The First Edition Book “Gone With The Wind”

                                        RBC-GONE WITH THE WIND

             RBC-rare boook collection from Cyber Musuem

                                     My first issued Gone the Wind Book.
                                    The Magaret Mitchell desk and her autograph
The vintage famous Book writer Margaret Mitchell only write one book about her own private story, and after
was being the based on Film with the same name ,staring by Clark Gable and Jean Harlow (as Scarlet O Hara), this book became popular. One month ago I have found the first printing hardcover book of this story,printing by the Macmillan Company New York, but in this hardcover book no picture illustrations, that is why I am starting to seeking the related collections , and I onlyhave one The Special Coca Cola trade Card series 4 1995 look at the picture below front and back.
a.In the Front
b.In the back we can read the Coca Cola propaganda like this :

                                    Series 4 The Coca Colla Collections
This card feautures a photograph of famous Hollywood celebrities Clark Gable and Jean Harlow on a movie set in 1932.While taking a break from filming a movie, for refresment they relax and enjoy a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola.During this era,these two stars the top box-office attractions in America.
To know more informations about this book and film, I read the book and write some interesting story
                                                         PART ONE
                                                           Chapter I
Scarlet O Hara was not beautiful, but men seldom realized it when caught by her charm as the Tarleton twins were. In her face were too sharply blended the delicate feautures of her mother. a Coast aristocrat of French descent and the heavy ones of her florid Irish father,But it was an arresting face,pointed of chin,square of jaw. Her eyes were pale green without a touch of hazel,starred with bistly black lashes and slightly tilted at the end.Above them, her thick black brows slantes upward,cutting a startling oblique line in her magnolia-white skin-that skin so prized by Southren women and so carefully guarded with bonnets,veils and mittens against hot Georgia sun.
                                                        CHAPTER II
When the twins left Scarlet standing on the porch of Tara and the last sound of flying hooves had died away, she went back to her chair like a sleepwalkers. Her face stiff as from pain and her mouth actually hurt from having strectched it,unwillingly,in smiles to prevent the twins from learning her secret. She sat down wearily,tucking one foot under her bosom,it beat with odd little jerks,her hands were cold, and a feeling of disaster opressed her.


Lying in the bed with the moonlight streaming climly over her.she pictured the whole scene in her mind,She saw the look of surprise and hapiness that would come over his face when he realized that she really loved him, and she heard the words he would say asking her to be his wife (page 49) 

Charles was  not excited over the proepect of marrying her,for she stirred in him none of the emotions of wild romance that he beloved books had assured him were proper for a lover. He had always yearned to be loved by some beautiful,dashing craeture full of fire and mischief. And here was Scarlet O’Hara teasing him about breaking her heart!(page 65-66)

Charles gave a swift look about him, drew in his breath, stiffened the muscles of his stomach.they were practically alone and he might never get another such opportunity. And,even given another such God sent occasion, his courage might fail him.’Miss O’Hara -I must tell you I-I love you!”Um?’ said Scarlet absently,trying to peer through the crowd of arguing men to where Ashly still sat talking at Melanie’s feet.’Yes!” whispered Charles,in arapture that she had neither laughed,screamed nor fainted,as he had always imagined young girls did under circumstances.’I love you! you are the most -the most- ‘ and he found his tounge for the first time in his life”The most beautiful girl I’ve ever known and the sweetest and the kindest,and you have the daerest ways and I love you with all my heart. I cannot hope taht you could love anyone like me but my dear Miss O’Hara,if you can give me any encouragement, I will do anything in the world to make you love me-I will-‘ Charles stopped, for he couldn’t think of anything diffiicult enough of accomplishment to relly prove to Scarlett the depth of his feeling, so he siad simply’I want to marry you’.(page 72)

The reprint book collections


He sat clutching her hand,his mouth wide open. Watching him from unddr her alshes,Scarlet thought detachedly that he looked like a gigged frog. He stuttered several times,closed his mouth and open it again,and again became granium colored. ‘Can you possibly love me?’ She said nothing but looked down into her laps, and Charles was thrown into new states of ectasy and embaraaament.Perhaps a man should not asked a girl such a question. Perhaps it would be unmiadenly for her to answer it. Having never possesed the courage to get himself into such a situation before,Charles was at aloss as to how to act. he wanted to shout and to sing and to kiss her and to caper about the lawn and then run tell everyone,black and white ,that she loved him. But he only squeezed her hand until he drove her rings into the flesh.’You will marry me soon,Miss Scarlet?’ “Um’she said,fingering a fold of her dress.(page 85)

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