The King(Baginda) Rajasanagara with his family in Mojopahit and Sri Rajasanagara was thouht as the incarnation of Siwa and Budha.
Grandmothr of the “Baginda: Rajapatni, the daughter of Kertanegara from Singosari ,named Gayatri ,femous of her beuty.also the history of Mojopahit . (complete story see IUC”The Indonesia Regent ‘s Uniwue Collections-ed) 

2) Prapantja; Negarakartagama, manuscript, 1364
The original ancient manuscript on “Lontar”leaf, only a lttle story about The”bubat” war 1357,between Sunda Kingdom and Mojopahit Kingdom at Bubat because Majapahit “Patih”(The high Rank General ) didn’t accept the marriege between the Hayam Wuruk King of Mojopohit with Dya Pitaloka daughter of king of Sunda( Complete story in the IUC book “The Indonesia Regent(“Penguasa”)’s Unique Collections, you will seen their artifact and image illustrations.ed) 

2).Pararaton,”Lontar” Leaf manuscript.
The complete history about “Bubat War” between Majapahit during Haya Wuruk Reign with Prabu Maharaja Sunda as short told in Negarakertagama. Above. 

3) Kidung Sundayana ,” Lontar”leaf manuscript, also told about the Bubat War . 

4)Dewabuda; “Lontar” Manuscript,1435.
Told the history of the people of Sunda Kingdom religious Hindu-Budha (Cmplete story read in IUC limited bok”The Indonesia Regent’s Unique Collections” complete with artifact and image illustrations-ed). 

5).Rangalawe of Damar Woelan, 67 Lontar- 52 ½ cm.manuscript.
The War between Suhita with Wikrama-warddhana vs Bhre Wirabhumi was told in folklore “Damarwulan –Mina Jinggo,
During Majapahit Kingdom administration ‘s Te Beautiful (Ayu) Queen (Ratu ) Kencana Wungu(Sauhita) , there were rebellion by Minak Jinggo(Bhre Wirabumi) because Minakjinggo want to merried Suhita, but not accepted by the bad face of Minakjinggo lake “Raksasa”Gigantism.
The Queen have made “Sayembara” if someone could bitten the Menakjinggo , she will gave a special reward. Raden Dawarwulan joined the fighting, almost “kalah” lost the power, but with the helped of Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan , Damarwulan win the fight and Queen Kencana wunggu became the wife of Damarwulan, they were the regent of Majapahit.
This story very popular in middle Java, especially EastJaa, Raffles ever found the manuscript book about Damarwulan, now in the Britis Museum, beautiful colour illustrations list in the book “Gold letters” produced by London museum.
6).Rangalawe Kidung,Manuscript 

7)Sivaratrikalpa, manuscript.
The legend’s books about the hunters Nishada and Sivatratri ceremonial to honour the “Siva” will up to Nirwana”Heaven” when he died. . 

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