The Bali History Collections Continued

This The sample Of Dr Iwan CD-ROM To Be Continued

The Bali History Collections

 Dienstmeisje van kunstschilder Lemajeur, Bali, Indonesie (1947-1953)


Created By

Dr Iwan Suwandy.MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

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Bali In

12th Century

Copper plate inscriptions of king Jayapangus, Old Balinese script, 12th century

In the 12th centurydescendant of Airlangga are also known to have ruled over Bali, such as

Jayasakti (1146–50)

 and Jayapangus (1178–81).[13]


in 1284,

the East Javanese king Kertanegara,


conquered Bali and ruled over it from Java..


The island of Java again started to encroach significantly on Bali with the invasion of Singsrari king Kertanegara in 1284. Kertanegara was then toppled by


Raden Wijaya, founder of the Majapahit Empire.[14]

Contacts with China were also important during this period.

Chinese coins, called Kepeng were in use in Bali from the 7th century.

The traditional Barong is also thought to be derived from the Chinese dragon.



In the 12th century,

king Jayapangus of Bali is known to have married

a Chinese princess.[7]

In 1292,

Kertanegara was murdered and Bali took the opportunity to liberate itself once again


The Hindu Majapahit Empire

 (1293–1520 AD)

 on eastern Java founded a Balinese colony in 1343.

 When the empire declined, there was an exodus of intellectuals, artists, priests, and musicians from Java to Bali in the 15th century

to be continued

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