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The Royal Princess Jogya Wedding Ceremony.

Introduction Marriage Akbar Sultan Palace 16 to 19 October 2011 | Wedding GRA Nurastuti Wijareni With M Ubaidillah
  Akbar Sultan Palace wedding will be held at 16 to 19 October 2011. As for his graduation ceremony the bride and groom will be held on July 3, 2011 at ward Purworetno Ngayogyokarto Sultanate Palace. Sultan Palace is currently preparing the dancers who will perform at the event’s youngest daughter married the Sultan HB X is also a finalist of Miss Indonesia 2009, GRA Nurastuti Wijareni with M Ubaidillah

Pernikahan Akbar Keraton Yogyakarta 16-19 Oktober 2011 | Pernikahan GRA Nurastuti Wijareni Dengan M Ubaidillah

Yogyakarta Love grows precisely when a position far from each other. That initial engagement GRAj Nurkamnari Goddess, the third daughter of Sri Sultan HB X, with the SE Yun Prasetyo MBA. Application was filed by mail.
Yun who now holds Purbodiningrat KPH, since Friday (9 / 5), officially became the law of Sri Sultan HB X He has edited GRAj Nurkamnari Goddess who now holds the RCC Maduretno, third daughter of the King of Yogyakarta.
Yun, son of H Djuwanto (late) and Raden Ayu Handayati Djuwanto, Gusti Goddess first met in 1994. Introduction bridged one of the companions Goddess. When introduced, they admitted there was no special feeling.
New in 2003 they met again. “We met on the street and had time to chat,” said Yun.
But that relationship has not shown the flowers of romance. Moreover, the Goddess and then continue their studies in Australia and continuing education Yun S2 in Washington DC, USA.
Interestingly, even in places far from each other it romance blossoms spread between the two. February 2008, Yun ventured to apply for her idol’s daughter.
Yun, the restaurateur and florist, also apply to the Sultan. What is also unique, applications submitted in the form of a letter written and submitted parent applicants.
“Because my father was dead, application filed on behalf of the mother. It contained more or less begged Ngarsa Dalem that we should marry his daughter.’s Letter of application written in Java and Latin,” said Yun.
Not long ago, written answers sent by messenger whose contents Dalem grant application. “So we got married,” tutrur Yun.
Yun then got promoted Kangjeng Tumengung Raden (KRT) and given the same name Purbodiningrat. Rank was raised again to Kangjeng Prince Hario (KPH) with a fixed name Purbodiningrat.
For Goddess, Yun was the first girlfriend. “He was good,” he said commenting on her partner.
Facing her marriage, Yun pleaded not have special preparation. He just set up the Al-Quran and its translation plus a set of tools that made prayer and gold wedding ring.
Thursday evening, the Sultan summoned his daughter, GKR Maduretno. In a ceremony called tantingan it, the Sultan asked the truth if her daughter wanted to marry Purbodiningrat KPH.
“Son of Queen Maduretno Kangjeng Ingsun Gusti, what sira saguh dhaup karo man Ingsun Purbodiningrat KPH?” asked the Sultan to his daughter. It means, ‘My son Gusti Kangjeng Maduretno Queen, are you willing to marry abdiku, KPH Purbodiningrat?’
The question was answered speedy way, “Inggih or yes.” Finally, in the morning ceremony took place. GKR Maduretno married themselves by the Sultan, his father.
The party was filled with white flowers and great lively. Seen a number of important guests attended the ceremony, including Vice President M Jusuf Kalla and his wife.
On behalf of Purbodiningrati, one of the relatives of Yogyakarta Palace RM Dinusatomo say, the name was originally used by the son of the elder brother of Sri Sultan HB VIII that had died. Purbodiningrat itself means the ruler of the world’s major

Sultan HB X’s youngest daughter and her partner will be carried using the royal carriage.


Gusti Maya Raden Achmad Nur Astuti Wijareni and Ubaidillah (Document Family)
YouTube – The event was held in the grand moment of Yogyakarta Palace. Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono would marry her youngest daughter, Maya Gusti Raden Astuti Wijareni Nur, by Achmad Ubaidillah on October 18, 2011.

Royal Wedding aka royal style wedding will be performed. Like what? “Royal Wedding within the meaning of marriage in court must do the traditional ceremony that we need to do,” said GKR Hemas in the House Representatives, Jakarta, Friday, September 30, 2011.

Hemas revealed, the wedding party of the people was also presented as Yogya. “Also the one that awaited the people, who awaited the palace,” he said.

According to him, people around the palace enthusiastically welcomed the event which has had its day. “They come to pray and celebrate. They want to go partying in the streets and corners of the city, so there is a festival. Later they will be entertained a number of folk entertainment while waiting for the passage of trains royal wedding, “said Hemas.

Hemas said, the concept of marriage is continuing a tradition that begins Sultan Hamengkubuwono VII. According to him, when it was sent around the bride being carried in procession. Accompany their partners around the riding. “But then arguably feudal, so the carriage ride both ways from being carried to the location of the wedding palace in kepatihan,” he said.

He added, how the procession the wedding couple’s special moments most anticipated is the community. The committee will also provide screens on street corners. “We put on some corner so people can view the proceedings Yogya,” he said.

Hemas hope, in addition to fulfilling its obligations as a parent: to marry a child, his youngest daughter’s wedding can also be a tourist attraction in Yogyakarta.

Is the bride will wear fancy clothes, such as marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton? “We still do not have that luxury. What is clear is that the concept of traditional clothing, traditional fixed, and that nothing has changed. Our son does not use expensive design, tailor lengganan keep us, “said Hemas.


Pengantin Kraton Ngayogyokarto Hadiningrat

marriage processions in Yogyakarta Kingdom. Could also to learn about Javanese Kraton used and the use of language like this is rare. according to published manuscripts Kraton.

Lane X, King Ngayogyokarto Sultanate Palace, Friday (05/09/2008) and then, all three daughters married, Gusti Raden Maya (GRAJ) Nurkamnari Goddess with Kangjeng Raden Tumenggung (KRT) Purbodiningrat. After marriage GRAJ Nurkamnari Goddess got a new name Gusti Kangjeng Queen (RCC) Maduretno, while KRT Purbadiningrat be Kangjeng Prince Harya (KPH) Purb

Flare / SOWAN Nyantri
Ing dinten Thursday Legi, dated 1941 Kaping 2 Jumada Jimawal utawi Suryo Kaping May 8, 2008.

Wanci enjing 8:00 (08:00 GMT)

Ha (1). Kangjeng Gusti Hariya Hadiwinoto Prince, the Prince Harya Bendara Gusti, the Dalem Prince Abdi Abdi Dalem Sentana sarta the carpenter Regents Punakawan sarta Kaprajan sanese sarta the Dharah Dalem jaler ingkang cepeng damel sami sami SOWAN wenten ing Gadri Dalem Kasatriyan majesties.

Na (2). Gusti Kangjeng Queen Pembayun, relict Garwa Dalem Nata, Gusti Raden Ayu Suryokusumo, the Gusti Ayu Bendara Raden, relict Kangjeng Panembahan, garwane Kangjeng Prince Harya Hadiwinoto Gusti, the relict garwa Lurah Prince, the Prince Harya Bendara garwane Gusti, the relict garwa Gusti Bendara Prince Harya, the Blood Dalem estri sarta the Abdi Dalem estri ingkang sami sami cepeng damel wenten bloom ing majesties Dalem Kedhatonan Sekar Ward.

Ca (3). Gusti Kangjeng Queen Hemas, Gusti Raden Nurkamnari Goddess Maya, the Maya sanese Gusti Raden sarta the Blood Dalem estri ingkang kakersakake ngampil ampilan bride, sami bloom ing wenten majesties Dalem Kilen Palace.

Ra (4). Raden Kangjeng Tumenggung Purbodiningrat, Hajjah Handayati Djuwanto sarta ombong sanese sami sumadya wenten griyane ing.

Waci enjing 8.30 am (08:30 GMT)

Ha (1). Kangjeng Gusti Haryo Hadiwinoto envoy Prince Prince Kangjeng Harya Wironegoro saha Kangjeng Tumenggung Danukusumo Raden, kakersakake nimbali Kangjeng Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat SOWAN Nyantri. Abdi Dalem Bidale envoy Dalem dhumateng griyane Kangjeng Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat medal majesties Dalem Regol Magangan mengangge cenela sarta numpak wimana Paring Dalem Kawedanan Hageng Punakawan sarta Kriya spacecraft.

Na (2). Gusti Kangjeng Queen (GKR) Pembayun envoy Bendara Raden Ayu serakit dhumateng majesties Dalem Kraton Kilen, kakersakake nyuwun marake Gusti Raden Nurkamnari Goddess Maya wenten ing majesties Dalem Kedhatonan Sekar Ward. Bidale Gusti Raden Ayu Bendara serakit dhumateng majesties Dalem Kraton Kilen medal seketeng sakidul majesties Queen Kencanan Dalem Ward.

Wanci enjing 9:30 (09:30 GMT)

Ha (1). Sowane Kangjeng Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat wenten ing Gadri majesties Dalem Kasatriyan kahirit Abdi-envoy-Dalem Dalem serakit ginarudug Hajjah Handayati Djuwanto sarta ombyong sanese, lumebet cempuri majesties-Dalem Palace Ngayogyakarta medal-Dalem Regol Magangan majesties. Ing Weten Gadri majesties-Dalem Kasatriyan katampi Kangjeng Gusti Prince Harya Hadiwinoto, sasampune lenggahan sawetawis lajeng Kangjeng Raden Tumenggung Purbodiningrat kapapanake wenten-ing majesties Dalem Gedhong Sri Katon. Wondene Hajjah Handayati Djuwanto sarta ombyong sanese kapapanake wenten ing board ingkang sampun disumektake

Sri Sultan HB X meninjau KPH Purbodiningrat yang sedang nyantri

Na (2). Gusti Raden Ajeng Nurkamnari Dewi katampi Gusti Kangjeng Ratu Pembayun wenten ing Kagungan-Dalem Bangsal Sekar Kedhatonan kakanthi Bendara Raden Ayu serakit, saking Kagungan-Dalem Bangsal Kraton Kilen dhumateng Kagungan-Dalem Bangsal Ratu Kencana. Sesampune lenggahan sawetawis, bakda majang sarta tarub Gusti Raden Ajeng Nurkamnari Dewi lajeng kapapanake wenten ing empar Kagungan-Dalem Bangsal Prabayeksa kidul iring wetan, wondene ampilan sarta ombyong sanese kapapanake wenten ing papan-papan ingkang sampun disumektake. ***

The Traditional Ceremony

1.Pelangkahan ceremony





the end @ copy right Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011

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