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a. AVRN vs Vietcong war 1964


1)January 1964

(1)January,30th. 1964

General Nguyen Khan seizes power in Saigon , arrest four ruling generals but allow Minh to remain as figure head chief of State.(D)

(2) In the year after 1963 , Nguyen van Thieu steadily in importance he became the deputy premier and minister of defense.


2)February 1964

Not yet info

3) March 1964

(1)US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara visit Vietnam , vow support for Khanh.(D)


(2) March,20th 1964

The chinese written postally cover from Saigon-Vietnam 20.3.1964 to Saigon-Cholon  Viet-Nam 21.3.1964, with  1d justice emblem and 2d Unesco stamps (rate 3 d) .

( Cholon was the chinese overseas area over the Mekong river in Saigon where I found this posta history , the address in chinese traslate means…….. :……………..auth)

4) April and 5) May 1964 noinfo


6) June 1964




(1)June , 2nd . 1964

Pantagon Strategist refine plans for bombing North Vietnam.

(2)Johnson anticipate a large scale US effort:

       (a)The Tonkin Resolution was simply intended to give him the discretion to punish the North Vietnamese, but it was  noneless regarded  as essential to bring stability to an independent

(b) Non-communist  South-Vietnam in order to counter Khruschev’s claim to have the right to support “ war of National Liberation”(D)

7)July 1964, no info


August 1964

(1)Vietnam was still seen  by the public as no more than a miror problem : The Us would need only to flex her muscles for the communists to back down.(D)


(2)Covert South Vietnamese Maritime operations begin against North Vietnam.(D)

        (3) North Vietnamese patrol boats attack the MADDOX , an US destroyer in Tongkin Gulf, August 2(D).


(4) A doubtful second incident report two days later(D)

(5) US aircraft bomb North Vietnam for the first time in this month.(D)

     (6) August, 21st , 1964

      The rare postal history of US’s Kennedy prestamped 11c airmail letter sheet       send from native vietnamese at California CDS “SAN LUIS OBISPRO 1934004, Aug 21 1967” to South Vietnam CDS “Saigon-Vietnam 26-8 1967”

The handwitten latter in vietnamese language:


Cal Poly-San Luis Obispro                         Chu nhat 20.8.1967


                             Hong mien

          Lan qua khong dube bien y ma Hong, anh ut truong La Hong da quan anh, khong con nho gi dten thang anh xa xoi may nua the roi dong hu do anh nhen duoc the Hong vo nhat la khan quan co do think tay Hong sung tai, va anh thay minh co loi doi nghi oan cho hong, hong chonanh xia nha. Tu nay anh khong dan nghi tam bay tam ba nhu vay  noi dan nhung anh anh hong ung dung bo be anh nuy , moi lan duoi thu van biet chat itoi gia ma viet cho anh doi dong de goi la chanh qua soy am tam long doi coi nay. Anh thang thue cau du truong ve qua tang ma hong, anh vat sung luong va cam doi thay tu nua lanh de anh quang khan cua hong.

Mau ve  kiem day lain anh thich thu nhat day, hop y ve dung la nhy diem anh nhuoc tu lan. Honh khan that, anh ky biet noi sao cho bet sui  biet an cua voi hong duoc, anh nung khong biet hong nuon gi e anh co gi anh ve tang hong theu y hong, thu san hong biet nho, hong muon gi anh nung chra y ca muon la……..etc….

          Hong lua nay ra Sao! Anh rat nay tu Hong, anh khy quan duoc nhy ky vien va thy luong ve Hay chue Hong voi ve, manh an duong man.

                                                                             Signed Hien


( This collection very interesting, because not many communication between Vietnamese who study in California to his friend (Girl?) and writting information and comment about his own country, we will understood about the vietnam information in US –please someone wil kind to translate-auth)

9) September 1964

(1)September,7th 1964

     The South Vietnam first day covers-Premier Jour D’Emmision of Bai Bien (Plaque De) “Ha Tien” stamps, firstday special stamped  Tem Tho “Ba Bien Ha Tien.Saigon , Ngay Bau-Rien 7-9-64. (PH)

10) October 1964


(1)October,30th. 1964

     Vietcong attack  Bienhoa air base, but Johnson rejects proposal for   retaliatory raids against North Vietnam .(D)

11) November 1964

(1)Lyndon Johnson defeats Barry Goldwater for the presidency ,November 3(D).


(2) Saigon convulsed by Rioters protest Khanh’s rule  and Taylor now ambassador , urges Khanh to leave the country.(D)

12)December 1964


(1)  December,24th. 1964

     Vietcong terrorist bomb American military billet in Saigon, but Johnson again rejects proposal for raids against North Vietnam.(D)

(2) December.20th 1964

Bien Lai Khai Sanh- Bo Thanh saigon certificate-without photo(?) ,sign and stamped by Quan-Truong ,vietnam Cong Hoa NAM –PHAN, for Tian boi Phan ,tai quan 4 Saigon durong (street) 9 Le Chach, con (Children) cua :Tian hoc Diec,va cua Ly tu Ky (father & Mother?)

the end @ copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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