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The Kiss of Death by New Order

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The Sean Bean Death Reel

The World Of Men Will Fall, And All Will Come To Darkness: The Sean Bean Death Reel

By Harry Hanrahan | Posted Under Video

Everyone knows that Sean Bean is, in fact, the balls. In addition to being Boromir, Ned Stark, and 006, the man has had unnumerable classic roles, yet has flown mostly under the radar for much of his career. But if you need a tough but good looking dude to glower menacingly and hurt people, either for the angels or the devils, then Sean Bean is your man.

The downside is that, well, he dies a lot. A LOT. It’s like he entered the extra lives code and is determined to use every single last damn one of them. And thus, the wickedly brilliant Harry Hanrahan has given us this most precious of gifts — an entire video dedicated to nothing but Sean Bean death scenes. It should go without saying that spoilers abound, so beware — it’s basically an entire video of spoilers. But it is so worth your while. Trust me on this. And by the end, you will have re-lived some true classics, not to mention some total heartbreakers. So now, we present to you, courtesy of our resident video genius Mr. Hanrahan, the Sean Bean Death Reel.

Please to enjoy, and give Harry your thanks. —TK

Here is a complete list of films listed in the video (again, spoilers):

00:07 – Don’t Say a Word (2001)

00:24 – Equilibrium (2002)

00:33 – Outlaw (2007)

00:39 – Airborne (1998)

00:43 – Red Riding: In the Year of Our Lord 1974 (2009)

00:51 – Essex Boys (2000)

00:57 – Ca$h (2010)

01:02 – Patriot Games (1992)

01:14 – Black Death (2010)

01:28 – Henry VIII (2003)

01:39 – GT

01:45 – The Island (2005)

01:58 – Clarissa (1991)

02:03 – Caravaggio (1986)

02:08 – War Requiem (1989)

02:20 – The Field (1990)

02:41 – Lorna Doone (1990)

02:47 – Scarlett (1994)

02:56 – Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

03:14 – Goldeneye (1995)

03:30 – The Hitcher (2007)
Read more at http://www.pajiba

Video: Mordor – Your Next Vacation Destination
by Grae Drake | Thursday, Dec. 13 2012
Taking your family on a vacation to Fiji is so 2011. When you’re tired of life in the Shire, and you’re ready for a first-class adventure for kids and adults alike, pack your bags and come to Mordor. This travelogue shows Mordor as it really is–full of fun, excitement, romance, and a great gift shop.


Video: Mordor – Your Next Vacation Destination–mordor—your-next-vacation-destination/



It Might Get Loud

Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth director Davis Guggenheim focuses his probing lens on a subject that’s decidedly less urgent but no less fascinating with this look at the electric guitar featuring Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, U2’s the Edge, and the White Stripes’ Jack White. Growing up, all three guitarists realized their rebellion through music: Page was attempting to subvert the sugary-sweet pop music of the 1960s, the Edge was hell-bent on making the guitar solos of the 1970s a distant memory, and White used his screeching strings to buzz out the droning bass machines of the 1980s. Later, Page makes his way to Headley Grange to revisit the birthplace of “Stairway to Heaven,” The Edge digs out the original four-track rehearsals for “Where the Streets Have No Name” in Dublin, and White expresses his exuberance for revered bluesman Son House — all the while displaying their deep love for their instrument of choice by permitting the viewer a rare chance to see them refining as-yet-unreleased material. When the trio comes together for a landmark jam session, their spectacularly diverse styles and instruments become just as apparent as the shared passion that binds them all together.,31953.0/prev_next,next.html#new

Stephanie Brown Begins In ‘Batgirl: Spoiled’! batgirlspoiled

Stephanie Brown Begins In ‘Batgirl: Spoiled’!

October 8, 2012 by Joe Starr   Filed under: Batgirl, Batman, comics, DC, oracle, Penguin, stephanie brown   

“After a close call leading to a falling out with Batman and Oracle, Batgirl goes out on her own to reexamine her place in the Gotham and the world at large…”

After a massive premiere at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, the much hyped first episode of the fan created Batgirl: Spoiled is online!,31940.0/prev_next,next.html#new

Watch The Top 9 YouTube Videos Of The Week

Watch The Top 9 YouTube Videos Of The Week

If you’re looking to see the most popular YouTube videos of the week, look no further.

Once again, we’re bringing you the week’s most-watched videos, hot off the charts via YouTube Trends, a feature launched by YouTube that aggregates the site’s video stats and draws upon “the wisdom of top curators across the web” to offer visitors a look at real-time trends among the YouTube community.

So what did the web go wild over this week? A 30-story building constructed in a matter of days, a news reporter emitting a hilarious scream, an artist producing gorgeous paintings with astonishing speed — and much, much more.

Watch the 9 most popular YouTube videos of the week and vote for your favorites. Then, check out previous picks, here. For more top videos, browse our slideshow of the most-watched YouTube videos from 2011.

Story Building Built In 15 Days – Construction Time Lapse

2012: End Of The World

Siri Tried To Kill Me!

Bial Se Fode No Programa Altas Horas.. No Dia 08/01/2012

3 – Goodbye Ray – Ray William Johnson Video

2 – мастерпис.flv

#1 – Somebody That I Used To Know – Walk Off The Earth (Gotye – Cover)


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The worst Star Wars characters imaginable

Starwar episode 2 attack the clone geon


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Katt Williams Defends America Against La Reconquista

Katt Williams tears apart a Mexican Heckler who says Phoenix AZ is Mexico.

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Conquest of Space

George Pal’s now-quaint science fiction odyssey concerns a multi-national group on the first space flight to Mars. Pal pulls out all stops in the special effects department, creating “The Wheel” (a earth-orbiting circular space station), rocket launches into space, and a breathtaking near-collision with an asteroid. The film itself concerns the travails of the crew of the spaceship as they make their way to Mars. General Samuel T. Merritt (Walter Brooke) heads the team. Supporting him and along for the ride are his son, Captain Barney Merritt (Eric Fleming), Sergeant Mahony (Mickey Shaughnessy), Jackie Siegle (Phil Foster), and Imoto (Benson Fong). As the ship gets closer to their Martian quest, General Merritt cracks and tries to sabotage both the mission and the crew, babbling about the blasphemy of mankind trespassing upon God’s domain. His son is forced to kill him and save the mission, whereupon the crew peacefully lands on the Martian surface and scouts out the terrain like a group of sightseers at Lourdes before returning to Earth.

have always liked this early look at “hard” sciencefiction. Too often it was laser guns, space pirates, space creatures or creepy invaders. This was an early success at early sciencefiction based on current science, and the most likely outcome of space exploration as humanity knew it to be at that time. The deeper psychological meanings pertain not only to deep space, but any crew forced to isolation for long periods of time. And the concept of the journey being more dangerous than the destination.

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‘SpiderMonster’: ‘Sesame Street’ Pokes Fun At ‘Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark’

Ready to debut a “new and improved” book and look on Tuesday night, the much maligned “Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark” musical took some expected hits at Sunday night’s Tony Awards. But what may not have been expected? A jab from Grover and the gang at “Sesame Street.”

In a cute new video titled “SpiderMonster,” the often put-upon furry friend plays a flailing star whose frequent falls from the ceiling mock the stage malfunctions that marked the tragic first preview run of the $70 million musical. Even less flattering? The depiction of Bono.

No word on whether Julie Taymor had anything to do with this one.

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Sergiu Celibidache, probably the best orchestra director ever!

One of the greatest orquestra directors ever is the Romanian Sergiu Celibidache.He directed many famous orquestras all around the world, from Berlin to Tokio.An example of his singular talent:

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Hatsune Miku: Japanese HOLOGRAPH Plays Sold Out Concerts

In what is surely a terrible omen not only for musicians but also the continued existence of the world as we know it, holographs are now playing sold out concerts in, where else, Japan.

Holographic idol Hatsune Miku is the creation of the group Crypton Future Media, using software from Vocaloid, and the group has put the avatar on tour with a live band. The sight of thousands of screaming fans waving glow sticks while the the holograph “performs” on stage is straight out of a science fiction novel.

The avatar is huge and incredibly realistic. Check out “her” concert performance below. More videos can be found here.

WATCH: (DVice via Buzzfeed)

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Stephen Colbert Hearing (VIDEO): Updates From Colbert’s Visit To Congress

First Posted: 09-24-10 09:22 AM   |   Updated: 09-24-10 12:35 PM

Scroll down for a live-blog of the hearing

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert testified before Congress today about immigration during a hearing called “Protecting America’s Harvest.”

Colbert appeared with United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. In August, the comedian spent a day working at a corn and vegetable farm in New York state after Rodriguez appeared on his show to discuss UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

The effort is intended to debunk the theory that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens and highlight the fact the nation’s food supply is dependent on these farm workers.

Watch Colbert’s opening testimony today:

live blog
Oldest Newest
1:08 PM ET Colbert’s Parting Shot

Here’s video of Colbert’s final moment, in full, so you don’t have to rely on my fast-typing quasi-transcription.

Watch please click below,26417.0/prev_next,next.html#new

11:47 AM ET A Moment of Seriousness

Chu asks Colbert why, of all the issues he could talk about, or bring attention to, he decided to get involved in this issue. Colbert, for the first time today, drops out of character.

“I like talking about people who don’t have any power…I feel the need to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves….We ask them to come and work, and then we ask them to leave again. They suffer, and have no rights.”

He also quotes Matthew 25:40: “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.'”

That would seem to be a good place to leave this, and after summing up, Zoe Lofgren adjourns the meeting.

I hereby withdraw my skepticism on the matter of whether this appearance would have any merit.
11:40 AM ET Judy Chu

Leave it to Judy Chu to compare today’s appearance by Colbert to that time Loretta Swit testified before Congress about “crush videos.” That’s an image I didn’t need in my head. And by the way, if you don’t know what those are, don’t look them up. You don’t need to know how horrible some people are.

Chu asks Colbert if any of the workers he worked with talked about the working conditions. Colbert says that he tried to engage them in conversations, but that he didn’t speak Spanish well, and they “seemed busy.” So he did not get to talk to them about conditions and medical care. “It was hot,” Colbert says, “Hotter than I want to be.” He also says that he was unsuccessful in getting the workers to sing any field songs.
11:35 AM ET Charles Gonzalez

Because Colbert and King used most of Gonzalez’s time, he doesn’t have enough time to yell at Swain about comprehensive immigration reform. Swain specifies that she thinks that employers who employ illegal immigrants get off with a slap on the wrist. Their basic beef is just over her use of the word amnesty.
11:31 AM ET Peter King

Peter King points out that Glaze is actually paying above the minimum wage, so he doesn’t see the point in raising them to ameliorate this problem. He launches into a paean to his own awesome history as a laborer and shoveler of dirt or whatever, and that there were always Americans that would have done his job.

King takes up the same dumb procedural beef that Lungren did, because that is what Americans are in desperate need of solving.

He goes on to say that after the first amnesty, signed by Reagan, there’s been a diminishment of enforcement, and a diminishment of respect for the rule of law. He goes on to say that he’s not advocating rounding people up and putting them on trains back to Mexico. Which is a good thing! Because that sounds like something that would blow up the deficit.

Now King seems to imply that Colbert was packing corn wrong? Colbert doesn’t seem to mind, but Congress wants to make a national case out of it. So there’s a general yield so that he and King can work that out. Colbert says he was a “corn-packer that day,” but understands it is a term for a “gay Iowan, and meant no offense.”
11:22 AM ET Linda Sanchez

Hope you are loving the liveblogging of this comedy event, America! Because how often do people tune in to participate in these sorts of issues? The whole Colbert Plan may have worked!

Rodriguez reiterates that the “Take Out Jobs” program was developed by the farmers, who got tired of hearing that there actually were Americans who would do these jobs if they weren’t getting outcompeted by an immigrant workforce.

Sanchez runs down a litany of options that Congress had on the table that could have raised wages, but passed on, including some that some member who have today expressed a need to raise wages would not support.

Glaze says that he is “essentially a small business person.” But is he one by the Small Business Assocation’s definition or John Boehner’s definition?

What would they have to pay Stephen Colbert to continue working in the fields? “Whatever the SAG minimum wage is.”
11:17 AM ET Dan Lungren

Lungren has some dumb procedural beef that doesn’t relate to what’s going on in the hearing. As you may have heard, Congresscritters mainly see their dumb procedural beefs to be the top issue of the day. So and so didn’t get 72 hours to read a bill that we all know they wouldn’t bother reading even if they were given 72 days, and the other side is filled with monsters, and I want to be accommodated, because I am two years old and need someone to breast-feed me. Oh, what’s that, lobbyist? You have a free teat? Let me get my suck on!

Lungren asks if it is absolutely essential that the workers involved by on a path to citizenship and thus be put in the “front of the line.” Rodriguez says that they would not be at the front of the line, because they’d have to work in agriculture for three years before getting a green card. He doesn’t know, however, if that is a shorter or longer period of time, relative to someone who just begins the process in Mexico and jumps through all the legal hoops.

Glaze says he’s glad that people seem willing to work on the problem. He also believes that the workers would not be jumped to the front of the line. He also says that he can’t afford to lose a crop while people dither about what to do with the labor force.
11:10 AM ET Maxine Waters

Waters is very excited, ironically, because of all the talk from GOP members of getting African-Americans back to work and raising people’s wages. But for Waters, the big issue is “comprehensive immigration reform.” “That’s what we should be talking about.”

How would Rodriguez frame the idea that illegal immigrants who have been working in the U.S. for many years, be granted a path to citizenship. Rodriguez suggests that veteran workers could be brought into a guest worker program, and then brought into a state of quasi-legality whereby the workers would pay fines, offer their services to agriculture for three years, and then brought into citizenship. It’s important to note that the circumstances may be such that this makes for a good solution, but students of history might recognize that arrangement as “indentured servitude.”
11:05 AM ET Ted Poe

“Since I have no life, I actually do read the bills,” Poe says, which is too bad, because I know John Boehner has been organizing lots of fundraising parties.

Poe says that he’s convinced that wages are a huge issue and concern. Americans in the farm industry are underpaid, and so Americans on unemployment are making that sweet, sweet unemployment scrilla and aren’t exciting about picking fruit. Raise wages, deal with the need for foreign labor, but help Americans get American jobs, Poe says.

Poe asks Swain what her perscriptive is. She says, enforce the existing laws, get illegal immigrants off the payrolls, and then see how many Americans step to fill the gap. Once they have a measure where the shortfall is, a guest worker program could be used to plug the holes.

She says that the the “Take Our Jobs” program is bogus because it’s very name is bogus. “I don’t know anyone who would want to take a job held by someone else.” She should meet some of America’s unemployed! I guarantee there’s a desire to take a job, if they’re not terrible.

Poe represents Port Arthur, Texas, so here’s an interlude, of Austin’s The Gourds singing “Raining In Port Arthur.”

10:57 AM ET Sheila Jackson-Lee

Jackson-Lee says that the Democrats can’t get their colleagues to take these matters seriously. She asks Rodriguez to respond to Swain’s contention that the “Take Our Jobs” program was bogus. He says the program was designed by the workers themselves, to demonstrate that people did not want to perform those jobs. “We’re very serious,” he says.

But how do you refute Swain, Jackson-Lee asks? Is it time for comprehensive immigration reform? Colbert says that it’s time for Congress to “roll up its sleeves and face the issue mano a whatever the Mexican word for mano is.”
10:53 AM ET Power is back on.

And the power in our office is back. Our long, half-hour, localized nightmare is over.
10:52 AM ET Question Time.

Conyers and Swain immediately set to arguing over something in her book, that they two of them seem to be familiar with, but I must have missed.

Swain argues that Americans are not participating in farmwork because of the influx of cheap labor. She seems to not want to actually answer questions. She begs off answering a yes or no question by insisting that she’s not in a “court of law” and doesn’t have to. Conyers points out that she’s not in a court of law, either.

Lamar Smith is more to Swains liking. What’s the problem, he asks? She says that most American workers aren’t in lobbies and pressure groups that have the ear of Congress. She says it’s pretty clear that there actually are hundreds of workers who would take these jobs.

Smith turns his attention to Colbert, and thanks him for bringing up November and the need to read bills. Offering him a chance to “be more serious,” he asks how many of the workers he worked with were illegal. “I didn’t ask for their papers,” he says, “though I had a strong urge to.”

Does he know how much they were paid? “I didn’t work well enough to get paid, so I have nothing to compare it to.”

Would he call himself an expert on farm workers? Colbert points out that he was one of the sixteen people who participated in the program, and if anyone in Congress has similar experience, his presence at the hearing are unnecessary.

Was the work on the farm hard? Colbert replies: “It’s certainly harder than this.” Is it harder to do your comedy show? “Much harder than punditry.”

Colbert says he not only endorses the “Pledge for America,” but he endorses all Republican policies “without question.”
10:41 AM ET Stephen Colbert

Colbert says he is happy and honored to be there, to share his “vast experience” of working on a farm for one day, and hopes his fame will get this show bumped up to “C-SPAN ONE.”

He offers to prove the value of vegetables by entering his colonoscopy into the Congressional record.

By the way, the comedy is way too fast for this liveblogger!

Colbert says he “rejects the idea” that Americans won’t do farmwork because he is an American and he did it, in an effort to prove that he already had a way better job. He jokes that in November, a lot of Democrats are going to know what it’s like to lose a good job. “I do mean this sincerely…please don’t make me do this again.”

“Apparently, the invisible hand doesn’t pick beans.” Adam Smith comedy.

“I’m not a fan of the government doing anything, but I have to wonder, why isn’t the government doing anything? Like me, it’s possible that they haven’t read the bill.” He then does the inversion thing, where he comes out in favor of the bill, along with a rather cutting, subtle admonishment that Congress doesn’t always seem to act with much urgency.
10:29 AM ET Phil Glaze

Now Phil Glaze is here to talk about apples, which still need a “reliable, skilled and legal workforce” to provide detailed, manual labor. This is all in the Cider House Rules, you know.

He says the existing H2A program is not providing enough native workers. He says that “Take Our Jobs” isn’t getting enough native workers into the workforce, and says that no one in his field is surprised by this.

He’s brought an apple bucket with him, and invites the members to pick it up, and imagine what it is like to fill it “150 times a day,” while climbing ladders.

Apples are basically insanely complicated! “We could lose a whole crop if willing and able pickers are not available…if we lose apples to the ground,” he says, could cause farms to be lost to creditors.

Meanwhile, farms are going overseas, to Mexico, Brazil, and even China who are “ready to step in and steal our apples.”

“Labor shortages are not going to find me a willing buyer” for his farms, Glaze says, “Please focus on ag jobs.”
10:15 AM ET Arturo Rodriguez

Another technical note: I may have accidentally deleted the opening statements of Congressman Lungren and Dr. Carol Swain. Hopefully I didn’t!

Arturo Rodriguez is now giving his opening statement. He says that most of the industry’s problems are placed “on the backs on the workers.” He says he started the program to see who might be interested in doing this work of work. He got 8,000 to apply. Seven accepted. He says that if every immigrant worker was deported tomorrow, the industry would need to immediately hire one million people, and in all likelihood, the farming industry would collapse.

John Conyers left his mike on, so I hear him mumbling.
10:08 AM ET Power Outage!

Oh no! And now the power in our office has gone out. Excuse me while I scramble to get everything at “the internet newspaper” working again. Please stand by.
10:07 AM ET More Opening Statements

Now Lamar Smith (R-Tex) takes his turn at the whole “opening statement” thing. Most of the people in the assemblage are probably wondering where all the comedy is! But this is how Congressional hearings work: everyone on the dais blathers on for hours and hours, and when they finish, they either break for lunch or General David Petraeus faints and everyone panics.

Smith decries the Obama administration for not doing enough to monitor worksites for illegal immigrants. He’s also somewhat familiar with Colbert’s show — at one point citing a “Formidable Opponent” segment. Colbert seems surprised and pleased that Smith brings it up.

John Conyers asks Steve King if he’d be willing to help do something about raising the wages of farmworkers, and King says, sure, why not? They agree to meet after the hearing to talk about it, and everyone laughs.

Conyers goes on. He thanks Stephen Colbert for coming and bringing all this attention to the issue, saying that the last time there were this many cameras in a hearing was the Clinton impeachment. Everyone laughs. Colbert offers an awkward smile.
9:57 AM ET Howard Berman

Howard Berman is introduced to give an opening statement because he’s authored the bill that’s on the table. But he has another hearing, and won’t be remaining. He passes on his opening remarks, however, to yell at Steve King! He’s upset by King’s assertion that the UFW program is roundly alleging that there are no Americans doing any hard work. He notes that no one on King’s side of the aisle is doing anything serious to improve the wages of and working conditions on farms to bring them into alignment with what Americans would accept in return for doing these jobs.

“We can cheap seat it all you want,” he says, “But we know that without the migrant work force, there wouldn’t be cheap fresh produce.” He says he supports any effort to raise the wages of farmworkers.
9:53 AM ET And now Steve King

Steve King opens up with some strange rumination on the Eskimos, and then goes into a jag about illegal immigrants. He says that Americans are doing lots of hard work. Strangely, he references “Joe The Plumber” as a “real American doing a real job,” but so far as I know, “Joe the Plumber” is essentially a vagrant who does fifth-grade political punditry!

King says that Tom Vilsack is lying when he says that fresh fruits and vegetables would be more expensive if we didn’t have this migrant work force. “There are 8 million illegal immigrants in the workforce competing against” the nation’s unemployed.

“The percent of teenagers in the workforce has never been lower,” King says. And who doesn’t remember those halcyon days, getting out of sixth period and immediately rushing off to pick raspberries.

“Unless our immigration policies change,” King says, American workers will be undermined even after the economy recovers.

King describes diving into sewage to “retrieve a pump,” and doesn’t understand why there are Americans who don’t want to do that work. You could grow up to be a Congressman, from Iowa!
9:46 AM ET Lofgren Sums Up

Lofgren details the way farms have been closing or relocating because of this jobs crunch, pointing out that for every farm job lost, it is estimated that 3.1 downstream jobs — these typically filled by Americans — are lost along with it. For example, accountants, advertisers, shipping professionals.

Apparently, it was the UFW that introduced Lofgren to Colbert. Lofgren says that there’s a tradition of bringing “levity and fame” to a good cause.
9:42 AM ET

Zoe Lofgren has begun the session, and is immediately asking the press and photographers to pull back so they can begin. They’re resistant to this, because Stephen Colbert is a celebrity and thus affords them the chance to photograph someone whose hairstyle is not a complete tragedy.

Lofgren introduces the UFW program, attesting to the difficulty they have had recruiting native-born farmworkers and growers. It’s an issue that Lofgren has spent a lot of time working on, and she was the one who spent the day with Colbert, working on a farm in upstate New York.

Lofgren warns the audience that they need to stay quiet, or the Capitol Police will deal with them! Hopefully Code Pink will not protest these hearing with bloody limbs and posters.
9:36 AM ET Fun Fact!

C-SPAN tells me that Colbert will be the second fictional character (if he’s doing this in character) to testify before Congress. The first being Elmo, the muppet from Sesame Street. This will in no way be the first time Congress has been presented with fictional testimony, however!
9:33 AM ET

Good morning, Washington! Comedian Stephen Colbert is set to testify before a House subcommittee on immigration today. I have no idea about the relative merits of this — in fact, I’m a little bit skeptical! But it’s Friday and I’m going with it. Colbert is going to be giving testimony on the time he spent working with the United Farm Workers. That organization has this initiative called the “Take Our Jobs” program — which “challenged U.S. citizens to replace immigrants in farm work.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how the gathered legislators react to this. Colbert is reported to be appearing here today “in character,” meaning he will be maintaining the persona of the arch, addled right-wing pundit he plays on his Comedy Central show. Please note: I have no idea if that is actually what he plans to do. But the imminent threat of improv comedy has greatly rankled many members of Congress. And who can blame them? I mean, the national conversation on immigration has been so dignified, right? No one has attempted to demagogue the discussion in the hopes of winning the voter support of some narrow interest group, at all!

Congress also worries that this will be some sort of “stunt.” Oh really? You don’t say! In Congress, no one would ever use a baby for a prop, or wave handcuffs, or posters of dragons! I wonder if they worry that Colbert will diminish the gravitas of Congress, or inadvertently provide it with some.


Colbert’s Congressional Act Panned By Reporters

First Posted: 09-24-10 03:11 PM   |   Updated: 09-24-10 06:16 PM

UPDATE: 5:11 P.M.: The media came in today bound and determined to make their narrative — “OUTRAGE! Stephen Colbert addresses Congress ‘in character'” — stick, and thus far they have managed to keep it up despite the fact that it’s not, as they say, “true.”

“But wait,” you are saying to yourself, “the only way they could get away with that is to entirely ignore the answer Colbert gave to his last question!” Well, yes. And that is exactly what they are doing.

Meanwhile, Jim Newell at Gawker reports: “Fox News, GOP Congressmen Furious Over Colbert Testimony.” I should think so, probably because Colbert cited Matthew 25:40, and it made them feel a twinge of shame. Go read Jim’s entire thing, and as I started out today’s liveblog by pointing out that the halls of Congress are no stranger to the cheap, theatrical stunts that everyone was accusing Colbert of tainting Capitol Hill with, I invite you to stay to the end.

On Hardball tonight, Chuck Todd reported the episode by playing some of Colbert’s joke lines before summing it up by saying, with a reference to the “Rally To Restore Sanity,” that Colbert was actually “contributing to the insanity.” Can a brother get a retort?

Maybe instead of repeating Colbert’s punchlines, and then complaining about them, Chuck Todd could explain what the AgJOBS bill isless than a minute ago via TweetDeckAlex Pareene

Thank you!

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You may have enjoyed Stephen Colbert playing Stephen Colbert in front of a House subcommittee today, but rest assured your heroes in the field of political reporting were not a whit amused! (I know, I know, that just sort of makes you like it all the more!)

ABC News’s Rick Klein tweeted that he was “REALLY not sure this is funny.” Others were a bit more definitive. David Corn of Mother Jones said that Colbert was “making a mockery of this hearing.” The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake took it a step further, “Colbert’s testimony made a mockery of Congress, just like his show does every night.” If Blake believes it takes Colbert to “make a mockery of Congress,” then I am forced to conclude that today was the first time he ever paid attention to what goes on in Congress.

Let’s remember that here in Washington, DC, political reporters are people who find things like “Mouthpiece Theatre” to be the absolute height of hilarity. Out in America, however, people understand that there’s more to comedy than coming up with different names for beer so that you can be sexist.

Pro tip: The essential ingredients to any joke are a set-up and a punch line. The build and the pay-off. Stephen Colbert takes a character-enabled approach to this formula, in which he establishes a clear tone to his various diatribes, lures the audience into its rhythm, and then picks a moment to very pointedly alter the tone, so that he can underline a serious point without breaking his character. That’s more or less what he did today. In his opening statement, he made a clear tonal shift to make what was essentially his “thesis statement”:

    COLBERT: Maybe we can offer more visas to the immigrants who, lets face it, will probably be doing those jobs anyway. And this improved legal status, might allow immigrants recourse if they are abused. And it just stands to reason to me that if your co-worker can’t be exploited, you’re less likely to be exploited yourself, and that itself might improve pay and working conditions on these farms, so that eventually, Americans may consider taking these jobs again.

Now, I think that by and large, the setting of a Congressional hearing imposed itself enough on Colbert so that his act wasn’t as seamless as it usually is on teevee. However, the entire act was building to this one last tone shift, and here, he nailed it:

    CONGRESSWOMAN JUDY CHU: Mr. Colbert, you could work on so many issues, why are you interested in this issue?

    COLBERT: I like talking about people who don’t have any power. And this seems like some of the least powerful people in the United States are migrant workers who come and do our work but don’t have any rights as a result. And yet we still invite them to come here, and at the same time ask them to leave. And, you know, whatsoever you do for the least of my brothers, these seem like the least of our brothers, right now. And I know that a lot of people are the least of my brothers because the economy is so hard, and I don’t want to take anyone’s hardship away from them or diminish it or anything like that, but migrant workers suffer, and they have no rights.”

I think it’s funny that no one has noticed that Judy Chu found herself holding the perfect question at the best possible time (the last question of the hearing), allowing Colbert the chance to deliver his punchline here. It seems to me that in that moment, Chu was Colbert’s scene partner, not an interlocutor.

But that’s how it works!

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Red Hot Chili Peppers – Higher Ground

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Surprised Judges on Britain’s Got Talent

An open-minded view of the past allows for an unprejudiced glimpse into the future.

Logic rules.

“Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong.”

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Most Viewed YouTube Video EVER: Justin Bieber Dethrones Gaga

YouTube has a new king: Justin Bieber’s “Baby” music video has taken the video sharing site’s top spot as the most viewed YouTube video of all time.

Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” had previously reined as YouTube’s most popular, but the pop star has been dethroned.

As of Friday morning, Bieber’s music video had been viewed 245,746,720 times to Lady Gaga’s 245,570,952 views. In third place is “Charlie bit my finger–again!” with 210,208,561 views.

YouTube tweeted the news: “Well, look at that: @justinbieber passes @ladygaga for Most Viewed Video of All Time

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The Cohen’s recommend k.d. Lang

Singing legend’s son applauds k.d.’s version of Hallelujah


Posted 7 hours ago

When he was asked to perform at last week’s Olympic opening ceremonies in Vancouver, Leonard Cohen basically told organizers “hallelujah” for k.d. lang.

Adam Cohen, the son of the singing, songwriting icon, revealed in an interview on Wednesday that organizers wanted his father to appear at the kickoff ceremonies last Friday for the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

“We’re all huge fans of k.d. lang,” Adam Cohen told The Canadian Press in a telephone interview, referring to members of his family. “She’s exquisite, and in fact there was a moment where people were pressing quite hard to invite my father to participate.
“But we knew k.d. lang was going to be there, and what more do you need?”

Lang, who first included a version of Hallelujahon her 2004 albumHymns of the 49th Parallel,sang the moving anthem at Leonard Cohen’s 2006 induction into the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

At that time, he is reported to have said she performed it to “its ultimate blissful state of perfection.”

Cohen, 75, is currently on the mend after suffering a back injury while exercising earlier this month.

The recent winner of a Grammy life-t ime achievement award had to reschedule 13 concert dates while undergoing four to six months of physical therapy prescribed by doctors.

“He’s in recovery from a lower back injury,” said Adam Cohen, a singer-songwriter in his own right with a new CD in the works. “He’s a tough old dude and I think he’ll be fine.”

Leonard Cohen first recordedHallelujah on his 1984 albumVarious Positions.

He is said to be amused by its huge popularity because his label originally didn’t want the song included on the record.

But despite an initial lack of reaction, Hallelujahhas gone on to become his most covered composition, passing even the signature hitSuzanne.

Besides lang, the song has been covered by a galaxy of music stars including fellow Montrealer Rufus Wainwright, Bob Dylan, Celine Dion and even Bon Jovi.

Its enduring popularity was underscored in 2008 when it became the first song in 51 years to hold the first and second spots simultaneously on the U.K. singles chart, with versions by British singer Alexandra Burke and American Jeff Buckley.


Iann72 on YouTube

Ever since k.d. Lang sang Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, I’ve been surfing the web looking for other artists doing that fabulous song.  Here’s a guy that needs to get himself recorded with a big label.  He’s fantastic.

Out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Iann72

Singing one of the most classic songs in history – Unchained Melody  I can’t imagine how fantastic the guy would be if he came out of his bedroom and into a recording studio.

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Imagine – Eva Cassidy

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Imagine – John Lennon


a.Early August 1945:
The Shimoda detachment of the First Special Attack Force (12 Kairyu type midgets) receives a report about the sighting of an American submarine shelling Mikimoto lighthouse, off Shimoda harbor. A Kairyu is diespatched to intercept the submarine, but fails to locate it.

August ,6th.1945:

At 0815, Colonel (later Brig Gen) Paul W. Tibbetts’ B-29 “Superfortress”, nicknamed “ENOLA GAY”, of the 509th Composite Group, drops the 15-kiloton yield “Little Boy” uranium atomic bomb on Hiroshima.


Colonel Tibbetts with B-29 ENOLA GAY

That same day, following TG 35.3′s bombardment of Kushimoto, four Kaitens are deployed from Otsujima base to Tanabe to be attached to the Sixth Special Attack Unit.



C John Lennon Remembrance in Words for the 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima


The first atomic bomb

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for todayImagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peaceYou may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as oneImagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the worldYou may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one– Lyrics to “Imagine” by
John Lennon, 1971.


A-bomb goes off on Hiroshima


A watch that survived the blast which stopped at precisely 8:15


Devastation in Hiroshima….


One day after the bomb blast


Boy with burned back


A woman whose face is disfigured from the blast. Later, when the rain would fall, some of the mobile survivors would actually drink the rain water which was poisonous with radiation.


Young Japanese boy suffers from radiation burns


Japanese female whose face is totally disfigured from heat and radiation.


Another burn casualty from the A-bomb


May Man have learned from the lessons never to repeat again the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki…



Translate Indonesia:

Manusia mungkin telah belajar dari pelajaran untuk tidak mengulangi lagi


tragedi Hiroshima dan Nagasaki


Bayangkan ada Surga
Sangat mudah jika Anda mencoba
Tidak ada neraka di bawah kita
Di atas kita hanya angkasa
Bayangkan semua orang
Hidup untuk
Bayangan Hari ini



tidak ada negara
Hal ini tidak sulit untuk dilakukan
Tidak ada yang membunuh atau mati
Dan tidak ada agama juga
Bayangkan semua orang


Hidup dalam Damai Kamu  mungkin mengatakan bahwa saya adalah seorang pemimpi
Tapi aku bukan satu-satunya
Saya harap suatu hari nanti Anda akan bergabung dengan kami
Dan dunia akan menjadi seperti satu
bayangan tidak memiliki harta
Aku ingin tahu apakah Anda dapat
Tidak perlu untuk keserakahan atau kelaparan
Sebuah persaudaraan manusia
Bayangkan semua orang
Berbagi semua
dunia kamu dapat mengatakan bahwa saya adalah seorang pemimpi
Tapi aku bukan satu-satunya
Saya harap suatu hari nanti Anda akan bergabung dengan kami
Dan dunia akan hidup sebagai salah satu-
lirik untuk “Bayangkan”

John Lennon, 1971

John lennon Record Imagine 1971 Collections












Population Density

35,000 per sq mile

65,000 per sq mile

Total Casualties



Area Destroyed

4.7 sq mile

1.8 sq mile

Attacking Platform

1 B-29

1 B-29


‘Tall Boy’ 15 kT
(15,000 tons of TNT)

‘Fat Man’ 21 kT
(21,000 tons of TNT)


“Ground Zero” at Hiroshima. The A-bomb was dropped on August 6, 1945.JAPAN – The 509th CG B-29 takes off from North Field, Tinian at 0245 hours. At two-minute intervals, 2 observation B-29′s follow. At 0815 hours local, an atomic bomb is released over Hiroshima from 31,600 ft; it explodes 50 seconds later. More than 80% of the city’s buildings are destroyed and over 71,000 people are killed. The B-29 lands on Tinian at 1458 hours followed within the hour by the 2 observation aircraft.– Source: Air War Pacific Chronology: America’s Air War Against Japan in East Asia and the Pacific 1941-1945″ by Eric Hammel, (Pacifica, CA: Pacifica Press, 1988, ISBN 0-935553-26-6)


The atomic bomb used to flatten Nagasaki…



Today, Japan does not forget the loss of life and destruction through nuclear weapons…


Hiroshima’s A-bomb dome is a constant daily reminder of the consequences of a nuclear bomb


A young woman rings the bell on the 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima


Japanese visitors at Peace Memorial Park


Japanese Youth Rally– they file in a field declaring “Stop Nuclear DU Weapons.”  The hut by the two vans at the top had musicians providing “live” entertainment.


Source info  hhtp://

Indonesia independent revolution and war

The CD-Rom exist

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Epic music

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Crepuscule with Nellie – Thelonious Monk

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Rise Against, Ready To Fall,22298.0/prev_next,next.html#new

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The Flobots, Handlebars,22297.0/prev_next,next.html#new


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