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The Bali History Collections

 Dienstmeisje van kunstschilder Lemajeur, Bali, Indonesie (1947-1953)


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Dr Iwan Suwandy.MHA

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10th century

When the  Gujerati traders arrived in the 10th Century, many had converted religions already. Champions of Islam were also arriving.

Most notably, was

Syed Bukhari, who smashed his power  on a stone, so that he would not “think evil thoughts”, was one such Champion.

The stone where he smashed his power  can still be viewed in Pariaman, West Sumatera.

The Minangkabau’s are extremely proud of it, although we do not know anyone who has emulated Syed Bukhari recently.


Inter-marriages between

 Java and Bali royalty also occurred, as when


 king Udayana Warmadewa of

 the Warmadewa dynasty of Bali married a Javanese princess, sister of the Emperor of Java Dharmawangsa.

It is considered that the dynasty was founded by Sri Kesari Warmadewa in the 10th century.

Sri Kesari Warmadewa is the first Balinese king to have left an inscription with his name, on the Belanjong pillar.

The dynasty prospered for several generations, one of its descendant being the famous king Udayana Warmadewa.[1] Udayana Warmadewa was the father of Airlangga, another famous Balinese king,[2]

who also ruled over the island of Java

Their son became the great ruler of East Java

King  Airlangga, who ruled on both Java and Bali.[13]

To B4e continued

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