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Sukarno book sarinah 1947,with his comment and sign in 1949.










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Rare Batavia Centrum Handstamped Postmark in 1947,on postally used small cover with  2 x Nica USAprinting stamp 2 cen(rate 4 cent),

in 1947 , there were several unique type of Nica Batavia post office handstamped CDS postmark,this one sample,other look at the chronolic collections.

Aceh revolution papermoney 1947


The Driwan’s Indonesia Independence Revolution And War  Cybermuseum


Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Collection part III in 1947

In 1947 several local Notrh(east) Sumatra  repoeblic indonesia  issued:

(a) Koela Leidong Membang Moeda Banknote

Koealoeh Leidong, Membang Moeda, 1947-1948


Koealoeh Leidong, Membang Moeda, Negara Republik Indonesia, 1947-1948

During the Dutch colonial rule in the Netherlands Indies, Membang Moeda was one of many large rubber plantations, occupying an area of 3.104 ha. It was owned by the Dutch “NV Rubber Cultuur-Mij. Amsterdam” and produced approximately 1.3 million kilo’s of rubber in 1938. Membang Moeda was situated about 50 km south of the city of Kisiran, in the administrative division Asahan, district of Laboehan Batoe, subdistrict Koealoeh Leidong, part of the Sumatra East Coast residency (Sumatera Timor). Membang Moeda was connected to the Deli railroad and had it’s own railway station. The Deli Railroad Company started in 1883 with building a railroad from Laboehan Deli to Belawan. Step by step the railroad was extended throughtout the residency and the last trajectory from Kisiran to Rantauprapat was finished in 1937, connecting Membang Moeda to the network.

(b)Local east Sumatra  Military banknote called Gun(Senapan )Money

(c) Local aceh revoluitionery papermoney 5 rupiah

Megawati was born in January 1947

1.January 1947

January_february electric billing from Djawatan Listrik dan Gas Palembang with dai nippon rev f-.15 without overprint


(1)the very rare handwritten overprint 311 Repin-donesia on Dai nippon sumatra definitif stamp 2sen ,pair two cent, Postally used money order fragment cds  tembilahan showa date 21.1.3(Jan,3rd,1947)

(2) The very rare official cover send by courier from walinegeri NRI(repoeblic Indonesia state) at  Kajai village ( near Taloe,Pasaman west sumatra) to  Military Tjamat  at Talamau village.


The promotion label of Keng Po newspaper(now became Kompas newspaper) under the  redactie leader Injo Beng Goat ,starting issued 2 january 1947, this promotianal in Star weekly magazine 29 december 1946.

January ,6th.1947

The rare of complete   Pospakket evidence form(ontvangbewijs) with pen line overprint by repoeblic pos officie Koeningan (west Java) on DEI dancer stamp


the repoeblik Indonesia National Police Pajakoemboeh(west sumatra) Travelling Pass (rare document)

January 11 1947.

 Waspada newspaper publishes first issue in Medan.


The Dutch Federaal Government ,NIT Negara Indonesia Timue(East Indonesia State) “Melantik”inagurated  their Cabinet.


The recieved of Garut Hospital Billing for medical operation Rp.50.- with java repoeblik Indonesia revenue limabelas sen(-,15) unperforated.


the express postal stationer annyversary  one years Indonesia Independence  day card added java definiti revolutioner stamp 40 seb ,sencered chope telah ditilik send from tjirebon 20.1.47 to Djakarta


(1)The Java electric billing  with revenue

(2)The only two off cover ,

(a)Typewritten overprint rep:indonesia on  dai nippon definitive sumatra stamp 20 cent.straigth two , cds  Bagansiapi-api showa date  21.1,3 or January,3rd.1947 (Riau) -the owner Ricardo,now in Deng Haag Phillatelic museum.

(b) the same stamps,single stamp on money order fragment,date  not clear ,bagansiapi-api. courtecy Dr iwan suwandy.


Dutch attack on December 30, 1946 is really crippling the power of our army. Regional army positions one by one fell into the hands of the Netherlands. In the Dutch attack overran Sikambing River, so it can break into any directions.the advanced of  struggle attracted the attention of the Commander in Medan Sumatra commandment. He considered that the struggle waged by the army People’s Regiment Field Area, is because the policy itself. Commandment decided to form a new command, led by Lt. Col. Sucipto. Handover of command took place on January 24, 1947 in Tanjung Morawa. Since then, the troops entered the Front TRI Medan Area, including assistance from Aceh who joined the Regiment of the Special Field Area.


The rare Sunrise book shop Batavia promotional on the back. send from Kelenteng Pekapuran 3 Batavia  to Surabaia.

at Back of cover  :

a) Happy New Year

(b) The spirit of the new year. Begeloralan seantaro (all) world where life is based abru atat: SAN MIN CHU I> Malay Language output () was published) Kwee Khe Soei “sunrise Bavia” 929, printed dias fine paper, compleet (complete) premises tables, 300 Pagina (page) large, disposable karrtun and National Chinese flag (Chinese Nationalist) and Partij price of 50 guilders.

Sun Yat Sen’s memoirs. AS PATRIOT Dr. Sun Yat Sen meritorious BEEN DOING GREAT WORK LIKE A BANGASA Chinese (CHINESE OVERSEAS) is that it was ERECTING Republic of China. Memoirs premises FULL IMAGE, PRICE 3 guilders. HOSTS NEED TO READ

(a) Selamat tahun Baru

(b) Semangat tahun baru. Begeloralan seantaro(segala) dunia bila dasarkan hidup abru atat :SAN MIN CHU I > Bahasa melayu keluaran ()diterbitkan) Kwee Khe Soei “sunrise Bavia”929, dicetak dias kertas halus , compleet(lengkap) denga tabel ,300 pagina(halaman) besar ,pakai karrtun dan bendera Tiongkok Nasional(Chinese Nationalist) dan partij harga 50 gulden.



(a)the letter of Patih Sragen with officail Boepati sragen handsatmped.

(b) The rare Pen line  overprint on DEI Karbouw 1 cent stamps ,postally used on the “Tanda terima Pengiriman Pospakket”(Pospakket evidence  form)

 and the same stamps in unused mint stamps put on the back of Repoeblic Indonesia paper money chnaged form

.at this time due to many fake papermoney ,Repoeblic Indonesia government asking the people to cgange their money at post office, the original will given back  and the fake one  will stamped false(palsoe) and the owner will gave the recieved.



 the author of book “Soesana Politika Semendjak Indonesia Merdeka (Political Situation Since Indonesia Independence), Mr Moetijar, gave his book to west soematra delegation with his hand written in Indonesia;” Tandamata Perdjoangan kepada toean2 oetoesan dari Soematera Barat dari Pengarang” with his handsign Djakarta 31/1-1947, the owner of the book handsigned Dr.A.R.Oesman

( the father of my friend Dr Razes Osman ) Dr Rahim Oesma had done medical autopstion the Padang city Major  Bagindo Aschischan)

2.February 1947

February,1st ,1947

The electric and gas Indramajoe recieved with  Rep.Indonesia small  Fifteen sen. -.15 limabelas sen.


indonesia journalist organisation iwi protest the PID instructions, they choosed to quit berhenti,




1). On 4 February 1947 set out rows of Special Police Tapanuli residency led by MAS KADIRAN with 150 members to the FRONT FIELD AREA. Up in P. Mas Siantar Kadiran Sumatra facing the police chief based in KBP Siantar P. R. Solomon and met with Governor of Sumatra TM HASAN in the Front Rows of the Special Police Area Medan placed in Perbaungan and High Cliff, and at the forefront of Tanjung Morawa.

2). February 15, 1947 from Battle Field Area Headquarters held throughout the Defense enemy attacks in the city of Medan, in this general attack the Dutch began to exert all the power of Weapons

3) Weight, Tanks and Aircraft, and managed to break a general attack FIELD AREA of the fighters a lot and finally fell victim FIELD AREA FRONT forces retreated to the rear lines, as well as the ranks of the Residency Tapanuli SPECIAL POLICE survive in Marendal, Tg Morawa and Pakam and eventually returned to Perbaungan.



1). Government of Indonesia failed negotiation with the Dutch Government in Linggar teak, then the task sequence SPECIAL POLICE Residency Tapanuli to be a Security Police in the line of the status quo in Medan Area, but this task can not be implemented yet for security Tapanuli Command Council and the Police Chief Residency in Tapanuli to pull back to Tapanuli. Based on MAS KADIRAN order will then ordered his men are still at the forefront in the pull back and return to the Chief Constable of East Sumatra in P. Siantar to return to Sibolga.

2) Next in Sibolga MAS KADIRAN reports to the Regional Defense Council Tapanuli and Police Chief Residency in Tapanuli about the tasks during the Medan area, then MAS KADIRAN Konsulidasi ordered troops in this plan make MAS KADIRAN Armored Cars and few long-distance shooter Weapons (cannon).


1) To accelerate the plan of Armored Cars MAS KADIRAN ask Some inmates in correctional institution who is an expert in the technique out and join the ranks of the Residency SPECIAL POLICE Tapanuli, in danger of capture of the former Japanese Army armored cars and the Dutch Army and aid in Car Repair Sibolga with hard work finally is completed Armored Cars and Armored Car generate 1 2 2.5 Ton 1.5 Ton Armored Cars and Armored Car 1 1 Ton.

2) Plan to add Next MAS KADIRAN Distance Sniper Weapons (cannon) for this MAS members KADIRAN ordered to sail to the Island Tower Poncane (Mursala) to take the former Japanese army cannon and Dutch troops, arriving on the Island Tower Poncane MAS KADIRAN ordered to examine guns after the select then traces the cannon brought to Sibolga for service.

h shootings DUTCH WAR SHIP

Torpedo IN BAY Sibolga

1) On Friday 28 April 1947 Dutch Warship Type torpedo JTI Anchoring 1.5 Miles from Labuhan Angin at Heading Sibolga information from ALRI in G. Ketapang. The situation became tense in the town of Sibolga Tapanuli Defense Council in Battleship berangkatkan headed to file a protest at the presence of Dutch Warships from the results of negotiations in the Dutch Ship Captain Ship delegation accept it and go back to the Army and Warships headed for Sabang.

February 5th.1947.

(a)Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam student organizatino is founded at Yogya.Sukarno and Hatta threatened  to resign if the Linggajati agreement is not ratified

(b)Between December 1946 and February 1947, the Dutch forces (KNIL) executed nearly 3000 people without trial.

(c) Postally used express postal stationer 1 year Indonesia independence card ,added 40 cent revolution java defintif tamp from Tjerebon cds 5.2.47 to  Djakarta (same cover with january.20th.1947

(d) The Repoeblic Indonesia’s Java Kedoe Residency  order (Koetipan Kepoetoesan Residen Kedoe) 5.2.1047 about the list of kedoe official employee , and hope the employee will : “mencurahkan segala fikiran,tenaga dan jiwa masing-masing  untuk keselamatan Negara Republic Indonesia. sign by resident secretary with  ORI overprint republic revenue -.50 (fifty cent.)


the Postally used cover from Padang to Bukittinggi with repoeblic Indonesia sumatra definitive stamps .


the postally used postcard from Pematangsiantar to Padang.with repoeblic indonesia soematra definitive stamps (rare used card)


the white big repoeblic Indonedia independence anniversary postal stationer card 10 cent with legalized Madieon CDS without date,send from  Tjaroeban to Modjokerto, added definive repoblik indonesia java stamps 4o cent , with express stamped and sencore choped “TELAH DITILIK” .


(a)The very rare ,only one ever seen postally used stationer card  Dai Nippon karbouw 3 1/2 cent , with overprint sumatra type 13 A and the rarte change with hand written 100 sen , send from CDS Loeboek aloeng  rep.Indonesia 21.2.47 to Padang.

(b) The CTO Padang repoeblik Indonesia on Dai Nippon 31/2 cent karbouw postal stationer  with double overprin Repoeblic Indonesia 15 sen small and F 0,75 (new nominal) postal stationer


(c) the same CTO postmark above on  Cover with Sumatra definitive stamps. 2x 5 sen,2×15 sen,40 sen brown and 40 sen red.

(f)The Rare Batavia Postmark on postally used cover(unique home made cover with black and red line)

(g)the rare postally used cover with Dai Nippon Lampong stamps used during Reepoeblik without Republic overprint from Telokbetong to Palembang.


The Indonesian Independent anniversary Postal Stationer  card  legalized with postal CDS without date, sent express with add Java definivie republic Indonesia Stamp 40 sen ,from Madioen to modjokerto


The Repoeblic Indonesia Income tax(Pajak Penghasilan negeri) of Padang Panjang west sumatra.3.March 1947,still used the Dai Nippon sumatra form (T)

MARCH 1947

the picture of Djakarta repoeblik Indonesia post office Pasar baroe(now Filately museum and  PFI club office) chief Mr.Abdulrachman


the original letter from Tentara Reublik Indonesia with the official stamped TRI-Republic Indonesia Army  the chief Military police at Pajakoemboeh and with the extreme rare TRI official cover send by courier  (very rare document)



(a)the very rare Postally used Dai Nippon karbouw postal sationer added  6 x Sumatra revolution definitif stamp 15 sewn and 2x 5 sen, postally used cover from Painan cds Painan 2.3.47 to Padang.( very difficult to find this common mint stamp used on cover,not many used-Dr Iwan note)


Tanjungjabung Kuala Tungkal Jambi  republic Independence fighting


A. Entering the waters of the Dutch Navy Kuala Tungkal

In Teak Linggar Agreement signed by the government of Indonesia and the Dutch government on March 2, 1947, the Dutch government expressed its recognition of the sovereignty of the government of Indonesia on the island of Java, Madura and Sumatra.

However, according to reports received, the Dutch navy frequent patrolling in the territorial waters of Kuala Tungkal (Regency Tanjung Jabung) and catch the ships passing in these waters. This means a violation of the Agreement Linggar teak. Therefore, it is in early April 1947 the Young Lieutenant Sub Ardjai of the Military Police Detachment Muara Sabak with Sergeant Major and Inspector of Police Marpi Laisa came Angkata Sea ships operating in the vicinity of Kuala Tungkal, Amsih village  marine waters is an area of ​​RI. Dutch navy on the ship were warned that they had entered the waters of Indonesia and asked to immediately leave the waters. Dutch Navy leaders stated that they were in international waters and directly hold Ardjai Lieutenant Young and his entourage on charges that threaten the security patrol extrimis Dutch navy. The accusation was denied by Lieutenant Young Ardjai by stating that they are the Army Official RI (TRI), as the evidence suggested that they were wearing military uniforms complete with rank and sign of unity Warrant Street. Rebuttal was ignored by the Dutch Navy and Lieutenant Young Ardjai with his friends remained in detention.

some moments later, came the residency Jambi Police Chief Police Commissioner Zainal Abidin with some staff of Police Inspector Adjunct Asmara Siagian, Sutarjo Police Commander, Police Agencies and mahyudi Diah Arifin Maelan Syahbandar Kuala Tungkal and Long Jakfar members of paramilitary troops escorted by a troop commander with heavily armed military led by Lieutenant Young M. Idris Saman Detachment Commander Sub PT Muara Sabak. In these forces helped Young Lieutenant and Lieutenant Young Nungcik Alcaff Jana’ib Ilyas.

To the head of the Dutch Navy who are in the ship,

the Chief of Police KeresidenanJambi protest and memperingatkan Dutch navy having entered the waters of Indonesia and the Dutch navy said the problem was to be discussed later with the head of the Royal Netherlands Army in Palembang. Police Chief Residency Ternnya jambi with his friends brought to Palembang as a prisoner on charges of provoking the Dutch warship.

In Palembang, all the prisoners brought to court and with the help of the Governor of South Sumatera Dr. Young. M. Isa all the captives were eventually in acquittal. At the time of journey from prisoner to the courtroom always get a warm welcome from the people of Palembang in the road moved at a show of hands as sympathetic to their cause.




The registered homemade cover from priaman cds 4.3.47 to kayoetanam cds 8.3.47 with 10 x Dai Nippon Yubin ovpt DEI port 40 cent type 871 violet (rate Rp.4,-) ,with brown black register pariaman label. this DN stamps still used without republic overprint.(the latest used DN stamp at  republican area)


(a)The postally used card send from Kediri, with 2×1 cent ned.Indie karbouw  and repoblic 15 sen definitif java soerabaya anniversary nopember 1945 stamps.

(b) The Revenue of repoeblik Indonesia -.50 fifty sen used on PTT document”surat pengangkatan pegawai”

(c)the Netherland Indie official institute “menyita Muatan” Isbransten ‘s Ship”Martin Behrmann”


the rare money order recu(tanda pengiriman weselpos ) CDS repoeb lik indonesia Padang 6.3.47)


the latest used of repoeblic Indonesia Reveneue -,15 (fifteen cent) at  Jakarta.


 The Padang Postman Mr Soewil have made CTO Padang rep.Indonesia  cds on overprint Rep:Ind: on Dai nippon sumatra definitve stamps at the back of Rep.Indonesia 15 sen overprin dai nippon postal staioner karbouw 31/2 cent.(this one of a mr soewil only collections during repoebli Indonesia Postal history 1945-1948,courtecy dr Iwan,found at his house after many year  apssed away by his wife and son,then bought by Dr Iwan in 1980 for te first payment their new house because the old house must bring back to the owner,all the collection keep on the roof)


The earliest date used of Repoeblik Indonesia sumatra Revenue f1,-


The extreme rare only one ever exist, the padang psotman Soweil private note the date of found reoblik Indonesia sumatra stamps with circulaire date stamped  CDS Padang rep>indonesia 13.3.47 on complete document, the indepnednce fund tsamps  40 sen brown,15 sen dark blue and 5 sen light blue, with independence fund -blank type 40 sen brown,15 sen dark blu and 5 sen light blue,this  collection sold to dr Iwan in 1982 and still in his collections.


Mr Supangkat,the secretari of Jakarta City , became the resident of Bogor.

March ,19th,1947

The certificate of redemption of a damaged motor tooling to Mr. Rahman Tanjung Morawa with good tools and the cost pairs (bill not yet paid) by the fighting battalions of the division’s chief financial officer Elephant Tentra Indonesian republic (kept by Mr. Rahman because of unpaid until after 1950 and was found in field 1985-notes Dr. Iwan)
original document:

Surat keterangan penukaran perkakas motor  yang rusak kepada bapak rahman tanjung morawa dengan perkakas yang baik serta ongkos pasang(bon belum dibayar) oleh  pejabat keuangan batalion pertempuran divisi Gajah Tentra repoeblik Indonesia(disimpan oleh bapak Rahman karena belum dibayar sampai sesudah tahun 1950 dan dietmukan di medan tahun 1985-catatan Dr Iwan)

March 25

(a)Netherlands government finally ratifies Linggajati agreement at the General Comision office at Rijswijk(now Istana Merdeka)

(b) In this day ,time 5.40 PM at Genral comision Djakarta   , the Linggarjati Agreement were sign by the member of Republik Indonesia delegation and Dutch delegeation member. Prime menister said:” stiil our heros  vs the Dutch’s son  with their gun and the murdered wapon , the look each other as the”ancaman”(threads)  that must be off(dilenyapkan)  as the enemy  which must be killed(dibunih), To found the loving seed(benih cinta)  one tother,not teh common work(bukan pekerjaan gampang), but must  with”ketelatenan”, patient(kesabaran) from the elader which guidence(menuntun)  the people to the “arah”direction of  pure love (cinta murni) as the part of human right  adn will be the based of Undang Undang Dasar Repoeblik Indonesia.

(c)Surat hitang pinjaman baterry  dan perbaikan kendaraan dari Komando tempur medan area (hutang ini tak pernah dilunaasi,tetap jadi bon,ditemukan Dr iwan di medan tahun 1986)

surat hutang ini ditulis dibelakang formulir surat keterangan Jalan resimen lasjkar Rakjat(PEOPLE LASJKAR ‘S REGIMENT )  “MEDAN AREA” LOOK ILLUSTRATION BELOW

Other unpaid billing from TNI Gajah and Mean Area Command setch belonging from the same “Bengkel Mobil Pak rahman Tanjong morawa,found at medan by Dr Iwan in 1985”



Leaders fight back streets soon realized haryus compromise for the continuation of the struggle which can not be done alone. An irregular command will not be possible to bring victory. In this case the Government and the command of Army of the Republic of Indonesia agrees to form a paramilitary unit Komado komado to unite people in Medan area, menginggat had enough strength that the People’s paramilitary troops surrounded the city medan.Diperkirakan keeeeeekuatan paramilitary troops already there are people not yet included one regiment-battalion Battalion Tentra Republic Indonesia (Army Pemerntah). tealh As previously described the cause is competition diklaangan parties including the ranks of struggle is a matter of supplies and perbelanjaaan, ka after the formation of a regular regiment of course bring consequences to perbekalan problem also (Caatan Dr. Iwan, ternyat command field area formed create a letter that was never paid huatng-these facts, see the bill that kept the original owner and later found in Medan, maybe the owner has died and the family does not mngerti historical value the debt bill.)

So for that purpose, all supplies were borne by the board of Defense of East Sumatra, located in High Cliff. Untu memimpoin Kasykar People commando regiment was entrusted to Captain Commando NIP Xarim.Untuk meudahkan voering hereinafter Medan front dining area is divided into four sectors: Western Sector held by Kaptem ABd.Hamid, East sector held Yacub Lubis, sectorutara olh Barani Xelatan Pohan and sector by Ibrahim Yahya (Yahya Aceh) Pasuka special Andalas Pesindo north by Aladdin Sitompul. Another found an empty form of Refinery Army, Bat.III.Res.I Dipisi Gadjah II Soematera Kaban Ginger (in the back letter hutangdevisi Elephant II).

2) Combat Command FIELD AREA Tanjung Morawa

British military operations intensified executed and forced the governor’s office moved into the mayor’s office. Headquarters Division II TKR was transferred again to the Siantar. Similarly, Laskar-paramilitary youth moved his base of each out of the city of Medan to consolidate. Paramilitary troops still fighting in the absence of unity of command, and coordination. Gradually they realized this weakness after several losses.
Top perakasa Regional Defense Council, then invited the commanders of the army to negotiate on the Cliff High for 2 days on 8-10 August 1946 to discuss the problem of the struggle. Finally they agreed to form the People’s Warriors Field Regiment Command Area (KRLMA). The consequence of the formation of this command, Laskar-army liberated from their respective parent organizations. Nip selected as captain Karim Marzuki Lubis as Commander and Chief of Staff. Command Headquarters located in Two Rivers. KRLMA consists of five battalions and a special company with a division of territory and responsibility for sure.
At the initiative of the leadership of the Division of Elephant and KRIRMA on October 10, 1941 approved to hold a joint attack. Targets to be seized in the East is the Kampung Medan Sukarame, River collar. On the west is the Padang Bulan Medan, Petisah, Jalan Pringgan, whereas in the south is the city of Medan Matsum that will be his target. determined movement plan, troops will move along the path Medan-Belawan.
Hari “H” is determined date October 27, 1946 at 20:00, the first target Meda east and south of Medan. Exactly on the day of “H”, A Regiment Battalion Warriors of the people under Bahar move to occupy the village of Three Markets Sukarame, while Battalion B Matsum to the city and occupied the Court Street and Main Street. In Medan west Battalion 2nd Regiment of the people and army troops moved to occupy the road Ilyas Malik Pringgan, China and Road Binjei cemetery.
It is worth noting, that some time ago, the British had to give up some powers to the Dutch. At the time some British troops preparing to be withdrawn and replaced by Dutch troops, our forces attacked them. Movements Regiment battalions Medan Area People’s army apparently wafted by the English / Dutch. Medan area south bombarded by mortar fire. Our troops returned fire and managed to mengehentikannya.
Meanwhile, the British attacked the southern field. Close combat raged in the city. On the next day Matsum eastern city was attacked again. British troops are located at Jalan Ismailiah successfully repelled.

While the battle took place, out of order on 3 November 1946 gencetan gun held to the withdrawal of British troops and the truce was made, used to negotiate determine the demarcation line. British occupation was officially handed over to the Netherlands on November 15 1946.Tiga days after the British left the city of Medan, the Dutch began to violate the truce. Brayan on the island on 21 November, the Dutch seized the property of the population, and the next day to make the issue again with the Dutch outposts fired on the troops in station Mabar Laskar, also Padang Bulan ditembaki.Pihak Laskar retaliate. Colonel Schalten shot while crossing in front of the army post. Holland responded with a massive assault on the corners of the city. Dutch Air Force bombing, while at the front south of Medan on Court Street we got heavy pressure, but troop movements in the Netherlands can Sukarame dihentikan.Pada dated December 1, 1946 our troops began firing mortars into the base target Air Polonia and the Dead River. The next day the Dutch attacked the back area behind the city. Kampung Besar, Mabar, Deli Tua, Pancur Bricks and Padang Bulan pinned down and in bombs. Of course the goal is to cut logistical support to troops in the city. But even so, the higher the morale of our troops are achieved thanks to the victory.
Because the feeling of urgency, the Netherlands asked the Chairman of RI to be stopped on the pretext of shooting to ensure the demarcation line that limits the powers of each. With the new demarcation, the troops who won places in the city, had withdrawn mundur.Selagi we will hold a consolidation in Two Rivers, Tanjung Morawa, Binjai and Tembung, they were attacked by the Dutch. The battle went all night. Dutch attack on December 30, 1946 is really crippling the power of our army. Regional army positions one by one fell into the hands of the Netherlands. In the Dutch attack overran Sikambing River, so it can break into any arah.Perkembangan struggle attracted the attention of the Commander in Medan Sumatra commandment. He considered that the struggle waged by the army People’s Regiment Field Area, is because the policy itself. Commandment decided to form a new command, led by Lt. Col. Sucipto. Handover of command took place on January 24, 1947 in Tanjung Morawa. Since then, the troops entered the Front TRI Medan Area, including assistance from Aceh who joined the Regiment of the Special Field Area.
Within 3 weeks of Field Command Area (KMA) held a consolidated, organized plan new attacks against the city of Medan. Its power is about 5 battalions to the division of the appropriate target. Hari “H” is determined February 15, 1947 and at “j” is 06.00. Unfortunately due to communication error of this attack was not done simultaneously, but nevertheless managed to make a general attack Dutch scrambling all night. Lacking heavy weapons, the way the battle is not changed. dawn our troops to retreat to Mariendal. General attack February 15, 1947 This is the last major attack launched by pejoang-pejoang in Medan Area.

Until the eve of the Dutch Military Aggression to I, where RI in Medan Area troops amounted to a riel at 7 battalion and remained in its original position which divides the Front Area of ​​sectors Medan, Medan is the east, south of Medan, Medan Medan west and north. And so did divide Medan on 4 the same sector, and thus they are directly confronted with kita.Pada troops during the Dutch Military Aggression to the I, the Dutch launched an offensive against the forces of Indonesia to all sectors. Resistance to the Dutch almost a week, and after that the troops withdrew from Medan RI Area.
Conclusion: The battle in Medan Area is the most fierce resistance and long in East Sumatra, which lasted nearly two years. In this event is to motivate young people and fighters who do not want occupation, accompanied by a tenacious attitude and never give up. But even so no matter how strong the motivation, without based on cooperation and good coordination, each activity can fail. History has proved how bitter this state. (The author is pejoang ’45 and former prisoners)

LOGAM affair,

These events were related to feelings of dissatisfaction among the public preformance which is limited to those from northern Tapanuli, with accusations that the Government had tirikan their children, he said all officials are from Aceh, no one from North Tapanuli. To menunnukkan dissatisfaction, they MADE  a demonstration, which nearly caused a shedding of BLOOD .Syyukur situations can be mastered.  SM.Amin, REsiden Aceh T.Muhammad Daudsyah dan Residen Tapanuli Dr F.L.tobing .However the situation remains critical that the Government felt to remain vigilant and find it necessary to issue an edict warning addressed to the people to split the incident so as not terjad9i, this edict was signed by Governor Young S. M. Amin, Muhammad T. Daudsyah Aceh Resident and Resident Tapanuli Dr F.L.Tobing. However the situation remains critical that the Government felt to remain vigilant and find it necessary to issue an edict warning addressed to the people to split the incident so as not terjad9i, this edict was signed by Governor Young S. M. Amin, Muhammad T. Daudsyah Aceh Resident and Resident Tapanuli Dr FLTobing.

The leader of this affair led by Mr Logam, had arrested at Pematang Siantar Jail. nbut one day there was a demostration which consist of Battaks peoples in the front of gubervernour  sumatera Office which guarded by  the official and Police which came from aceh.the demontrations sent their “Utusan” to meet with Gouvenour Sumatra,which located at the second floor, after their tals about what their wanted, as fast as built one small”panitia”  to accepted the demonstration envoy, the small panitia consist Gubernur Muda Sumatera Utara (SM Amin),Mr Abdul Abbas(staff Gouvernur Sumatra), and zmr Laut siregar(Staf Gubernur sumatra), the small Panitia meet the Demontran utusan, the demostran asking Mr Logam free from jail arrested.Gubevernour sumatera asking Let.Colonel Bachtiar, the chief of Militer Police Detasme at Pematang siantart whic he arrested Mr Logam, after get the information from Let.Col. Bachtiar, Gouvernour Sumatra release from jail arrested.


The second challenge faced was from the “Lasjkar Marsuse” pane under the leadership of the East. Lasjkar Marsuse This is a combination of several lasjkar a united and demanded an official recognition by the Government as well as a number of funds each month pernelanjaan Rp.120.000.000, -, a jumalh no small sehingga demand was rejected, consequently Pane East with several bodyguards then came to the young governor sumatra north and try to earn money by persuasion-persuasion. This persuasion did not work either, so get out the threat with the words = words: “WHEN VICE PRESIDENT ARRIVES IN LATER Siantar” (vice president is being awaited his arrival from the United Kingdom) “I will do my get it from him and WHERE NOT SUCCEED, THEN AN OCCUR FLOOD BLOOD “. But what happens is a bloodbath as a result of invasion of the Netherlands towards the republic, invasion, known as “Politioneel Actie”.



Para pemimpim perjuangan harus segera sadar kembali kejalan kompromi untuk kelanjutan perjuangan yang tidak mungkin dilakukan sendiri-sendiri. Suatu komando yang tidak teratur tidak akan mungkin membawa kemenangan. Dalam hal ini Pemerintah dan komando Tentara Republik Indonesia sependapat untuk membentuk komado guna menyatukan Komado Lasykar Rakyat di Medan area, menginggat sudah cukup banyak kekuatan Lasykar Rakyat yang mengepung kota medan.Diperkirakan keeeeeekuatan Lasykar rakyat sudah ada satu resimen belum lagi termasuk Batalion-batalion Tentra Republik Indonesia(Tentara Pemerntah).Sebagaimana yang tealh diuraikan sebelumnya  penyebab adalah persaingan diklaangan partai termasuk barisan perjuangannya adalah masalah perbekalan dan perbelanjaaan, ka setelah terbentuknya suatu resimen yang teratur tentu membawa konsekwensi kepadsa masalah perbekaln juga(Caatan Dr Iwan, ternyat komando medan area yang dibentuk membuat surat huatng yang tidak pernah dibayar-ini fakta,lihat bonnya yang asli disimpan pemilik dan kemudian  ditemukan di Medan,mungkin pemiliknya sudah meninggal dunia dan keluarga tidak mngerti nilai sejarah bon hutang tersebut.)

Maka untuk keperluan tersebut ,seluruh perbekalan ditanggung oleh dewan Pertahanan Sumatera Timur yang berkedudukan di Tebing Tinggi. Untu memimpin komando resimen Kasykar Rakyat ini dipercayakan kepada Kapten NIP Xarim.Untuk meudahkan Komando voering selajutnya makan front Medan area dibagi dalam empat sector: Sector Barat dipegang oleh Kaptem ABd.Hamid, sector Timur dipegang Yacub Lubis, sectorutara olh Barani POhan dan sector Xelatan oleh Yahya Ibrahim(Yahya Aceh) Pasuka istimewa Pesindo Andalas utara oleh Aladin sitompul. Formulir kosong lain yang ditemui dari Kilang Tentara ,Bat.III.Res.I Dipisi Gadjah II Soematera Kaban Jahe(in the back surat hutangdevisi Gajah II) .look the form below.

also found the 5 liter  cylinder .bonds which never paid,

Komando Medan area bonds of  one car batteriy

Another bon from kompani II batalion 1 Dipisi Panah(arrow)  Tanjung Morawa

Bon GPPI tanjomg Morawa  4500 F.


Operasi-operasi militer Inggris semakin intensif dilaksanakan dan kantor gubernur terpaksa dipindahkan ke kantor walikota. Markas Divisi II TKR dipindahkan pula ke Pematang Siantar. Demikian pula Laskar-laskar Pemuda memindahkan markasnya masing-masing ke luar kota Medan untuk mengadakan konsolidasi. Pasukan laskar masih bertempur tanpa adanya kesatuan komando, maupun koordinasi. Lambat laun mereka menyadari kelemahan ini setelah beberapa kali menderita kerugian.
Atas perakasa Dewan Pertahanan Daerah, maka diundang para komandan laskar untuk berunding di Tebing Tinggi selama 2 hari pada tanggal 8-10 Agustus 1946 untuk membahas masalah perjuangan. Akhirnya mereka sepakat membentuk Komando Resimen Laskar Rakyat Medan Area (KRLMA). Konsekuensinya dari pembentukan komando ini, Laskar-laskar dibebaskan dari organisasi induknya masing-masing. Kapten Nip Karim dipilih sebagai Komandan dan Marzuki Lubis sebagai Kepala Staf. Markas Komando berada di Two Rivers. KRLMA terdiri dari 5 batalyon dan 1 kompi istimewa dengan pembagian wilayah dan tanggung jawab pasti.
Atas prakarsa pimpinan Divisi Gajah dan KRIRMA pada 10 Oktober 1941 disetujui untuk mengadakan serangan bersama. Sasaran yang akan direbut di Medan Timur adalah Kampung Sukarame, Sungai Kerah. Di Medan barat ialah Padang Bulan, Petisah, Jalan Pringgan, sedangkan di Medan selatan adalah kota Matsum yang akan jadi sasarannya. rencana gerakan ditentukan, pasukan akan bergerak sepanjang jalan Medan-Belawan.
Hari “H” ditentukan tgl 27 Oktober 1946 pada jam 20.00, sasaran pertama Meda timur dan Medan selatan. Tepat pada hari “H”, Batalyon A Resimen Laskar rakyat di bawah Bahar bergerak menduduki Pasar Tiga bagian Kampung Sukarame, sedangkan Batalyon B menuju ke kota Matsum dan menduduki Jalan Mahkamah dan Jalan Utama. Di Medan barat Batalyon 2 Resimen lasykar rakyat dan pasukan Ilyas Malik bergerak menduduki jalan Pringgan, kuburan China dan Jalan Binjei.
Patut diketahui, bahwa beberapa waktu yang lalu, pihak Inggris telah menyerahkan sebagian kekuasaannya kepada Belanda. Pada saat sebagian pasukan Inggris bersiap-siap untuk ditarik dan digantikan oleh pasukan Belanda, pasukan kita menyerang mereka. Gerakan-gerakan batalyon-batalyon Resimen Lasykar Rakyat Medan Area rupanya tercium oleh pihak Inggris/Belanda. Daerah Medan selatan dihujani dengan tembakan mortir. Pasukan kita membalas tembakan dan berhasil mengehentikannya.
Sementara itu Inggris menyerang seluruh Medan selatan. Pertempuran jarak dekat berkobar di dalam kota. Pada keesokan harinya kota Matsum bagian timur diserang kembali. Pasukan Inggris yang berada di Jalan Ismailiah berhasil dipukul mundur.Sementara pertempuran berlangsung, keluar perintah pada 3 November 1946 gencetan senjata diadakan dalam rangka penarikan pasukan Inggris dan pada gencatan senjata itu dilakukan, digunakan untuk berunding menentukan garis demarkasi. Pendudukan Inggris secara resmi diserahkan kepada Belanda pada tanggal 15 November 1946.Tiga hari setelah Inggris meninggalkan kota Medan, Belanda mulai melanggar gencatan senjata. Di pulau Brayan pada tanggal 21 November, Belanda merampas harta benda penduduk, dan pada hari berikutnya Belanda membuat persoalan lagi dengan menembaki pos-pos pasukan Laskar di Stasiun Mabar, juga Padang Bulan ditembaki.Pihak Laskar membalas. Kolonel Schalten ditembak ketika meliwati di depan pos Lasykar. Belanda membalas dengan serangan besar-besaran di pelosok kota. Angkatan Udara Belanda melakukan pengeboman, sementara itu di front Medan selatan di Jalan Mahkamah kita mendapat tekanan berat, tapi di Sukarame gerakan pasukan Belanda dapat dihentikan.Pada tanggal 1 Desember 1946 pasukan kita mulai menembakkan mortir ke sasaran pangkalan Udara Polonia dan Sungai Mati. Keesokan harinya Belanda menyerang kembali daerah belakang kota. Kampung Besar, Mabar, Deli Tua, Pancur Bata dan Padang Bulan ditembaki dan di bom. Tentu tujuannya adalah memotong bantuan logistik bagi pasukan yang berada di kota. Tapi walaupun demikian, moral pasukan kita makin tinggi berkat kemenangan yang dicapai.
Karena merasa terdesak, Belanda meminta kepada Pimpinan RI agar tembak menembak dihentikan dengan dalih untuk memastikan garis demarkasi yang membatasi wilayah kekuasaan masing-masing. Dengan adanya demarkasi baru, pasukan-pasukan yang berhasil merebut tempat-tempat di dalam kota, terpaksa ditarik mundur.Selagi kita akan mengadakan konsolidasi di Two Rivers, Tanjung Morawa, Binjai dan Tembung, mereka diserang oleh Belanda. Pertempuran berjalan sepanjang malam. Serangan Belanda pada tanggal 30 Desember 1946 ini benar-benar melumpuhkan kekuatan laskar kita. Daerah kedudukan laskar satu demi satu jatuh ke tangan Belanda. Dalam serangan Belanda berhasil menguasai Sungai Sikambing, sehingga dapat menerobos ke segala arah.Perkembangan perjuangan di Medan menarik perhatian Panglima Komandemen Sumatera. Ia menilai bahwa perjuangan yang dilakukan oleh Resimen Lasykar Rakyat Medan Area, ialah karena kebijakan sendiri. lihatlah illustrasi  para pejuang dari lasjkar medan area Tanjongmorawa  dibawah ini:
Komandemen memutuskan membentuk komando baru, yang dipimpin oleh Letkol Sucipto. Serah terima komando dilakukan pada tanggal 24 Januari 1947 di Tanjung Morawa. Sejak itu pasukan-pasukan TRI memasuki Front Medan Area, termasuk bantuan dari Aceh yang bergabung dalam Resimen Istimewa Medan Area.
Dalam waktu 3 minggu Komando Medan Area (KMA) mengadakan konsolidasi, disusun rencana serangan baru terhadap kota Medan. Kekuatannya sekitar 5 batalyon dengan pembagian sasaran yang tepat. Hari “H” ditentukan 15 Februari 1947 dan jam “j” adalah pukul 06.00. Sayang karena kesalahan komunikasi serangan ini tidak dilakukan secara serentak, tapi walaupun demikian serangan umum ini berhasil membuat Belanda kalang kabut sepanjang malam. Karena tidak memiliki senjata berat, jalannya pertempuran tidak berobah. menjelang subuh pasukan kita mundur ke Mariendal. Serangan umum 15 Februari 1947 ini adalah serangan besar terakhir yang dilancarkan oleh pejoang-pejoang di Medan Area.Sampai menjelang Agresi Militer ke I Belanda, yang mana pasukan RI di Medan Area berjumlah yang riel sebesar 7 batalyon dan tetap pada kedudukan semula yang membagi Front Medan Area atas beberapa sektor, ialah Medan timur, Medan selatan, Medan barat dan Medan utara. Dan begitu pula membagi Medan atas 4 sektor yang sama, dan dengan demikian mereka langsung berhadapan dengan pasukan kita.Pada saat terjadi Agresi Militer Belanda ke I, Belanda melancarkan serangannya terhadap pasukan RI ke semua sektor. Perlawanan terhadap Belanda hampir 1 minggu, dan setelah itu pasukan-pasukan RI mengundurkan diri dari Medan Area.
Kesimpulan:Pertempuran di Medan Area merupakan perlawanan yang paling sengit dan panjang di Sumatera Timur, yang berlangsung hampir 2 tahun. Dalam peristiwa ini ialah motivasi rakyat dan Pemuda Pejuang yang tidak mau dijajah dengan disertai sikap ulet dan pantang menyerah. Tapi walaupun demikian bagaimana pun kuatnya motivasi, tanpa dilandasi kerjasama dan koordinasi yang baik, maka setiap kegiatan dapat mengalami kegagalan. Sejarah telah membuktikan betapa pahitnya keadaan ini. (Penulis adalah pejoang ’45 dan mantan tawanan)

(d) Naskah Lingarjati agreement


the extreme rare,only one exist in the world, the Repoblic Indonesia overprint Dai Nippon revenue F 5,-(new roepiah) and old f.75,- for legalized the document”Soerat talak”Islamic Divorce “by the chief of repoblic poostoffice boekittinggi official stamped.and the other rare F 2.50 revenue (not clear document)


my sister

After recieved this letter, drop first talak from brother to sister and who hear this will the witness …etc(islamic divorce or talak)

original document in Indonesia


 seterima surat ini maka jatuh talak kakanda kepada adinda  dan siapa yang mendengar itulah yang menjadi saksi  dan seterusnya.(hand written with pencil)


The State Contrubutie tax(Ijoeran negara),paid at Padang Panjang post office CDS 20,4.47.


The NICA USAprinting postalstationer landscape 3 1/2 cent send from Djakarta  to semarang.



240 people from America arrived at Tanjong Priok and went to the inner place(meneruskan perjalanan kedaerah pedalaman)


The Malang Post magazine no 11 info

(a) cover

(b)Penjara di Zaman Repoeblik

Pada hari sabtu,22 maret 1947 setelah minta izin dari tuan R.P. Bahroedin, pemimpin Pejara Daderah Malang, wartawan kitanbersama fotograaf Malang POst melangkah pintu yang meisahkan ribuan orang hukuman dari dunia luar.Kepala keamanan penjara tuan soentro menyambut kita dengan ramah-tamah. Kesan pertama yang kita dapat dari dalam penjara adalah suasana tenang dan tentram serta merasa seperti masuk dlam satu pusat  pemberi pekerjaaan yang walaupun ada sedikit primitif(sederhana) tapi cukup berguan untuk orang yang dipenjarakan, Kemudian kita melihat rumah sakit yang diatur begitu resik,hingga tidak perlu malu dengan rumah sakit biasa, tetapi persediaan obatnya masih kurang. Seblum seorang hukuman baru dapat dicampurkan dengan orang hubuman lain, mereka dimasukkan dalm blok orang baru atau karantina seperti  pulau Onrust, orang baru ditilik kesehatannya oleh doketr penjara Dr Drajat, apabila kesehatannya tidak membahhayakan barulah orang baru itu dicampurkan dengan orang hukuman lain, dalam ruamh sakit diberikan perawatan baik malah ada yang diberei minum susu sehingga mereka merasa kerasan disnan. Dari rumah sakit kita mnuju ke bermacam pekerjaaaan , seperti tempat memintal,menenum,mengayam tikar,bengkel besi,pembikinan barang dari kulit. Yang tidak bekerja disini,bekerja  cocok tanam. buah-buahan dan sayuran.kita melihat kelas buta huruf ,dimana kebetulan gurunya sedang mengajar sejumlah anak umur 16 tahun kebawah. Orang dewasa juga diajar surat menyurat. Akhirnya kita sampai kedapur, bagan penting karewna masyarakat sudah memasrahkan orang yang berdosa sehingga mereka jangan kekurangan makan dn menderita busung lapar, mereka dihukum perbuatannya dan tidak boleh menghukum jiwanya,  DSelain itu juga kita melihat penjara wanita,mereka juga  dapat bantal empuk dan pakaian perempuan penjara,sarung dan bajukurung biru yang s Semua serba baik,mereka tidak tidur diatas beton tetapi diatas ranjang dan sifat pe njara seperti rumah sekolah. (Perlu dibaca oleh pemimpin penjara masa kini untuk dijadikan contoh)


Bon pinjaman uang untuk pembelian busi mobil harga F.300 dari Wakil Kepala  Djabatan perhubungan komado Medan are (Markas Pertempoeran Komando Medan Area ) di Tanjungmorawa(rare original leasing bonds )

April 24 th.1947

Dutch create state of Pasundan in western Java.


The unpaid Bonds of The Battle ‘s command Medan Area Tanjongmorawa

April ,29th.1947

(a)The rare Repoeblic Indonesia Income Tax Paid at Padang Panjang West sumatra Postal office with CDS 29.7.1947

(b) The earliest used of ORI overprint repoblik Indonesia revenue  -.15 lima belas sen (fifteen cent) for buying bond(andeel) Menara Kudus(cigaret factory)

Look the andeel (bonds) of nv oepii below.

May 1947

In early Mei 1947, S.M.Amin was pointed as the Young Guvernour(Gubernur Muda) North Sumatra, by telegram from Vice president Moh,Hatta via Resident Aceh T.Chik Myhamaad Daudsyah.,before he was the chief executive of DPR Aceh , at last Mei he went to Pematang siantar where the capital of Sumatra Province ,in order to meet the Govermur Sumatra Tewuku Mohammads Hassan where he was inagurated , before the capital at Medan but  moving because the Dutch pressuded. Several days working, S.M.Amin must solved the LOGAM (metal) and Marsuse affairs.

original informations:

LOGAM affair,

Peristiwa ini terjadi berkaitan dengan perasaan tidak puas dalm kalangan masyarakat yang terbatas pada mereka yang berasal dari  Tapanuli utara, dengan tuduhan bahwa  Pemerintah meng anak tirikan  mereka, katanya seluruh pejabat berasal dari Aceh,tidak ada yang berasal dari tapanuli utara. Untuk menu nnukkan rasa tidak puas, mereka mengakan suatu demonstrasi , yang hampir menimbulkan suatu pertumpahan darah.Syyukur situasi dapat dikuasai . Namum keadaan tetap dirasa gawat sehingga Pemerintah tetap waspada dan merasa perlu dikeluarkan sebuah Maklumat  Peringatan yang ditujukan kepada rakyat  agar kejadian perpecahan agar tidak terjad9i,maklumat ini ditanda tangani oleh Gubernur Muda S>M>Amin, REsiden Aceh T.Muhammad Daudsyah dan Residen Tapanuli Dr F.L.Tobing.


Tantangan kedua yang dihadapi adalah dari pihak “Lasjkar Marsuse” dibawah pimpinan Timur pane. Lasjkar Marsuse ini adalah gabungan beberapa lasjkar yang bersatu dan menuntut suatu pengakuan resmi oleh Pemerintah serta  dana pernelanjaan setiap bulan sejumlah Rp.120.000.000,-,suatu jumalh yang tidak sedikit seh8ingga tuntutan itu ditolak, akibatnya Timur Pane dengan beberapa pengawalnya kemudian mendatangi gubernur muda sumatra  utara dan berusaha memperoleh uang tersebut dengan bujukan-bujukan. Bujukan ini juga tidak berhasil ,sehingga keluar ancaman dengan kata=kata:”BILAMANA WAKIL PRESIDEN NANTI TIBA DI PEMATANG SIANTAR” (wakil presiden memang  sedang ditunggu kedatangannya dari Bukittinggi)”AKAN SAYA USAHAKAN MEMPEROLEHNYA DARI BELIAU DAN BILAMANA TIDAK BERHASIL,MAKA AN TERJADI BANJIR DARAH”. Tetapi yang terjadi adalah banjir darah sebagai akibat serbuan belanda kearah daerah republik, serbuan yang dikenal dengan sebutan “Politioneel Actie”.

In May 1947, a ship named KM Trade. Bali arrested by the Dutch in the waters of Kuala Tungkal and Sea village to jambi. In addition to commodities such as rice, on the ship there is also a passenger:

1. Captain M. Thaib RH (Company Commander Kuala Tungkal)

2. Sergeant Major Cedet / Kadir Naning (Adjutant) and several bodyguards

3. National Outcome Inspector Helper. Asmara Siagian II (police officer)

4. Teacher David (Head of Religious Bureau Kuala Tungkal)

5. H. Abdullah Aziz (Kuala Tungkal Religious Judge)

6. H. Mohd. Thaib (Office of Civil Religion Kuala Tungkal)

7. Gumri Abdullah (religious teacher) and several other civilians.

KM. Bali with all its passengers were taken to Tanjung Pinang (Riau), while the rice in the waste into the sea.

Captain M. Thaib RH and Letda R. Umar and his men captured in Tanjung Pinang, other civilian passengers were freed. Captain M. Thaib RH and his men were released after the handover of sovereignty of Indonesia.


President Soekarno order as the higest Command Indonesian Army, in as fast Indonesian amred forces (TRI-tentara repoeblik Indonesia)  and the Lasjkar joined in in one organization TNI(tentara Nasional Indonesia _ Indonesia National Army)


(a)The rare emergency overprint  prangko on dai Nippon revenue at palembang, postally used cover send fro Palembang  cds 6.5.47

(b) The original letter of badan pemeriksaan Military Police Division Banteng I Sumatera


THe overprint repoeblik Indonesia -from java on Ned Indie karbouw 2 cent stamp(5x) postally used from Tjiawi to Djkarta.


The very rare used Palembang emergency overprint Repoeblik Indonesia on Dai Nippon revenue  stamps used on cover from Palembang(black and white illustration,recoloured)


The Document of repoeblic Indonesia soerakarta  Justice Court ,about the  “Ahliwaris”


 On May 10, 1947 Battleship Dutch then looked at the tip of the island Poncan Tower and soon anchorage, 1.5 Miles from the Port of Sibolga, with berlabuhnya Dutch war ships, Sibolga standby entire force deployed to keep things that are not desirable , Unity Tapanuli security delivered protest filed by the Company Commander of Navy Oswald Siahaan to Warship Netherlands, but incidents of the negotiators Oswald Siahaan with Dutch ship shootout.

3) With the incident then the chairman of the Defense Council Tapanuli Dutch Warships ordered to immediately leave the port if no action will be taken. The whole combat ready troops firing when the Dutch ship did not go, because the Dutch did not leave the Ship Defense Council ordered to shoot a Dutch ship, resulting in the crossfire between the forces of Indonesia by the Dutch Warship for 6 hours, Dutch Warship finally shoot blindly Ship The Dutch left the Gulf War Sibolga

4) With the blind blindly Dutch war ship then fired Sibolga MAS KADIRAN mepercepat ordered and mobilized for the completion of the manufacture of cannon, unfortunately while testing the cannon, one of the members of Barisan SPECIAL POLICE Residency Tapanuli named “LUNCIUS Simanjuntak” dead less than a month the death Luncius Simanjuntak cannon shooter Distance MAS KADIRAN completed with the name calling Meriam Meriam “LUNCIUS” in order to commemorate the name of one of the members who died while testing the cannon. Finally, experts in these techniques can resolve the 3 pieces of cannon, a cannon shooter distance size of 8 inches, one anti-aircraft cannon and a cannon Anti Tank Cal. 3.8 inch.

i. SPECIAL POLICE FORCES row Tapanuli INTO CAR Brigade residency residency Tapanuli

(MBK Tapanuli)

1) In accordance with the provisions of the Branch Bureau of Police for the Sumatra and Tapanuli Command Chief Residency at the melting renamed “POLICE CAR residency Tapanuli Brigade” Brigade POLICE CAR’s name is based on the letter of Command Chief of Police No. Young. : 126 / 78 / 91 November 14, 1946. concerning the establishment of Mobile Brigade in each of the residency of the formation of the Brigade Police Cars are meant to uniform name, rank structure, the task of working procedures of the police forces that are at the Residency in Indonesia where the name of a wide Variety of Police, there PATRIOT POLICE, POLICE EXEMPLARY, SPECIAL POLICE Barisan , POLICE FAST MOTION. etc.

2) The main purpose of the establishment of Mobile Brigade is composed Forces – the small army as the core of a strong police firepower with high mobility, in each residency in the form of Mobile Brigade residency (MBK) and led by a TK-POLICE INSPECTOR I / II as for the strength of 100 people or more, with space covering the entire residency, Administration, Organization and under the leadership Tactical Police Chief Residency.

3). In addition to the residency of Mobile Brigade (MBK), the Center / Bureau held Reservists are called Mobile Brigade LARGE (MBB), led by the Bureau MBB A POLICE COMMISSIONER receiving command and directly responsible to the Head of State Police. Reservists / MBB-strength 100 s / d 600 Armament Members who complete it.

May 11 th.1947.

Sultan Hamid II of Pontianak governed the “Daerah Istimewa Kalimantan Barat” in cooperation with the Dutch (corresponding to today’s Kalimantan Barat province). He was arrested in 1950 for involvement in a plot against the Indonesian government.

Dutch create state of West Kalimantan with Sultan of Pontianak at head; Sjahrir protests

Dutch vehicle in flames after a guerilla ambush at Puncak, April 1947


Radio Station at delangoe picture during “diresmikan” President soekarno

May ,15th.1947

Used local soematra repoblik Indonesia bea meterai (revenue) f.15,- type WSR 2.(rare nominal)(if the speciaolist collector want to know the different of type WSR 1 and WSR 2 ,please subscribed as the block premium member-Dr Iwan Not, different design of repoeblik Indonesia bea meterai)


the rare Palembang republic overprint PTT NRI on Dai Nippon stamp used on complete document


The official letter from Bandung ,cds Bandoeng BKT 1 22.3.47 to  Batavia centrum. arrived CDS  Batavia C the back of cover.


The used local Sumatra repoblik Indonesia revenue f 1,-(small f) in may,23th 1947, theearliest  12/3.47. two different colour,type WSR 2.


The recieved of building cionstruction from palembang with  Overprint Palembang PTT NRI in round ball Dai Nippon revenue


The latest used of Local  sumatra repoeblik Indonesia revenue f.150  in May.29th,1947, the earliest Sepetember,16th.1946,type WSR 1


The tranportation(pengankutan)  of  last  350  APWI_allied Prisoner  War Indonesia (rombongan tahanan perang) from Republic area arrived at Jakarta.


The picture of Genral sudirman,and othe TNI leader , during “dilantik”inaugurated  by Presiden sukarno at president nRI  Palace Jogya.

(a)In June 1947, Lieutenant Young A. Page Yatub and Sergeant Tambunan arrested by the Dutch Navy in the waters between Kuala Tungkal Sea and the village, they served to bring fighters from Kuala Tungkal incorporated in Lasyakar commander to be sent to the Front Estuary Rupit / Lubuk Linggau.

Dutch complain that Indonesia is stopping shipments of rice to Dutch-controlled areas.Egypt and Syria recognize the Republic of Indonesia.

Menistery Moh.Roem, Mr Amir Sjarifuddin,Hemangku Buwono and Mr A.Madjid arrive at Jakarta due to Prime Menistry St Sjahrir invitation because the situation became worst(suasana semakin Genting)

June ,3th.`1947

(a)Tentara Keamanan Rakyat (Indonesian Army) is renamed Tentara Nasional Indonesia or the unity of TRI and Lajkar Rakyat  Indonesia.

(b) The used local sumatra repoeblik Indonesia revenue  f.25,-, earliest date June,3th.1947, and the latest November.13th.1947( the revenue became up in june from  f 15,-)


The rare document of Aceh Railway (Kereta Api) office


The Unpaid bond Billing  of Komando tempur Medan Area Tanjoengmorawa (east sumatra)


the rare document of the chief of Loerah amapaloe west sumatra repoeblic village(Waminegeri pemerintah repoeblik Indonesia) official stamped . the document about “harta Poesaka”


the rare Medeka newspaper card send  express mail from Djakrta to jogyakarta,with 2x 15 sen and 1×40 sen java repoeblic Indonesia definitive stamps.

June ,18th.1947

The very rare postally used emergency stamps overprint prangko on dai nippon revenue  f0,50 and f 2,- cds Palembang 18.6.47 to Painan west sumatra.

and the complete series of the stamp above in mint (unused) condition.


The Ned Indie Briefkaart kartoepos karbouw 3 1/2 cent send from  Gouw Ho machine fabric Pejagalan 2 CDS Batavia 26.6.47 first type to Semarang

The Poster of Bale Poestaka Batvia Centrum the Lampoeng Book by K.R.A.A. Probonegoro.(rare Nica poster)

(c)the rare bookstore cover with Dr sunyatsen san min chu I book promotion

June 26

(a)Dutch forces mobilize for an invasion of Madura, and eventually Java. William Foote, a USA diplomat, intervenes and offers to mediate between Dutch and Indonesians. The invasion is postponed.

(b) The rare Komando Tempoer Medan area Billing Bond which never pain,sign at Kabanjahe 26.7.1947.

June 27

(a)president’s announcement No.6 YEAR 1947

Berhubung with the urgency of the situation at the present time, the President of the Indonesian republic, on 06/27/1947, government  completely took power for a while,

Yogyakarta, 03:30 hours

dated 26.7.1947

President of the Indonesian republic


at the same time, General Spoor, the DEI chief command, issuing orders dag (Day Order):

1, Day of week begins with the transfer 26/06/1947 all vehicles by the Dutch Military. 2. Sunday afternoon began with the consolidation of all forces that will participate in aksi.3.Senin 30/06/1947 at 3:30 am (AM) beginning with affeideningsactie vanuit aanvalpunten (attack points) 4.senen 06.00 (AM) morning begins with a general attack across the front. 5.Didaerah which has been occupied by Dutch troops have conducted large-besaran.6.Seluruh pengankapan houses of any nation must also digeledah.7.Perintah is valid if the Saturday date of 06/28/1947 at 14:00 (PM) tidka revoked.

With the leaking of the above order of the day, the Great Commander General Sudirmasn menegeluarkan command as follows:

1.Angkatan the Republic of Indonesia and all the people should remain firm, vigilant, alert and ready (not careless) .2. If the Dutch army at one place has started to conduct the attacks on the Indonesian side should be held as well as possible resistance, no (not necessary) to wait for another command from the helm of the republic Indonesia.3.Gerakan Prerang Force general on the whole of Indonesia to maintain a State run by orders from the helm of the army of the Republic of large-scale battles Indonesia.4.Jika ynag didajului actual (executed) by dutch army, then the resistance simultaneously (total) that best

original Info:


bBerhubung dengan gentingnya keadaan pada waktu sekarang,maka Presiden repoeblik Indonesia,pada tanggal 27.6.1947 ,mengambil kekuasaan Pemerintah sepenuhnya untuk sementara waktu,

Yogyakarta,jam 03.30

tanggal 26.7.1947

Presiden Repoeblik Indonesia


 at the same time,General Spoor ,the DEI chief command , mengeluarkan dag order(Day Order):

1, Hari minggu 26.6.1947 dimulai dengan pengoperan semua kendaraan oleh Militer Belanda. 2. Minggu sore dimulai dengan konsolidasi seluruh pasukan yang akan ikut dalam aksi.3.Senin 30.6.1947 jam 03.30 pagi(AM) dimulai dengan affeideningsactie vanuit aanvalpunten(titik serangan) 4.senen jam 06.00(AM) pagi dimulai dengan serangan umum diseluruh front.5.Didaerah yang telah diduduki oleh tentara belanda harus diadakan pengankapan besar-besaran.6.Seluruh rumah dari bangsa apapun juga harus digeledah.7.Perintah ini berlaku jika pada hari sabtu tanggal 28.6.1947 jam 14.00(PM) tidka dicabut.

Dengan bocornya perintah harian diatas, maka Panglima Besar Jendral Sudirman  menegeluarkan perintah sebagai berikut:

1.Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia dan rakyat seluruhnya harus tetap tegas,awas,waspada dan siap sedia(jangan lengah).2.Jika disalah satu tempat tentara Belanda telah mulai mengadakan serangan maka dari pihak Indonesia harus segera mengadakan perlawanan sebaik-baiknya,tidak usah(tidak perlu)  menunggu Komando lagi dari pucuk pimpinan Angkatan Prerang republik Indonesia.3.Gerakan umum mengenai seluruh Indonesia untuk mempertahankan Negara dijalankan dengan perintah dari pucuk pimpinan angkatan perang Republik Indonesia.4.Jika pertempuran besar-besaran ynag sesungguhnya didajului(dijalankan) oleh tentara belanda,maka perlawanan serentak(total) yang sebaik-baiknya

(b)Amir Sjarifuddin and the “Left Wing” withdraw support of Sjahrir. Sjahrir leaves the government and becomes Indonesia’s representative at the United Nations. Amir Sjarifuddin becomes Prime Minister

Dutch soldiers in Batavia, 1947. By the start of the first Dutch “police action”, there were 92,000 Dutch forces in Indonesia.


the unpaid bonds for medan areacommand  headquater ‘s car (TRI 26) reapiar  by Mr Abdoekl Rahman Tandjong Morawa left. this bod sign by Letnasn A.rahman with medan area official choped,

also look the picture of Medan area headquaters  after burn during politional action


The rare Repoeblic Indonesia Special Card with pen line overprint on dancer 2 cent with Repoeblic Java definitive 3 cent, postally used send from Djakarta.


(1) the month of July 1947, Vice President Mohammad Hatta arrived in Siantar in the review of the Sumatran, after several ahari he was disana.Gubernur sumatra received the news of a private intelligence, that the Dutch army had occupied the city of high cliffs and continue toward the town of siantara, being The TNI and Police beriat no nothing. This is important news as soon submitted to the vice president M. Hatta. meanwhile sma news from the TNI and police followed, so that immediate action should be taken to save the Vice President who happened to be in Sumatra Siantar.Gubernur Pematang instructed to his car, Chrysler’s 7-seat (white elephant) immediately covered with leaves so that the color white no longer visible from the ship flying the Dutch. After consultation with the Vice-President Hatta, Governor sumatra plan to bring him to Brastagi, through Kananjahe and so on through Sidikalang to Bukittinggi. For that SM Amin ordered his driver to fill a full tank for the trip jauh.SEmentara Car gurbenur Sumatra past noon ready wrapped and covered with leaves. Since that time is the Fast, then paced a little food for Iftar are already prepared, had taken Similarly, the car used Sumatra.Anak Vice President and governors of Sumatra Governor and Wife and all goods are in his house had been left in Siantar, cukuk no time anymore to take care of it, handed it to God SWT.Rombongan just waiting for the arrival of Governor Mr Young. SM.Amin, so that can go together, but setalh how long to wait, he never dtang, his car was not returned from filling the fuel (BBM). Apparently accomplice in Siantar NICA has begun to play a role. Therefore it was already two o’clock in the afternoon (PM) then took the decision to Sumatra Guernur bernagkat to Brastagi, Mr. SM Amin was able to catch up later. Head with rush to Brastagi need to done in order  to prevent the Vice President was arrested by Dutch troops, it turns out later that the Dutch troops entered the town of siantar approximately 45 minutes after Vice President Moh.Hatta entourage departed, the group survived until the Brastagi afternoon.

look the illustration of vice presiden Moh Hatta  during departed to balige from pematang siantara and  from there to Tapanoeli and Bukittingi

Governor Young SM Amin who still lives in Siantar the Dutch army entered the city, asked to come to the office to the Netherlands to be examined

original info(ibid. Mr teuku Mohammad hassan,1986)

Dalam bulan July 1947, wakil Presiden Mohammad hatta tiba di pematang siantar dalam peninjauan ke sumatera, sesudah beberapa ahari beliau berada disana.Gubernur sumatra menerima berita dari seorang intel pribadi, bahwa tentara Belanda sudah menduduki kota Tebing tinggi dan terus menuju kota Pematang siantar,sedang dari pihak TNI dan Polisi belum ada berita apa-apa. berita penting ini segera disampaikan kepada wakil Presiden M.Hatta. sementara itu berita yang sma dari TNI dan Polisi menyusul,sehingga segera perlu diambil tindakan untuk menyelamatkan Wakil Presiden yang kebetulan berada di Pematang Siantar.Gubernur Sumatera menginstruksikan supaya mobilnya,Chrysler 7-seat(Gajah Putih) segera ditutup dengan daun-daun agar warna putihnya tidak kelihatan lagi dari kapal terbang Belanda. Sesudah bermusyawarah dengan Wakil Presiden Hatta,Gubernur sumatra merencanakan untuk membawa beliau ke Brastagi,melalui Kananjahe dan seterusnya melalui Sidikalang ke Bukittinggi. Untuk itu S.M Amin menyuruh supirnya untuk mengisi bensin penuh untuk perjalanan jauh.SEmentara Mobil gurbenur Sumatera lewat tengah hari siap dibalut dan ditutup dengan daun-daunan .Berhubung waktu itu adalah bulan Puasa,maka serba sedikit makanan untuk berbuka puasa yang sudah disiapkan,terpaksa dibawa pula dengan mobil yang digunakan Wakil Presiden dan gubernur Sumatra.Anak dan Isteri Gubernur Sumatra dan seluruh barang-barang yang ada dirumahnya terpaksa ditinggal di siantar,tidak cukuk waktu lagi untuk mengurusnya,diserahkan saja kepada Allah SWT.Rombongan hanya menunggu kedatangan Gubernur Muda Mr.SM.Amin,supaya dapat berangkat bersama, tetapi setalh menunggu berapa lama, ia tak kunjung datang,ternyata mobilnya belum kembali dari mengisi bahan bakar(BBM). Rupanya kaki tangan NICA di siantar sudah mulai memainkan peranannya,. Oleh karena waktu sudah menunjukkan jam dua siang(PM) maka Guernur Sumatra mengambil keputusan untuk bernagkat ke Brastagi,sedang Mr SM Amin bisa menyusul kemudian. Berangkat dengan bvuru-buru ke Brastagi perlu duilakukan untuk mencehag Wakil Presiden ditangkap oleh tentara Belanda,ternyata kemudian bahwa tentara belanda masuk kota Pematang siantar kira-kira 45 menit setlah rombongan Wakil Presiden Moh.Hatta berangkat,rombongan selamat sampai di Brastagi sore hari. Gubernur Muda SM AMIn yang masih tinggal di Pematang siantar waktu tentara Belanda masuk kota,diminta datang kekantor belanda untuk diperiksa.

(2)The July 1947, HUa Ning Tsing Nien Hui bewij van Lichmaatschap tevens contributiekaat(Chinese overseas Contrubution Card)


the very rare Dai Nippon Java 5 sen used with added  repoeblik Indonesia 17.8.45 anniversary bull stamps,cds Poerwokerto  sedn to Kebumen central java.


The unpaid Gasoline(bensin) five liter to Bengkel Rahman  from medan area command tanjong morawa.sign with official stamped.which never paid until the owner died.J


the rare Medreka News paper in fo today:


Bukittinggi, 1 July 1947.Kemarinrombongan Moh.Hatta vice president accompanied by rombonga Gurbernur Sumatra that now exists in New York City went to Loeboek aloeng 30 miles of desert. On the ground the vice president, Mr. Soerjo former governor of East Java and host Soepardo a speech in a rally which was held on that day. on his way home, the group stopped at the school who headed the INS kayoe Plant Moh lord, Syafei. Today Vice President headed back home and tomorrow he will go on to a new feed to Riau.


At 23:15 hours jogia 2-6.47 date night, President telang issued orders to Mr. Amir Sjarifuddin, Dr. AK Gani and Drs Setiadjid to form a Cabinet that is responsible and the national character. The formation of this cabinet must have been completed and has diserakan to the President on July 3 before 12 noon.


 Mr. Noor Tadjuddin former chairman of the State of East Indonesia’s parliament is now in solo explain bahma intent after his arrival in Java is no longer served as chairman of the parliament will see the NIT is the political situation here, especially pemb icaraan will also hold the leaders of the republic of Indonesia’s independence struggle Indonesia. He also explained that the position of cabinet Nadjamoedin would soon collapse if it is not getting any help from the dutch again. In general, people in the NIT really Repoeblikein, at least 80 percent among people who love republic, feeling too happy and willing to “adanya tantangan” Sjahrir to the Dutch prime minister to hold a plebiscite. regarding the status of Papua, mr Tadhuddin explained that according to information obtained from the van Mook, Papua has not been able to actually enter the NIT and will still be subject to the people of Papua, but later of course, also enter part of the union Indonesa Negra.

Permit DIRECTLY TO CHINA TO gwan Mr Tan Po

According to the announcement of the Ministry of State Urusanan Peranakkan begun on 17 July 1947, permission to go to Jakarta for the Chinese to inland areas on the way back to China, no longer maintained by lkementerian abroad through the medium of the interior ministry but by the Ministry of State for Peranakan (Mr Tan Po Gwan)



“Shadows Fadjar Time”

Celebrating Artists Congress.

With the leading artist of the theater yanr: Sofiah, Sukarno, Oedjang, Moestadjab, Goddess Reni, Ismail and others

original info;


Bukittinggi,1 juli 1947.Kemarinrombongan Wakil presiden Moh.Hatta diiringi oleh rombonga Gurbernur Sumatra yang sekarang ada di bukittinggi berangkat ke Loeboek aloeng 30 km dari padang. Ditempat itu wakil Presiden  ,Tuan soerjo bekas gubernur Jawa Timur dan tuan Soepardo mengadakan pidato dalam rapat raksasa yang dilangsungkan pada hari itu. dalam perjalanannya pulang ,rombongan singgah di sekolah INS kayoe Tanam yang dikepalai tuan Moh,Syafei. hari ini Wakil Presiden menuju kampung halaman beliau dan besok akan meneruskan perjalanan ke Pakan baru menuju Riau.


Di jogia tanggal 2-6.47 jam 23.15 malam, Presiden telang mengeluarkan perintah kepada Mr Amir Sjarifuddin, Dr A.K. Gani dan Drs Setiadjid untuk membentuk Kabinet yang bertanggung jawab dan bersifat nasional. Pembentukan kabinet ini harus telah selesai dan telah diserakan kepada Presiden pada tanggal 3 Juli sebelum jam 12 siang.


 Mr Tadjuddin noor bekas ketua parlemen Negara Indonesia Timur yang kini berada di solo menerangkan bahma maksud kedatangannya di jawa sesudah tidak lagi menjabat ketua parlemen NIT ialah akan melihat situasi politik disini,terutama juga akan mengadakan pemb icaraan dengan pemimpin repoeblik Indonesia tentang hal yang mengenai perjuangan kemerdekaan Indonesia. Ia juga menerangkan bahwa kedudukan kabinet Nadjamoedin akan segera runtuh jika sudah tidak mendapat bantuan dari belanda lagi. Dalam umumnya rakyat di NIT sungguh-sungguh Repoeblikein, paling sedikit 80 persen diantara rakyat yang mencinta Repoeblik, mera juga merasa senang dan bersedia dengan adanyatantanga perdana Menteri Sjahrir kepada belanda untuk mengadakan plebisit. mengenai status Papua, mr Tadhuddin menerangkan,bahwa menurut keterangan yang didapat dari van Mook, sesungguhnya Papua belum dapat masuk bagian nIT dan masih akan diadakan peninjauan kepada rakyat papua, tetapi kelak sudah barang tentu masuk juga bagian dari Negra Indonesa serikat.


Menurut pengumuman Kementerian negara Urusanan Peranakkan muali tanggal 17 juli 1947 , izin pergi ke jakarta bagi orang tionghoa untuk didaerah pedalaman dalam perjalanan pulang ke Tiongkok ,tidak lagi diurus oleh lkementerian luar negeri dengan perantaraan kementerian dalam negeri tetapi oleh Kementerian Negara Urusan Peranakan(Mr Tan Po Gwan)


mempertunjukan :

“Bayangan Waktu Fadjar”

Merayakan kongres Artis.

Dengan artis dari sandiwara yanr terkemuka : Sofiah,Soekarno, Oedjang,Moestadjab,Dewi Reni,Ismail dan lain-lain.


The rare legalized documen by the PTT chief Bukittingi with repoeblik Indonesia revenue 3 x f.25.


The rare Malang Post magazine no.17 cover with information.”Boemi Hangus”

July, 5th.1947

The rare No.17 Malang Post magazine cover with information. “Boemi Scorched”

original info

scorched Earth

one tactic (tactic) the war’s most feared enemy of political aladah “Scorched Earth”. with musnahnya vital to maintain a building area occupied, then the enemy wins despite losing his standing in hahekatnya easily overthrown by the defeated parties. But thiswar  tactic  can creates a feeling of disappointment on the part of his property destroyed, if destruction is not based on calculations of the sacred. For example the houses burned down after the house in the stretcher out by the burner, while the owner was almost not able to bring nothing but the clothes stick to hid body ,in everything there is a human who uses every opportunity to gain advantage for themselves (in the Java language support Aji While his name). slogan of the sacred, even the religion that is light has a higher purpose is often reversed for keu ntungan a class of people who put aside any feelings of justice and humanity .. dpat origin enrich themselves for the loss of others, people willingly sacrifice everything, even his soul , but the generosity of the people must not be wasted with the fraudulent guise for “Nusa and Nation”. if you want to let us all out with an all-out and do the people who so roedin (poor destitute), and the leaders so rich with goods serobotan (earth lift). Therefore in doing politics “Scorched Earth” from any nation, should use wisdom and sense of social justice which is not only good in words alone, but in practice it is also good.

DJAKARTA at night


Chinese and Indonesian Bankers are open “His bank office ‘(money changer) and the court Pantjoran diemperan each with a stack of paper money is green, yellow, red, black from various countries, nations and prices. Throughout the (entire) day scalper money (doeit (this hanging (sitting) behind the small table waiting for people from the countryside to exchange money for ORI with NICA money or exchange money sebaliknya.Orang own Betawi NICA with white money (ORI) for spending on land-Abang or markets, where money White still has value as in the hinterland, eg the post office, the electric tram and crate fire listrik.Bankir pantjoran memeprmaikan kuur money, there is a misnomer because the People’s Bank, is the government of the Republic sendiripu n bandwagon ORI values ​​dropping like according to a news SOERA Oemoem rtanggal 9 June 1948, Kour (value) ORI, each Rp.100, – set by the bank people just f 33 .- more sedikit.Sedangkan Mr. Dasad declared the most meritorious devalued the ORI is some loss of the nationalist government of the Republic sendiri.untung a blessing so, if not accused of kai-hand NICA.

Prinsen PARK

Jkarta residents and also people who dtang from elsewhere to satisfy his sights on a movie theater and Prinsen Park (now candra Naya) that seemed to open a night market continues to be liberally menerus.Penerangan (excess) once, here people can play tambola ( prodded the ball) is served by nona nona “japanese heritage”. In addition to satisfy the eyes, ears satisfy also the voice of Miss Irah, champion (champion) Djali-Muguet Djali of the famous orchestra. For people who love to play, can also select “Miss Noni” or “Miss Tjitjih”. Prinsen Park is an international park of Indonesia without a cap, can dance with the ladies sweet, to have gout (Isakit waist) can be recurrent because nyangking ( hug) sweet lady, slim and get got in djoebin (floor tiles) are shiny.


Noorwijk called brother betawi Norbek to date into the army plesiran belanda.Disini half-hidden. ads a restaurant and dance halls, where Dutch troops were spree Spree until 10 pm through the following day because they are like sheep being led up the truck back to tangsinya. Although children are allowed spree barracks, there is a place for them is telarang Hauber Gang which became a nest “koetilanak” (moll-alias WTS), here the frequent fights and disease and gonorrhea aka lion king (gonoroe aias GO)


Actual picture Pantjoran described no longer exist due to start on 25 May 1947 following haberdashery merchants Bankiet (money changer) has been moved to the morning market is located adjacent to Pantjoran. In the morning there was no tontona market, there is no prostitution, tetapimyang there are dozens of food stalls.


May the Grace of God God’s grace borne along on:

BOENG Tomo (Soetomo)



Marriage Held Thursday yng Paing June 19, 1947 in Malang

The Family Post unfortunate.

original info


salah satu siasat(taktik) perang yang paling ditakuti musuh aladah politik “Bumi Hangus”. dengan musnanya suatu bangunan vital untuk mempertahankan daerah yang diduduki musuh, maka musuh meskipun menang pada hahekatnya kalah karena kedudukannya mudah digulingkan oleh fihak yang dikalahkan. Tetapi siasat perang ini dpat menimbulkan rasa kecewa pada pihak yang miliknya dimusnahkan, bila pemusnahan  itu tidak berdasarkan atas perhitungan yang suci. Umpamanya rumah penduduk dibakar habis sesudah isi rumah di usung keluar oleh si pembakar,sedangkan pemilik barang itu hampir tidak dapat membawa apa-apa selain pakaian yang menempel pada badannya.Dalam segala hal memang ada manusia yang mengunakan segala kesempatan  untuk mendapat keuntungan bagi diri sendiri(dalam bahsa jawa Aji Mumpung namanya). sembojan yang suci,bahkan agama yang sudah terang mempunyai tujuan yang tinggi seringkali diputar balik untuk keu ntungan segolongan orang yang menyampingkan segala perasaan adil dan kemanusiaan..asal dpat memperkaya diri sendiri buat kerugian pihak lain, rakyat suka rela mengorbankan segala apa,bahkan jiwanyanya, tetapi kemuliaan hati rakyat janganlah disia-siakan  dengan perbuatan curang yang berkedok untuk”Nusa dan Bangsa”.kalau mau habis-habisan marilah kita bersama habis-habisan dan janganlah rakyat yang jadi roedin(miskin melarat),dan para pemimpin jadi kaya dengan barang serobotan(bumi angkat). Oleh karena itu dalam menjalankan politik “bumi Hangus” dari bangsa apa saja,hendaklah digunakan kebijaksanaan dan perasaan keadilan sosial yang bukan hanya bagus dalam kata-kata saja,tetapi juga bagus dalam mempraktekannya.



Bankers Tionghoa dan indonesia yang membuka”kantor Banknya'(money changer)  diemperan dan pelataran Pantjoran masing-masing dengan tumpukan uang kertas hijau,kuning,merah,hitam dari bermacam-macam negara, bangsa dan harga. Sepanjang(seantero) hari tukang catut uang (doeit( ini nongkrong(duduk) dibelakang meja kecil menunggu orang dari pedalaman untuk menukar uang ORI dengan uang NICA atau sebaliknya.Orang Betawi sendiri tukar uang NICA dengan uang putih(ORI) untuk belanja di tanah-Abang atau pasar-pasar,dimana uang putih masih tetap mempunyai nilai seperti di pedalaman,umpamanya dikantor pos, dalam tram listrik dan kerat api listrik.Bankir pantjoran memeprmaikan kuur uang , ada keliru karena Bank Rakyat, ialah Pemerintah Repoeblik sendiripu n ikut-ikutan menjatuhkan nilai ORI seperti menurut berita SOERA OEMOEM tanggal 9 juni 1948, kour(nilai) ORI, tiap Rp.100,- ditetapkan oleh bank rakyat hanya f 33.- lebih sedikit.Sedangkan Tuan Dasad menyatakan  yang paling berjasa menjatuhkan nilai ORI adalah beberapa badan pemerintah repoeblik sendiri.untung satu nasionalis yang berkat begitu,kalau tidak bisa dituduh kai-tangan NICA.


Penduduk jakarta dan juga orang yang datang dari lain tempat bisa memuaskan pemandangan matanya di gedung bioskop dan  prinsen Park(sekarang candra Naya) yang seolah-olah buka pasar malam terus menerus.Penerangan diatur secara royal(berlebihan) sekali, disini orang bisa main tambola (bola sodok) dilayani oleh nona nona “warisan jepang” .Selain puaskan mata ,juga puaskan telingga dengan suaranya Miss Irah,kampiun(juara) Djali-djali dari Muguet Orkes yang terkenal. Buat orang yang suka sandiwara ,juga bisa pilih “Miss Noni” atau “Miss Tjitjih”.Prinsen Park adalah park international orang Indonesia tanpa Peci,bisa dansa dengan nona-nona manis, sampai yang punya encok(Isakit pinggang)  bisa kumat karena nyangking(memeluk) nona manis yang langsing dan get got di djoebin (lantai tegel) yang mengkilap.


Noorwijk disebut abang betawi Norbek sampai saat ini menjadi tempat plesiran tentara belanda.Disini setengah tersembunyi. ads sebuah restaurant dan tempat dansa,dimana tentara Belanda ber foya-foya sampai jam 10 malam karena liwat jam tersebut  mereka seperti domba digiring naik truk pulang ke tangsinya. Meskipun anak-anak tangsi ini boleh plesir, ada suatu tempat yang telarang buat mereka yaitu Gang Hauber yang menjadi sarang “koetilanak”(wanita pelacur-alias WTS),disini sering terjadi perkelahian dan sarang penyakit raja singa alias kencing nanah(gonoroe aias GO)


Sebenarnya gambaran Pantjoran yang diceritakan sudah tidak ada lagi karena mulai tanggal 25 mei 1947 pedagang barang kelontong berikut Bankiet (money changer) sudah pindah ke Pasar pagi yang letaknya berdekatan dengan Pantjoran. Di pasar Pagi tidak ada tontona,juga tidak ada pelacuran, tetapimyang ada berpuluh-puluh warung makan.


Semoga Rahmat  kurnia Tuhan Allah senatiasa beserta kepada:

BOENG TOMO (Soetomo)



Yang Pernikahannya Dilangsungkan hari kamis Paing 19 Juni 1947 di Malang

Para Keluarga malang Post.


The repoeblik Indonesia Padang pandjang west sumatra Income tax document(kartjis Padjak Penghasilan negeri) 1946 was pain in


The Repoeblik Indonesia Income tax used Dai nippon Kartjis Padjak T form, paid at Padang Panjang in this day


The rare TRI-Republibc Indonesia Army picture postcard used send from Mataram (the name of Indonesian south java sector army )to BlitarJuly 8TH.1947

Sjarifuddin government makes conciliatory offer to Dutch: Republic of Indonesia will stop seeking international recognition; Netherlands officials can take government positions in the Republic.


the rare Repoeblic Indonesia Aceh are railway ‘s chief with the officila stamped “Kerata api NRI” .lettre asking to Justice court Lhoseumawe about train condecteur justice case at Lhokseumawe.


The rare Machine overprint on japanese occupation revenue  F1, and F2. (3x) ,postally used on cover cds tandjongradja 14.7,47  to talangkar,cover return to sender.

July 20th.1947.

The intersting and historic note of mr Soewil the Padang Postman,on Dai nippon karbouw 3 1/2 cenrt with double overprint repoblik Indonesia 15 sen and F0,50,

1. 20/7/1947  Walikota padang ditembak(the Padang city major was shooted, and his body haveautopsion by Dr.A.rahim Oesman,the Dutch trops said that  he was killed by extrimies(now his name becaome the name of road in Padang),

2.21/7-1947. Kantor pos padang diduduki belanda(Padang post office occupied by Dutch)

3.17 agustus Padang post office ,japanese and dutch stamps had overprint Rep:Indonesia (dikantor pos padang frc2Japan dan belanda di Tjap Rep.Indonesia)

Another rare soematra repoblic card,unused with Bigger type overprin repoeblik Indonesia 15 sen type, found at sawahlunto, at the back pencil written from”Kilang Tebu Rakyat I.W. Tigo Bagai. written in Indonesia :




(the historic collections,courtecy dr Iwan suwandy).

Illustration of Kol.A.H. Nasoetion during actie politioneel pertama july 1947

illustrationKasman Singodimejo


Illustration of Mr Moh roem  at Tebing Tinggi east sumatra near politional action 1 july 1947

illustration of  Mr.Maria Ulfah Santoso , social menistry  also at tebing tinggi

illustration of the national heros from medan Are commad tanjongmorawa near Medan:Abdul manaf lubis,Selamat Ketaren,Ahmad syamsir and Moh.Yakub Lubis (read the storu of Medan area)

west sumatra police hero Police Commisaris johnny anwar cs picture in 1947



first Dutch “police action”: Dutch troops occupy West Java, East Java, Madura, Semarang, Medan, Palembang, Padang, bomb many cities.


(a)The Republic indonesia’menistry who stayed at Jakarta, Vice Prime Menistry Dr A.K. Gani protest the Dutch  action(tindakaan yang tidak senonoh , and the Dutch “menusir” the Republic Indonesia Leader at Jakarta ,included the Major(Walikota) Suewirjo.

(b)On July,21th.1947

On this day, Dutch aeroplane”Mustang”  boombing Binjei with the land army attack with tank ,also Infantry soldiers with many trucks which made all the medan area sector were attack. At the afternoon Pancur Batu occupied by Dutch.

(c) July,21th.1947

The position of Chief of Police City of Padang Challenging encounter resistance to Dutch rule with his minions can last up to the launch by the Dutch Military Aggression I (21-7-1947). Military action Holland around Padang I was preceded by the arrest of officials of the Republic of Indonesia (civil servants and police), including Police Commissioner Johny Anwar II. Since the start of the Dutch Military Aggression I launched, civil servants and police officers WHO left the Republicans in the city of Padang and moved to areas outside the city of Indonesia. Official hours of date


Action by the Dutch invasion began on 22 July 1947 with simultaneous in all fronts, both in east and south, and west and north, seranggan done secra massive and orderly, so that for several time, the defense can be penetrated Indonesian republic. Pancur important place like stone, Binjei, Stabat fall into the hands Netherlands. with disappointment it must be admitted, that the Indonesian republic defense organization in this area has not quite perfect, this is already an estimated two or three days before the Dutch invaded. Front relationships with other fronts less than perfect, cooperation among lasjkar, Soldiers and members of the Government is not satisfactory. Gained the impression, every front act ats will and their own way both in lasjkar as well as by the army. Unity of command is long before the invasion of the Netherlands has been designed and the ideals of the people there. For the umpteenth time, it turns out, that victory will not be obtained because there is no unity among those responsible, is also undeniable, that preformance maintain Timoer Sumatra Regional republic, there have been actions that can not be held responsible, as practiced by some members Lasjkar People who participate in regional memeprtahankan Indonesian republic. Instructions issued regarding the implementation of Scorched Earth is not obeyed, the streets are important for transportation, as well as the bridges are not destroyed. In contrast, other objects that must be maintained properly destroyed instead finished. this led to the Dutch Army can be easily launched its attack quickly to pedalaman.Sedangkan can be expected, that their attacks will not be able to make progress. if the instructions on the scorched earth policy carried out by sempurna.Pemusnahan occurring, especially in shops and goods belonging Chinese, while the instruction on scorched earth and the soul requires to mepertahankan’s residents, both native and asing.Pemusnahan nation without the right reasons, such as property tionghoa population is detrimental to foreign countries in view of (SMAmin, My Life Journey ten windhu, PT Crescent Star .Jakarta, 1987)

original info:

Aksi penyerbuan oleh  Belanda dimulai pada 22 juli 1947 dengan serentak diseluruh front, baik di timur dan selatan, maupun di barat dan utara, seranggan dilakukan secra besar-besaran dan teratur, sehingga dalam bebrapa waktu saja ,pertahanan repoeblik Indonesia  dapat ditembus. tempat yang penting seperti Pancur batu,Binjei,Stabat jatuh ketangan Belanda. dengan kecewa  harus diakui,bahwa organisasi pertahanan repoeblik Indonesia di area ini  belum cukup sempurna, hal ini sudah diperkirakan dua atau tiga hari sebelum Belanda menyerbu. Hubungan satu Front dengan front lainnya kurang sempurna, kerjasama antar lasjkar ,Tentara dan anggota  Pemerintah tidak memuaskan . Diperoleh kesan,tiap front bertindak atas kemauan dan caranya sendiri-sendiri baik di lasjkar maupun oleh tentara. Persatuan komando yang lama sebelum penyerbuan  Belanda telah dirancang  dan menjadi cita-cita rakyat tidak ada. Untuk kesekian kalinya ternyata, bahwa  kemenangan tidak akan diperoleh karena persatuan tidak terdapat diantara mereka yang bertanggung jawab, Tidak pula dapat disangkal, bahwa dalm mempertahankan Daerah Repoeblik Sumatera Timoer, telah terjadi tindakan-tindakan yang tidak dapat dipertanggung jawabkan,seperti yang dilakukan oleh beberapa anggota Lasjkar Rakyat yang ikut serta dalam memeprtahankan daerah Repoeblik Indonesia. Instruksi yang dikeluarkan mengenai pelaksanaan Bumi Hangus tidak dipatuhi, jalan-jalan yang penting bagi perhubungan, demikian juga jembatan-jembatan tidak dimusnahkan. Sebaliknya,obyek-obyek lain yang harus dipelihara dengan baik malah habis dimusnahkan . hal ini menyebabkan Tentara Belanda dapat dengan mudah melancarkan serangannya dengan cepat ke pedalaman.Sedangkan dapat diperkirakan, bahwa serangan mereka itu tidak akan dapat memperoleh kemajuan .apabila instruksi mengenai bumi hangus dilaksanakan dengan sempurna.Pemusnahan yang terjadi, terutama pada Toko-toko dan Barang milik orang Tionghoa, sedangkan instruksi mengenai bumi hangus mewajibkan untuk mepertahankan jiwa dan milik penduduk,baik asli maupun bangsa asing.Pemusnahan tanpa alasan yang benar,seperti harta milik penduduk tionghoa ini merugikan Negara dalam pandangan luar negeri(S.M.Amin,Perjalanan Hidupku sepuluh windu, PT Bulan Bintang<Jakarta,1987)



the original document of Ketua dewan Pertahanan Daerah aceh  T.T.Moh.Faoedsjah ,for salina G.siahaan, about”PENDJELASAN TENTANG PERATORAN DEWAN PERTAHANAN NEGARA NO.19″ (The state Pertahanan Board Regulation no 19,this collection found at beureun from Dr iwan’s friend at Blang Bladeh.)

July 24th.1947

20,000 march in anti-war demonstration in Amsterdam.


(a) The rare and historic Markas Pertempoeran Komado Medan are travel Pass from  Tandjong,morawa to tebing Tinggi for Mr Bachroem driver of Medan area Head quater to pick the belongins to Tebing tinggi with note:diminta kepada segala badan2 Pemerintah serta segenap lapisan dan golongan Rakjat Indonesi ,soepaja diberi bantoean sepenoeh2nja dimana perloe dan perdjalannja jangan dihalangi”(asking help from the govewumment and people)

(b)On July,27th.1947 o6.00 in the morning(AM) with the landing ship tank ,the Dutch army  from Palembang landing at Pantai cermin to attack Medan Area from behind.The Indonesian Navy armed forced at Pantai cermin and Tanjung Beringin lead by Leutenan G.Z.Marpaung cannot suncced to counter the Dutch attack and fle with other another army and “Membumi Hangus” Perbaungan city, and after conquer Medan Area, the Dutch armed forces attack Tebng Tinggi and Pematang siantar.

. Dutch Military action I (the first Indonesia War of Independence )at Kuala Tungkal jambi

On July 27, 1947 the Dutch launched Military Action First, many big cities in Java and Sumatra, is attacked and occupied. Unlike other cities in jambi not directly repetition on a large scale attack, but the Dutch further enhance its economic blockade and psychological warfare that had begun before the First Military Action. Thus, only Jambi in Sumatra and Aceh are not attacked the Dutch in the first military action.

Dutch did not attack Jambi massively since it is estimated that Edinburgh has a full arsenal imported from abroad, because at that time had mamur jambi, the results of barternya trade with Singapore has heavy weapons such as cannons Anti Air Craft (AAC), Machine Gun 12 , 7 in addition to senajata-light weapons.

Jambi communicated waters with the outside world such as Kuala Enok, Kuala Tungkal, Sea Village guarded by Dutch warships. Merchant ships passing through the inspection, which brought goods seized and persons arrested suspected

July 29th.1947.

(a)Indonesian forces launch bombing raids on Semarang, Ambarawa and Salatiga with three surviving planes. The Dutch had previously claimed to have destroyed the entire Air Force

(b)On Wednesday July 29, 1947, a week after the attack by the Dutch started, received official news of his fall the hands of the Dutch town of High Cliff. This news received at the inn Vice President Moh.hatta in Siantar, when he had arrived there preformance framework of its journey around the entire Sumatra.  this bad info, as was first calculated, received by the vice president when he was with Governor Young at the  North Sumatra hotel , and other high official, with calm  he decide to do immediate evacuation immediately. Vice President with the Governor of Sumatra Mr. Mohammad Hasan Justin can get out of town Siantar safely, as well as a number of other authorities, such as Dr. Sunaryo, only vehicles were targeted shot from above so that the fire, lucky fate, Dr. Sunaryo can save himself. SM.AMIN cannot out from Kota Pematang siantar, when the his every day belongings(pada saat barang-barang keperluan sehari-hari ) put in the car which bring other goverment official(sedang dimuat ke dalam mobil yang akan mengangkutnya beserta beberapa petugas pemerintah), some aeroplane flying on the city(beberapa pesawat terbang menderu-deru diatas kota Pematang siantar),  Yung Governor  S. M. AMIN no longer be able to rid themselves out of the city Siantar, when the goods of daily needs are being loaded into cars which will transport it along with several officers pemerimntah, several airplanes roaring city at upper  Siantar the Young Governor S. M. AMIN no longer be able to rid themselves out of the city Siantar, when the goods of daily needs are being loaded into cars which will transport it along with several officers pemerimntah, several airplanes roaring city diats Siantar . The shot returned from below, so there was a shootout with the exclamation, reply back that lasted nearly an hour lamanya.Maksud to leave the city can not be implemented. along with the atmosphere of a shootout with the aircraft, the sound of the Dutch tanks entered the town and shortly thereafter, the residence of the Governor of Sumatra, where the governor was Young SM Amin, has been besieged by the Dutch army, and they ordered the Governor Young SM Amin was taken to a place to examined. Tinfakan first conducted by the leader of the Dutch army against the population Siantar adalh mengiring each population of men who had grown a certain place for inspection. This examination is conducted in a manner that is not penganiayaaan, sec; laipun as kekecualiaan, some residents experiencing a treatment not wjar. Long-haired young man suffered a bad fate, they had to listen carefully to boil the words of criticism, ridicule and contempt poured upon them by the examiner of the Dutch army consisting of Indonesia, Ambon and Indonesia-jawa.After each Inspected examined, each of which has allowed to go home .

original info:

Pada hari rabu tanggal 29 Juli 1947, seminggu setelah penyerangan oleh belanda dimulai, diterima berita resmi tentang jatuh nya kota Tebing Tinggi ketangan Belanda. berita ini  diterima di tempat penginapan Wakil Presiden Moh.hatta di Pematang Siantar, saat beliau telah tiba disana dalm rangka perjalannya mengelilingi seluruh sumatra. Kabr buruk ini, seperti yang sudah terlebih dahulu diperhitungkan, diterima oleh wakil Presiden saat beliau berada dipenginapan bersama Gubernur Muda Sumatra Utara, dan beberapapembesar lainnya, dengan tena ng beliau memutuskan  agar segera dilakukan pengungsian saat itu juga. Wakil Presiden bersama Gubernur Sumatra Mr Teuku Mohammad Hasan dapat keluar dari kota pematang siantar dengan selamat, demikian juga dengan sejumlah pembesar lain,seperti dr Sunaryo, hanya kendaraannya menjadi sasaran tembakan dari atas sehingga terbakar, mujur nasibnya ,dr sunaryo dapat menyelamatkan dirinya. Gubernur Muda S>M>AMIn tidak dapat lagi menyingkirkan diri keluar dari Kota Pematang siantar, pada saat barang-barang keperluan sehari-hari sedang dimuat ke dalam mobil yang akan mengangkutnya beserta beberapa petugas pemerimntah, beberapa pesawat terbang menderu-deru diats kota Pematang siantar. Tembakannya dibalas dari bawah, sehingga terjadilah tembak-menembak dengan seru,balas membalas yang berlangsung hampir satu jam lamanya.Maksud untuk meninggalkan kota tidak dapat dilaksanakan . seiring dengan suasana tembak-menembak dengan pesawat udara, terdengar suara tank Belanda memasuki kota dan tidak lama kemudian, rumah kediaman Gubernur Sumatra, dimana Gubernur Muda SM Amin berada,telah dikepung oleh tentara Belanda, dan mereka memerintahkan Gubernur Muda SM AMin dibawa kesuatu tempat untuk diperiksa. Tinfakan pertama yang dilakukan oleh pemimpin Tentara Belanda terhadap penduduk Pematang Siantar adalah mengiring setiap penduduk laki-laki yang sudah dewasa ketempat tertentu untuk diperiksa. Pemeriksaan ini dilakukan dengan cara yang tidak bersifat penganiayaaan , sekalipun sebagai kekecualiaan, beberapa penduduk mengalamai perlakuan tidak wjar. Pemuda yang berambut gondrong mengalami nasib buruk, mereka terpaksa mendengar dengan hati mendidih kata-kata kecaman,ejekan dan hinaan yang ditumpahkan atas mereka oleh pemeriksa dari tentara belanda yang terdiri dari Indonesia-ambon dan Indonesia-jawa.Selesai diperiksa, masing-masing yang telah diperiksa diijinkan pulang ke rumah masing-masing.

July 30th.1947

(a)Young students blow up a bridge at Bumiayu, preventing Dutch forces from taking Purwokerto.USA and Britain are unhappy with the “police action”; India, Australia, and the Soviet Union support the Republic of Indonesia in the UN. Refugees pour into Central Java. Australia boycotts Dutch shipping.

A Dutch vehicle fords a stream on Java, after the bridge has been blown up by Indonesian forces.

Republik Indonesia 100 Rupiah note, 1947.

(b) On July 30, 1947, the Netherlands held a meeting with the republican party (represented by the Governor of North Sumatra Young SM AMIN), while istansi Sumatra Governor has managed to rid himself, aided by the head of the Bureau and other t8inggi employees, while the Netherlands comes from Recomba Dr. JU. vd Velde, Gerritsen Resident, Chief Resident Nevis Forch and assisetn Schuyf.

At the end of the meeting, the Netherlands announced that Republican officials are not forbidden to continue working as usual. several days, after this meeting, for a small proportion of the republic pegaewai masik entering their workplace, as usual, they are apparently still has confidence in carrying out duties in the interest of DAPT Nusa and the nation. however, gradually kepervcayaan and this work will disappear. Dutch announcement then, that the Government of the republic no longer exists in the areas they had occupied and Republican officials are given the opportunity to choose one of two that work continues as the Dutch East Indies government employees or stopped. this is addressed by Republican officials ZKorps very satisfactory, with beebrapa unless they chose to stop in its entirety. Semangat people in general are also satisfactory, they still voted Republican and still be anti Belanda.Mereka NICA rejected payment with money and some are fighting a war with weapons outside the city. beturut few nights in a row since the army occupied the city belands Siantar, still ongoing eruption sound cannons and rifles pounding, a sign bahw arakyat in cooperation with the Army of the Republic, still menus nukkan loyalty to the republic.

In the beginning of the occupation of the Netherlands, for some time, the Regional Government of the Republic can still be acting independently of government actions. mas in this short period, the agency responsible still can take the following actions tindkan-greetings order to run pemerinrtahan:

(A) Establish an agency under the name “People’s advocates and agency officials” in order to provide cash assistance to every person who should be helped. Fonds this agency is that the money can still be saved from penyitaaan Belanda.Badan 9ini began granting aid to the civil servants who were expelled from the house he lived and juaga temapt to those who want to evacuate. (B) Printing and spread throughout the city, radio broadcasts from the Yogya considered essential for the maintenance of morale pendudk city. By Usha, the residents stay up to date and the settlement of disputes between the Dutch Republic. Also the President’s speech broadcast over radio Yogja, the vice president’s speech broadcast on radio Bukittinggi and speeches from some other republican authorities, greatly enhance the spirit of the people (until now I have not found this printed matter, notes Dr. Iwan) (c) send the to the village of Java Land some strategists to examine the validity of the report is received about the murder and mayhem on a large upper Lasjkar besran by the King family oarng siamlungun and Chinese as well as issuing leaflets to every resident memperingatan didnot  until disturbed security and tranquility of the population of Indonesia, other nations also sepertu people tionghoa, Arabia and India should also be maintained. (d) Taking action in the override of chaos as a result of the Dutch Republic to eliminate money and money from suggested  circulated Nippon papermoney  with hidden and lighting provided in the community to menolakj NICA money and keep money memepergunakan republic and Nippon money. (e) Establish and maintain good relations with the army and Lasjkar surviving outside kota.Bantuan delivered to those who persist in jambi Bah, approximately 13 miles from Siantar. To them also delivered pamphlets menegani state area, pidarto president and vice president as well as other pamphlets that are considered they needed to know.

original info:

Pada tanggal 30 Juli 1947 ,pihak Belanda mengadakan pertemuan dengan pihak republik (diwakili Gubernur Muda sumatra Utara SM AMIN), sedangkan istansi  Gubernur Sumatera telah berhasil menyingkirkan diri,dibantu oleh kepala Jawatan dan pegawai t8inggi lainnya, sedangkan dari pihak belanda hadir Recomba Dr JU.v.d. Velde ,Residen Gerritsen,Kepala Nevis Forch dan assisetn Resident Schuyf.

Pada akhir pertemuan, Belanda  memberitahukan bahwa pegawai Republik tidak dilarang bekerja terus seperti biasa. beberapa hari lamanya ,sesudah pertemuan ini,pegaewai republik untuk sebagain kecil masik memasuki tempat kerja mereka sebagaimana biasa, mereka ini rupanya masih mempunyai kepercayaan dapat melaksanakan tugas demi kepentingan Nusa dan bangsa. akan tetapi, lambat laun kepervcayaan dan kemauan kerja ini menghilang. Pengumuman Belanda kemudian, bahwa Pemerintah republik tidak ada lagi di daerah yang mereka duduki dan pegawai Republik diberikan kesempatan memilih salah satu dari dua yaitu bekerja terus sebagai pegawai pemerintah hindia belanda atau berhenti. hal ini ditanggapi oleh ZKorps pegawai Republik dengan sangat memuaskan, dengan beebrapa kecuali,mereka dalam keseluruhannya memilih berhenti. Sremangat rakyat pada umumnya juga memuaskan, mereka tetap memilih Republik dan tetap bersikap anti Belanda.Mereka menolak pembayaran dengan uang NICA dan ada juga yang melakukan perlawanan dengan senjata diluar kota. beberapa malam beturut-turut sejak tentara belands menduduki kota Pematang siantar, masih terus menerus kedengaran letusan meriam dan dentuman senapan, suatu tanda bahw arakyat dalam kerja sama dengan Tentara Republik, masih tetap menu nukkan kesetiaan terhadap republik.

Dalam permulaan pendudukan Belanda, beberapa saat lamanya, Pemerintah Daerah Republik masih dapat bertindak bebas melakukan tindakan-tindakan pemerintah. dalam mas yang singkat ini, instansi yang bertanggung jawab masih dapt mengambil tindkan-tindakan berikut salam rangka menjalankan pemerinrtahan :

(a) Membentuk suatu Badan dengan nama”Badan Penyokong Rakyat dan Pegawai” dalam rangka memberikan bantuan uang kepada setiap orang yang patut dibantu. Fonds badan ini adalah uang yang masih dapat diselamatkan dari penyitaaan Belanda.Badan 9ini memeberikan bantuan kepada pegawai negeri yang diusir dari rumah temapt tinggalnya dan juaga pada mereka yang ingin mengungsi.(b) Mencetak dan menyebar diseluruh kota, siaran-siaran radio dari Yogja yang dianggap penting demi pemeliharaan semangat pendudk kota. Dengan usha ini, penduduk tetap mengetahui perkembangan penyelesaian pertikaian antara Republik dan belanda. JUga pidato Presiden yang disiarkan melalui radio Yogja,pidato wakil Presiden yang disiarkan radio Bukittinggi dan pidato dari beberapa pembesar republik lainnya, sangat mempertinggi semangat penduduk(sampai sekarang saya  belum menemukan barang cetakan ini-note Dr iwan)

(c) Mengirmkan ke kampung Tanah Jawa beberapa penyiasat untuk memeriksa benar tidaknya bunyi laporan yang diterima tentang pembunuhan dan penganiayaan secara besar-besran oleh Lasjkar atas keluarga Raja siamlungun dan oarng Tionghoa serta mengeluarkan surat selebaran yang memperingatan setiap penduduk supaya janagn sampai terganggu keamanan dan ketentraman penduduk Indonesia ,juga bangsa lain sepertu orang tionghoa,Arab dan India juga harus dipelihara.(d) Mengambil Tindakan dalam mengatsi kekacauan sebagai akibat dari  pihak belanda untuk melenyapkan uang Republik dan uang Nippon dari peredzaran.Anjuran dan penerangan secra sembunyi diberikan pada masyarakat agar menolakj uang NICA dan tetap memepergunakan uang republik dan uang Nippon.(e) Mengadakan dan memelihara hubungan baik dengan tentara dan Lasjkar yang masih bertahan di luar kota.Bantuan yang disampaikan pada mereka yang bertahan di Bah jambi,kurang lebih 13 km dari pematang siantar. Kepada mereka juga disampaikan surat selebaran menegani keadaan daerah,pidarto presiden dan wakil presiden serta lain-lain surat selebaran yang dianggap perlu mereka ketahui.(ibid SM Amin,1978)

August 1947

In August 1947, at the height of the operation more Warship Netherlands, the Dutch ship approaching Kuala seuah Betara (Regency Tanjung Jabung), the ships are being chased by a Navy patrol boat commanded by Lieutenant Nuri I Duna (Sea) M. Sanusi as a commander with seven of his men armed with unflinching spirit of “Merdeka OR DIE”, they immediately attacked the Dutch ship and there was gunfire. Since the force is not balanced, then the ship Ship Nuri I badly damaged, two members of ALRI fall, one of them Corporal (Marine) who is buried in Dabo Remove Singkep. Nuri I ship with the whole crew was dragged to Tanjung Pinang and Lieutenant Duan (Sea) M. Sanusi who suffered severe injuries and his men captured the Dutch navy.

Meanwhile, in the plains jambi, to drop the probable community and troops, a Dutch fighter “Mustang” circling above the city of Edinburgh and shooting at the Red Paal, then fly down the Batang Hari river toward the island Uluan Weasel and a resident becomes death toll at the time. A ship hull “Kho Tek Seng” which berjhenti in Lubuk Ruso shot, the ship was carrying supplies such as oil for purposes that are Uluan troops under the command of Captain A. Chatib escorted by PT led by Lieutenant Young Ardjai. As a result of the shooting, Captain A. Chatib, Sergeant Ahmad Yunus and an officer also died at that time.

August 1st.1947

UN Security Council calls for cease-fire in Indonesia.

August 4Ceasefire agreed to by Dutch and Sukarno, but is ignored in the field. Dutch declare “Van Mook line” at the edge of their military advances in Java and Sumatra.Daud Beureu’eh is military governor of Aceh for the Republic


the block three local sumatra repoblik Indonesia  f.25,0 revenue, date  5.8.47 and latest 15.11,47.


(a)The Young gouvenur North sumatra,SM Amin was cuptere by the Dutch Military Police and bring to medan with Mr T>M> Hnafiah, and he stayed at Medan Major  House Mr Jusuf.

(b)On 6 August 1947, when Governor of North sumtera Young SM Amin was in Jalan Simarito 61, Mandailing villages, dikes Siantar, during visiting his mother who was elderly and dealing with him, being in severalconsidering a matter, suddenly the roar sounded  arrived a few tanks, tank was then stopped in front of the house. several members of the Dutch Military Police entered the tank and turn drai perkaranagn house, climbed the house and ordered him to join them. His mother panicked state, for he can placate it. He parted with his mother and by the Dutch Military Police he was taken to Hotel Siantar. Here SM AMIN Schuyf examined by the Assistant Resident, and at the end of the examination she stated, DAPT does not endorse any of the SM Amin tindkan done since Siantar occupied Holland, and he said so, “Sir will be taken to Medan. Areas that have been occupied by the Dutch. Pemrintah Republic no longer exists “. also present in this examination Mr.T. M Hanafi, a lawyer who was appointed with SM Amin to Hotel siantar.kemudian together with A. Mutalib Moro (deputy Attorney General), SM Amin transported to Medan with a fairly stringent safeguards. Arriving at the field, SM Amin is allowed to stay at home Mr.Muhammad Joseph (Republican Mayor in Medan), Muralib transported Moro continues to Belawan, Diman he ditahn along with members of the army repoeblik.AM Amin was arrested on the field since 6 August smapi 15 September 1947, approximately 40 days lamanya.selama 40 days, the mayor of a ride home Mr. Mohammad Yusuf.

original Info:(ibid SM Amin,1978)

Pada tanggal 6 agustus 1947, sewaktu Gubernur Muda suamtera Utara SM Amin berada di Jalan Simarito 61,kampung Mandailing,pematang Siantar, dlam mengunjungi Ibunya yang telah lanjut usia dan berhadapan dengan beliau, sedang dalam mempertimbangkan bebrapa soal, tiba tiba kedengaran deru beberapa tank ,tank itu kemudian berhenti di depan rumah. beberapa anggota Polisi Militer Belanda turn drai tank dan memasuki perkaranagn rumah,menaiki rumah dan memerintahkan ia untuk ikut mereka. Keadaan Ibunya menjadi panik, untuk ia dapat menentramkannya. Ia berpisah dengan ibunya dan oleh Polisi Militer Belanda ia dibawa ke Hotel siantar. Disini SM AMIn diperiksa oleh Assisten resident Schuyf, dan pada akhir pemeriksaan ia menyatakan, tidak dapt menyetujui segala tindakan yang SM Amin lakukan sejak Pematang siantar dikuasai Belanda, dan katanya seterusnya:” Tuan akan dibawa ke Medan. Didaerah yang telah diduduki oleh belanda. pemrintah Republik tidak ada lagi”. hadir juga dalam pemeriksaan ini Mr.T>M Hanafiah,pengacara yang diangkat bersama SM Amin ke Hotel siantar.kemudian bersama dengan A.Mutalib Moro(wakil Jaksa Agung), SM Amin diangkut ke Medan dengan penjagaan yang cukup ketat. Setibanya di medan,SM Amin diijinkan menginap di rumah Mr.Muhammad Yusuf(Walikota Republik di Medan),Muralib Moro diangkut terus ke Belawan,diman ia ditahn bersama dengan angota tentara repoeblik.AM Amin ditahan di medan sejak 6 agustus smapi 15 september 1947,lebih kurang 40 hari lamanya.selama 40 hari ,menumpang dirumah walikota Mr Muhammad Yusuf.


St.Sjahrir and Haji Agus salim arrived at Lake Succes  airportduring join the United Nation Meeting in this day and the picture of them with unidentified person.(four photos)


The document of Indonesian Military Judge(Jaksa  militer TRI)  from bukit tinggi with rare official stamped TRI.


Repoeblik Indoenesia (West sumatra Military) issued the Postal stationer for  anniversary two years Indonesia Independence with design army,tank and aeroplane, in postally used.(very rare postal history,only one ever seen in used condition..


The rare document of Inspectur police Boekittinggi  with official stamped “kepala Polisi Boekittinggi Pemerintah Repoeblik Indonesia


The Republic Indonesia government recieve the “keputusan Dewan Keamanan PBB”(united Nation security Council), and asked to report the trully of  Indonesian Situation.


The ORI overprint Repoeblik Indonesia revenue on complete document

September 1947

September In early 1947, there was a demonstration, led by some people , The Chinese leader, giving the impression, bahw at which time they feel unhappy about people of Indonesia. Anti-republican demonstrations, they took pictures and drawings of what they see themselves sembotyan called “The brutality that has been done by soldiers and lasjkar several sites around the eastern Sumatran Bekanda pad when entering the republic” gamabr and slogans paraded along the streets, seditious. becoming a matter of surprise, dutch allow such demonstrations, it is different if the Netherlands is the Actor inteltual of this demonstration, domonstrasi Gratitude does not lead to things that are not cool, not cause worst situation between Indonesia and the Chinese people in the city of Medan because this domostrasi inciting nature and this action only by a group of people tionghoa sja, some Chinese people who contacted BC Amin explained that “the Chinese nation never approve of this demonstration”

original info(ibid SM Amin,1978)

Pada permulaan bulan sepetmber 1947, terjadi suatu demonstrasi ,dipimpin oleh beberapa pemimpin Orang Tionghoa, memberi kesan,bahw pada saat itu mereka merasa tidak senang terhadap orang Indonesia. Demonstrasi bersifat anti republik, mereka membawa gambar gambar dan sembotyan mengenai apa yang mereka namakan” Kekejaman yang telah dilakukan oleh tentara dan lasjkar diberbagai tempat di sumatera timur pad saat Bekanda memasuki daerah republik” Gambar dan slogan diarak sepanjang jalan,bersifat menghasut. mejadi suatu hal yang mengherankan,belanda mengijinkan demonstrasi yang demikian, lain halnya jika Belanda yang menjadi Aktor inteltual dari demostrasi ini, Syukur domonstrasi ini tidak mengakibatkan hal yang tidak dinginkan, tidak menimbulkan kekruhan diantara orang Indonesia dan orang tionghoa di kota Medan oleh karena domostrasi ini sifatnya menghasut dan tindakan ini hanya oleh sekelompok orang tionghoa sja, beberapa orang tionghoa yang menghubungi SM Amin menerangkan bahwa”Bangsa tionghoa sekali-kali tidak menyetujui demonstrasi ini”

the Republic Indonesia Poluce departemen travelling permit letter,contrasign by markas pertahan kota jogyakarta, Pemerintah Kementerian Jogyakarta, to give permission to the member of subsektor II(MPK danurdjan).

Diperbolehkan berjalan terus untuk menjalankan kewajibnannya diwaktu ada tanda bahaya (PBO) dan diwaktu malam ,and diberi hak mengadakan control dalam subsector II tsb.


The State contribution tax(Ijoeran Negara)  of Agam west sumatra ,was paid in this day F.33.- with Wedana Limapoeloeh Koto Sepetmber,22th.1947


 Medan dutch tried diligently made preparations for the establishment of the State of East Sumatra, regardless of the Republic of Indonesia. The Netherlands has got a eprsetujuan and help from some prominent people who berasla from eastern Sumatra, eastern Sumatra Negra Movement held a march through the city of Medan, Perbaungan, and embankment Siantar. This parade went to Vice-dutch, Dr. Van de Velde, and with the intercession they filed a eprmohonan to the Dutch, so please menidirkan an independent state of East Sumatra, the Indonesian republic. Dutch apparently not willing to immediately, without first studying this matter carefully. Until now, BC Amin left the city of Medan On 15th September 1947, the country’s eastern Sumatra beklum also formed, probably the Dutch brackish hesitate to meet the demand, see the attitude of sultans in Eastern suamtera who remain passive, the names of the Sultan whose role and determine the masyarakatpun not called.

On September ,15th,1947, Mr SM Amin departure to Penang in order to went to Aceh

In late August 1947, the Dutch republic announced that employees who are not willing to work with dutch sma, are welcome to leave the area occupied Netherlands. On the basis of the provisions of this martial nda, SM Amin, Mr.A.Siddik, Ir Sitompul painstakingly memeproleh of the Dutch permission to go to Malacca, and Mr. and ir asiddik Singapura.dengan Sitompul to help friends and Suheili Abubakar, the purchase of tickets and the cost of the journey, on 15 September 1947. SM Amin went to Penang with the intention to continue the trip to Aceh. In the Ship SM Amin had the opportunity to meet with Barhen of “Chinese Democratic Lieague” the really significant stuff pro-republic and expelled by the Dutch from the field after detained in Siantar. On the next day SM Amin arrived in penang penang.di obtained satisfactory relationships with some really significant stuff republic, merchants who came from Aceh., They provide the support needed another advance of Yaw Hiong Liong (Straits Steamship agents) and his son Ci Ki Kew (chairman of the Chinese in Langsa vereeneging Handels), Kho Hok Khiat (merchant in Lho Seumawe), T Manyak (from Permai shop in penang), ananda Tahir Kar8im Lubis (Child BC kaka amen, Zubaidah who lived there) and Salim aharahap. He, his name on the arrest of five days.

On 21 September 1947

SM Amin departed from Penang with the Tung Song belongs to the Straits Steamship, this boat yachting under the British flag to Uleleu through Sabang, this journey of two days and two nights until at Sabang on 23 September 1947, the ship arrived in sab ang and anchor about two miles from land. when police boarded the ship and mjulai conduct examination of passenger and SM Amin was known to the ship, with a magnifying bealnda necessarily in Sabang issued a travel ban to Uelele ship, before the trip permit is obtained from the Dutch Authorities in Sabang. Two days after his two nights waiting for this permit, yet xit juuga, so Patience agent Lionh Jr. Ship Company. Murray and captain of the ship had run out, they down  lifeboat and headed to the mainland with the intention of seeing Sabang , and at Sepetmebr,25th.1947 Mr SM Amin arrived Ulee Lheuw at afternoon and several days went to Kutaraja.(the full story read the book by SM Amin 1978).This information had proeef that the postally uesd cover send fromaceh to Penang with repoeblic  Indonesa with  aceh overpint stamps wer the original cover,some were the Ricardo colections,now shoed at den Haag phillately museum Netherland)


0riginal info(ibid SM AMIN,1978)

 di Medan belanda berusaha dengan giat mengadakan persiapan bagi pembentukan Negara Sumatera Timur , terlepas dari Republik Indonesia. Belanda telah mendapat suatu eprsetujuan dan bantuan dari beberapa orang terkemuka yang berasla dari Sumatera timur, Gerakan Negra Sumatera timur ini mengadakan suatu pawai melalui kota Medan,Perbaungan, dan pematang Siantar. Pawai ini mendatangi Wakil belanda,Dr. Van de velde, dan dengan perantaraannya mereka mengajukan suatu eprmohonan kepada pihak Belanda,supaya berkenan menidirkan suatu negara Sumatera Timur yang terlepas dari republik Indonesia. rupanya Belanda tidak bersedia dengan segera,tanpa mempelajari terlebih dahulu soal ini dengan teliti. Sampai saat SM Amin meninggalkan kota Medan Tanggal 15 september 1947, Negara Sumatera timur itu belum juga terbentuk, mungkin pihak belanda masin segan-segan memenuhi permintaan tersebut,melihat sikap Sultan-sultan di suamtera Timur yang tetap bersikap pasif ,nama-nama Sultan yang berperan dan menentukan dalam masyarakatpun tidak ada disebut.

Pada akhir Agustus 1947,Belanda mengumumkan bahwa pegawai republik yang tidak bersedia bekerja sma dengan belanda,dipersilahkan meninggalkan daerah yang diduduki belanda. Atas dasar ketetapan bela nda ini, SM Amin,Mr.A.Siddik,Ir Sitompul dengan susah payah memeproleh dari belanda ijin untuk berangkat ke Malaka, dan Mr asiddik dan ir sitompul ke Singapura.dengan bantuan kawan-kawan Abubakar dan Suheili,pembelian tiket dan biaya perjalan, pada tanggal 15 september 1947. SM Amin berangkat menuju Penang dengan maksud meneruskan perjalanan ke Aceh. Di Kapal SM Amin memperoleh kesempatan berkenalan dengan Barhen dari “Chinese Democratic League” yang snagat pro republic dan diusir oleh belanda dari medan sesudah ditahan di pematang siantar. Pada keesokan harinya SM Amin tiba di penang.di penang diperoleh hubungan yang snagat memuaskan dengan beberapa orang republik,saudagar-saudagar yang berasal dari Aceh., mereka memberikan bantuan yang diperlukan anatar lain Liong Yaw Hiong(agen straits steamship ) beserta anaknya Ci Ki Kew(ketua handels vereeneging Tionghoa di langsa),Kho Hok Khiat(saudagar di Lho Seumawe),T Manyak(dari toko Permai di penang), ananda Tahir Kar8im Lubis(Anak kaka SM amin,Zubaidah yang menetap di sana) dan Salim aharahap. la,manya di penang lima hari.

Pada tanggal 21 september 1947 SM Amin bertolak dari Penang dengan kapal Tung Song kepunyaan Straits Steamship, kapal ini belayar dibawah bendera Inggris menuju Uleleu melalui sabang, perjalanan ini dua hari dua malam sampai di sabang pada tanggal 23 september 1947, kapal sampai di sab ang dan membuang jangkar kira-kira dua kilometer dari darat. sewaktu polisi menaiki kapal dan mjulai melakukan pemeriksaan atas penumpang dan diketahui SM Amin berada di kapal, dengan serta merta pembesar bealnda di sabang mengeluarkan larangan perjalanan kapal ke Uelele, sebelum diperoleh ijin perjalan dari Pembesar belanda di sabang. Setlah Dua hari dua malam menunggu ijin ini,  belum keluar juga, sehingga Kesabaran agen Perusahan Kapal Lionh Jr. dan kapten Kapal Murray telah habis, mereka menurunka  sekoci dan menuju ke daratan sabang dengan maksud menemui(cerita lengkap baca buku karangan SM Amin 1978)


Residen Of Batavia(federal state resident at Jakarta), forbidden the megazine and newspaper at jakarta to put in the Indonesia Army (TNI) informations.


President soekarno inaugurate the new memeber of Kabinet from Masjumi Party,and also take photo  together after the ceremony

Dutch military tries to consolidate control of areas within the “Van Mook line”. Dutch take control of all of Madura.United Nations “Good Offices Commission” is organized, with the goal of finding a settlement in Indonesia. Australia, Belgium, and the United States take part.


The postally used small cover from Batavia(rare postmark) cds 3.10.47 to soerabaia


The rare batavia postmark type handstamped on postally used chines overseas Medical,dental and aphothecer organization Batavia centrum circulair letter cover.


Tanda Bukti Penerimaan kantor Pos Indramajoe  (Postal ‘s fact of Sending food) pengiriman kerupuk ,with  Ned.Indie 2 cent and Repoeblik Indonesia definitive Java 3 sen stamps(rare collections)


(a)The rare document from  Taloe(Pasaman west sumatra,remeber the song orang Taloe oslan husein,the populer song) , with the official stamped “Kepala Polisi taloe pemerintah Repoeblik indonesia”(the  taloe’s chief of Police )

(b) Postal used homevard postcad with  15 cent repoeblik Indonesia ddefinif stamp,CDS Toeban 10.10.47 to Yohyakarta with sencored Telah ditilik ,

the same  leter with  2x 5 sen stampsto yogjakarta with sencored telah ditilik .

 and the used Dai nippon money order with Reppoeblik Indonesia java definitf stamps(mint),

The unused Kartoepos Amal 10 sen  berlakoe sampai akhir 1947.


The Ned,indie letter sheet postal stationer karbou 7 1/2 cent send from manado to Batavia-central. the letter information:

Koja Manado,20 Oktober 1947,

Zus, Broer (brother) en Kinderen (son).

At the time of writing usrat, then nyamanlah all of us here. Please also exist applies to all of you. That Pakket we’ve received correctly, we say many thanks for Zus and B Roer (Sister and Brother) got the shipment, especially for Ade and Boeti already working on it. We’ve heard of us had a sister, mother, and Naomi, that they had a cruise on Broer dirumah.Berikut Zus and they’ve talked about and Broer zus had their reception at which they would not have time to respond. Also we’ve heard from them, that there is no liquor Tjap Tikoes (Sopi), sedangkankamu love and together we are trying to send by mail gin stamp tikoes pakket.Semua were five bottles (Vier flesh) and divided in two pakket , because  pakket post should not be more than 5 kg, Bergubung with applicable regulations (uitoveer Ordinance) which sterke dronken (liquor) verbodden zij (forbidden) to be sent from here (voor de uitvoor), we were just saying it sent obart . We hope that pakket was not damaged until the middle of the road and you correctly, because the packaging is strong enough (ERG is het verpakken lastig). no longer know the central office pospakket, if they do send it on. Just for this first. bvanyak respect from us all en veel zontjes (lots of kisses) for Adi, Boeti and Robby from Anis (A look at Koja Tondano Manado)

original letter:

Zus, Broer(kakak) en kinderen(putra).

Pada waktu menulis usrat,maka nyamanlah kami semua disini. Harap juga itu ada berlaku pada kamu semua. Itu Pakket kami sudah terima dengan betul,kami ucapkan banyak terima kasih atas Zus dan B roer(Sister and Brother) punya kiriman, terutama untuk Ade dan Boeti yang sudah mengusahakannya. Kami sudah dengar dari kami punya adik, Ibu dan Naomi, bahwa mereka sudah pesiar pada Zus  dan Broer dirumah.Berikut mereka sudah bicarakan tentang zus dan broer punya penerimaaan pada mereka, yang mana mereka tidak sempat membalasnya. Juga kami sudah dengar dari mereka,bahwa disana tidak ada minuman keras Tjap Tikoes(Sopi) ,sedangkankamu suka sekali dan bersama ini kami ada coba kirim sopi cap tikoes melalui pos pakket.Semua itu ada lima botol(vier flesh) dan dibagi pada dua pakket,menginggat pos pakket tidak boleh lebih dari 5 kg,Bergubung dengan peraturan yang berlaku(uitoveer ordonantie) yang mana sterke dronken(minuman keras)  verbodden zij(dilarang)  untuk dikirim dari sini(voor de uitvoor), kami cuma bilang yang dikirim obart saja. kami harap bahwa pakket itu tidak rusak  ditengah jalan dan sampai pada kamu dengan betul, sebab pembungkusnya cukup kuat(het verpakken is erg lastig). tidak tahu lagi si pusat kantor pospakket , jika mereka buat kirim terus. Sekadar ini dahulu. hormat bvanyak dari kami semua en veel zontjes(banyak cium) untuk Adi,Boeti dan Robby dari Anis (J mandang KOja Tondano Manado)


The Populer Shop Pasar Baroe 93 batavia centrum promotuion card Projector Keystone  send to Semarang with NICa USA printing stamps 5 cent.


(a)Haji agus salim arrived at Jogya from visiti the UNO meeting, and he and Presiden soekarno  and unidentified persons (two photos)

(b) President Soekarno and Repoeblic Menistry islamic  Idul Adha prayed at Alon-alon Djokja


The Good Office Commision(from UNO?) arrived at Jakarta


The postally used homemade card from Repoblic indonesia area CDS Toeban on Java definitive repoeblic stamps 15 sen. and other card from Toeban to the same address with 2×5 sen java repoeblic definitive stamps(date not clear)

The Java repoblic Indonesia definitive stamps on Dai Nippon Money order but not send,the stamp still mint unsued on that Money order


The rare document Of  repoeblic Indonesia State ‘s Police Taloe(Polisi PAM) ,Pasaman west sumatra(remember the song Urang Taloe,sung by Oslan Husein, the famous minagkabau singer)


the picture  Hemangkubuwono and other Repobic Indonesian leader Sembahyang- idul adha praying at  Alon-alon Yogjakarta(photo)


on this day ,two years  anniversary of  Masjoemi party  at Yogja


on this day Prof.Graham  from KTN at Yogja and guided by Haji Agus salim for meet presiden sukarno ( three photos)

Court Du Bois from KTN visit Bung Hatta

Sjafruddin Prawiranegara visir the opening of Sugar Factory “Padokan” ( five photos)


The Vice prime menistery RI Wondo Amiseno joined teh anniversary of International student day at Kepatihan Yogjakarta,look the antique lamp there (two photos)


Republic Indonesia and The Dutch fereaal government , didnot have “mufakat”agreement  where to get the meeeting, that is why the  American Renville Ship which landed berlabuh at Java sea, were prepared for the meeeting.


(a)The first used on complete  document(legalized  use the gourvernment House at biaro stereet bukittinggi), local sumatra  repoeblik Indonesia Rp.75.-, legalized  and sign by the chief of Bukittinggi postal office,Mr  T.Sahib with rare oval official   KANTOR POS BOEKITTTINGGI” WITHOUT REPOEBLIK INDONESIA

(b)The Advententie number of newpaper send from Batavia centrum to Surabaia via airmail,PER LUCHPOST STAMPED.


The KTN meeting between Repoeblic delegation and Dutch delegation atYogja

 and after the meet Haji Agus salim interview by foreign journalist(who is she? please who know tell me via comment)


The Surabaya Jurnalisticgraduate  course “ijazah”

Ijazah kursus Djoenalistik Indonesia Soerabia


The Old Karbauw type Ned Indie 3 1/2 cent Postal statione card send from Batavia centrum to Tjilere Kilometer 43,5 Pengalengan Bandung, with the letter handwritten :

Request brother, please do not be discouraged her, I am going to endeavor again to meet demand in-law’s. About our brothers and Hoesein CASH whether she? Now there is also a send vegetables from Budi, 2 times a week to Senen Market for trading, the market, often also datang.Oey Lay Emen May each week send BOOL 5 tons. If the law had come once to tjobalah Pasar Senen so we talked to set our steps. lot to be asked after so long no see, hope everything is in a state of good health to you later. Bistok, Sitoemorang and families that others may survive. Reverend send tabe (respect) many-banyak.on  7 / 11 1947 the then Lord encouraging in our homes because of one boy who came (born) in a state so his mother . we healthy .thank you  say many of his grace. Please come pray that this child for God’s good behavior and all of us. Horas Be Macklon, Kernolog street 16 Batavia centrum (Central Jakarta).

original letter

Permintaan saudara ,harap jangan ber kecil hati , saya akan ber ikhtiar lagi memenuhi permintaan ipar itu. Tentang saudara kita KAS dan Hoesein apakah kabarnya ? Sekarang ada juga yang kirim sayur dari Budi, 2 kali seminggu ke Pasar Senen untuk diperdagangkan,dipasar tersebut, Emen sering juga datang.Oey Lay May setiap minggu kirim BOOL 5 ton. Kalau ipar sempat tjobalah datang sekali ke Pasar Senen supaya kita berbincang mengatur langkah kita. banyak sekali yang akan ditanyakan sesudah begitu lama tak bertemu,harap semuanya dalam keadaan sehat-sehat saja sampai ketemu lagi. Bistok,Sitoemorang dan keluarga yang lain-lain semoga selamat. Pendeta kirim tabe(hormat) banyak-banyak.Pada rtanggal 7/11 1947 yang lalu Tuhan mengembirakan di rumah kita karena satu anak lelaki yang datang(lahir) dalam keadaan sebat begitu juga ibunya.Kita ucapkan banyak terim akasih atas rahmatNYA. Harap ikut mendoakan supaya anak ini baik tingkah lakunya bagi Tuhan dan kita semua. Horas Be Macklon,Jalan Kernolog 16 Batavia centrum(jakarta Pusat).


the used block four local sumatra revenue f,25, the rate became up from F.75 to f.100,0 this info means devaluation i  Indonesia. othe date 20.12.47. (other collection look in 1948)


 The Renville Meeting on the ship (four photos)

the meeting between  RI goevernment with  consulair commission member at yogja (one photo)

December 8th.1947

(a)Dutch and Indonesian representatives meet on board the U.S.S. Renville, a U.S. Navy transport stationed in the Philippines, which was moved Jakarta harbor for the talks.

(b) The rare postally used cover  send by registered airmail from Canada 8.12.47 to Semarang Dutch East Indie . with  semarang account sencored and at the back arrival CDS Semarang 13.12.47, and with Bonne sante cinderella to affix the cover.

The Tobacco tax  Indonesia 1.70 Rp on Lilitary blend tobacco box  An justijn Tabak My Amsterdam Batavia(rare tobacco label collection)


The Letter of Repoeblik Indonesia”Balai Harta Peninggalan” soerakarta witn official stamped

December 25 th.1947

Dutch create state of East Sumatra.

the end Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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