The Bali History Collections Continued

This The sample Of Dr Iwan CD-ROM To Be Continued

The Bali History Collections

 Dienstmeisje van kunstschilder Lemajeur, Bali, Indonesie (1947-1953)


Created By

Dr Iwan Suwandy.MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

Special For Senior Collectors

Copyright @ 2013

Bali In 3rd century


During this century Greeks built Amphitheater,


 And Roman art Mosaic pictures Ulysses and The Sirene ship



the ruler Itzamna, Mayan, Mexico, 1st-3rd

 what happened In Bali ?

 Until This day we hadn’t found related artifact from this rea. But some art near same with bali like



Mask In 3rd Century



Chicken Hanwa(Japan)



Bali 4th Century

history and art of Bali, with it’s ancient culture basically is the acculturation of local culture since pre-history, contacted with

 Hindu – Javanese local culture around 4th century


Celengan Majapahit

the adoption of Hindu-Buddhist culture.

Elephant Cave

It refers to a 1,000-year-old cave excavated here that houses the Hindu


Balinese art is art of Hindu-Javanese origin


photographed this statue of guardian

in Tirta Empul Temple, Bali.

I was amazed by the details carved on it. Balinese art is art of Hindu-Javanese origin that grew from the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom, with their expansion to Bali in the late 13th century. This is one good sample of stone carvings of Bali.

To Be Continued

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