Driwan Stem Cell Therapy Information Center (intro)

Driwan Stem Cell therapy

Information Center



Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA

Copyright @ 2014



Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA
more infocontact
all free of charge
this info to all human in the world









This project dedicated

To ny family

Especially from my grand daughter

Anabella Tifanny  Pricessa (Cessa)

And MY Grandson Antoni William Suwandy

In hoping they will continiue this project’

In the future

For helping the human life against

All kinds of disease which

The power of Stem Cell

which created by The GOD


the human Scholars





During studies of new terapy for Diabetic rype2 Nephropathy, I found many information at Referencese study about Stem Cell Terapy.

I think thisStem cell Terapy must studies and created in the laboratoirum ,after that we must making many

Clinical trail as soon as possible,

But this are not my knowledge area,

Due to this reason I will promoting

This gen biotechnology  Stem Cell terapy

In my web blog Driwancybermuseum

With name Driwan Stem Cell Project Promotion

With hoping my own grandson and grand daughter with all new generation will starting to learn

And will make the imterest to built

 The Stem Cell terapy Studies

For helping the human who need

This  amazing and miracle terapy,

also helping everybody who need informations

related to this therapy, I will put the informations everday one by one and  I hope many communications and discussion which making this new therapy more knowing by everybody who need the information related to to this therapy

please contact me

the coordinator of

The Stem Cell Therapy Information Centers Project

Through email


Jakarta February 2014

Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA


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