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b)AVRN vs Vietcong  in1965


1)January 1965

(1) Jan.19th.1965Phonh Ho Tich Nhan Pahan Do Than saigon Vietnam Conghoa, Huo Tuong Certificate  with local 1965 saigon revenue 2×5 Dong and vietnam conghoa coniem sugar cane design 10 dong

2) February 1965

(1) February,4th. 1965

Johnson’s national security adviser, Mc Geo Jr and George Bundy, arrives in Saigon, as Soveit Prime Minister Alaksei Kosygin arrives in Hanoi (D)

 (2) February,7th 1965

Vietcong stage attacks against American installations and this time Johnson authorizes Flaming Dart,US

 air raids against North Viet-nam.

(3) February,12th 1965

Postally used Airmail covers from  Danang to Saigon, rate 3 Dong, Rolling type CDS Danang 12.2.1965 and in the back CDS Saigon 12.2.1965

       Inside the letter handwritten :


Danang 10.2.65

Bich men,

Minh don thu Bi’ch vao nhung ngay dau ma in’am moi, vao nhung.ngay mia minh thay can phai co i c’an gi thay doi; thay doi ca noi tam lan ngoai guan.

            Bi’cha, thu thach ta’ den voi minh nhung a lan trong nam Nguoi minh gia tay hoan toan nhu kho he’o.tuy nhien nhua dong von con tu cho minh tiep tuc cuoc toi.

            Cuoc toi nay kerong biet co ban tay Dinh menh nhung vao kgong, mrrang dau co hay khong-kerong thanh van te-ma vanb te chines van loi ngudi voi thuch tai thuc tai la i traong tay tau kso.

            Toai tong y’ voi Bich y’ nghi bignam yen the tuc nay. Oi! Ly tuong la I con vat kerong ca chan, no chi quet tren mat tat nay i vet loang ten negam.

            That na chung ta chi ta nhang nong cu cho toi nay. Dieu to khong ,conghia ta cai tines kien na minh te bai ten the te’ noi khong tim ra tuoc I loi thoat, boi vi dau nuon dau khong con ngun voi cuoc toi rang buoc nhan mot c’ach ro rang.chines khong Kerong co y noi rang “ Minh voi Bich tuy 2 ma I” nhung su thuc van Kerong che dau tuoi tien do  …….etc…………..

            Cuortha,vi ta noi va toan vong, ninh muon duic Bich va toan gia mot nan vui tuai va may man.

            Voi nhung loi bao quat tren tay, minh chi nhun Biich lap lai nhien lan nhunh cau cuoi la nhung loi chuc thang that nhat.

            Thans that duc Bich vui tien. (PH&D)


 (This letter send one month before the US Marine landed to defend Danang.auth)

(4)February,24th 1965.

     Operation Rolling Thunder , sustained American bombing of North Vietnam , begins in this day with South Vietnam as airbase(D)

3)March 1965

 (1)March,8th. 1965

Two Marine battalions land to defend Danang airfield, the marine wer the first American combat troop to defended airbased  in Vietnam

(2)March,9th. 1965

Postally used airmail cover from Danang one day after US Marine landing to defend Danang airfield, CDS Danang 9.3.1965  with stamps 3 Dong(rate) and CDS Saigon 11.3.1965 (two days), inside may be love letter from N.H.Taoi to P.N.Bich  :


Danang 9/3 65

Bich men

Duoc thu Bich(name) qiua luo minh tang Sua Soan mioi thi ni Minh nong Bich thong cam cho su tra ti tre nay m athu loi nse.

            Deng luc tinh than minh dang cang thang vi nhung noi uat han nam aqua,tang luc minh tang chan nan su bhoc ten cuc to, tha Bich ten minh la mot niem an yui dang men Minh van biet, von nguh cu neu Sau moi that bay ma khong bay ra nhung Su rhon keo te wem tiem nsung nguyen do nao da tua ten thrit bon cug thi soau nay kso na co the vuot lengiai toan.

Tuy wien tung vi the ma tem ion tonguh minh tem i nonien buj amij nsu nerong nguti xung quant minh mia nsu vay moi lay i su kso ai suot toi Du biet vay, minh van psai nsin theng vao thuc tai, i thuc tai pru-psang, ban ha minh tay ngubi nay the nay, no nguoi kia the kra hose’ nhin minh voi, i tain trang the nao? –dtac biet nhung bau chi than minh.

Co 8 tam trang nha minh, Bich moi tay mot Su mia mai ngho-ngei. Do chi la I van dte tam ly.

Buy nhien , nhi la noi the, chu minh van vui song lam Bich a. Nghi nha Bich, tui minh hi con vai chuc nam mia la ta dta psai dtoi husug cuoc dtoi Bi gi minh phsai vi I ksiu quang be bnho ay dte huy hoai moc toi. Do (Heart picture) Bich thay minh khong phai vi mang mai cam tu ti dtang tren the qian nay, vat lon voi moc tong kan voi the choi con nguoi ben kia landtat.

Dao nay thi minh Sua Soan ha thi roi, tuy du nhus song nam mia khong con, nhung minh voi co gang mia I nguoi lun, Bich cu tiu la ban Bich se kerong dtun thot vong cho Bich in khong ? 3 thang lo ngay Sau se ytra loi.

Minh va Cau khong ctuoc tin yi o’bhayen ca’ Minh se ctanh that cau chuc Bich ung Gai quyen van Su nhuy ,Hen thu Sau. Bhao thanh cong. Toai  (PH &OD)


 March 24, 1965

On this day, the first US Army ground unit arrives in RVN, the 716th Military Police Battalion, stationed at Saigon and Tan Son Nhut. This battalion became famous during Tet 68 were it found itself, quite unvoluntarily, in the front line of the battle for Saigon.


4) April 1965

(1) 25.000  young and better educated social groups were Marched to the Whitehouse demostrations against the Vietnam War.

(2) April,8th 1965

North Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong rejects Johnson’s proposal, says ettlementt must be based on vietcong program (D)

Major General Pham Van Dong

Full Name: Pham Van Dong (Nung Khanh Lam)

Date and Place of birth: October 25, 1919, Son Tay, North Vietnam

Family status: Married, five children


– Diplome d’Etudes Primaires Superieures Indochinoises (DEPSI), Do Huu Vi High School, 1938 
– Army Staff and Command College, USA, 1959
Present position: Minister for Veteran Affairs, since September 1, 1969
Former positions: 
Commander, Mobile Battle Group No2, 1952

 – Commander, North Vietnam Light Army Battalions, 1953

 – Commander, Coastal Interzone, 1954-1955

 – Commander, III Field Combat Division, 1956-1958

 – Deputy Commander, III Army Corps, 1963

 – Commander, VII Infantry Division, 1963

 – Saigon-Giadinh Military Governor, concurrently Commander, Capital Special Military District, 1964-1965

Decorations, awards: – National Order of Vietnam, 3rd class

5) May 1965

(1) May,15th 1965

Ho Chi Minh handwritten about the Vietnam nationalist war ( found in Hanoi-auth)

6) June 1965

(1)  June,11th 1965

Air Vice Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky takes over as prime minister of military regime in Saigon (D) and the photo of Cao Ky (P)

Major General Nguyen Cao Ky

Full Name: Nguyen Cao Ky

Date and Place of Birth: September 8. 1930, Son Tay (North Vietnam)

Family status: Married, six children


– Graduate, Chu Van An High School, Hanoi, 1948

 – Graduate, Nam Dinh Reserve Officer School, Class I, 1952

 – Graduate, Marrakech Air Force Training School, Morroco, 1954

 – Graduate, Air Command and Staff College, USA, 1958

Present position: Vice President, Republic of Vietnam, September 1967Former positions: – Commanding Officer, First Transport Squadron, VNAF, 1955

 – Concurrently Acting Commanding Officer, Third Air Support Base, 1956

 – Participated in the delegation visiting US Air Bases (Staff Orientation visits/VIP), 1958

 – Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations VNAF, 1959

 – Charge d’Affaires, VNAF Command, during the VNAF Commander’s absence, March 6, 1959

 – Commanding Officer, First Transport Group, March 1, 1960

 – Charge d’Affaires, VNAF Command, during the VNAF Commander’s absence, April 9, 1960

 – Acting Commander, VNAF, December 16, 1963

 – Concurrently, Commanding Officer, 83rth Special Group, since July 31, 1964

 – Commander, VNAF, August 12, 1964-November 1967

 – Prime Minister, Government of the Republic of Vietnam, June 19, 1965 – September 1967

7.July 1966

(1) July 13, 1966

The 2/28 Inf, 2/18 Inf, 1/4 Cav (1st Inf) and the 5th ARVN Division begin operation EL PASO II, a search and destroy to open Route 13 from Saigon to the rubber plantations in Binh Long Province and attack the 9th PLAF Division as it masses in the area of An Loc and Loc Ninh. The allies claimed 855 known enemy casualties.

(M132 “Zippo” of the 1st Sqn, 4th Cav provides support during EL PASO II)


(3)June , 26th.1965

American command in Saigon reports that Vietcong have put five South Vietnamese combat regiments and nine battalions out of action in recent month .

(3)Near the mountain peak called Don Den , twenty kilometers northwes t of the Danang Air base, the Cade River serpentined its down from the green mountains  on its way to the South China sea. It curved abruptly east across the flat bottom of a narrow, elbow-shaped valley the Ameican called Elephant Valley from an action that occured there one ninght  in this day.

 Infantrymen from the Third Marine Regiment were act up on the lower jungle-covered ridges of Dong Den when, incredibly enough, they heard through the darkness what they thought to be the trumpeting of elephants. They radioed in for artillery illumination rounds to bring the Valley out of shadows.Sure enough, it was elephant.

 A string of eight of eight of them with their drivers was wending its way across the flat rice land. The elephants were loaded with heavy cannon and ammunition for the Vietcong.Atillery made short work of the pachyderm convoy. The action went down in Marine lore as the Battle of Elephant Valley.

        Since it was a natural gateway from the North tp the South, the valley constanly swarmed with hamburgers on resupply and replacement missions.

June 29 – July 1, 1966

The 2/7 and 3/11 Marines, along with 2/5 and 37th Ranger of the ARVN launch a search & destroy operation called OAKLAND/LIEN KET 46 in Quang Ngai province.


A third Marine Battalion, BLT 2/3, arrives at Da Nang on this day, joining BLTs 1/3 and 3/9.

For the first time, planes from the carriers Midway, Coral Sea, and Yorktown, which are at Dixie Station southeast of Cam Ranh Bay, attack VC forces in South Vietnam, targeting VC positions northwest of Saigon.


 7) July 1965

 (1)July,8th. 1965

Johnson reappoints Lodge ambassador to South Vietnam, to replace Taylor and eighteen combat battalion now in the country.(D)

 (2)July 20, 1965(3)Mid Winter 1965

In one of their most complex military operations of the war to date, 12 ARVN battalions and the Vietnamese Marines, assisted by B-52 air strikes, open the road from Qui Nhon to Pleiku for the movement of essential civilian and military cargo. The supplies are badly needed to relieve the shortages in the highland area caused by VC interdiction of routes.



The marines became the first U.S. Forces in Vietnam to establised authentic snipper schools, snippers classes were only three days long .

Two men armed with bolt-action rifles slipped silently into jungle hide deep inside Vietcong territory , they settled down to wait. Any unnecessary movement might disclose their position. They spoke only in an occa-sional whisper.They did not smoke. Some times they waited as long as ten to rweleve hours  like that in order to release a single accurate shot at an  elusive enemy.

 They had adopted a weapon borrowed from the VC, who had in turn borrowed it from the japanese and others from as far as men had gynpowder and realized the advantage of killing from hiding at a distance- the rifle that cracks from nowhere to bring sudden death.

Vietnam , with its lack of combat lines, its fluid battlefield, and an enemy that often operated singly or in asmall sniper warfare, evenmore so than the trenches of world war I or the more conventional setpiece action of World war II.US forces had a numbrer of crack riflemen, they possessed frew trained snipers at the beginning of the Vietnam involvement. The Vietcong soldier considered himself relatively safe at range 600 yards or more.

        There were instances of VC walking in plain sight at distances of 700 to 1000 yards  while they directed mortar fire on American Positions. In the jungles and hemlets of the countryside, communist felt free to move about at will, confident they could spot U.S. patrols first and either avoid them or lure them into ambushes for vtheir own marksmen.

        So desperate was the need for qualifiued US sippers to counteract the enemy in the new kind of war .Although rarely publicized, the exploits of American Vietnam snipers have become a permanent part of the history of the war.Word of their feats spread quickly in-country , As :    “Thrirty-three guerillas filtered onto a road that went past a sprawling vietnamese cementery. They were operating in their own backyard. This was”Charlie Land’ “Mr Charles” controlled it so throughly that he could afford to relax. None of the guerrillas showed concerned as they sloppily formed up to march up the road to a village where they would replenish their food supplies.Suddenly , the point man grabbed his chest as a bullet from a hidden rifleman sent him sprawling to the ground.

The crack of the rifle eight hundred yards away was barely discernible. Hidden in tall knife grass, the US Marine who fired the shot quickly jacked a fresh round into the still-smoking chamber of his Einchester Model 70. Off to his right, his teammate drop a second VC. Within the next few minutes the  pair of sharpshooting Marine snipers killed eleven Viet Cong and wounded six more as they rained lead into the panicked guerrilla ranks. Entire battalion operations and week-long sweeps rarely accounted for that many enemy causalties.(D)

(3)July,24th. 1965

BINH CHUNG TEN LUA, Dion Vi Anh Hung. Luc Lu’o’ng Vu Trang Nhan Dan(D)

(4) July,28th. 1965

Johnson approves Westmoreland’s request for forty-four additional combat battalions .

   (5)After concencus was reached   by Johnson’s  adviser that  the  Viet-cong could defeated and the North Vietnam were forced to a negotiated when know that they willn’t win the war.

          The momentos dicisioned to plan a war in Whitehouse, after extensive discussion between Johnson and his close advisers their were no recognation that South Vietnamese were fighting among themselves and that North Vietnam were also Vietnamese.

 August 1965

 (1)August 12, 1965
The experimental divison  was redisgnated the 1st Air cavalry Division (air mobile) , incorporated into the active Army sructure, and sent to South Vietnam.

Operation Midnight: 2/3 Marines conducts this search and destroy operation in Elephant Valley just west of Da Nang, Quang Nam Province.



  (3)     Combat operations generally have confirmed the effectivesess of the air-cavalary units. One of the major operation questions,the vulnerability of helicopters to ground fire, it is  reported that only 48 helicopter were lost in the first four years, which in cluded a period nearly three years when only a few helicopters were in the country in support of Vietnam forces.

 (4)Some 700 Air Force, Navy , and Marine Fighters aircraft were available for close support work in South Vietnam during this year 1965

 (5)An excellent communications network was set up so that vietually any village or any military which comes attack by Viet Cong  may immediately issue and emergency call into the Tactical Air Control Center (TACC) in Saigon  which keeps an up-to-date situation report on th elocation and readiness of every attack air craft in the South of Vietnam. In 1965 , approximately 20 percent of the fighter strikes were response to emergency less than 15 minutes.

 (6)The necessary close control has been maintained by a team of Forward Air Control (FAC) who fly low and slower over every target and mark it with smoke before it is bombed. About 150 FAC air planes, primarily Cesna O-1’s .

 (7)A diverse Group of aircraft are employed for ground attack.The most numerous type is the fast Jet Fighters  which can responds quickly to emergencies, it included : The North American F-100, Northrop F-5, MacDonnel F-4, Douglas A-4, Grumman A-6, Martin B-57,and vought F-8,(D)  

 (8)Troop airlifted into Tuy Hoa to protect rice fields and  Swift helicopter “YN2” evacuation of wounded soldiers has saved many lives

 (9) The air attacks which reaced significant proportion in thei year have been unsuccesful , because they did not bring the surrender of The North Vietnamese and the Vietcong.

August 18-21, 1965

The major part of the US Marines Operation Starlite opens up on the Van Tuong Peninsula, some nine miles southeast of Chu Lai, in terrain that is dominated by sandy flats and broken by numerous streams and an occasional wooded knoll. The Marines engage three battalions in this operation, 3/3, 2/4 and the Special Landing Force 3/7 Marines. The 60th and 80th VC Battalions, part of the 1st VC Regiment, are virtually destroyed. Casualties are 614 VC KIAs and 9 prisoners, Marines have lost 45 killed and 203 wounded.



9) September 1965

(1)September,1st .1965-

free airmail service was started.(PH)

Free airmail service went into effect in this day for all military personal letters, letter size tape recording and postcard in their generally accepted from are entitle to free transit.

Letter send under this free mail policy will be handle as US air mail.Your full military address to include name,rank, and service number must appear on the envelope.

The word free in th upper right hand corner must  be in Your handwritting. It cannot be typed  or mechanically marked .

Mail may be sent free to the foreign countries. Letter so mailed cannot be registered.They may be sent special delivery if an additional special delivery cxharge is paid. (info from IMNAHA).      

(The Vietnamese Quan Buu  Military Post also have free air mail with military without nominal value stamp or pre-stamp letter sheet, must write  the HQ & KBC number, but if sent to civillian must added special rate of stamp-auth)

September 5-7, 1965

Companies F & H, 2/7 Marines conduct operation Stomp, a search and destroy operation 10 miles north of Qui Nhon in the Ky Son Mountains, II CTZ, using LZs PALOMINO and SHETLAND. VC casualties are 26 KIAs and 3 POWs.

September 20, 1965

The 2d ROK Marine Brigade “Blue Dragon” arrives at Cam Ranh Bay, it will stay in Vietnam until January 1972.

(a)Trich Luc Bo Khai Sanh birt ceriticate with Local 1965 revenue type straight,compare with the bold oblique type.
(b)September 22 – October 19, 1965

Operation Good Friend I begins. The 2d Battalion, 502d Infantry (Airbrone) secures the Cam Ranh Bay area for the arrival of the ROK Marine Brigade, relieving the 1st Battalion, 18th Infantry.

September 28, 1965

The first units of the ROK Capital Division (aka the Tiger Division) begin to land at Qui Nonh. It will become one of the longest serving allied formations, its last elements returning South Korea in March 1973.

(Map shows the implantation of ROK units in II CTZ, December 1966)


The ARVN relief force (3d Arm Cav, 1/42, 21st and 22d Ranger Bns) reach the 33d NVA Regiment’s ambush position four kilometers up Provincial Route 5 from Plei Me. The fighting continues for two days. The ARVNs have the high ground and the Allies punish the NVA with air strikes. During this period the Project DELTA force at Plei Me is still trying to clear the NVA from the high ground near the camp. Medevac helicopters are finally able to clear the wounded from Plei Me.



10)October 1965

(1)Oct,3rd. 1965

The reciept of buying Toshiba 4 band radio 5400 dong with Hiem(revenue) 11 Dong ( 5x d dong yellow and one Dong red revenue) , from Le-Cong Radio 398,Dai-lo Dong –Khanh Cholon.

        The back of this document,  used to write “Giay Ban)


Zen toi la Bui Tram Phu to zuai so c/co/7858vcapngay 6.7.60 tai quan ngu tai so Nha 242/4 ben nguyen duy X-c co loan i cou may thou thanh hien Toshiba 4 ban Transior so;6,672 cho ba am thi cai cam cho thi la  5200,00 dong neu san co  ai can cho thi toi xin chui toi voi nho chuc chach.

            Mai ky ren yoi day ,B.T.Phu.(sign) Cholon  30.10.65.(OPH&D)


(2) American forces defeated North Vietnam units at the  La Drang valley

(3)October 23, 1965

October 2-17, 1965

The bulk of the 1st Infantry Division “Big Red One” arrives Vietnam, joining the 2d Brigade arrived in July. Initialy based at Bien Hoa, the division will be headquartered at Di An from early 1966 until departure in 1970.


11) November 1965

       (1) November,10th.1965

              The AVRN postal history  cover , send from KBC 4858 (AVRN 7th Infantry divisond 2nd regiment 1st Batalion with military stamp without NOMINAL value (Quan Buu ) type M1 ,but the military  stamp not cancelled  and  rare KBC red doble circle stamped ” G.D .M.A.G.V.N.  KBC 4.858  THU –TIN-VINH”  to Cholon CDS “CHOLON-VIETNAM 9-11-1968. In the back rolling Saigon Vietnam cds but the date not clear.

(rare AVRN postal history, why send thruogh  regular post office , not  military post that is why without “Quan Buu” stamped and the Military stamp didn’t cancelled,,KBC 4858 didn.t know the location, what the meaning of GDMSAGVN and Thu Thin-vinh?  may be after tsomeone ranslate the letter inside we will no the history fact-auth)


          The letter inside in vietnamese language :


       KBC 4858   


                                                            Thu’a Chi

Tu ra truong dten non t thang em chang co dip rao dten than hai bac cung cac chi . That loi vo cung em nghi Hai Bac va cac chi Tuyen.

Xhan mot hom ve phep nghe thoa bao co noy chi cho em Kinh Loi tham noi manh. Chac dto nay noi cung chang biet mot dtua chai re ra lam sao. Em dtung la dtua chau vo la phai khong chi.

Em cung cau nuong hai bai va cao chi dteu manh. Chi Bay. Chi Tam va anh Sau dto nay vao Dai Hoe ce weng anh sau chec saj ra truong co phai.

Em thi het hoc dtuoc roi Hanh Quan luon Manh tu tai I le Loi biet bao gi o’ co’dtoi Nhiem luc buon ghe.

Nghe noi anh tu vai quan dtoi Vay anh tu co’ dtuoc nay o’ Saigon khong chi. Mong anh dtuoc nhien may hon em.

Mot lan nua nho chi chuyen than noi hai bac, chi Hai vo cao chi

                                                            Em Chi

                                                    Le-Luu –Nghia


 12) December 1965

(1)Dec.2nd1965 To Han Nha certificate with vietnam coniem revenue,at back legalized with local revenue.

(2)December 4, 1965

Saigon: A US MP engages in a gun battle with VC terrorists at the Metropole Hotel in Saigon. Wounded and out of ammunition, the MP takes cover in the hotel lobby. The VC then run a truck filled with explosives up to the front of the building, where it explodes, killing nine people (one U.S. Marine, one New Zealand artilleryman, and seven South Vietnamese civilians) and injuring 137, including 62 civilians.

(2)December 14, 1965-January 17, 1966

The 2/18 Inf (1st Infantry Division) begins Operation Viper II, a search and destroy mission in Bien Hoa Province, III CTZ.

(3)December,25th 1965

Johnson suspends bombing of North Vietnam in an attempt to induce the North Vietnam to negotiate.(D)

(4)Late 1965,

Nguyen van Thieu was appointed chief of state late in 1965 by Nguyen Kao Ky, who became premier when the South Vietnamese generals decided to form their own government following the weak  civillian regime of Dr Phan Quat .

the end @ copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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