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f). The  crisis escalation 1963 

(Monk burn himself , Student protest and Diem assasination )


1) January 1963

(1)Vietcong units defeat South Vietnamese at the battle of Ap Bac .(D)


2) February no info


3) March 1963


     (1) March, 6th.1963

     The very rare Do Than Saigon THE’ CU’-TRI  (election?) card  with  stamped red squared box D.V.16 – cross and  D.V. 19.  signed by Cap tai Saigon , print 16.9.1964 , change with red ink written 6.3.1963. signe by Quan-Truang Quan 8 , Cao Ming Chung with red double circle official stamped of TOA KAHN CHAN QUAN THAY-VIETNAM CONG HUA  D0-THAN SAIGON.

( Why the date of the’ cu’ Tri change from 1964 to 1963, may be the worst situation in 1963 and what the meaning of Stamped D.V. 16 and 19. may be military  areal code,please comment-auth)



                        VIET NAM CONG HOA

                             DO THENH SAIGON


                                         THE CU – TRI           : D.V. 19 :

                       So 0735593                             

          Ho te’n       LAM VAN HUE’

       Ngay va noi sinh  1928 Cho Lon

          Nai cu-tri  9 B Nguyen deuy R 11 ky 14

          The’ ca’n cua’c so”   050977    cap tai quan    ngai 1960


          Chu ky cua cu-tri     Cap tai Saigon ngay 6 thanh 3 nam 1963  

                                    Quan-Truong Quo’n    8


                                                                             CHAU MINH CHUNG


                             Chu Y” : 1. The nay duoc cap hoan Toan mien phi

                                                        2. Xin gia the de Quan Trong cac quoc

                                                             Bau cu khac.

                                                        3.Ai dung cu tri cua nguot khac hooc

                                                            Dua the cu-tri cua minh cho ngua khac

                                                            Cung co bi truy to theobhinh tuoi.



4) no info


5) May 1963


(1)  May,8th.1963

South Vietnamese troops and police shoot at Buddhist demonstrators in Hue. (D)

6) June 1963

(1)Crisis intensifies as Buddhist monk commits suicide by self –immolation.

A Budihst monk burns himself to death in Saigon in this day ,as a protest against the South Vietnamese governnment ‘s mistreatment of Budhist.

 This suicide , the first of several by Budhist militans as Tri Quang, after that  a Buddhists Monk displayed pheno-menal skill in Mobilizationn south Vietnam ‘s Buddhist to protest against the Diem regime.

 He and  other monks stage a sit down strike on a street in Saigon , then sparked widespread demonstrations against the Govern-ment. Two kind of photo’s angle self immolations, first form the left side and second from the right , also the photo of  Tri Quang sitdown strike  (D & P)


7) July 1963


(1)  July,4th. 1963

      CIA agent, informs from South Vietnam General Tran Van Don, officers are plotting against Diem.(D)

     (2) July,7th 1963

     The Vietnamese Emblem and armor defend stamps issued in this day.


(3) August 1963


(1) Vietnam Special force cordon off the Saigon Market because of student demonstration (P)

(2)Dean of the school of Science and Paedagogy at the center trying to calm student holding a protest demonstration against the repressive measures of the Diem government (photo)


(3)Students at the School of Sciences and Paedagogy holding a protest demonstration against the Diem goverment(photo)


(4) Tam Pham Bieu , Dean of the school of Medicine at the University of Saigon, speaking to Students after his arrest by the Diem Government.(photo)


(5) Military Governor of Saigon-Cholon (Gia Dinh) province holding a press conference at the city hall to defend the Diem government’s position during the period of martial law two. Look at the Governor’s photo (D&P)


(6) Anti-Diem goverment demonstration by the student at the University of Saigon School of Sciences and Paedagogy(P)


(7) Demonstration by high school students against Diem Goverment at the Saigon city street (Truong vo Truong Toan, canh ben Truong Trung Vuong, gan so Thu Saigon-P)

(8)August 9th 1963


(a)US secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara visit Saigon , look the photo , he sat behind ARVN Brig.General Do Cao Tri (photo)


(b)General Maxwell D.Taylor also visit South Vietnam and he had made a tour of Inspection with ARVN General Van Minh Duoang, look at his photo when gave military salute (photo)


(c)The photo of the South Vietnam presidential family , their put the native traditional gown , at left Diem (P)


(d) Madame Dinh Nhu Ngo , ex first lady during Diem regime, waving from the stairs of an airoplane  to went abroad before His husband and her brother in law Ngo Dinh Diem assasination.(photo)


(e) During the period of martial law, Military Governor Ge. Ton That Dinh and General Nguyen van La holding a confrence to defend the Diem Goverment’s position, look at their Photo (D&P)


(f) In this day, Phu Lam SG Budhist monk arrested by Diem regime, being held in guarded compound at Phu Lam (Photo)


(g) The Photo of Rome Italy- Arch-bishop Ngo Dinh Thuc , was taken in this day (P)


(h)The photo of official meeting in Saigon this day, ARVN General Nguyen Dinh Thuan defend the Diem position to the US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge jr and US secretary of defense  Robert S. McNamara.(P)


(i)  Unidentificated Dean of the School of Sciences and paedagogy attempting to persuaden the security Police of The Diem government no to arrest the student demonstrator (P), but The Student still being taken away in trucks by them(P)

(3)  August,21th 1963

     Ngo Dinh Nu’s forces attack Buddhist temples.(D)

(4) August,22th 1963

Washington recommends tha Nhu be removed; also suggest American support for mutinous generals against Diem.(D)


9) September 1963


(1) September,2nd 1963

     Kennedy criticized Diem in a television interview.(D)


(2) Pres.Ngo Dinh Diem’s brother Ngho Ding Nhu and his younger son  with his wife went to europe by aeroplane (Photo at airport)


(3) Us Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge yunior meeting with President of southnVietnam Ngo Dinh Diem (P)

And he talking with Mr Ngo Dinh Nhu at a diplomatic reception (P), he also talking with acting Foreign Minister Truong Cong Cuu at a diplomatic reception.


(4) Us Ambassador H.C.Lodge Jr shaking hands with US Army services on the Saigon city street(P) and he with his wife  leaving St Christopher’s Anglican Episcopal congregation Church after services on Sunday.(P)


(5)  The formation of the 11th Air Assault Division.  After  the one year prepared concept tested in two month s of continous maneuver against the 82nd Airborne Division.

 The outcome was strongly vin favor of the helicopter-borne forces and the 82nd was defeated as sound-ly as any division ever was its peace-time maneuvers.(D)




          (6) President Diem talking with a delegation of Budhist monks from the Union Committee for the Defense of Pure Buddhism at Gia Long.(P)


          (7) Nhu holding press confrence (P)


          (8) Police participating in a Diem government sponsored demonstration (P)


(9) Police holding back a crows at the An Quang Pagoda as the Buddhist monk are taken away again by the Diem government(P)


          (10) Police hauling away high school student who were demon-strating against the Diem goverment (P)


          (11)Pictures of the Buddhist monks who burned themselves to death  prior to the anti-Diem Government revolution in the xa-Loi pagoda (P)


(12) Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Saigon being welcomed back by medical student after his arrest by the Diem government (P)


(13) Combat Policemen going to student demonstration (P)


(14) Buddhist monk tidying up the vestry rooms in the Xa Loi pagoda at its official reopening by permission of the Diem government(P)


          (15) September,13th 1963

The photo at Belgrade,Yugoslavia, where Kennedy,s meet Mrs Nhu, accompanied by  Senator Edward(P)

And Senator Edward M.kennedy tals with Mrs Nhu(P)




10) October 1963

(1)October ,10th 1963

Infantrymen move toward the woodline after being airlifted to a landing zone in Xa Ba Phuic during a search and destroy mission (P)

(2)October 1963, 16.000 US troops  sent more to South Vietnam . The Geneva agreement were dead, as the US responded military to increasing Vietcong activity.(D)

     (3) October,21th 1963

     Mrs Nhu in Whasington DC ( Ba Ngo Dinh Nhu trong buei hop bao tai Washington DC, Hoa Ky)

11) November 1963

(1)November 1st 1963

(a)A photo of Vietcong army(?) in this day, Cac binh si tham gia cuoc dao chanh (please someone translate to find more information-auth)


(b)The Photo of Dinh Gia Long (office) , noi TT Ngo Dinh Diem va ong (overthrew ?)


(c)in this day, at The photo we saw the  wrecked Presidential Palaced, gutted & ransacked after military coup that overthrew Diem Goverment(P)


(d) Mayor General Van Don Tran with other officers and troops celebreting overthrown in this day(P)


(e) General Van Minh Duong leader of military coup that overthrew Diem regime , in this day made a press conference (P)


(f) The photo of Monks meeting with Military coup after overthrew Diem Regime (P)


(g) In this day , Vietnamese dancing again at night club (after forbidden during the Diem regime ) aftrer overthrew of Diem Regime (P)


(2) November,2nd. 1963

( The Diem and Nhu assasination’s day)


(a)Arrest and Assassination of Diem and Nhu.(source:Wikipedia)

Marked the culmination of a successful CIA-backed coup d’etat led by General  Duong Van Minh in november 1963.

On the morning , November,2nd 1963 , Diem and his adviser, young brother Ngo Dinh Nhu, were arrested after the Army of The Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) had been successful in bloody overnight siege on Gia Long Palace in Saigon.

The coup was the culmination of nine years of autocratic and nepotistic family rule in South Vietnam Dis-comfort with the Diem regime had been simmering below the surface, and exploded  with mass Buddhist protest against long standing religious dicrimination after the government shooting of protesters who defed a ban on the flying of the Budhist flag.

When rebel forces entered the palace, the Ngo brothers were not present, as they escaped the night to the loyalist shelter in Cholon.


The brothers had kept in communication with the rebels through a direct link from the shelter to the palace, and misled them into believing that they were still in the palace.

The Ngo brothers agreed to surrender and were promised safe exile, after being arrest,  they were instead    executed in the back of an armoured personnel carrier by ARVN officers on the journy back  to military headquaters at Son Nhut Air Base.

While no formal inquiry was conducted, the responbility for the death of the Ngo brothers in the trip. Minh’s  bodygueard, Captain  Nguyen van Nhung, and on Major Duong Hieu Ngia, both of whom guarded the brothers during the trip.

Minh’s army colleagues and US official in Saigon agreed that Minh ordered the executions.

They postulated various motives, including that the brothers embar-rassed Minh by fleeing the Prseidential Palace, and that the brothers were killed to prevent a later political came back.

 The general initially attempted to cover up the execution by suggesting that the brothers had committed suicide, but this was contradicted when photos of the Ngo’bloofied bodies surfaced in the media.


(b) The street of Saigon were littered when opponent of Diem broke into the office of a newspaper sympathetic to the Government Diem’s overthrow was greeted with jubilation by the Saigon populace which had hated his harsh rule(P)


(c) In the morning of this day, a mutinous South Vietnamese soldier inside  the presidential palace , after Diem and Nhu had fled to a hiding place on the Saigon suburbs (P)


(d) The bodies of Diem and Nhu in the back of an armored personnel carrier, in which they were murdered by two insurgent officer after their captutre on this day. They had surrendered, hoping to be permitted to leave the country (P)


(e) The book’s illustration of the bodies of Diem and Nhu in the back of an armored personnel courier , in which they were mudered by two insurgent officers after their capture on November 2 1963 ,They had surrendered hoping to be permitted to leave the country (ibid S.Karnow)


(f)Nguyen Bao Tung best phillatelic collections aslo contain the stamps of the Founder of the Republic of Vietnam who was assasinated after The military coup on November.1st 1963., the collections bore the signatures of the president Diem and official seals

( very rare collections with original signature and official seals because no one keep the Diem official cover after he was assasinations, please comment –auth)


(3)November,22th 1963

(a)Three weeks after Diem’s death  J.F.Kannedy assasination in Dallas, succeeded by Lyndon Johnson.

The death of Kennedy and Diem led to a new phase  in the American involvement in Vietnam (D)   


(b)Henry Cabot Lodge, American ambassador to Saigon, with President Diem. Lodge had little patience for Diem, whom he felt was hindering the American effort on help South Vietnam fight the Vietcong (P)


(c) An American adviser, leads South Vietnamese troops into action in thge Mekong delta in 1963. America adviser then in Vietnam were suppos-ed to avoid combat, but many parti-cipated in battle neverless(P


12)December 1963


(1) December,15th 1963

     The Thanh-Minh-Tu, AP PHU HAI, XA PHANRI-CUA “THIEP MOI” invitation(?) letter from Phu-Hot to Kinh Goi Ong Bu “ Quan-Truong Quan(Military) Hoa –Da


“Trong 9 nam chien tranh tan khuc.Tan-Minh-Tu Phu-Hai pai bj canh tieu tan sup do, mai den nay m duoc co-duyen xay dung hoan thanh, do cung nhoi au giup do cua Chinh-quyen, nho su giup do cua cac nha hao tam ung-ho va duc tin tuong manh liet cua toan dan trong Ap, gop lan cua moi lap nen.

Le Khan thanh se cu hanh trong 3 ngay 12,13, va  14 thang 11 quy –Mao  tuc ngay 27,28,29,29-12-1963 the chuong trinh vach dinh ben canh.


                                    Tron trong kinh moi

                                    T.M. Ban To-chuc


                                                Tran-Van-Ne (OD)


(Please native Vietnamese collectors will helping me to translate this  very rare document and also the below document , because the information from this document very useable for postal history colecter and Vietnamese historian-auth)



(2)December,12th 1963

The very rare official letter send by  Cuorier from Ngoc Bang Saigon double red circle stamped on Covers sending by Courier to Ong Ba,Trung Uy’ Quan Trung. He oa-Da.

        Inside Doan Ca-Kich Ngoc Bang Saigon,Chiep Moi Card used for writting the latter :




      Kouh Anh!

Doan cua chung toi rui qua din dia phung nay theit bai luon 3 hon’i khy dhuong xoay tu’.

            Itiui guo nay ca 50 doan vien Chua Co buoi au son nai.

            King thi vi hoan caung dien diug cua gauf ceuy dau hiem 3 ngay ray Rly ngoi dan duoa.

            Vay: Vo choy toi nho eum dui thua vio auh nho anth tieui.

            Pheuing hui gi’up do doang ti guing say duo ngay Tet.

            Hoay Rinz. (PH)


(Please native Vietnam to help me for translate this interesting informations from this letter, why this cover din’t send by Postal , may be no postal services by the worst situation , if someone have the postal histori covers in 1963 please comment and sho us that rare collection-auth)


(2)The meeting between General AVRN Van Minh Duong with American Ambassador Henry Cabot Jr and Robet McNamara,(P),

the end @ Copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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