The Royal Prince William Wedding Preparation ‘s Art Photography Exhibition(Pameran Seni fotografi Pernikahan Pangeran William Ingris)













Showroom :

The Driwan’s  Cybermuseum


(Museum Duniamaya Dr Iwan)

Showcase:The British Royal Prince William Wedding Art Photography Exhibition)

Frame one:

Pre Wedding

1. The earliest photography

After Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly’s nuptials, which young royal will be next?


Peter Phillips became the first of the Royal family’s younger generation to marry yesterday, leaving everyone wondering who will be next to wed?

Peter, 30, married Canadian Autumn Kelly, also 30, in front of the Queen and other royal family members in St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Following the nuptials, royal watchers are turning their attention to the family’s other young royals in anticipation of the next regal wedding.

Prince Harry kissing Zara Phillips at Peter Phillips Autumn Kelly wedding 17 May 2008Kissing cousins: Will bridesmaid Zara Phillips or Prince Harry be next to wed their respective partners?

The most eagerly-anticipated wedding of all would, of course, be heir to the throne Prince William, 25, and his long-term love Kate Middleton, 26.

Despite a brief split last year, the couple have been dating for over four years after meeting at St Andrew’s University as students.

Phillips and Kelly’s wedding yesterday also marked the first official outing for Prince Harry’s girlfriend Chelsy Davy.

The Zimbabwean student, currently studying at Leeds University, was introduced to the Queen for the first time at the church.

Harry, 23, and Chelsy, 22, have been dating since 2004 after meeting during the Prince’s gap year.

Another royal couple who have passed the four year mark is Peter’s sister Zara Phillips, 27, who followed Autumn down the aisle as a bridesmaid on Saturday, and rugby player Mike Tindall, 29.

Chelsy Davy Kate Middleton at Peter Phillips Autumn Kelly wedding 17 May 2008Princesses-in-waiting?: Chelsy Davy and Kate Middleton kept a low-profile at Peter and Autumn’s wedding yesterday

The couple have taken a step further than the rest of the young royals and have been living together in Zara’s cottage on Gatcombe Park Estate in Gloucestershire for several years.

In a recent interview, Zara admitted she saw marriage to Mike in the future.

She said: “Well, he hasn’t asked yet. I’m old-fashioned: I think they should ask you. Everyone at the rugby club seems to be getting married and having babies so they keep asking me, ‘What about you?.'”

Princess Beatrice Autumn Kelly Peter Phillips wedding 17 May 2008Young love: Princess Beatrice, 19, is dating American Dave Clark, 25

The least likely royal to marry anytime soon is Princess Beatrice, who at the relatively tender age of 19, is only a year into her relationship with American boyfriend Dave Clark, 25.

Meanwhile, William and Kate are flying to the private Caribbean island of Mustique next week for a romantic holiday.

Palace insiders said William’s decision to ask Kate to stand in for him at Phillips’s wedding yesterday underlined the strength of their relationship ? and that their break would give them a chance to discuss their future.

After the holiday, the Prince, 25, will start a three-month attachment with the Royal Navy.

prince william and kate middletonPrince William and Kate Middleton will fly to the private Caribbean island of Mustique next week for a romantic holiday

An acquaintance of the couple said that William will join Kate, 26, on Mustique on Wednesday.

They will stay at the £1,785-a-night Villa Alumbrera, one of the island’s most opulent and secluded mansions. The villa is booked until May 28.

Owned by the widow of Swedish mining tycoon Adolf Lundin, it is set on a cliffside with breathtaking views of outlying islands and crashing surf.

A private footpath leads to a white sand beach. Three of the bedrooms have private courtyards with outdoor showers, and Kate and William will have the use of the mansion’s swimming pool ? where two servants are available to serve drinks from a terrace bar ? as well as a tennis court and games room.

Opulent: The £1785-a-night Villa Alumbrera where Prince William and Kate will stay next week

A source said: “William is due to start the last stage of his Royal Navy training in June, so it could just be that he wants to have some quality time with Kate in a place where they can be sure of total privacy. But it does seem that they may be getting down to serious discussion of their future.”

The pair went to Mustique two years ago and stayed in another five-bedroom villa, owned by John and Belle Robinson of the Jigsaw clothing chain, where Kate was working as an accessories buyer.

The Robinsons loaned the house to William who made a donation to a local charity in exchange.

Kate later told friends it was one of their most memorable holidays.

They drank cocktails at the Firefly, a fashionable Mustique guest house, and visited Basil’s Bar, a waterfront bistro once a favourite hangout for Princess Margaret.

A Clarence House spokeswoman said: “We wouldn’t comment on Prince William’s private life at all.”


2.Prince William and Kate Middleton Ready for Royal Wedding?

Getty Images.

The Daily Mail
reports that Prince William and longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton are preparing for a summertime wedding. This comes after a French society magazine, Point de Vue, published the claim that Prince William and Middleton will issue a wedding announcement later this month.

The evidence to back up the claim?

  • The second-in-line to the British crown took his girlfriend to Scotland instead of skiing (according to the Daily Mail, “highly symbolic because they met at St Andrews University”)
  • There has been a lot of activity lately at the Harewood Estate, one of the locations rumored to host the nuptials.

That doesn’t seem like enough to support the story, but the Point de Vue editor-in-chief, Colombe Pringle, says she sticks by the article ‘100 percent.’

More pictures of Kate Middleton and Prince William:

  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Kate Middleton in The Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco Fundraiser
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College
  • Prince William in Prince William Visits Hendon Police Training College

3.The Royal prince William Engage and Wedding announcement

Royal wedding: Prince William to marry Kate Middleton


Royal wedding: Britain’s Prince William and his long-term girlfriend Kate Middleton have announced their engagement and set a wedding date for sometime in 2011.




Kate is wearing the engagement ring that Prince Charles gave to Princess Diana.


Prince William revealed he used his mother Diana, Princess of Wales’s engagement ring to propose to his fiancee as a way of honouring her memory.


A close up of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring as she poses for photographs in the State Apartments with her fiance Prince William of St James Palace on November 16, 2010 in London, England.


Kate Middleton’s engagement ring



Princess Diana’s engagement ring


3.The Royal wedding Invitation

Over 1,900 people invited to William’s wedding


London : Over 1,900 guests have been invited to the wedding of Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton.



Though their names have not been released, celebrities, leading politicians, heads of state and royalty from across the world are expected to attend when William and Kate exchange marriage vows April 29, The Independent reported.

The number of guests will be reduced for the lunchtime reception, where around 600 relatives, friends and dignitaries will attend at the Buckingham Palace.

The evening dinner followed by dancing will be a more intimate affair, with just 300 of the couple’s loved ones gathering at the palace.

More than 200 members of the government, parliament and diplomatic corps will be among the guests along with 60 governors general and prime ministers from the Commonwealth, and more than 40 foreign royals.

William’s charities will be represented by 80 people and 30 members of the defence services have been invited.

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be at the head of the royal family group, along with the Prince of Wales, Duchess of Cornwall and William’s best man, Prince Harry.

Kate’s parents Michael and Carole Middleton will take pride of place in the abbey along with sister Pippa, her maid of honour, brother James and other relatives.

Prime Minister David Cameron with wife Samantha, and opposition leader Ed Miliband, are also likely to be on the guest list.

The couple’s friends are likely to be represented by university and schoolmates, the prince’s polo pals and his club mates.

Invites in pale brown envelopes have been sent in the past few days. The white cards are gilded along their edge with gold and the royal cypher – EIIR, the initials of the Queen, below a crown – is die-stamped on the invitation.

Below the cypher, with a space left for the guest’s name, are the words – “The Lord Chamberlain is commanded by the Queen to invite … to the marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales K.G. with Miss Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on Friday, 29th April, 2011 at 11.00 a.m.”

The Lord Chamberlain’s Office is handling the ceremonial and formal elements of the wedding preparations and guests are asked to reply to his office.

The dress requirements are mentioned on the card – “uniform, morning coat or lounge suit”.

4.Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding invitation

The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is set to take place on Friday, April 29, at Westminster Abbey in London. You’ll have to settle for watching the blessed event on TV, there are several facts that any self-respecting royal watcher needs to know. Below is a quick look of the basics.

The wedding invitations of Prince William and Kate Middleton: On the left is their own photos, Top is the crown

This design of the wedding invitations is very simple,unique and elegant.

prince william kate middleton wedding invitation
Pippa Middleton, Kate Middleton’s younger sister will be in the wedding party, will serve as maid of honor. Royal historian Hugo Vickers noted that maids of honor at royal weddings are usually much younger.
On the groom’s side, William’s younger brother, Harry, will step up to the plate for best man duties. It’s a high-profile gig that includes giving the toast, planning the bachelor party, and, of course, making sure the groom shows up on time for the big day.
According to the UK’s Telegraph, “no fewer than 38 kings and queens have been crowned there in an unbroken run since it was built by Edward in the 11th century.”
This detail hasn’t been officially released, but according to the rumor mill, William and Kate will spend a week on Britain’s Scilly Islands after their big day.

5.The Royal Wedding Gown

(1)She wears Diana’s tiara.

Her brother bakes the cake.

So what would Kate and Wills’ Big Day really be like?

Last week, Princess Diana’s biographer Tina Brown claimed that a date for the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton has been set for November.

So what would the big day be like? Here, royal commentator CHRISTOPHER WILSON imagines the marriage of the century…

Traditionalists may have been disappointed by what they described as a ‘cut-price’ affair at St George’s Chapel, Windsor – the Royal Family’s home church. But crowds still turned out in their thousands to brave the wind and rain so that they could witness the event which most people agreed was long overdue.

‘What kept you waiting?’ shouted well-wishers as the carriage carrying the new Duke and Duchess of Connaught swished past on its way to the wedding breakfast at Windsor Castle on that chilly November morning.

Indeed, in contrast to the glittering state occasions which marked the weddings of William’s father Prince Charles and his grandmother the Queen, it was a low-key event – but that was the way William wanted it. 

William and Kate wedding montageRoyal delight: How we imagine the happy couple might look

He argued that since he was not yet heir to the throne – as his father and grandmother were when they married – the expenditure of a state occasion should be avoided. And since Prime Minister David Cameron was urging spending restraint on all sides, this was seen as a sensible and prudent step.

So, in the place of the massed bands of the Brigade of Guards, the Eton College Concert Band kept the crowds entertained after William asked his old school for help. Horse-drawn carriages were replaced by decorated troop carriers from Prince Harry’s regiment.

Defence cuts meant that there were just three helicopters in the fly-past, as opposed to the customary fleet of aircraft, and the platoons of soldiers that traditionally line the royal route gave way to Mr Cameron’s newly-formed army of community service volunteers.

Fergie’s fun-loving daughters Beatrice and Eugenie had been passed over as bridesmaids in favour of Kate’s better-behaved relations

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne expressed his pleasure: ‘Do you know how much these affairs normally cost?’ he asked. ‘By being prudent, we have saved the nation a colossal amount of money.’

And he was quick to point out that the wedding breakfast – kedgeree, accompanied by English sparkling wine as opposed to champagne – chimed with the new age of austerity that the Conservative government had warned would last for many years. 



The suggestion had been a masterstroke by Kate’s mother Carole, a former air stewardess, whose party planning company had advised on the reception, branching out from children’s entertainment for the first time. It was unfortunate one courtier was heard to mutter that the decision to decorate Windsor Castle’s Great Hall with balloons bearing a photograph of the happy couple was ‘vulgar, vulgar, vulgar’.

Carole also decided to enlist her son James’s online baking company to create a three-tier wedding cake, although traditionalists were privately appalled that a sponge and jam filling had been used instead of the traditional Dundee cake fruit mix. Despite the low-key nature of the occasion, the crowds outside welcomed the diversion of a royal wedding.

After all, since Mr Cameron had expressed determination to cut back on public sector spending in his emergency Budget just 50 days after the May election, the country had been mired in industrial strife.

A nation waits: Prince William and Kate Middleton pictured during a skiing holiday in the French Alps last monthA nation waits: Prince William and Kate Middleton pictured during a skiing holiday in the French Alps last month

And when the bride appeared after the service, her veil thrown back to reveal a diamond- studded tiara that had belonged to William’s mother Diana, Britain’s desperate economic plight was momentarily forgotten.

It is true there had been some backstage bickering as to whether the service should be conducted by just the Archbishop of Canterbury alone. Prince Charles’s late intervention, in which he suggested the involvement of the Dalai Lama and Dr Farhan Ahmad Nizami of the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, was rejected by William – another indication of his growing independence and the widening breach between father and son.

Although the congregation in St George’s Chapel contained many of the faces familiar to royal watchers – Princess Michael of Kent being a notable example in a tiara borrowed from jeweller Theo Fennell which she had modelled in Hello! magazine – the prize for the most extraordinary outfit had to go to the Duchess of York in what she described as her ‘Lady Gaga hat’.

Tiggy Pettifer (previously Legge-Bourke), the former royal nanny, was noticeable because of her loud tweed cloak. There was also the growing rumour that she had sprung out of a cake dressed as a nurse at William’s stag night, held in the London wine bar Julie’s the previous weekend.

But the guest whose appearance gave rise to most comments was Jessica Craig, William’s unmarried former girlfriend. She had flown in from her parents’ conservation ranch in Kenya and, tanned from the winter sun, looked stunning in a simple white dress topped off with a small leather bush hat.

‘She’s the one he should have married,’ commented one royal watcher.

Fergie’s fun-loving daughters Beatrice and Eugenie had been passed over as bridesmaids in favour of Kate’s better-behaved relations, such as the Earl of Wessex’s seven-year old daughter Louise. It was Kate’s younger sister Pippa who clambered over the other guests to catch the bouquet.

Gordon Brown had turned down the invitation in favour of an afternoon on the terraces watching Raith Rovers. ‘I have set me video recorder,’ he said

The one Middleton relative who could not, unfortunately, make the wedding was Kate’s uncle Gary Goldsmith, who had been arrested only a week earlier in Ibiza on suspicion of supplying cocaine to vice girls he had entertained in his £5 million playboy mansion in Ibiza.

Centrepiece of the reception – where the eagle-eyed would have spotted the well-upholstered figure of the Duchess of Cornwall, cigarette and gin and tonic in hand, deep in fascinated conversation with her former husband Andrew Parker Bowles – was undoubtedly Samantha Cameron, clutching her new baby Victoria.

Born just a few weeks earlier, the child was named in honour of her husband’s triumph at the election, where he won with a 64-seat majority.

As for Gordon Brown, who had hardly been seen outside his native Scotland since his election defeat, he had turned down his invitation to the wedding in favour of an afternoon spent with his former henchman Charlie Whelan on the terraces at Raith Rovers in his native Fife.

The Fife Free Press informed its readership that the former Prime Minister would watch the royal wedding on television after the game. ‘I have set my video recorder,’ Brown was reported as saying, ‘and will watch the event with people from my Kirkcaldy constituency.’

The mood of celebration was not universal. The Scottish National Party was furious when the University of St Andrews, where Kate and William met, declared a holiday in honour of the royal wedding.

And the BBC refused to broadcast the wedding live on the grounds that it was not an occasion of sufficient constitutional importance. Instead, ITV stepped in and picked up 20 million viewers, while Channel 4 put on a virtual reality show called Not The Royal Wedding, presented by Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand.

The royal couple left the reception in horse-drawn carriage. In the absence of the royal yacht, they had accepted an invitation from Richard Branson to honeymoon on Necker Island, his holiday home in the Virgin Islands William thought this was entirely appropriate.

Necker, after all, had been a favourite playground of his mother Princess Diana. The fact that this was after her split from Charles did not seem to worry the young Prince at all.

(3) Details of Prince William’s Wedding

The internet now is full of reports about Prince William’s wedding news with Kate Middleton. And if you want to know more details, please just read on.

According to Daily Mirror, Prince William will tie the knot with his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton next summer. And before wedding, they will get engaged at the beginning of next year.



prince william and kate
prince william and kate


The royal resources also said that the 28 year old prince William has already date with his girlfriend for 8 years. And now the wedding preparation is already in progress and their wedding date will become national holiday, and it expects to be 2,000,000 people bring the blessing. There are now three options about the wedding date, but July and October will be most possible.



wedding dress for kate designed by Elizabeth Emanuel
wedding dress for kate designed by Elizabeth Emanuel


Since 2001 when Prince William first met Kate in college years, they maintained an intimate relation till now and only broken up in 2007. Now they finally make public their wedding news, it seems that the whole nation is getting ready for his wedding. Let’s see how the world prepares the ceremony.

Many famous wedding dress designers compete to design bridal gowns for Kate, our princess to be. Kate Middleton has tall figure and refined tastes, and the British media give the comments that she is the best Muse in any great designers. Some famous designers who once designed gowns for European royalty are invited to scheme dress for Kate.


Among the wedding dress for Kate, most notably one is a white low cut bridal gowns with long trains that brought out by Elizabeth Emanuel-English designer once created gowns for Diana. The dress has a large number of exquisite lace design and diamond decorations, with the shape of hourglass to show perfect body shape of Kate.

Another great works is a simple-cut bridal gown with elegant embroidery that designed by French designer Stephane Rolland who once is Queen Rania of Jordan bridal gowns designer.

When the designers are busy with Kate’s wedding dress, the photographers even start to play practical joke on Prince William and Kate. The renowned British photographers Alison Jackson released her new works about the scene when William asked the proposal.



4.Pre Royal Wedding Jitters for Prince William and Kate Middleton3 April, 2011

prince william kate middleton pre royal wedding jitters Pre Royal Wedding Jitters for Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William recently confessed to being a bit nervous about marrying Kate Middleton in fewer than four weeks’ time.

The 28 year-old admitted to being so nervous that his knees starting knocking during a recent wedding rehearsal while he has also suffered through sleepless nights worrying about “the whole thing”.

Despite having access to some of the best wedding planners in the country, Prince William said there was “still a lot of planning to be done”.

And when asked what scenarios Britain’s biggest royal wedding for 30 years was causing him the most worry and sleepless nights, the Prince laughed and replied: “The whole thing”.

The Prince, who will not wear a wedding ring once he is married, added: “I was telling everyone I did the rehearsal the other day and my knees started tapping quite nervously.

“It’s quite a daunting prospect but very exciting and I’m thoroughly looking forward to it but there’s still a lot of planning to be done in the last four weeks.”

The Prince also confirmed he had survived his secret stag party, which is believed to have occurred at a friend’s large country estate in Norfolk.

Laughing off suggestions of any hangovers, he confirmed he and his brother Prince Harry, his best man, had successfully pulled off an elaborate, military-styled covert operation to keep it a secret from the media and public.

2.Pricess Kate Solo At Second Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding

For the second time this year, Kate Middleton has attended a Royal wedding without her boyfriend Prince William by her side.


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