Driwan Church H9istory Collections Intro

Driwan Church H9istory Collections


Created by dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

Copyright @ 2014


 During little boy until high scholl I am every morning visit the Rome catholic church at the front of my home in Padang City west sumatra.

I opened the church and bring the bells singing, and became the latar.s kid during Father Mario Bgianai, Gather LLarufa, I met Pater Voght Jesuit, Frater Servaas, bruder Tossi, Pasttor ganizaro and Morini bruder Nochenti from frasiscan padua Italian ordo which came from china after china became communist, all the priest fly out, and the fitalian fransiscan orde from padua came to West Sumatra, I think all of them were passed away nowm including the bishop.

I have written some arrticles related to church ;like the Indonesian Church History, The via dolorosa Palestina, the history of Palestina and the history of vatican  also their postal history,

I will seeking the adress and you can seen at my web blog below

This is my last part of Driwan Cybermuseum is building now and name Dr Iwan Church History Museum, I hope all the christian all over the world will hapyy and get spirit when look this amizing  museum.

to look my articles related to the musuem please click below

Jkarta JUanuary 1st 2014

Dr Iwansuwnady,MHA

2 thoughts on “Driwan Church H9istory Collections Intro

  1. Mur July 20, 2015 / 6:40 pm

    Please find the name of Goei Huat Tjoei the translator in Kisaran also as a kapitan …. The Indonesia name was Wongso Taruno

    • iwansuwandy August 6, 2015 / 4:14 am

      Hallo Mur
      untuk memperoleh info anda harus mengajukan permintaan liwat email iwansuwandy@gmail.com, jangan lupa upload kopi KTP,riwayat pekerjann dan bidup singkat,serta alamat rumah ini
      ini pelru untuk alasan sekuriti terhadap pebnipuan di dunia maya, dan biaya mencari info tersebut dua ratus ribu rupiah,bila anda setuju ajukan permintaaan serta penuhi syarat,kemudian akan saya upload nomor account Bank BCA Saya, lalau anda transfer, kemudian saya careikan info kepada anda liwat email.
      terima kasih salam
      Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA

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