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    Postal History







I. VIETCONG WAR, Perang Vietcong 1969


From 1967 Vietnam naval carried the postal cover,look the sample from IMNAHA:

South Vietnamese Naval Post Card

Picture postcards like this one were given out for free on the ship HQ 04, the Tuy Dong in the early 1970s. They may have been available on other ships as well.

The postcard depicts the Tuy Dong and HQ 07, the Dong Da II. It was sent by a First Lieutenant on board HQ 09, the Ky Hoa, on 26 Feb 1972 operating from KBC 6678. It is stamped with a nice HQ 09 cachet.

From 1967 until 1968 Newzealand army ,And other countries had the International combat force in Vietnam war,read the informations from IMNAHA below:

In May 1965, New Zealand announced its decision to deploy a combat force to Vietnam including a 105-mm howitzer battery, replacing an engineer platoon and surgical team deployed the previous year. The unit was attached to the US 173rd Airborne Brigade under MACV command, with the primary mission of supporting Australian forces in Phuoc Tuy Province. 

In November, 1967, New Zealand and Australian forces entered a working arrangement to reimburse the United States military for services and support including base camp construction, transportation within Vietnam and military postal facilities that included a closed pouch system for all personal and official mail.

The illustrated cover, sent via the US APO postal service was sent to England, under-franked with 10-cents postage and assessed 3-pence postage due.
 The sender was one of 18 members of the New Zealand Army Detachment headquartered in Saigon. Total in-country strength of New Zealand forces at this time was 534. 
The small number of personnel in Vietnam makes mail sent by NZ units less plentiful than that of their Australian and Korean counterparts. It should also be somewhat less plentiful than mail from Thai allied forces. I have not found that to the the case, and it is reflected in the significantly higher market prices for Thai material related to the Vietnam War.
Strength of Military Assistance Forces in Vietnam in 1967 (US Department of the Army):
Australia: 6,818
Korea: 47,829
New Zealand: 534
Thailand: 6,005
Philippines: 2,020
Republic of China: 31
Spain: 13

1) January 1969

Trinh Duc Info:” There’s no doubt that 1969 was the worst year we faced, at least the worst year I faced.there were no food,no future-nothing bright.But 1969 was also the time I was happiest.I destroyed several american tanks from the “Flying Horses” tqank battalion that was stationed in Suoi Ram. I did it with pressure mines that our bombmakers made from unexploded Amertican Bombs.Each mine had seven kilos(fifteen pounds) of TNT. I was given an award as a champion tank killer.

The year 1969 was also the period when the true heroism of the peasants showed itself.Altough we were isolated from the villagers, may of them risked their lives to ge food to us. They devised all sort of ingenious ways to get rice through the government checkpoints.their feeling for us was one of the things that gave me courage to go on.

Another thing was the conviction the American couldn’t last.In 1969 they began to pull out some of their troops.We believed that eventually they would have to withdraw altogether.We knew that even though we faced tremendous difficulties,so did they.They had terrible problems,especially at home.We didn’t think their government could stand it in the long run.They gave me heart.One of the things that demoralized a lot of guerillas were the B-52 attacks.They fear these attacks caused was terrible.”


 (1)Kebijakan Nixon “Vietnamisasi” penanganannya sedang meningkat seperti mereka bernegosiasi antar bangsa di paris.Perdana Menteri mereka mencapai kesepakatan  untuk Amerika Serikat keluar tetapi akan meninggalkan mereka meneruskan perperangan sampai terakhir memperolah kemenangan

 Nixon’s policy of Vietnamisation played into their hand as they negotiated interminal by in Paris. Their prime aim was to reach an agreement which would get the US out but would leave them able to continue the war within the country until final victory.

Sehingga mereka mencetuskan Resolusi  menolak setiap rencana  yang di keluarkan oleh Henry Kissinger, Pimpinan negosiasi Amerika di Perundingan Paris yang diajukan agar baik  Angkatan Perang  Vietnam Utara maupun  Amerik ditarik dari Vietnam selatan.

So they resolute reject any proposal out foward by Henry Kissinger, America’s chief of negotiator in Paris,which required both North Vietnamese forces about the Americans to withdraw from the South

 (2)American bombing caused grievous losses, but, making use of widely dispersed factories and with supplies of arms from China and Russia, the communist leadership in Hanoi was prepared to continue waging for years to come.


(3)The Vatican rewarded Nguyen Bao Tung ( Native Vietnam best Stamps collectors) a medal( VIIth Pontificate of H.H. Pope Paul VI) for his book entitled “Journeys of Pope Paul VI”


(4) President Nguyen van Tieu picked General Tran Thien Kiem as premier in a goverment with other soldiers, technocrats , and folloers of former president Diem predominated. He had chosen to base his goverment on military rather then popular support


          (5)Paris talks expanded to include saigon government and Vietcong representatives(D)


 2) February 1969

  (1) The original vintage photo of AVRN Vietnamese captain native with two photographers,  one surgent  and one  civilian  in the front of US ARMY , ARMY PICTORIAL CENTER.

            ( I found this photo at HCM city in 2007, who know where the army Pictorial center ? I think at Saigon, who was the Vietnamese captain and is he still alive, please comment- auth)

(2)February 4, 1969

  • The 3d Battalion, 506th Infantry from Task Force SOUTH and the 44th ARVN Regiment begins Operation HANCOCK EAGLE I in Binh Thuan Province.
  • The 199th Light Infantry Brigade and the 30th and 33rd ARVN Ranger Battalions begin Operation STRANGLER I in Long An Province.
  • At approximately 0050, the CIDG camp located at Katum in Tay Ninh Province received about 100 rounds of mixed 60mm/82mm/120mm mortar fire resulting in light damage to the camp and no fatalities.
  • At 1500, 2 US Marine Corps UH-34 helicopters collided in mid-air 7 miles south of Da Nang in Quang Nam Province. Both helicopters were destroyed and 8 Marines were killed.

(Katum CIDG camp)


(3)February 8, 1969

  • 19-day Operation HAE SAN JIN 6 conducted by the 26th ROK Regiment, CAPITAL Division in Phu Yen Province terminates. Results are 170 enemy killed, 6 ROK KIA and 20 ROK WIA.
  • GEN R.E. Haines, CINCUSARPAC, arrives in RVN for 8-day visit.
  • The 2d Battalion, 503d Infantry from the 173d Airborne Brigade begins Operation DARBY TRAIL II 12km north-northwest of Bong Son, Binh Dinh Province.
  • The 4th Battalion, 503d Infantry from the 173d Airborne Brigade and the 47th ARVN Regiment begin Operation DARBY MARCH II in Phu Yen Province.
  • At approximately 1330, mechanized infantry elements of the 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division on Operation TOAN THANG II engaged an unknown size enemy force while sweeping an area 11 miles southwest of Ben Cat in Binh Duong Province. Results were 22 enemy killed, 5 US KIA and 4 US WIA.



Trich Lus Bo Kahi Sanh Birth Ceriticate with local revenue


February 21, 1969

  • As part of Operation DEWEY CANYON, Company H, 2d Battalion, 9th Marines ambushed an NVA truck convoy on Route 922 just over the Laotian border. At that time this unit was not authorized to operate over the border, but MACV approved it for a short period.
  • At approximately 0315, a USN LCM-6, which was tied up at the Cua Viet causeway, was damaged by an explosion in the vicinity of the boat’s engine compartment. I USN sailor was killed.
  • Between 2100 and 2400, helicopters from the 1st Aviation Brigade conducting night aerial operations with elements of the 1st Brigade, 9th Infantry Division, engaged several groups of unknown size enemy forces 2 miles south of Cay Lay in Dinh Tuong Province. Results were 26 enemy killed and 4 sampans destroyed. There were no US casualties.

(Wounded Marine during DEWEY CANYON)


3) March 1969

 (1)March 3, 1969

  • Battle of Ben Het: At about 2140, the CIDG camp and 4th Infantry Division’s FSB at Ben Het, 12 miles west of Dak To in Kontum Province, received an unreported number of mixed 82mm mortar and 122mm rocket rounds. At about 2315, an outpost to the west of the camp received a ground attack by an unknown size enemy force employing small arms and automatic weapons fire. The camp defenders returned fire with organic weapons supported by arty and tanks from the 1-69 Armor. At about 0100, several unidentified enemy tanks were sighted by aerial observation in the area and engaged by USAF AC-47 gunships from the 14th SOW. FACs directed more than 30 tactical air sorties onto the tanks, later reported to be approximately 10 in number. Ground contact was lost at an unreported time 4 March when the enemy withdrew. US casualties were 2 KIA while CIDG casualties were reported light. Enemy losses are unknown. On 4 March, air cav troops from the 4th Infantry Division confirmed 2 PT-76 tanks destroyed, one credited to tac air and the other to tanks of the 1st Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion, 69th Armor. This action represents the first confirmed use of enemy armor in II Corps.
  • At 0300, FSB RUSSELL, occupied by elements of the 3d Battalion, 4th Marines, 3 miles north of the Rockpile in Quang Tri Province received a ground attack by an unknown size enemy force. Results were 20 enemy killed, 13 US KIA and 22 US WIA.
  • At about 1700, an element from the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division on Operation WAYNE GRAY engaged an estimated NVA battalion while sweeping an area 31 miles west of Kontum City. During the night, sporadic contact was maintained which continued though the 4th and into the afternoon of 5 March when the enemy withdrew. The bodies of 4 NVA soldiers were found in the battle area along with 2 individual weapons. US casualties in the 2 day’s fighting were 21 KIA and 89 WIA.

(I believe this is one of the PT-76s knocked out at Ben Het)


(1a)March,12th. 1969

Registered 460 overprint stamped  Long –Xuyen ,Postally cover with 3 dong stamp , CDS Long-Xuyen 12.3.1969, to Trinh-Van-Phan Bo-Moc –Vu Sai-Gon. This official letter from Duong-Thanh-Pinh Truong Trung Moc Bo-De Long-Xuyen(A-G)  

(Rare registered from Long Xuyen,from official offiice civilian without KBC stamped,trough  civil post office with special rate 3d , non official 6 d , what the meaning of the official office Duong-Thanh-Pinh ? please comment -auth)

 4) April 1969

 (1)March 11, 1969

  • At 0140, an estimated enemy battalion attacked the night defensive position of an element of the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division in an area 3 miles northeast of Phu Kuong in Tay Ninh Province. The attack was preceded by an unreported number of 120mm mortar rounds and contact was lost after a two-hour battle. Results were 86 enemy killed and 4 detained. US losses were 5 KIA and 20 WIA.
  • At approximately 1215, a convoy from the 25th Infantry Division en route from Cu Chi to Dau Tieng received small arms, automatic weapons and RPG fire from an unknown size enemy force attempting to ambush in an area 11 miles east-southeast of Tay Ninh City. Mechanized infantry in armored personnel carriers from the 3d Brigade, acting as convoy security elements, immediately returned fire and engaged the enemy positions. Other mechanized elements reinforced and pursued the withdrawing enemy until contact was lost in the early evening. Results were 76 enemy killed and 8 US WIA.
  • At approximately 1255, the 2d Battalion, 39th Infantry of the 1st Brigade, 9th Infantry Division engaged an unknown size enemy force 9 miles northwest of Cai Lay in Dinh Tuong Province. Other elements from the brigade were assaulted into the area to reinforce the contact. Results were 57 enemy killed, 1 US KIA and 18 US WIA.


(1a)April,20 th.1969

The very rare postal history of AVRN” TRAN TRANG HOA M1” postal used covers with  South Vietnam military stamps type M1 ‘s  clear CDS Quan Buu  2045 ,8.4.1969,  with red double circle Quan Doi Cong Hua BUU-TIN-VIEN KBC 4308 send from Le van Vien B.V.3.D.C /L.Ngoui Chan KBC 4308 to  code Q.T , Tran Trang Hoa  219/19 Pham ngu Lao saigon with destination CDS bigger type (saigon ?) Quan Buu 8.4.1969.


Compare with the proof Military Stamp without value M1 ,off the Quan Buu and Vietnam Conghoa script.at the below of the cover. ( This postal hstory very best for showed , because fine condition and the same destination with another postal history military stamps typ M2  24-4-1969 , this  postal history one from KBC 4308 never report the location may be Cam Ranh? , another KBC 4091  –Quan Trung Military school/training academy at Quan Tre- please comment –auth)


(a)The very rare “TRAN TANG HOA M2-military stamp without value”

Quan Trung military Academy at Quantre postal history  with South Vietnam Military stamps type M2 not cancalled by Quan Buu CDS , send from Dai Doi Chi Hung Tien Doan Phong ve KBC 4091-Quan Trung  Military School/Training Academy at Quan tre , red doubble circles stamped “ Quan-Doi –Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa BUU-TIEN-VIEN K.B.C. 4.091 TOAN” and CDS Quan Buu Vietnam 26-4 1969 to Tran Tang hoa, So 219/19 Phan ngu Lao Saigon  with note Nho Chuyen cho Huyen Trang xin that that thar cai) , on air mail par avion envelope, no quan Buu detination CDS.

Another collection from the Quantrung KBC 4091 military acedemy :

(b )The photo of Quan Trung Military academy’s  Student, two student in the front of modern canon weapon.


(c) The ceritificate of Gunshooting bravet “ Chung nhan Then X6) from KBC 4091 –Quan Trung Military academy  April 24 1972 signed by Brig.general (Thieu-Thoang) Hoan-Van lac.

(d) The Picture Of Student of Quan trung training center 174th Regional Force Battalion KBC 4091,name Ky’Luc feb.1970



(e)The picture of two AVRN with their Guns.


(The very rare M2 stamps and never found with CDS on that S.V.Military stamp ,  destination Quan tre, Military School/Training Academy “Quan Trung” , please comment the TRAN TANG HOA M2 ,the illustration as the cover of the Book Vietnam war 1 with T.T.Hoa M1 cover , please comment after read the letter inside the cover below for more information. I have seen the Fake cover of M2 stamps , report by IMNAHA. I am very happy to showed this rare postal historry with anothe M3 and Vietnam map cover , ICCS cover, if I the US Indochina phillatelic association send the invitaion to show this two  at their annual exhebation  because very difficult to get the US visa this time , please comment-auth)

The letter insied the cover



                                                                                    Huyen Trang men !

La Thu ? dtai  tiu, minh chong thong biet viet ga han dto? Lan quon voi trang la ke? Lan cho Trang nghe truong hop duoc han hanh viet tho cho Trang truong hop nhu sau

Trang cuoc hanh quan luo soat thu dtech Minh dta luc Soat dtuoc so mang anh, vi rach nat vien Minh khong biet vo la to bao so nay  va May mau le Trong nhung Trang ngay vach nat dto lai con mu tien bay leu Phung Minh nghe nhat vay chu khong biet muoi dto co pha la minh tin hoang bon phung o?

Sau vi doi va hang gioi thiu cua Huyen trang, tu nhien Minh thay thich va vui vin vi chi ? Trong vai hang ngai ngai dto uo cung dta thew hien dtuoc phan nao ma long Minh hang mo uoc nhat la thich nhy chien Sat nang, vi moi mat buoi chien tat nang Minh thuong huong vi quc nha va xan dte nho thuong me gia va em doi.

Thei Minh cha them viet nha vi noi lan noi chen la Minh co the choc len dtuoc.

Minh xin nghing bat moi dtang va hen tho sau se Viet nhiem hon.Minh dtiem ma Minh so uoc nhat la Trang pha thanh tha voi Minh ten Minh Se Co gaiy thank that voi Trang moi van dte,



Tai bat : dia chi cua Minh hitch tai co chung nha china vi thong thung,dti nanh quan luon men nha co o han cu vay minh mien dtia chi cua anh bao co han cu dte lich lai voi huyen trang vi nha the thu se o la that lac :

                           Ha Ei vai Dieu

                              Dai Doi Chu Huy / The Doan phong Vo KBC 4091

                                          Liu Tiao lau Cho






(3)April,24th 1969

(a)The very rare US Military payment certificate series 651 were issued with replacement code A-A in this day and the note used until 19.11-1973.

(This not veryrare because used during the war and before the fall of Saigon didn’t use anymore  and another series also issued in 1969 like series  661 BB in 1969 , 681 cc in 1969 and 692 EE in 1970 then in, many were change to US dollars for buying gold  due to the refugees, I have never seen this notes, only report but not confirm 5c,10c, and 25 c, the 50 cent only one report, the 1,5 and 10 dollars never report. Please comment why the series  651 AA very difficult to found?-auth)

(b)March,24th.1969 The recieved of Ban Thau Gan (Money Tax?) by Saigon Thuy Cuc with two type Revenue,bamboo and vietnam conghoa va coniem


5) May 1969

(1)May 1, 1969

  • US military strength in RVN is 543,482.
  • LTG Lee Sae Ho, former CO of 6th ROK Corps, assumes duties as Commander, ROK Forces, Vietnam.
  • The 2d ROK Marine Brigade begins Operation VICTORY DRAGON XI in Quang Nam Province.
  • B Sqn, 1 Arm from the 1ATF begins Operation MAILED FIST in the Duc Thanh District of Phuoc Tuy Province.
  • The 3d Marines begins Operation VIRGINIA RIDGE just below the DMZ in Quang Tri Province to prevent attacks on Route 9.
  • Elements from the 4th Battalion, 2nd ARVN Regiment, engage an unknown size enemy force 7km northwest of Cam Lo in Quang Tri Province. Results are 55 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.
  • MACV announces that counterfeit MPC have been detected in circulation in the Saigon area.

(The ROK Field Command Headquarters in Nha Trang)


(1a) May,10th. 1969

The Handwritten last wish letter from Ho Chi Minh at Hanoi.


“ Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa,Doc tap-Tu do-Han phuc.

Cuoc chong My,cu’u nuo’c cua nhan dan ta du phai kinh qua gian kho, hy sinh nhieu hon dua, song nhat dinh thang loi hoan toan.

            Do la mot dieu chac chan.

            Toi co y’ dinh de’n ngay do’, toi se’ di khap hai mien Nam Bac de’ chuc mung dong bao, can bo va chien si anh hung; tham hoi cac cu phu lao, cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong yeu quy cua chung ta.

Ke theo do , toi se thay mat nhan dan ta di tham va cam on cac nuoc anh em trong phe xa hoi chu nghia, va cac nuoc bau bin khap nam chau da tan tinh ung ho va giup do cuoc chong My, cu’u nu’oc cua nhan dan ta.

            Cuoi cung,toi de lai muon van tinh than yeu cho toan dan,toan dang,cho toan the bo doi,cho cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong.

            Toi cung gu’i muon ciu’oi cung cua toi ta. Toan Dang, toan dan ta doan ket phan dau, xay dung moi nuoc viet nam hoa binh, thong nhat,doc lip, dan chi va giau manh, va gop phan xung dang vao su’ nghirp cach mang the’gioi.

                                                              Ha’ Noi,ngay 10 thang 5 nam 1969





(not complete letter, maybe native vietnam will translate the Ho Chi Minh Letter-auth)

 (4) The cover of Vietnam Book propaganda  with national Flag “Viet Nam Dau Tranh Vi Doc Lap Va Chu Nghia Xa Hoi and Chu tjeh Ho’ Chi Minh photo, in this book  have illustrated the vietnam war photo


 (6) May 29, 1969

  • The 9th Marines begins Operation CAMERON FALLS in the Da Krong Valley of Quang Tri Province.
  • At approximately 0600, the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, engaged an unknown size enemy force 8 miles northeast of Trang Bang in Hau Nghia Province. Results were 59 enemy killed, 1 US KIA and 4 US WIA.
  • Operation OKLAHOMA HILLS, a multi-battalion search and clear operation centered in an area 33km southwest of Danang terminates. Operation was controlled by the 7th Marines, 1st Mar Div and commenced on 31 Mar. Results are 596 enemy killed, 53 US KIA and 487 US WIA.


(6a)Nam 1969, nganh xang dau da ngien cu’u.thiet ke va che tao thanh cong may bom cao ap Truong Son;tiep do hang loat cac loai ong va phu kien duoc che tao,nho do co the chu dong thay the, sua chua va co nguon du tru can thiet, bao dam toan bo he thong duong ong van hanh tue trong moi tinh huong.


 (2)   May,14th. 1969

   Nixon proposes simultaneous withdrawal from South Vietnam of American and North Vietnamese forces (D)

  6) June 1969

June 8, 1969

  • President Nixon at the Midway Conference announces the redeployment of a division-equivalent of 25,000 US troops from RVN. Redeployment is to start within 30 days and is to be completed by 31 August.
  • The 24th ARVN Special Tactical Zone begins Operation DAN QUYEN 41 along Rocket Ridge south of Dak To in Kontum Province.
  • The 3d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division begins Operation MONTGOMERY RENDEZVOUS to sweep the northern side of the A Shau Valley in Thua Thien Province.

(Presidents Nixon and Thieu at the Midway Conference, 8 June 1969)

(FSB AIRBORNE overlooking the A Shau Valley)


In this month , Nguyen van Mo ,Master sergean of NVA(North Vietnam army) 40th Superbattalion, told the story of vietnam war :

” my unit was engeged in a battle in the Duc Pho district of Quang Ngai . Our objective was the Go Hoi airstrip, degfended by the 11th Brigade of the American Division stationed on Vong Mountain.There were American Technicians quatered in the area, and the facility was lit by floodlights all night long.

I had accompanied the platoon leader to prepare the battlefield.We had crawled through five barbed wire fences and across a stream , and had marked the sentry posts, the technisian’s barracks, and the vehicle park.After we got back from the reconnassaince, we constructed the sand table to develop a plan of attack.Battalion decided to used the first platoon,which was the top unit in First Company.MOst of the sappers who were chooseen were cadre,only two of the eight who would be going were enlisted men. When we got to the first fence one of the enlisted men was too frighten to go on. The rest of us were also scared, but we couldn’t give up the attack, even though we knew what the chances were of getting back.e had been specially chosen for this mission and we could hardly go back without doing anything.Halfway through the fences the assistant company commander pulled out , he told us he had to go back to deploy the B-41 gunners and that he was afraid for hislife and didn’t have the guts to go all the way himself.But the rest of us managed to get in without being spotted.We got all the way to the barracks and the vehicle park.According to the plan. I was supposed to make the deepest penetration and fire signal for the attack.Everything went off exactly on schedule.As soos as  I fired the signal cracker, the other began to ttack the blockhouse with explosives and grenades. a couple of the blockhouse were destroyed in the first minutes,which eliminated a lot of the Amenrican’s firepower, so they weren’t able to get a counterattack going . Then we attacked the technition’sbarracks. They didn’t have any weapons and ran wildly in differennt directions. When  we went into the barracks there were two Americans with M-16s. the AK gunner with me killed them both instantly. Most of the Americans were running into the trenches.It seemed to me that they must have thought they were under mortar attack.

Hound the generators and fixed the explosives.When they blow,all the lights went off. I kept on,setting charges to trucks qnd more buildings.Meenwhile the sappers deployed in the outer are had been successful in silencing the American Machineguns.While we were getting out, on eof our people was killed.But the other six made it.Divisons reported that we had killed over seventy.From what I saw, we got some of them, but hardly that many.

After this battle the unkit held meetings to study our success and to comend us for our achiement. Seven of us had attacked a large American Force inside an installation surrounded with defenses and flooded with as much light as if it were daytime.Three of us were awarded thrid-class medals and were praised for being outstanding American killers. I was one of them,The next assault on the airship was conducted by the second platoon, about two or three hundred meters from where we had launched our attack.Of the seven sappers in that unit,oly one survived,

(1) June,1st 1969

The Soldier civilian stamps were issued, the uncommon mint 80 pi.

( I found thi stamp on postally cover,look at registered Danang 11.10.69 and  Saigon 17.12.69-auth)


 (2)June,8th. 1969

Nixon with Thieu on USS.Midway , annouces withdrawal 25.000 American troops from Vietnam.(D)

June 11, 1969

  • Prince Sihanouk announces RKG will reestablish diplomatic relations with USG at the chargés d”affaires level.
  • DoD announces that troops to be redeployed will include combat units as well as support units.
  • At 0220, a fire support base occupied by members of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, AMERICAL Division, on Operation FREDERICK HILL received a ground attack from an enemy force using flame throwers, RPGs, satchel charges and small arms. About 30 enemy penetrated the perimeter before being driven out. Results were 27 enemy killed, 14 US KIA and 32 US WIA.
  • At 0310, the base camp occupied by the Headquarters of the 5th Marines one mile north of An Hoa in Quang Nam Province received a ground attack by an estimated NVA battalion; Results were 35 enemy killed, 2 US KIA and 28 US WIA.
  • At 0855 an element of the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division on Operation TOAN THANG III engaged an unknown size enemy force 8 miles southwest of Phu Kuong in Tay Ninh Province. Results were 56 enemy killed, 2 US KIA and 15 US WIA.

(An Hoa Combat Base)


 7)July 1969

no info


8)August 1969


        The replacement note B-B of series 661 beautifful women were issued in this day to change the series 661 J-J.and also in this day issued new design notes series 681 army warfare design with replacement coed C-C (I only found the 5 cent series 661 B-B  notes in  good condition only  , very rare in very fine condition because this notes were used until 7.10.1970 only one year and after that the war became more battles everywhere-please comment-The series 681 found 5 cent,10 cent submarine design, and 1 dollar  airforce pilot in fine condition- auth)


(2) August,29th,1969

The uncommon mint Bannar Man stamps,50 pi, were issued.

 9) September 1969

(1) September,3rd. 1969

   Vietnam National Hero, Ho Chi Minh dies in Hanoi at age seventy-nine, this day (RIP=Rest In Peace).

(read his handwritten last letter, on 10th May 1976, four month before he have  passed and his vintage photo in 1955 after the Vietminh war-auth)


(2) September,20th,1969

The Civilian became soldier “Tong Bong Vien “ stamps were issued, the uncommon was 10 pi.

  (3) September,24th .1969

       The  serial collections  of Vietnam Cong-hoa Buu-Bien reciept of Bien-Lai So : Nhan Cua O Tay Chanh ,so tien la 3542. with Coniem(revenue) Vietnam Cong Hoa Nha Truoc Ba Va Coniem 3X 3$00.

(very best the collection of revenue rate and variation of tax reciept  , from 21.12.1968 until12.4.1971,this were the first report of rate during the escalation of Vietnam liberation war :

No.       Date             Tax            Revenue 

                                                Rate    Type

a)      21.12.1968      3172       0$80   large coniem

                                                2$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00        “

                                             ( 7$80)

b)      22.3. 1969      2772         0$80  large coniem

                                                1$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00       “

                                               ( 6$80)

c)     24.9.1969       3542          3  X

                                                3$00        “


d)     23.12.1969      3472        0$80          “

                                                3$00         “

                                                5$00         “


e)     21.3.1970       9138        2×0$80       “

                                              20$00         “


f)       26.6.1970      8015        0$80           “

                                              20$00        “


g)     31.12.1970    9735      5X0$80         “

                                                20$00       “



h)      12.4.1971     8875     2×10 d         stamps

                                          5$00        Nha Tuoc Ba va



i)      8.7.1971        11.825   3×10$00        “

                                            2X0$80          “


(The 10$00 revenue rare, and used stamps in March.12th 1971, why ? look at March 1971-auth)


10) October 1969

(1)October.17th 1969

The very rare handwritten “Bao Thi”(The  Military Headquaters)

Return to sender Registered airmails Cover from R no 908 ovpt Danang

 , with 16 d nam-quoc-te nahn quyen ed.1968 + 2 d-soldier civilian stamps (rate 18 dong) cds Danang 17.10.69 to Saigon cds 22.10.1969

,  the addres cross because not found there

, handwritten Bao(1) cross with red handwritten date 21/10

,  and red squared box stamped “retour afsender “

and straight stamped “not found’  with hand writen 8/12

and in the back Bao Thi 12/12. 


(Rare registered letter from Military HQ-“Bao  Thi” Danang after Danang under Vietcong between Jan-March 1968 –auth), return to sender after seeking many battle’s area were seen   many destinations and post stamped  during vietcong war in fighting area Danang, this the first report,altough the condition not so fine but very good multi postmark & stamped still read. The best showed covers  –auth )  (2)October,15th. 1969

     Massive antiwar demonstrations in Washington (D)

(3)American troop in Vietnam reduced by 60.000.(D)

 11) November 1969

 (1)November,8th 1969

     The President van Thieu photo in the day at Bien Hoa , S.Vietnam , he attends National Day ceremonies at military cementary near Bien Hoa . In most photos Thieu ( wearing dark grey suit)  accompanied by Vice President Cao Ky , who is wearing a Nehru jacket.

( image by Bettmannn/CORBIS)

November 15, 1969

  • Unknown number of enemy penetrate the perimeter of Cam Radcliff at An Khe, Binh Dinh Province, employing satchel charges. Security personnel engage the enemy within the compound. 1 US KIA and 11 WIA.
  • Anti-war demonstrations occur in the United States, the second in a series scheduled during the remainder of the year.


 12)December 1969

     (1)     December,17th.1969

The postal used cover from the ownwer of VIPITRA SA import-export,88.Le Van Duyet Saigon ,to Kinh giu Bac Si Le Cuu Truong,99 Nguyen Du Saigon, stamp 2d-soldier civilian (rate 2d in city) , CDS SAIGON VIETNAM 17.12.1969.

       Inside a  beautiful “Chinese New year greeting “in chinese char” on American navy boy holding flower and the picture of a habour and a trap lady’s fish tailed  post card.


(2)            December, 17th.1969

The AWA aerogram letter sheet without prestamps l, send from Nguyen Hien 374/1 Nguyeng ngoc Suong Phu Nuan saigon Vietnam with  3 stamps 2 x 1,5 d and 1x 3 d (rate 6 d)  to Miss Ho Thi Tuyet Hong , CDS Saigon Vietnam 28.12 1969,as regular civilian postal service , in the back hand written :



Phu Nhuan                             Thu bay Ngay 27-12-69

                            Hong men,

      Mot canh thi cua Hong da den tay anh va sau do mot

Thiep Noel nua da roi vai Sau tay anh nhung anh thuo vi

Tinh da khong co mot loi than hoi gi ca cho Hong , anh

co loi nhiem , anh an han ve ming , va anh xin hong dung voi goan

lay tho thu cho anh va de anh noi so ly do toi sau anh lai co mot tai di nho  vay.     

sau khi nhan duoc thu cua hong, anh hinh goi diem thoa cho hong hen ngay gap nhung mot phan o  tai dinh phu nuan khong hen doan thoan cong cong hai le o chanh day tung co doan hoa nhung cua may seu chu my anh khong muon phu va vi vay anh da kho goi duoc cho hong……….etc…………………………………………………………….

Va vi vay ma truong tho bay ngoi viet tho hong de ta toi hong lue nay ta sau, chai cong ru van huong . Anh xin loi hong ve ru kang tren lao thu tu hay diem thoi de xen con vrie sa sau toi anh se tiu cho hong sau dung buon ve nua nhe anh biet toi voi, tho cho anh


the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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