The Bali History Collections Continued

This The sample Of Dr Iwan CD-ROM To Be Continued

The Bali History Collections

 Dienstmeisje van kunstschilder Lemajeur, Bali, Indonesie (1947-1953)


Created By

Dr Iwan Suwandy.MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

Special For Senior Collectors

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 the 1st century AD.

1st Century
History is vague for the first few centuries.



A number of Hindu artifacts were been found dating back to the 1st century (AD), which suggests that the main religion, around 500 AD, was predominantly




Until now I havenot  yet found informations from Bali,

from ist to 8th century.  this time in Euduring Roman emparire ,and somen ancient collections have found like the jewellary

 And statue which made the comparative with Bali if I find the informations from Bali let’s look

Second century

Ancient Jewellery in second century

Ancient gold jewelry: timeless beauty, technical mastery





Other collections from second century almost near same with Old Bali statue


Old Bali Wooden Carving




To Be Continued

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