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    Postal History



Vetnam  War in 1974


January 1974


(a)Nguyen Cong Hoan story :

“While the 1973 Paris agreement was going on,the Communist were stepping up their military attack.By 1974 there really  wasn’t anything left of that agreement.There was  just no hope.There was no move the regime and no way to stop the Front.

(b)American service men , 110.000  had burnst their draftcard and 40.000 young men had evaded call-up by leaving for neighbouring Canada and for Europe.(D)


(a)Air mail covers from Indonesian KONGA V/ICCS Region V Saigon send to SKOMDAK III (West Sumatra Police Headquaters ) Padang-Sumbar, overprint INDONESIA , with stamps rate 81 Dong (7 stamps) with CDS TAN AN 30-1-1974 ( My first Postal History of Vietnam war was Given by Police Mayor. Suroto to me as Medical Police Inspectur in 1975, from this postal history I started to collect Vietnam war Postal history –auth)

(b) ICCS Communications Center Ton Son Nhut, the photo of Indonesian Garuda Mission army and Police in the front of that centers (This photo was given to me from Indonesia national  Police Captain “red arrow” who joined the Garuda IV Indonesia ICCS Vietnam auth)

(c) Unused Free Port Special letter sheet Garuda IV Indonesia ICCS Vietnam, Garuda was “Eagle” Indonesia National emblem.(PH)

(d)Indonesian Mayor General Wiyogo Atmodarminto , commander of the Ivth Garuda Mission to Vietnam inspecting his men

(e)The Indonesia participation in Upholding World Order ICCS in Vietnam 1973.-1975 under Garuda IV,V and VII.

In performing its task, ICCS met many difficulties due to the fact that certain points of the parisb Agreement on ending the war between the US and Vietnam, were conraversial. This led Indonesia to pull out GARUDA VII from Saigon in April,27,1975 the annexation of South Vietnam by North Vietnam waas the reason for the first Asean Summit in Bali to stress again the urgency to preserve political stability in South east Asia.

(f) The ICCS Vietnam plaque of Garuda IV Mission in Vietnam (Memorabilia)


March 1974

March,8th 1974. Trich Luc Bo Khai San Saigon Documenty with local Saigon minh thue revenue 1974 5 D and 10 D.

April 1974

 Some Picture in this month (found by Google explorations)


Trên ngực áo có mấy chữ: LCĐB (Lao công đào binh)

April 1974, Vietnam — A North Vietnamese prisoner captured by the South Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War. –

April,1st.1974 Puoc An Tuong Te Hoi Cholon’s received money 3400 D document with vietnam conghoa min thue revenue 5D and 2D

 M AY 1974

       (1) May, 7th .1974

The very rare President Nguyen Van thieu holding the agrarian law, third commemorative, send from KBC 6984 –uknown location , the Quan Buu cds on stamps and on cover to Saigon.

the same type of cover from unknown location KBC 6984, may be the battle area which no postal service there, the very rare Nguyen van thieu stamps 10 d postally used by Quan Buu postal service without KBC staped, only one ever report, please comment-

 June 1974

   (1) June,3rd.1974

3271354, Getty Images /Hulton Archive

Vietnam War

Caption: 3rd June 1974: People flee with their belongings from their homes in war-torn Vietnam. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

(2)June, 9th,1974

     The very rare postal cover with rare 10d Nguyen van Thieu holding agrarian reform law stamps, send during the liberation war from KBC 6984 (not know area ?) to Saigon-3, Military CDS Quan Buu 9.6.1974 .

(  This is the first report of rare Thieu stamps on postally cover during the year 1974 , if someone have the same  at the year 1975 before the fall of Saigon , please report and show us-auth)


September no info


August 1974

(a)August 1974

     The Watergate scandal had re-moved Nixon and his successor President Ford knew only too well that the American people wouldnot saction a renewed US involvement in the war

 September 1974

(a)Sept.1974. Student Record booklet, issued by Vietnamese American associations  Saigon(Hoi Viet My)

October 1974

(a) October,8th.1974

     The rare Taiwan China bird fly aerogram letter sheet, send from Taiwan to Cholon south Vietnam CDS K(A) Taiwan China 8.10.1974.

 November 1974

(a) Nov.16th.1974 Trich Luc bo Khai sanh Saigon Document with local saigon Minh Thue revenue 1974.


(b)November.27th 1974

The rare regional taxes revenue red brown colour “Gia Binh Mien Thue” ancient building design 40$dong , used for legalized the fotocopy of document” Truong Nu Trung-Hoc Chilang 1 Gia –Dinh. Thanh-Tich BieuHo va tan Hoc sinh : Nguyen –Thi-Nam ,So Danh-Bo: 38/69.

 (rare regional revenue from Gia-Dinh, also look at the pin from Dai Hoi Gia Dinh -1977-auth)


(2)Nam 1973-1974, nganh xang dau da khan truong cung co va phat trien tuyen ong voi chieu dai tong cong gan 5000 km, dua xang dau vao den Loc Ninh, Dong Nam Bo; xay dung mot he thong kho tang du tru co suc chua lon voi mang luoi cap phat toa rong ra cac huong chien dich (D)

December 1974

(a)Dec.10th,1974Giay Bao Dong Le-Phi Bien Thoi received 19.284 dong document with Revenue  3D,10 D and  2x 20D(53 D) with Saigon Cholon Vietnam CDS signed by Vient Thong Cholon.

(b)No Date Legalized Document with revenue 50 D added local Than Saigon Min Thue 2x10D

 n the next year 1975, AVRN(south Vietnam Army) still issued ID .read information from IMNAHA about the military ID:

Republic of Viet-Nam Air Force (VNAF) – Related Military Documents  
Related military documents, especially those containing a KBC number such as the 1975 ID card shown front and back in Figure 7, can make an interesting addition to a military postal history collection. In this example, the cardholder Nguyen Van Hoang was an employee at the air base in Da Nang. He was allowed to access the base through the 1st Air Division gate and was assigned to work with the 239th Squadron (“PD 239” seen near the middle of the card). KBC 3198 appears to the left of the photo, documenting its association with the 1st Air Division.

VNAF Military ID Card
Figure 7. Military ID cards are a good way of identifying KBC numbers.

The vertical boxed hand stamp on the back of the card stipulates that the “card must be worn when entering base until exiting it” and the printed text states “when the card is missing, a report must be filed with the Military Police unit.”

When the collapse of the Republic of Viet Nam became evident, many VNAF personnel and their families flew to US air bases in Thailand. During the final hours of the war, a fleet of VNAF helicopters evacuated some 5,500 South Vietnamese, 2,300 Americans including nearly 1,000 US Marines, and 85 foreign nationals to US ships waiting offshore. In total, less than 200 VNAF aircraft were saved; the rest were pushed into the ocean during rescue missions to clear ship landing areas for incoming flights or the Communist forces captured them.

On 3 May 1975, just three days after the fall of Saigon on 30 April, the Communist Vietnamese government issued “Order Number One” requiring all citizens of the former Republic of Viet Nam to register with the new regime. Military personnel were among those targeted for reeducation or “thought reform” in addition to registration, the length of which depended on Communist perceived degrees of “guilt.”

VNAF Reeducation Camp Certificate
Figure 8. 1975 ex-VNAF Medical Engineer reeducation document

Figure 8 shows a Communist South Viet Nam (Cong Hoa Mien Nam Viet Nam) document ordering a former VNAF Medical Engineer of rank private (“Binh Nhi”) to report for reeducation.

Most noncommissioned officers and privates were generally released after several days of reeducation classes. High-ranking officers and those who had served in intelligence, marine, airborne and ranger units were not so lucky. Those sent to reeducation camps faced hard labor, persistent hunger and daily indoctrination sessions; many ex-military personnel spent more than a decade in the camps and a large number did not survive the duration.

VNAF Military ID Cards

KBC 3198, 1st Air Division, 239th Squadron View Card >
KBC 3004, 3rd Air Division, Political Warfare Unit View Card >
KBC 4324, 5th Air Division, payroll card/receipt View Card >
KBC 4324, 5th Air Division, US civilian advisor ID badge View Card >


the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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