The Moamer Gadhafi Collections Part One:The Gadhafi and Lybia Postal and Numismatic History”





LIBYA 2010 “41st Anniversary of 1st September Revolution”
Date of issue: 01.09.2010
Denomination 1000 dirhams
Size of stamp mm.40×50 – Perforation 11
Printed in minisheets with 12 stamps
Printing 4-colours offset with gold foil application
Designer: Eng. Mohamed M.Tarabolsi – Khaled M.Tabbakh
Souvenir-sheet including one stamp, denomination 1500 dirhams
Size of souvenir-sheet mm.135×100
Printing 4-colours offset with gold foil application and embossing
Designer: Eng. Mohamed M.Tarabolsi – Khaled M.Tabbakh

Word from Colonel Muammar Al Gadhafi: ‘FORMING PARTIES SPLITS SOCIETIES’ – see a Libyan stamp about that, issued in 1984!!! Also, 2 FDCs from Libya. Read from BBC: ‘Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears on state TV’.

Read from BBC: ‘Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi appears on state TV’.

In 1949, George Orwell wrote ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’.
In 1984, this stamp was issued by Libya:

Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi might not be completely wrong about that.
There could be “democratic” societies that are deeply split, nonetheless.
There could be autocratic societies that are united, for a while, especially if the dictator is “enlightened”, truly serving the interest of the nation, as needed.
Not possible, you think?
Read about Cincinnatus, Dictator of the Roman Empire, not corrupted by power
 Statue of Cincinnatus, Cincinnati, OH
“With one hand he returns the fasces, symbol of power as appointed dictator of Rome. His other hand holds the plow, as he resumes the life of a citizen and farmer.”
LIBYA 2010 “Al-Fateh Revolution Through 40 Years”
Date of issue: 23.08.2010
Forty self-adhesive stamps printed in sheet
Denomination 400 dirhams each stamp
Stamps size mm.33×46 – Sheet size mm.295×295
Printed 4-colors offset with gold and green foil application
Designer: Dr. Mohammed Moammar Al-Gathafi

LIBYA 2009 “Khadafi Leader of the African Union”

Single stamp
size mm.55×37, face-value 1000 dirhams
adhesive stamp with gold foil application and embossing
Minisheet with 12 stamps
size mm.200×230
size mm.130×85, with one stamp mm.55×37 face-value 2000 dirhams
adhesive souvenir-sheet with gold foil application and embossing
Postcard postal-stationery
with pre-printed stamp face-value 1500 dirhams

// Monday, August 17, 2009

LIBYA year 2008

2008, March 2 – “People’s Authority Declaration” (31st Anniversary) 2008, April 2 – “Tripoli International Fair” (37th Session) 2008, May 1st – “WWF World Wide Fund for Nature” (Rueppell’s Fox) 2008, May 25 – “The 4th Annual Exhibition for Communication and Information Technology” 2008, July 23 – “The 56th Anniversary of 23rd of July Revolution” (Gamel A. Nasser) 2008, July 27 – “Al Gathafi Mediterranean Project 6+6” 2008, August 3 – “10th Regular Session of Leaders and Heads of States of the CEN-SAD” 2008, August 18 – “Libyan Participation in Beijing Olympic Games 2008” 2008, September 1 – “1st September Revolution” (39th Anniversary) 2008, September 1 – ” 1st September Revolution ” (39th Anniversary) 2008, September 11 – “Libya Mobile Telephone Network” 2008, September 23 – “The Fourth International Waatasemu Women Competition for Memorizing the Holy Koran”
2008, September 26 – “Exhibition of the Holy Quran Book”


2001 “32nd Anniversary of September Revolution” minisheet with 16 stamps
2001 – detail of the minisheet

2001 – two souvenir-sheets

2001 – detail of one of the stamps inside the souvenir-sheets (with gold foil application)
2002 “33rd Anniversary of September Revolution” minisheet with 16 stamps
2002 – detail of the minisheet

2002 – two souvenir-sheets

2002 – detail of one of the stamps inside the souvenir-sheets (with gold foil application)
2003 “People’s Authoirity Declaration” minisheet with 6 stamps



2003 – detail of the minisheet

2004 “Khairi Nuri Khaled” minisheet with 4 stamps
2004 – detail of the minisheet

Libyan Stamps

international childrn's day
International Children Day 1968 Postal Stamp

libyan stamp shown the slogan: freedom, socialism & unity

The Libyan GPTC (General Posts and Telecommunications Company):

The Libyan GPTC was established in 1984 to operate and maintain the Libyan postal system, the internal wire and wireless telecommunication systems, and the international communication system.

screenshot of the Libyan GPTC


History of Postal Stamps in Libya:

By the nature of the profession the early Libyan post offices were built near foreign consulates and companies at the major seaports, where people are most likely to use the service. These offices continued to operate until the Italians established their first post office to guarantee contact between the various colonies.

Among the early overprints found on Italian stamps are “Tripoli di Barbaria” and “Libia“, and after the independence of 1951 “The United Kingdom of Libya“, “The Kingdom of Libya“, and “Libya“. Some of these stamps are included in this page for historical reasons and are no longer effective. Then after the September revolution of 1969 the overprint “The Libyan Arab Jamhuriyah” appeared at the top of the stamp, like the one shown below; followed by “The Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya“, then by “The Greate Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya“.

Please note that a number of the old postal stamps shown in this webpage are not valid any more and they are here merely for historical reasons. For example all the stamps carrying the name United Kingdom of Libya or the Kingdom of Libya are no longer valid.

our army is our protective shield
Our Army Our Protective Shield
Libyan Arab Jamhuriyah (L.A.R.)

green libya stamps
Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Postal Stamps

This group of stamps illustrates the various principles on which the green revolution and commemorates the tenth anniversary of the September revolution of 1969.

Above left: “partners not paid workers”.
Above right: “wealth is in the hands of people”.
Below right: “The Third World Theory” (as explained in Gaddafi’s Green Book).
Below left (top): “a house belongs to its dweller” (people with no homes were given houses).
Below left (bottom): “arms are in the hands of people”.

green book stamps Libya
Stamps commemorating Gaddafi’s Third World Theory as described in his Green Book.

Oil & Gas Stamps


Postal stamp commemorating the inauguration of the first petrol pipe line in libya, 25th of October 1961.The first line that kept wealth pumping into the heart of the Libyan economy. The two round pipes show the oil well at

 Zelten and the sea port of Marsa Brega

.Zuetina oil terminal


Zueitina Oil Terminal Postal Stamp.

The Libyan Boy Scouts in Stamps:


libyan scouts 1962 envelope with stampsAn envelope with postal stamps commemorating the Third Philia  For The Mediteranean Boy Scouts, held in Juddaiem between the 13th and the 20th of July 1962. The actual enevelop stamp shows that the letter was sent on the opening day, the 13th.

libyan scouts 1962 Third Philia


Libyan Boy Scouts’ Website
Three stamps commemorating the Third Philia of 1962.

10th anniversary of Libya's independence

Trajan Arch in Leptis Magna

Libya’s 10th anniversary Independence: 24 December 1961.
The Arch of Trajan in Leptis Magna
libya archaeology stamp
archaeology stamp: save the Nubian antiquitiesUnesco’s Save The Nubian Antiquities Postal Stamp.

cyrenaica stamp

flowers stamp
collection of Libyan stamps
A collection of Libyan stamps from 1960s and 1970s. These stamps are no longer in operation and are shown here for historical value.
 the stamp shows Ahmed Rafik AlmehdawiThe Libyan poet exiled by the Italians during the Italian occupation of Libya. He was born in 1898 and died in 1961.
 algerian burning library stamp, 1965
 The Burnt Algerian Library


A Libyan stamp commemorating the Algerian burnt library, 1965.On the 7th of June 1962 the OAS set fire to the University of Algiers’ library, destroying a total of 112500 books. In case you are wondering what sort of organisation is this OAS, it is a militant underground group opposed to the movement of the Algerian independence. As a result, the event triggered a series of commemorative postal stamps from various countries including Libya, where the event became a symbol of Algerian wars against oppression and for freedom and independence. The Libyan stamp is remarkably similar to the stamp issued by Yemen in the same year.

arab union stamplibyan stamps from the 1960s
 international meteorological dayThe International Meteorological Day, 23rd March 1965.
 maghreb satellite communications stamp
 tripoli internation fourth fair
4th Tripoli International Fair: 28th of February to 20th of March 1965.
The 7th Arab Boy Scouts Camp, 12th of August 1966, Juddaiem.birds from libya
Libyan Birds.
 birds from Libya
 world united against malaria postal stampThe World United Against Malaria Postal Stamp 

African-European Union Third Summit (29-30/11/2010)

muhammad gaddafi issues a stamp commemorating the African summit

Muhammad Gaddafi, the secretary of the general communication board, issues a new stamp commemorating the African-European Union Third Summit in Libya.  The image and the Arabic text are a screen shot from the the Libyan General Board of Communication

libyan stamps commemorating Berber shoes and boots
Libyan stamps commemorating Libyan traditional leather shows & boots.
 dinosaurs on Libyan stamps
Dinosaurs Libyan Stamps

The Scott Stamp Catalogue:

 The Scott catalogue of postage stamps lists all the stamps of the entire world. The catalogue began as a 21-page pamphlet of American and Foreign Postage Stamps, Issued from 1840 to Date, and was published in September 1868 by a New York stamp dealer John Walter Scott. The catalogue conatined both information as well as the prices of the stamps.

  • 1867 – first J.W. Scott & Co. Monthly Price List
  • 1868 – first bound and illustrated edition of the Descriptive Catalogue of American and Foreign Postage Stamps
  • 1888 – 46th Edition of the Scott catalogue assigns a number to each stamp listed.
  • As of 2006, and despite annual changes to save space, the catalog was more than 5,000 pages.

scott catalogue website screenshot

 Libyan Goddess stamp
The Libyan Goddess Stamps


1978 “75th Anniversary of the first Powered Flight”
1978 “75th Anniversary of the first Powered Flight”
1978 “75th Anniversary of the first Powered Flight”
1978 “Birds” airletter postal-stationery with pre-printed stamp 100dh.
1978 “Birds” airletter postal-stationery with pre-printed stamp 35dh.



2008 “Rueppell’s Fox – Vulpes rueppelli” minisheet
2008 set on special FDC First Day of Issue cover with special postmark



2008 final printing-proof in complete sheet


1997 “African Wildcat – Felis lybica” minisheet


1997 imperforated set on FDC First Day of Issue cover


1987 “Slender-horned Gazelle – Gazella leptoceros”


1987 FDC First Day of Issue cover


006 “The Total Eclipse at Great Jamahiriya 29.3.2006”


Special FDC First Day of Issue cover of the Libyan Posts.

Stamped and signed by the designer of the stamps

(Mr. Khaled Tabbakh, libyan artist)


1996 “Fossils” maximum-card on postcard postal-stationery with pre-printed stamp
1996 “Fossils and Dinosaurs” (fossils: Mene rhombea, Mesodon macrocephalus, Eyron arctiformis)

1985 “Fossils” (frog, fish, mammal)1976 “Museum of Natural History” (Mastodon skull)

The Moamer Kadhafi numismatic Collections

Libya_IMG_1918, 1-Dinar Note with Muammar Qadhafi.jpg
Libya - One-Dinar Banknote, showing Muammar Qadhafi
Libya – One-Dinar Banknote, showing Muammar Qadhafi
Size: 2880×1896 / 3.9MB

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