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The Vietnam War Document


    Postal History




January 1973

(a)A ceasefire was finally agreed.

The Americans would withdraw from Vietnam within sixty days and the settlement would be left to the Vietnamese.

(b)The North Vietnamese soon resumed the conflict and despite massive supplies of American arms, the badly led South Vietnamese army crambled completely.


(c)         January, 10th.1973

The civillian postal used cover from CDS Saigon 10.1.1973 to Binh To Saigon 11 , rate 9d , stamps soldier help victim.

 Inside letter in chinese language :

“ I have recieved the Chinese new year card, Sin Tjia, from you that made me  very happy , thank you very much.

          Father and mother   always thingking of you, they hope you will be advanced and success.

          The  Ship couldn’t landing at saigon, I don’t know when we can meet agai .

 Are your weight up and became more fatty ?

          There were many  regulation from the Army “,

Inside found the picture photography with written at back Vian Khin Nioi Khanh Thanh and name van lei,luq,Thu,Hung Binh

Vietnam Cong Hoa Bo Gia Thong ve Buu Bien ,Bon Xin Luu Hanh Xe document issued by Toa Hanh kanh Quan 11 with local tanh saigon minh thue revenue 10 D 1973.

 (d) January,16th 1973

Trich Luc Bo Khai-Sanh ID with local revenue 10 D 1973


Name card cover with rate Stamp 3 d, send from CDS BAO LOC 25-1.1973 to  saigon, the name card :



                   DANG VAN-TU

                        Don Dien Hoang Hue


                             Trin Mung nsm moi

                                     Quy Suu

                                                Rap chieu bang HOANG-HUE  

                   Cinema bao Soe   98.THONG-NHUT – DILINH




(f) January,25th 1973

A civil postal used cover send from Qaun Vinh minh Vinh long Via Thai  Binh T2H HQ 612 (PGM patrol Gunboat Medium  )  to  KBC 3328 Saigon Navy Naval Fleet Headquaters.

Frontside Cover

Inside chinese new year greeting card


February 1973

(a)February.5th 1973

The Military free mail pre-stamped letter sheet type dark blue send from Toan Dai Doi 6 khoa 29 (?) KBC 4027 (National Military Academy Dalat ) to Nguyen van Tai KBC 3790 ( location ?) with “BLACK KBC 4027-Dalat Military Academy (THE ONLY ONE Black KBC  stamped, may be the red ink not availabled) without Quan Buu stamped and not clear CDS, the letter date 5.2.73 to Kinh Yi Trung Ta Nguyen van Tai KBC 3790 (Location ?) , the letter hand written   :


KBC 4027 ngay 5.2.73

                        Chua Bhu,

            Hom nay chan xim co vou loi ve tham Bhu Thim va voi em vi thoi gian hep chau xin thu loi ve su cham tin  cau.

            Mai dau xuan da qua chan cung xim kinh chui bhu Thim duoi  luon an khang manh khoe va caiu luon tan toi bhai baih da ra truong roi chu thruong ? bhau xin chu noi voi thay chau dung ban tan nhun ve chau jeo truong lo dio dtay dtu ca nhung gi chau bien ve cho thay chan diu dtung nhung fi chai Viet  Dung ban tam nhim qua vi chau

            Chau chi xin chua noi liom mung 4 tet chau so xin chu noi voi thay chan la chau se viet thu ta loi sau vi su khong y tu va bat can cua chau.

            Vu thoi goan han hep nin phai mot thoi pan cau san thu moi dten thay chau sau thu luon  nay. Mot lan nua chau chui  chi luon manh, Thim va coi em vui tuoi va  chau xin dung but.

            Kinh dton, Tan Khan Sinh dai doi B/29 KBC 4027.

(b)please compare with another type military postal stationer letter sheet type light blue used as enveloped but no Military Quan Buu CDS send by courier from KBC 3043/HQ to KBC 3921.



(c)February.14th 1973


Chung Chi Tinh Trang Quan Dich  KBC 4309(Saigon), Travel Permit Pass issued by VietnamCong Hoa Bo Quoc Phong signed by Dai Tu Nguyen Phuoc Nhung Chanh Su-vu So Dong viet 3, This certificate same with the  certificate 2 nov 1971, belong by the same person , but different type used “ Tai hoan gia canh duoc chuyen lap toui don quan,

Co hiewu luc den : KHI CO LENH MOI (?), (THIS    CERTIFICATE WITHOUT THE LIMITED YEAR USEABLE. Different from the 1971 certificate.OD)

In order to understand how to identified the Military Postal cover with KBC number,read the information from IMNAHA below:

Republic of Viet-Nam Air Force (VNAF) – Indentification  
The key to identifying a Vietnamese Air Force cover is the term “Khong Quan” (abbreviated “KQ”), which means “air force” in Vietnamese. At first glance the preponderance of letters and numbers on the cover shown in Figure 4 may seem overwhelming, but with a bit of patience one can ascertain the cover in the example is a VNAF cover. Vietnamese military covers usually offer little beyond a sender or recipient’s name and a KBC (“Khu Buu Chinh” or military postal zone) number, so it’s a treat to find a cover with this much information.
Marines to VNAF military cover KBC 3011
Figure 4. Cover from Marine to an Air Force trainee in Tan Son Nhut.
This cover was sent 14 September 1974 by a member of the 7th Marine Battalion at KBC 3340, abbreviated “TD7 TQLC,” to an NCO Trainee at the Air Force General Headquarters served by KBC 3011 in Tan Son Nhut.
Note the abbreviation “BTLKQ” in the middle line of the address. These initials stand for “Bo Tu Lenh” (Headquarters) and “Khong Quan” (Air Force). The series of letters in the last line of the address stand for “Technical Training Center at Tan Son Nhut Air Base.” The sender and recipient have the same surname, Huynh – perhaps they are brothers.

The cover was charged postage due – note the upside-down “T” hand stamp, because it was sent through the civilian postal service without any postage affixed. Mail sent between military units could be sent postage free, but only if the military postal service was used.

The following is a short list of terms and abbreviations sometimes found on VNAF covers or in enclosed letters that may help with identification.

Glossary of Vietnamese Air Force Terms & Abbreviations

Doan Vu Ky (DVK) Weapons Group
Huan Luyen (HL) Trainee
Khoa Sinh Ha Si Quan (KSHSQ) NCO Trainee
Khong Doan Tactical Wing
Khong Quan (KQ) Air Force
Phi Co Plane
Phi Co Len Thang Helicopter
Phi Cong Pilot
Phi Doi (PD) Squadron
Phi Hanh (PH) Flight
Phong Khong Air Defense
Su Doan (SD) Division
Trung-Tam Huan-Luyen Khong-Quang (TTHLKQ) Air Force Training Center
Truong Bay Air Field
Truong Bay Air Field
Truong Khong Quan Flight School
TSN Tan Son Nhut


VNAF to VNAF military cover KBC 3004
Figure 5. Cover from VNAF 3rd Air Division at KBC 3004 to Air Force Training Center in Nha Trang – KBC 4721.
The cover in Figure 5 was sent through the military postal service in October 1973 between two VNAF personnel. Notice that postage due wasn’t assessed on this cover even though no stamp was affixed. The words at top center that are partially obscured by the postmark read “Quan Thu” meaning “military correspondence.” The blue KBC cachet on this cover is much less common than the red or black colors typically seen.
The sender of this cover is a member of the Vice Military Staff, Human Resources / Training Dept. at the 3rd Air Division in Bien Hoa served by KBC 3004. The recipient is an NCO Specialist at the VNAF Training Center in Nha Trang at KBC 4721. The second line of the address reads “Khoa 20B/73 Phi Co Phan Luc” meaning, “Jet Plane Class 20B of 1973”.
Look Dr Iwan Collection of Picture from VNAF  Training Center gate  in Nha Trang :
The phrase “Chuyen Tuyen” written below the address indicated that the letter should be hand-delivered to someone named Tuyen (a civilian) since the military post office provided faster delivery than the civilian post.
VNAF Organization
By June 1974, the VNAF had become the fourth largest Air Force in the world, with more than 2,000 aircraft and approximately 63,000 personnel comprising six air divisions and fifteen tactical wings.

Tactical wings consisted of several squadrons (Phi Doi or “PD”) that were numbered as follows: Observation Squadrons (100 sequence numbers), Helicopter Squadrons (200), Special Missions Squadrons (300), Transport Squadrons (400), Fighter Squadrons (500), Reconnaissance Squadrons (700), Attack Squadrons (800), and Training Squadrons (900). The 600 sequence was reserved for amphibious squadrons, but was never used for this purpose1.

VNAF 74th Tactical Wing military cover
Figure 6. After 1963, the last digit in a Tactical Wing number indicates military region.
The last digit of a tactical wing number corresponds to the corps / military region of operation. For example, the 41st Tactical Wing operated in I Corps. Figure 6 shows a cover sent to the Weapons Group (Doan Vu Khai or “DVK”) of the 74th Tactical Wing (Khong Doan 74) based at Can Tho in IV Corps. A 3-dong stamp pays the proper rate for mail sent to military personnel during this period (June 1969).

The following table shows the KBC numbers associated with the air bases where the six air divisions were based. These numbers were obtained from military covers and ID cards, as no official list of KBC numbers and locations is known to exist.

Different KBC numbers served some Air Force units from time to time. For example the 6th Air Division underwent training at KBC 6169 – the location of which is not currently known. Please keep in mind that while a cover with one of the following KBC numbers might indicate a VNAF unit, other units may have used these numbers so additional information is needed for conclusive identification.

VNAF Divisions and KBC Numbers

1st Air Division (Da Nang)
    Maintenance & Supply Squadron 1972 Cover >
  – 41st Tactical Wing – Da Nang
    110th Observation Squadron 1973 Cover >
 – 51st Tactical Wing – Da Nang
 – 61st Tactical Wing – Da Nang
KBC 3198
2nd Air Division (Nha Trang)
    2nd Air Division 1970 Cover >
 – 62nd Tactical Wing – Nha Trang (Pleiku 1964)
 – 92nd Tactical Wing – Phan Rang
KBC 3805
3rd Air Division (Bien Hoa)
    3rd Air Division 1973 Cover >
 – 23rd Tactical Wing – Bien Hoa
 – 43rd Tactical Wing – Bien Hoa
 – 63rd Tactical Wings – Bien Hoa
KBC 3004
4th Air Division (Binh Thuy)
 – 64th Tactical Wing – Can Tho
 – 74th Tactical Wing – Can Tho / Binh Thuy
    Weapons Group 1969 Cover >
 – 84th Tactical Wing – Soc Trang
KBC 4652
5th Air Division (Tan Son Nhut)
    Trainee 1973 Cover >
 – 33rd Tactical Wing – Tan Son Nhut
 – 53rd Tactical Wing – Tan Son Nhut
KBC 43241
6th Air Division (Pleiku)
    6th Air Training Division 1973 Cover >
    Air Force Dentist 1974 Cover >
 – 72nd Tactical Wing – Pleiku
 – 82nd Tactical Wing – Phu Cat
KBC 3533/6169
1 KBC 4324 also served the VNAF Training Academy at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. KBC 3011 served the Air Force Headquarters and Technical Training Center at Tan Son Nhut.


March 1973

     (a) March,26th .1973

President Nguyen van Thieu holding agrarian reform law were issued due to the third annyversary of that law, the 10d rare in mint and uncommon in used, very rare in block of ten.

( I found this rare stamps on postally cover, send from KBC 6984 to Saigon 3 , Quan Buu military postal date stamped 9.6.1974 without KBC stamped, please look at that postal history discussion at the date chronology  –auth)

 April 1973

 (a)The war unpopularity in the US grew strong, and following the Peace talks, the US agreed to withdraw its forces in April 1973.

     US Secretary General Henry Kissinger  and Vietnam envoy Le Duc To agreed to Chaese fire, and in this Year they had win the peace,s  Nobel prized .

(Although the war still until two years more in 1975, in the year the same US President Barrrack Obama win the peace’s noble prize, the criteria was who first had an idea for peace near same with the Vietnam ceasefire 1973, please  comment-auth) 

May 1973 

Illusration of the 'Paris agreement' document

  • Richard Nixon mounted huge bombing raids on North Vietnam until the North Vietnamese were forced to sign.
  • Nixon told Thieu he had to make peace whether he agreed with it or not, so Thieu was forced to sign too.
  • January 1973: the Paris Peace Agreement was signed, and the Americans left Vietnam

Nguyen Cong Han told the story:” the 1973 Paris Agreement gave all of us tremendous hope. We weren’t sfraid at that point that the NLF would take over.But President Thieu had openly said he was against the agreement and it was clear to everybody that he had only signed it because the United States had forced him to. So we felt that what we had to do was protect the agreement and try to make sure it was carriede out.All the opposition factions in saigon shared this feeling that they had to join in a formal “Third Force”-that is people who wewren’t part of the government and weren’t part on the Front vut who would have a role in the council of National Reconcilliation.Force bracches,arresting journalists frinedly toward us and bribing assemblymen to allow him to run for a third term.

June 1973

June,1oth 1973.

Bien Nhan  document  issued by Ban Chuc So Truong Huong  Giao-Hoi Phat Giao Co Truyen Viet Nam with official buddhist red swastika official stamp Saigon  


July 1973

(a) July,7th .1973

THE CU’-TRI Election CARD , ISSUED BY Quen-Truong Quan Saigon with stamped Toa Han Quan 10 Saigon


Ho va ten    : Nguyen Thi Chat

Nom va nai sanh: 1927 Hai Duong

Tru quan : 724/26 Phan Thanh Gian

The can-cuoc so o3908762 cap toi Saigon ngay 1970.

CHU Y: Xin giu ky the de co dip dong sau nay. 9In the corner ,A-D, and the A was used.(OD)


July Until October 1973 no yet  info

November 1973

(a)November.2nd. 1973

ID CARD “THE CONG-CHUC” Bo Quoc Phong, Quan-Luc Vietnam Cong-Hoa, with jellow and three red line armour-ed,issued at KBC 4180 Tan Binh


Ho va Ten       : Trinh Van-Te

Ngach trot      : Thu-ky CN/B2/3

So truac tich   :   blank

Chuc-vu          : Thu-Ky

Dan-vi              : Dai doi THD/Bo TTM

KBC 4180(location Tan Binh ), ngay 02/11/1973


Doi dai Truong Dai Hoi Tone Hanh Dinh

Bo Teng Tham Muu Q.L.V.N.C,H (?)   

12) December 1973

(1)December,8 th. 1973


The Green orchid cover send from KBC 4974 (location unknow ?) to Cholon the same adress Cholon with rate stamp 10 Dong , KBC 4974 Quan Buu CDS 8.12.1973 one on Stamps

 (No information the location of KBC 4974 and unsual Quan Buu cds on the stamp ,there was another same cover in December ,21th.1972, rate 7d . Please someone who know the institution and location of that KBC 4974please send the information through comment ,I hope Mr Andrew Crsshow will king to indentified this KBC location ,thanks-auth)

 (b)  December.14th 1973

The  cover from  Nguyen  Loah Sang,  Pres La Cour D’Appel  de Saigon Advocat, to Ong Giam Doc Saigon 2,  CDS Saigon 14.12.73, the stamp off.(PH)

 (c) December,21th 1973

The same Orchid cover, send fromKBC 4974 (unknown institution and location) , the Quan Buu CDS 21.12.1973 on 2x 3d and 1x 1d stamps(rate 7d) ,also Quan Buu CDS on cover, and red KBC 4974 red stamped. To Cholon quan 5.

               (This cover made me crazy because at once I think one cover only because same like the twin with the other one in December.8th 1973, but different rate 1d and 2 x 3d(7d ), and why Quan Buu postal cds on regular stamps, this the only postalhistory like that, May be the regular post office didn’t open because of the battle around that area, please comment-auth)

 (d)December, 24th. 1973

     The rare civil postal cover from Binh Minh , cds Vung Tau  24.12.1973 send via  KBC 3328 Naval fleet Headquater saigon by HQ 612 – PGM –Patrol Gunboat medium to Tai Binh.recieved cds Saigon January,5th 1974.

       (Unusual tranpostation PGM HQ 618 at Tai Binh-auth)



the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011

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