China Pavillion in the First World Expo Ever in London in 1851


The Estampe of Sir. Xi Sheng (希生) (the third one from the right)  from Guangdong, London Expo 1851



China (French Post Offices)

This refers to general issues for all French and Indo-Chinese offices in China. Various stamps of France or Indo-China were either overprinted or inscribed CHINE. Several offices had individual issues. Prior to 1894, stamps of France were used.

The offices were at Shanghai (opened November 1862), Tientsin (16 March 1889), Chefoo (November 1898), Hankow (1898), Peking (December 1900), Amoy (January 1902), Foochow (1902) and Ningpo (1902). All closed on 31 December 1922



Im 1863
The first local Shanghai Port stamps large dragon were issued.

Marvh 1863


Foochow, 1863 (March)

cover from US Consulate in Foochow to NJ, forwarded to London, 24¢ Victoria tied on front by B62 killer on cover to Dover, NJ, then onto London. Front shows red london PAID dated 19 May and British Pkt 39 marking dated May 2(?). Reverse shows Hong Kong MR 31 63 cds and lovely, bold red “Consulate USA Foo Chow Foo” and fancy Eagle design handstamp. Slight reduction at left, F-VF, nice usage.
Estimate HK$ 1,500 – 2,000.



In 1866,

the handling of mails of foreign envoys was reassigned to the Customs. Inspector General of Customs Robert Hart accepted to undertake the duty and set up the “Customs Postal Department” to handle mail delivery. Initially the Customs postal service handled only official documents and private letters for its staff and family members. Since 1866, it began to accept and distribute legation mail pouches. From 1867, it began to accept mail articles from foreign residents to be transmitted by Tientsin-Shanghai steamers. And in 1868, the Tientsin Customs began to accept closed mail from the Tientsin community to be transmitted to Shanghai. (126)



In 1875, the Qing government ordered Li to the creation of the Northern Navy, allocated four million taels of silver a year for the training of officers and men, the purchase of warships. In 1881, the Qing government has chosen to build a naval base in Port Arthur and Weihai. December 17, 1888, the Northern Navy was officially inaugurated. Since then, modern China officially has a sixth in the world at the time called Asia’s first naval fleet. The picture shows the custom-made 1880 the Qing government to the German ironclads, the “set” because of heavy tonnage, heavy caliber guns, armor thickness, once known as Asia’s first ship in


Northern sailors and more recruitment from coastal Shandong Province, joined the army to accept the strict Western training must learn, in a six month period based on the ship operational knowledge and English. Major warship captain and senior officers of almost all specialized Chuanzheng graduation, students practice and more than once to foreign Naval Academy, the late Qing Dynasty China walk in the forefront of the modernization of the crowd. However, for this reason, the Northern Navy became a stubborn conservative moment of envy, as the target. The picture shows the drilling in Weihai Liugong Island Northern sailors


[ 转自铁血社区 ]



This to follow the example of Western naval steam of the ship as the fleet of major equipment, clothing system, changed the style of the continuation of the “livery” in China since thousands of years, began the transition to the modern direction. Even though the style of the Northern Navy clothing is still Chinese, but the colors of the clothing, cuff rank logo design concepts have begun and European standards. The picture shows a Northern naval officer to receive warships in Europe during the shooting of a photo.


Shanghai large dragon


Shanghai double dragon





Shanghai, 1877, Small Dragon, 1ca on 3ca and 1ca on 6ca, blue surcharge (Scott 79-80. Chan 65-66), without gum, lovely, nicely centered pair, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 – 1,500.


The first Large dragon stamps were issued , three types with sane design, green 1 candarin, Red 3 Candarins and yellow 5 Candarins.


Large dragon stamp

On March 9, 1878,

Robert Hart entrusted Gustav Detring, then Commissioner of Customs – Tientsin to inaugurate Customs trial-run postal service following example of the Europeans. The beginning of China’s modern post was marked with the opening of the Customs Postal Service for public mailing

on March 23, 1878,

at Peking, Tientsin, Newchwang, Chinkiang and Shanghai with Tientsin Customs as the centre. It was officially named the Customs Post Office later




Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragons on thin paper, 1ca-5ca complete (Scott 1-3. Chan 1-3), all with o.g., very clean and fresh, sharp rich deep colors, outstanding set, scarce this fine, Very FineRealized HK$ 20,000


Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragons on thin paper, 1ca-5ca complete (Scott 1-3. Chan 1-3); 5 ca couple of short perfs on right side, deep rich colors, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 10,000


Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragon on thin paper, 1 ca green (Scott 1. Chan 1), with thin gum residue; fresh, slightly wrinkled, otherwise FineRealized HK$ 5,500


Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragons on thin paper, 1ca green and 3ca brown red, 2 each (Scott 1-2. Chan 1-2), shades, all without gum or small gum residue; small odd tonings on 3ca values, F.-V.FRealized HK$ 18,000



Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragons on thin paper, 3ca brown red and 5ca orange (Scott 2-3. Chan 2-3), used, the former with Customs cds, plus a fake 3ca on card like paper, with trimmed margins all around, fake cancel, 3 itemsRealized HK$ 6,000


Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragons on thin paper, 3ca brown red and 5ca orange (Scott 2-3. Chan 2-3), both with part seal cancel, deep rich color, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 6,500


Chinese Empire, 1878, Large Dragon on thin paper, 5ca orange (Scott 3. Chan 3), used with foreign cancel “Sydney/Australia” and other foreign cancels, three different types; stamp has diagonal crease, most unusual and scarceRealized HK$ 4,000

From 1878

when the Customs Post set up to 1896 when the Imperial Post was established, modern Post of China had experienced many vicissitudes. The number of post offices increased from the original 5 to 24 offices, covered almost all places there were customs houses. A new modern postal system finally held its ground, and laid down foundation for the development of China’s first national postal service – the Imperial Chinese Post.


in January 11, 1880.

The Customs Post Office decided to print postage stamps to simplify the postal charge and account settlement. In July 1878, China’s first issue – Customs Large Dragon stamps was released. After Large Dragon, the Customs Post Office issued Small Dragon (1885) and Empress Dowager’s Birthday Commemorative / (1894) stamps.





Chinese Empire, 1883, Large Dragon on thick paper, 3ca brown red and 5ca yellow (Scott 8, 9. Chan 11-12), rough perfs, 3ca with weak inking resulting in hollow “3” and weak frameline, 5ca intensive deep rich color, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 6,500

(4) 1885
The First Small Dragon stamps were issued ,three type with same design, green 1 candarine, Brown violet 3 candarins, and red 5 candarins.



Small dragon



Chinese Empire, 1885-1888, Small Dragons mint group, including rough perfs and perforation varieties (Scott 10//15, Chan 13//21) comprised 1 ca (x6), 3 ca (x3), 5 ca, total 10 examples, some without gum, shades, overall fresh & clean, a nice group, o.g. or without gum, F.-V.F.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 – 5,000.

Chinese Imperial Local Port Stamps


Hankow 2 c


Hankow 30 c






Hankow 30 c


Foochow port stamp


Chinkiang port stamp


Kwekiang port stamp


Amoy Port Stamp


Wuhu Port Stamp


Ichang Port stamp


Nanking Post Stamp


Local Wei Hai Wei stamp


Wei Hai We LKT courier stamp


China British India stamp


China Britishpostmark A11


British A11 Shanghai


BritishCDS Wei Hai Wei


China Russia Postoffice stamp


China French Pstoffice stamp


China USA postoffice stamp


China Japan postoffice stamp


China Germanpostoffice stamps


China Italia Postoffice stamp


China Belgia Post Office stamp


Local Amoy Port Stamp 1896


Large dragon 1878



Shanghai, 1886, Small Dragon, 40cash on 100cash yellow, red surcharge varieties (Scott 117 vars. Chan LS 117a, 117ci), a lovely mint pair of these eye-catching varieties, o.g., Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 – 1,200.


Shanghai, 1886-88, Small Dragon, 40cash on 100cash yellow, red surcharge varieties (Scott 117 vars. Chan LS117a & ci), two lovely used examples showing surcharge inverted and reading from top left to bottom right varieties, Very Fine, scarce pair, each unpriced used.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 – 1,500.






Qing court the internal political struggle, the senior likes and dislikes, and other reasons, after 1888


Empress Xi Ci Stamp








Chinese Empire, 1888, Small Dragon, 1ca bright green, perf 11½ (Scott 13. Chan 19), margin block of 4, o.g., very lightly hinged at top, never hinged at bottom, beautiful front & back, a choice block, Very FineRealized HK$ 2,600




the Northern Fleet funding substantially reduced, to naval equipment update in 1890 was forced to completely terminate. For the Navy and technology are advancing by leaps and bounds, Japan by two naval expansion in the case of the rapid rise.


In 1892,

Robert Hart suggested to Tsungli Yamen to establish a national post office again,









Shanghai Local Post Card



Shanghai, 1893, Double Dragons, 5¢ carmine pink, left half with inverted surcharge (Chan LS141a), with watermarked paper, Type I with Shanghai double circle postmark in blue, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 800 – 1,200.




Chinese Empire, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 1st Printing, 1 ca value color proof on very thin cigarette paper (Scott 16 var.), without gum as issued, complete margins all around, fresh, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 800 – 1,200.


Chinese Empire, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 1st Printing, 1 ca orange red, imperf horizontally (Scott 16 var.), vertical pair, used with complete Shanghai seal chop in dark blue; some overall aged toning, stamp Very Fine, rare item. Realized HK$ 6,500


Chinese Empire, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday 1st Printing, mint group (Scott 16-20,22. Chan 22-26, 28), comprising 1ca(3), 2ca(3), 3ca(3), 4 ca(2), 5ca and 9ca, most with o.g., 12 values, a clean group, generally F.-V.F.
Estimate HK$ 2,500 – 3,000. Realized HK$ 6,500


Chinese Empire, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday 1st Printing (Scott 16-18, 20-24. Chan 22-24, 26-30), group of 11 values, comprised 1ca, 2ca, 3ca (2), 5ca, 6ca, 9ca (2), 12ca, 24 ca(2), majority very fine, odd faults on couple of values as expected, F-VF.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 – 4,500. Realized HK$ 9,000


Chinese Empire, 1894, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 1st Printing,1ca-24ca complete (Scott 16-26. Chan 22-33), neat cancels, very clean, F.-V.FRealized HK$ 10,000





To the outbreak of the Sino in 1894,

the original Northern Fleet warships, regardless of speed, rate of fire, are behind Japan. While the Empress Dowager Cixi morbid extravagance and waste, to include the Navy’s military spending, including state financial burden of non-constructive


The summer of early 1894,

Japan provoke Sino aimed at aggression against the DPRK and China. September 17, 1894, the main force of the Northern Navy and the main force of the Japanese combined fleet encountered in the waters Yalu River, the outbreak of the Sino-Japanese Navy’s first decisive naval battle known as the Yellow Sea Dadonggou.

The picture shows a Japanese war ship “Atlantis pill” shot to the naval battle scene, near the Japanese combined fleet warships, the virtual shadow of the ship in the distant smoke is the Jigong the Northern Fleet to Japan’s combined fleet


[ 转自铁血社区 ]

The beginning of the Battle of Yalu River,

the intention of the Northern Navy cross team cut off at multiple points, disrupting the formation of the Japanese columns, however, the Northern Navy Gejian ship age old, and the speed of the fire completely overwhelmed by the Japanese failed to achieve the established tactical objectives, and ultimatelyinto was the siege of the Japanese. Has suffered serious injuries of the Northern Navy “Zhiyuan” ship under the command of Captain Deng Shichang Japanese ship launched a suicide assault, the intent in order to reverse the situation, and ultimately fall short unfortunately, was sunk by the Japanese. Deng Shichang fell into the meaning of not only students, refused to rescue, Daohai was martyred.


Battle of Yalu River ended with the defeat of the Northern Navy, Northern Navy was sunk by a number of large ships, but failed to sink a Japanese ship, the loss of ship equipment too heavy, the loss of the Yellow Sea naval supremacy. The Japanese army has launched the Battle of Port Arthur and Weihai, an attempt to annihilate the Northern Navy cleared the final obstacles to landing Bohai Bay. In February 1895, experienced a bitter struggle, the downfall of the Northern Navy ammunition aid must in Weihai. The picture shows before the destruction of the Northern Navy after the Japanese torpedo hit the stranded flagship be far “to avoid falling into the scene after the rival blew.


Carved in the of Weihai land fall, Northern Naval Commander Ding Yu to organize all of the Marines through the Gulf backs against the wall on the shore of the Japanese launched a counterattack final Marines advantage of the Japanese oppression to Longmiao mouth Beach, annihilated.Ding Yu suicide. The picture shows the post-war Japanese army shot near in Longmiao mouth killed in the Northern officers and men of the Marine Corps remains.


[ 转自铁血社区 ]

(5) 1890
The Local Port shinaghai stamps double dragon were issued.

(6) 1893
The Local port stamps were issued from several port : Chefoo, Hankou(Hankow) and Chongqing(Chungqing),

(7) 1894

(a)The Local port stamps were issued from several port :Fuzhou(Foochow) , Zhenjiang(Chinkiang), Wuhu, Yichang(Ichang) and Tianjin(Tientsin).

(b) The French Post Office in Chine issued Chine surharge France stamps .(many types surcharge at many area also issued ,like Mongtse ,Yunnan Fu,Hoi-Hao , Canton,Pac Hoi,Tchong King and Kuong Tcheuo)

(8) 1895
The Local port stamps were issued from Amoy(xianmen) .

and later in 1895

made a 4 chapter, 44 articles of Postal Guide for the modern postal service. In 1896 Robert Hart succeeded in founding the Imperial Post Office and appointed the Inspector General of Posts. Money came from Customs Funds. The innumerable rules, regulations and problems that had to be overcome were legion. He paid attention to every possible matter from opening a new department to the design of a postage stamp.




Amoy, 1895, First Issue, 2¢ blue, Type 1 (Scott 3. Chan LA3), block of 4, o.g., fresh mint, Very Fine, scarce block.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 – 1,200.





Chefoo, 1895 (20 July) US – Chefoo combination piece, franked by 5¢ US Grant issue (Scott 270) tied to piece along with Chefoo 1¢ Pagoda by “Chefoo 20 JUL 95 Local Post” cds and 5¢ Grant additionally cancelled by duplex “1” and partial “Postal Agency Jul 31 Shanghai;” nice combination, F-VF.
Estimate HK$ 800 – 1,000.


Chinkiang, Postage Due, 1895, Overprinted on ½¢ wide spaced (Scott J9, var. Chan LCHD8 & 8di), horizontal 4 stamps used on piece, second stamp showing “U” in “”DUE”” inserted by hand variety, Very Fine, scarce.
Estimate HK$ 800 – 1,200.


Chinkiang, Postage Due, 1895, 15¢ carmine, black over red overprint, both inverted (Scott J12cd. Chan LCHO24b), horizontal pair, o.g.; fresh, bright pair which is sensibly reinforced, right stamp tiny, pinpoint thin speck, otherwise F.-V.F., striking variety, scarce.
Estimate HK$ 2,500 – 3,500.



Hankow, Postage Dues, 1895, Type III complete (Chan LHD11-13), o.g.; 10¢ carmine with shallow thin spot, otherwise F.-V.F., scarce set.
Estimate HK$ 4,000 – 5,000. Realized HK$ 7,500

February 17, 1895,

the Japanese Navy with the landing in the island of Liu, Ji-Canton C, the town of medium remaining 10 ship for the Japanese army captured the northern fleet was wiped out. Subsequently, the Qing government sent Li plenipotentiary to Japan to peace, and the “Sino-Japanese Treaty of Shimonoseki was signed on April 17, the Sino-end. The destruction of the Northern Navy also marks the failure of the Westernization Movement, the Qing Empire’s international standing has plummeted, and once again become the object of the powers creeping. The picture shows the Japanese occupation of the Northern Navy Liugongdao Navy hall


  • ·              战舰军港尽失,拨银数千万两打造的北洋海军成为众矢之的。而清廷内部的门户派系斗争,更让海军衙门在战争结束之前就被撤销。1895428日,光绪帝颁布上谕将大批海军军官革职查办。三个月后,北洋海军各级职务从建制上被正式取消。从1874讨论南北洋海防,到1895年北洋海军覆灭,前后历时21年。图为北洋海军覆灭后,幸存官兵被集中至威海遣散。

battleship naval port lose dial Silver number of 10.002 million to build the Northern Navy become common knowledge. The Qing government portal within the factional fighting, leaving the Navy Yamen before the end of the war has been revoked. April 28, 1895, the Guangxu Emperor issued the Edict of a large number of naval officers dismissed and punished. Three months later, the Northern Navy positions at all levels from the establishment was officially canceled. Yang Hai Phong to discuss North-South from 1874 to 1895 collapse of the Northern Navy, and it took 21 years. The picture shows after the destruction of the Northern Navy, the surviving officers and men were concentrated to Weihai severance.





W. B. Thornhill, Shanghai, 1895 first edition published by Stanley Gibbons, with notes and publishers’ prices, Extremely Fine.
Estimate HK$ 800 – 1,200. Realized HK$ 2,600



(9) 1896

(a) The Local Port stamps were issued from Nanjing(Nanking)

(b) The Qing Emperor issued a special decree giving official recognation to the “European” postals system (knowns as Foreign uniform in China ) and bringing to an end the old I cHan and Minchu Postal service .
This postal system was for many years operated by the Chinese Maritime Custom.



Chinkiang, Official, 1896, 15¢ carmine, inverted overprint variety (Scott O8a. Chan LCHO8var), o.g., never hinged, pristine mint, F.-V.F., scarce.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 – 1,200


Hankow, Postage Due, 1896, 2¢ violet on buff, Type II (Scott J6 + var. Chan LHD6 + 6a), a lovely vertical strip of 3, top stamp showing large top of left character variety, fresh, Very Fine, scarce multiple.
Estimate HK$ 1,200 – 1,600.


Hankow, Postage Due, 1896, 2¢ violet on buff, Type II (Scott J6 var. Chan LHD6a), an attractive example, showing large top of left character variety, used, Very Fine.
Estimate HK$ 1,000 – 1,400.




Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure ½¢ on Empress Dowager 2nd Printing 3ca orange, wide spacing, imperf horizontally (Scott 47c. Chan 56eii), vertical strip of 3, o.g., lightly hinged, fresh, F.-V.F.
Estimate HK$ 34,000 – 40,000.



Off Cover Used surcharge Cixi birthday 1 cent block four CDS custom Hankow Mai 3 1897


Chinese Empire, 1897, Empress Dowager 60th Birthday, 2nd Printing, 4ca pale rose (Scott 19n. Chan 25S), o.g., fresh and F.-V.F., scarce.
Estimate HK$ 2,400 – 3,000.


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure 1¢ on Empress Dowager 1st Printing 1ca vermilion, wide spacing (Scott 39. Chan 48), o.g., F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 1,100



Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure Surcharges on Empress Dowager, 2nd Printing, Wide Spacing, mint group (Scott 47//55, 73-74. Chan 56//64, 82-83), plus re-engraved set, comprised ½¢(2), 1¢(2), 2¢(2), 4¢, 5¢, 8¢, 10¢ and 30¢, re-engraved ½¢ missing corner and 2¢(2), total 14 values, majority clean and fresh overall condition, o.g., F.-V.F.
Estimate HK$ 6,000 – 7,000. Realized HK$ 11,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Small Figure Surcharges on Empress Dowager, mint group (Scott 28//36), comprising ½¢(4), including pair shifted perfs, 1¢, 2¢, 4¢, 5¢, 8¢(2) one with “8” shifted to right, 10¢ on 6¢, 10¢ on 9¢ and 10¢ on 12¢, o.g. on all values, one 8¢ bottom straight edge, clean group, 13 values, F.-V.F.
Estimate HK$ 5,000 – 6,000. Realized HK$ 9,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure Surcharges on Empress Dowager, 2nd Printing, Wide Spacing (Scott 47-51, 53-55), 8 values without 8¢ on 6ca, but with extra values, comprising ½¢(2), 1¢, 2¢, 4¢, 5¢, 10¢ on 9ca(2), 10¢/12ca and 30¢/24ca, total 11 values.
Estimate HK$ 2,500 – 3,000. Realized HK$ 5,000





Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure Surcharges on Empress Dowager, 2nd Printing, Narrow Spacing, mint & used group (Scott 65//71, 73. Chan 74-79, 83), comprised mint ½¢(2), 1¢(2), 2¢, 4¢, 10¢ and used ½¢, 1¢(3), 2¢(2), 10¢ on 9ca, 10¢ on 12ca, minor varieties noted, plus ½¢ on 3ca, total 17 values, generally F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 4,500



Chinese Empire, 1897, Small Figure Surcharges on Empress Dowager, used selection (Scott 28//36), comprised of ½¢(3), 1¢(2), 2¢(2), 4¢, 5¢(4) including pair, 8¢(3), 10¢ on 6ca, 10¢ on 9ca used on piece, 10¢ on 12ca with nearly complete “Tangku” cds in blue, overall F-VF, some faults expected, 18 values.
Estimate HK$ 2,800 – 3,500. Realized HK$ 7,500


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large Figure 30¢ on Empress Dowager 2nd Printing 24ca dark red, 2mm spacing (Scott 55a. Chan 64d), o.g., F.-V.FRealized HK$ 18,000


Surcharge Revenue




Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 80. Chan 88), o.g., small hinge remnant, clean, F.-V.FRealized HK$ 5,000






Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 1¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 78. Chan 87), o.g., fresh, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 3,400


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 1¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 78. Chan 87), o.g., hinge remnant; perfs trimmed close at top, otherwise F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 3,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 1¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 78), block of 4, part o.g., F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 26,000





Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 1¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 78. Chan 87), 3 examples, one mint and two used copies, the former has small gum thinned spot, used fine, all with surcharges shifted to the right, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 6,500


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 80. Chan 88), used, fresh, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 2,200






Chinese Empire, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 79. Chan 84), o.g., clean, exceptionally well centered, Very Fine. Realized HK$ 8,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 79. Chan 84), surcharge slightly shifted to left; small thin top left corner, Fair exampleRealized HK$ 6,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 79. Chan 84), used, well centered, Very FineRealized HK$ 6,500






Chinese Empire, 1897, Small 2¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 79. Chan 84), neat large part Customs postmark, good color and centering, Very FineRealized HK$ 19,000

good value as shown by the large surcharge type


1897 Red Revenue 4c small type surcharge $US16,000

1897 Red Revenue 4c large type surcharge $US150





Please do NOT ask members in general threads like this if items shown are for sale.
Many members show items of interest which they value greatly as part of their collection, not becuase they want to sell them. It is not appropriate to ask that question here and may cause embarrassment to members.

The separate Sales Forum is used by members specifically to list the items they wish to sell, so keep checking there if there is anything anyone is selling that you may wish to buy.
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Dr Iwan notes, I have ever seen the small overprint from Mr Untung Rahardjo in Jkarata, and I didinot know that the smallest low price, I am lucky I didsinot buy the small overprint from him because I asked him almost 1000 US dollar,be careful to buy this stamps,you must learn the inforemations in this CD-ROM)


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 4¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 82. Chan 89), o.g., hinge remnant, clean, Very Fine. Realized HK$ 11,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large 4¢ on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 82. Chan 89), has o.g. but used example, neat part Shanghai Dollar chop cancel, good color and superb centering, exceptional beauty, Very FineRealized HK$ 4,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Small $1 on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 84. Chan 86), regummed, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 38,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large $1 on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 84. Chan 90), position 14, surcharge shifted downward, o.g., good color, Very Fine. Realized HK$ 40,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large $1 on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 84. Chan 90), used, clean, F-VF, F.-V.F. Realized HK$ 22,000


Chinese Empire, 1897, Large $1 on 3¢ Red Revenue (Scott 84. Chan 90), position 7, used with complete strike of Swatow Pakua cancel, good color and centering, Extremely FineRealized HK$ 22,000


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