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The Vietnam War Document


    Postal History



d. Vietnam liberation war in 1971


1)January 1971

 (1) The native  vietnam best stamps collector , Nguyen Bao Tung best seller book is “20 years of the Vietnamese Philately”(1951-1971) written in four language (Vietnamese, English, French and Chinese) Published by South Vietnamese Ministry of Cultural Affairs in 1971. This book gives a brief  history of philately followed by a  short account old Indochinese stamps from 1886. It lists special flights and cahects before catalogueing the stamp.

Technical and topical are through. Part two in English, it contains a foreword on the Geography, history , religions and customs of Viet-Nam, following which there is a simplified listing of the stamps and their topical motifs. The French parts contains an introduction somewhat similar to english section, and the fourth part is in Chinese . Finally the stamps are list for a third time cross referenced by Scott and Yvert catalogue numbers. ( If somone had this book please comment to compared with my informations because Tung only stamps, no revenue ,photo and document history –auth)

 2) February 1971

(1)A major test of “Vietnamization” took place in South Vietnamese Forces in this month, when South Vietnamese Forces invaded Lao without American adviser .

       They performed poorly . The Life photographer who had been covering Vietnam for a decade , was killed during the operation.

 3)March 1971

no info

 4)April 1971

     (1) April, 12th,1971

     The reciept of Tax by Buu-Bien Vietnam Cong Hoa, Nhan Cua O Ytauy Thai ,so tien la 8875 signed by truong ty, with revenue type Nha truoc va coniem 5$00 and Stamps 2 X 10 d.

(the only one Stamps used as revenue because the shortage of 10$00 revenue, and the situation very bad, -auth)

(2)April ,24th.1971

Trich Luc Bo Khai Sanh certificate with local saigon revenue

 5) May 1971


Legalization Chung Chi Tinh Trang Quan Dich Certificate with local saigon revenue


Giao Keo document with Stamp used as revenue


The rare “Huyen Trin Qui” free military postal vietnam Map with paralel line cover, send from Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966 (2nd Battalion, unknown location)  with red KBC Stamped 3966 and Quan Buu date stamped 31-7.1971, send via KBC 3328 (Naval Headquaters saigon) by DVD (?)  HQ 503 ( LST-Landing Ship Transport NVH Navy at Vung Tua),

 inside Chinese langguage latter.

 The same type of cover send  in June,7th.1971 and October ,5th.1971 .

6) June 1971


The decision was further reinforced when President Nguyen van Thieu pressed through an election lam on June,9.1971, which would limit the number of presidential candidates.  

The bill-disigned to cut the number of presidential candidates to give the winner a more convincing majority-stilpulated that prospective presidential candidates must have then nomination papers endorsed either by 40 deputies or senators or by 100 members of elected provincial councils.

Presiident Thieu consequently entered the South Vietnamese presidential elections with only one opponent former general Duong van Minh, who later withdrew.


The Military and Naval operation on Vietnam coast stamps were issued , the uncommon mint with ace  40pi ( I found this stamps in HCM city-auth)

(3) June.25th 1971

The Civil covers send  from CDS Qui Nhon 25-6- 1971 with chinese char letter, to Saigon with rate 2×1 dong + 4 dong stamp(6 Dong), with propaganda stamped “In International aid day 22.08.1971”  with  chinese char letter inside,(PH)

 7)July 1971


The reciept of Tax by BuuBien Vietnam cong Hoa, nhan cua O tang Tai, so tien la 11.825 with rare ravenue 3 X 10$00 and common 2X 080 (rate 21$60),

(the last serial reciept of Tax paid via Buu Bien during the escalation of vietnam liberation war-auth)

(2)July 14th 1971

The rare”Huyen Trin Qui “ free military  city’s dot of Vietnamese map cover with  paralel line border trade mark  two peagons and red-blue line via airmail , postally used with Quan Buu cds 14.1.1971, and red KBC 3966 , Free airmail covers from Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966 (SECOND ARMY BATTALION LOCATION ?) TO DVH Vung tau HQ 503 (LST –Long Ship transport NVN-Navy) via KBC 3328(Naval fleet Headquaters Saigon) 


     (The same type of Covers send with Quan Buu Stamped 14.5.1971 and 31.9. 1971 from the same sander and recievers address.

          From this three cover were found only two letter in chinese character, my  best friend have tranlated

(a) The letter send  31.5.1971

(b)  the letter send 10.7.1971 from chinese native military , Mr Yang Tung San to his vietnamese friend, Mr Huynh Trinh QUI  via LST transport NVN navy at Vung Tau (HQ 503):


I am very happy to recieved your letter in July and thank you very much. My friend told me that   letter -writing  will  upgrade our skill . If you don’t mind please asked my girl friend  Lim who stayed at Sikung why she didn’t answer  my letter anymore since 1970, I have send to her two letters but she didn’t answered.

Before she write a letter to me twice per month, she was my girlfriend since at the same  school (classmate).

My girlfriend have said in her letter that I am not handsome, but  onother person told me that I’m not like that.

I hope you will help me to solve this problem ,

I am brokenheart, pessimistist and BO Hoat (Heart Illness) , because many my friends have married and they have their children, I want to be like them.

Your area very beautiful, that is way please help me to buy Picture Postcard from your town, because my brother like that card for send to his friend. Please tell me the price of the card and I will send you money for purchused.”


( this the first and last used of the border line Map with blue city ‘s cover. There was a report of this kind of cover used after 1971, that cover bogus, phillatelic creations because after  10 th .11. 1971 the new Map blue city without  paralel borderline  was used with native Han Khong (Air Mail) and blue line- OD&PH) and after that in 1983 another type Map Cover without paralel boderline with red dot city, I have seen this red dot whitout paralel line 83 edition, used by The ICCS –Indonesian garuda Mission Vietnam 1974 with guinine 9 d  Soldier helping wounded ,1972 2dition, but I think this postal history covers from Pleiku,Hue and Danang were fake because the rate to low for foreign country ,Indonesia- I have the original cover  ICCS not official postal history cover , look at 1974-auth)(OD&PH)

August 1971

 (1) August,3rd.1971

                Diep Van Kinh Goi “Stencil official invitation from Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa Bo Chong-chan ,Saigon Thuy-Cuc Khu Cholon red stamped  , stamps 0d50 and other stamp off, CDS Saigon- Cholon Viet-Nam, to Hoang Thi Hoan , ngu tai no 9 h Nguyen Kim.






            _________                                          Cholon,ngay  3 thang 8 nam 1971

SAIGON THUY-CUC                                                S0………./ STC/KCL


                                                            D I E P   V A N   

                                                                 Kinh Goi


                                    Ong , Ba  …..Hoang Thi Hoan……………………………..

                                    Ngu Tai so:……9h…Nguyen .Kim…………………………


            Trivh vau :  V/v gia ho thong quoc  va dau thuy –luong- ke


            Thua Ong, Ba


                        Tran trong tin ong , da ro :

            Cong tac gan ho thong nuoc ve dat Thuy-Luong-ke  tai

            Dia chi …..Treu……….can phai dao duong noi mat nhua

            Do d’o phai xin gay phep dao duong do Toa Do-chanh cap

                        Hien nay Khu toi da ghi die chi tre’n vao danh sach

            Xin phep dao duong ao …….71…………… ngay  28….4…71….

            Thao thu tu ngay dong tien.

                        Khi nao nhan duoc giay phep tren Khu toi se cho

            Thuc hien ngay cong tao trong vong 1 tua’n 1 e , Nguoi ra

            Ba khong phai dong them mon tien nao ca. Neu co ke mao

Ngay ba’ng Dien thoi so 50.532 hoac 24.683 . Viec lam

Nay khong nhung Ong, Ba khong bi mat tien ma con giup

Cho Saigon Thuy-Cuc bai tru tham nhung.

                        Kinh chao Ong, Ba’

                                                            TRUONMG KHU CHOLON

                                                                        Red stamped


                                                                  HONG NOOC DIEN


9)September 1971


(1)         September,3rd.1971

The official cover of Nha-Thuoc Phu-Cat ,Duoc Si Hu-Rac-Huu , Hue send with rate 6d native dancer stamps , rolling CDS Hue Viet-Nam 3-9.1971 to Kinh Goi,Hop-Thinh Cong-Ty Saigon.

(2) Sept.12th.1971

Postal used cover from Saigon to Parton,Ca. USA



10)October 1971

Nguyen Cong Han Told the story of Vietnam war :

” I went back to university in a different framed of mind. My experience in Nha Trang prison had helped give me a political understanding of life.After all, I was a university student, the only one from Phuoc Giang.I continued studying.In 1969 finished my mastre’s degree in chemistry and started work8ing on my doctorate. I also kept up my social and political activity. But by 1971 we had been going to streets for yeras.The feeling began to set in that we couldn’t go on doing that forever, at least not with anu affect. Now finally,there were elections coming up-this was the October election of 1971. A lot of my friends in the Buddhist youth movementy thought I should run for an Assembly seat from Phu Yen.When the result came in. I had won by ahuge landslide.There were hundred thousand voters in Phu Yen.Even with twenty candidates and the usual government corruption and fraud.I got fiftty four thousand votes. So in October 1971 I went up to the National Assembly.

     (1)October, 5th,1971

The lattest used of free Vietnam Map with paralel line and blue dot city , this the same of “Huyen Trinh Qui free vietnam paralel line map “ cover send from KBC 3966-2nd battallion not know location via Navy headquaters Saigon by” HQ-503” LST navy NVH at Vung Tau.  

  (2)October, 21th.1971

Another rare “Nguyen Trinh Qui civil cover” send by Nguyen Chi My KBC 3402/2 (AVRN Strategic Army corps Military Zone 2 location Cantho) , civillian cover without Quan Buu cds and KBC-stamped , with rolling cds Cantho Vietnam 21-10n1971 on 6d stamps , via KBC 3328 Naval fleet Headquaters Saigon by DVH Vung Tau HQ 503-LST NVH navy.

( The same sander to Nguyen Trin Qui ,in November ,9th 1971, the best collections for show-auth)


   (3) October, 25th,1971

          The Gia Bao Thi certificate from Luat-Khoa Dai-Hoc Duong         VIEN DAI-HOC SAIGON of the Laotian ,  signed by Chu ky Doi-Hoc Duang, Nguyen Thuong Kien Doc-Su Hanh chanh.


     VIEN DAI-HOC SAIGON                               so the sinh vien : 2759 bi S

LUAT-KHOA DAI-HOC DUONG                   Mon nhiem y   : phap vau

Noi thi : Truang Suat

Phong Thi : Giang Duong So Phong Doc sach

Cho Ngoi :  3 Nhom 3                                        GIAY BAO THI


                  Tran trong bao de ………………………………………………………

      Ong(Co,Ba) ……….VO THI THAO……………………………………………

      SINH NGAY 10-04-52       tai …………..Pak Song (Laos)…………….

      Sinh-vien ban  …Cu Nhan B…………………..Nam thu……I…………..

      Duoc biet ……..Co………………………………..da duoc ghi danh thi

      Khon……II………………………………………Nien-khoa 1970 – 1971…..

      Ong (Co,Ba ) phai co mot tai noi thi ho ……..  1430 …………….

      Ngay ……..17 thang 11 nam 1971………de du thi va mang then

–         The sinh-vien do Truong cap ve nien khoo

                  197 0 – 1971

      –         Giay bao thi nay

      –         But va muc (giay thi va giay nhap bai se do Truong phat)


                                                      Saigon , ngay 25  thang  10  nam 1971


                               Truong Dai Hoc            T.U.N. KHOA TRUONG

                              Luat-Khoa                Thu Ky Doi-Hac Duong




11) November 1971

 (1)November ,9th 1971

     Another rare “Huyen Trinh Qui Cover Prestamped cover  6d, send by Nguyen Chi Moy-civillian – KBC  3402/2 (ARVN strategic Army corps Military zone 2 ,cantho ?) , civil cover without Quan Buu and KBC stamped,but trough  postal CDS Cantho-Vietnam 11.9.1971 (reinverse CDS) via KBC 3328 –Naval Fleet Headquaters Saigon by HQ 503- LST NVH navy at Vung Tau.


(2) November,16th 1971

The first Fish thematic stamps issued, the uncommon stamps 100 pi

(I have two postal History of the fish stamps 2 d , one as revenue with coniem 30$00 revenue 2,12.71  and postalhistory covers 23.3.1973, please look at that interesting information-auth)

(2)  November.19th. 1971

 (a)The earliest used Vietnam Liberation map enveloped without border paralel line, blue city and blue line Han Khong –Via airmail cover.

      The free Han Khong cover with trade mark Cam Tu Son Ha send from Dai Da 3/2 KBC 3996 (2nd Army battalion location ?) by LST NVN  ,Navy, Vung Tau HQ 503 via Naval Fleet HQ Saigon ( KBC 3328) with Quan Buu CDS and red KBC 3966 stamped .(PH)

(This covers was the same sender and recievered of the three border paralel line map blue city , two peagon trade mark, covers above the first earliest report(PH)

also found the Liberation Map Cover without border paralel line  but with Red Dot city, used 1n 8.4.1983 with 2x 20 Xu military stamps ,  from Hue To F-1. QI T/P H.C.M – read at chapter Vietnam after liberation.

 I have found the same Hankong cover but with added stamp 2x 1 dong  but without Quan Buu stamped, date not clear, only red KBC 3119 stamped, send from Dai Doi 83/8 ND-written above cover “Co Quoc Danh Du Traca Nhiem “  KBC 3119 Airborne 8th Battalion saigon  to Tan Dinh(?) Saigon.but with “The rolling & clear type Small Quan Buu clear new CDS” 11.12.1970  (the first military covers send to civillian the military postal rate 2 Dong,  – the first report of this type rolling Quan Buu cds ,  this military Quan Buu new postmark were the earliest used because in november 1970 still used the old not clear Quan Buu post mark. If the old quan Buu postmark used after december 1970, the cover was bogus or fake cover  -auth)


(3)November.2nd. 1971

Bo Quoc Phong “Chung Chi Tinh Trang Quan Dich” certificate  sing KBC 4.309 (CHOLON) by Dai Ta Nguyen Phuan Nhung, Chanh –Su-vo S0-Dong-Vien 3.



Emblem       VIET-NAM CONG HOA        : Co hieu luc den: VA MUOI MOT  THANG TAM Soldier &         BO QUOC PHONG                         : NAM MOT NGAN CHIN TRAM BAY MUOI       

Civillian     ______________________          : HAI (31-8-72) .

                          CHUNG CHI                   :                               KBC.4.309, ngay 02 NOV 1972

                TRINH TRANG QUAN-DICH      :                              Dai-ta Nguyen –Phuoc Nhung

                         _______________              :                               Chanh –su-vu So-Dong-Vien3 

Ho Ten          : Luu-Khac-Nhon                :                                                 signed

Sinh : 2-2-31                 Tai : Cholon        :___________________________________________________

Can Cuoc So : 02133550 ngay :12-8-69: Gia han den:

Cap tai           : Quan 5                             :                            KBC,         ngay

Dia Chi : 175/17 Nguyen-Tri-Phuong CL:

            TINH TRANG QUAN-CHI              :

            ______________________              :

-Tai hoan gia canh so 825661, ngay     :

 2-6-70 .Co hieu luc den 30-6-71           :

-Duoc chuyen qua lop tuoi Don Quan :

 “Chung-chi’nay khong co gie tri nreu :

duong . Su co bang cuoc Tu-tai hoac  :

van hong tuong duong ben la.”

Co hieu luc den : Ba Muoi Mot Thang  :

tam Nam Mot Ngan Chin Tram bay Muoi Hai(31-8-72).




The Postal used stationer cover from KBC 3112/2 to HQ 503 KBC 3328


The new Vietnam map free military cover with blu line and three language par avion,Han Kong, and via air mail. send from KBC 3966 to HQ 503 KBC 3328 with Military Post Quan Buu CDS

12)December 1971

(1) December.2nd 1971

Saigon Thuy Cuc “Giao Keo” certicate ,  with red double circle stamped and sign  by Nguoi Yeu Cau Cung mCac Nuoc on 30 Dong Revenue, and added stamps 2 X 0,50 Dong + 2 Dong (rate 3 Dong) with saigon postal date stamped

 ( may be this for legalization by postal , same in Indonesia during Indonesian Independent War-auth)

the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011

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