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The Vietnam War Document


    Postal History





January 1970

Trinh Duc info:”Early in 1970 I was ambushed along with eight others in jungle clearing. The nine of us were walking single file across a vegetable filed that the Villagers had carved out of the jungle, on our way from one hamlet to another ,It was a cloudy ninght. The moon was partially covered over and no one could see much. I knew I should have taken the line around the clearing,keeping to the jungle,but I was in too much of a hurry.Toward the middle of the clearinh there was a clump of banana trees.Just as I pulled even with them. I realized there were some  shapes in the trees.They saw me at exactly the same instant,and instictively I flattened to the ground. Just at that moment claymore mines fire off on the path behind me,huge explotions.the instant they stopped I crawled back along the path right over where they had gone off. As i crawled I felt some of the bodies,then squirmed off at a right angle toard the jungle. Firing was going on all around. At least two bullets hit my backpack before I got to the tree line>I had to leave the bodies there in the field. I kept thingking how demoralizing it would be for the peasant.”

 (1)January, 10th 1970

The Airforce VNAF free postal airoplane and rocket cover,  send from “KBC 4652 LDPT”VNAF 4th Division Phong Dinh, to Dinh Vu So 332-1 “KBC 3319” Cam Ranh Naval Training center with CDS Quan Buu 10.1.1970. and red KBC 4652 double circle stamped . At the top of cover handwritten “ Thu Ta The Ve Bien Nhatrang mien Cac nay”(what the meaning ?).

Inside the letter in Vietnamese language:


              Con Tho ngay 31.12.69

                                                Chu Ngen

Hom nay tap nhan dtuoc Tho Qui, tep Lay Lam Ngung, Vi Qui dta chon dtuoc nganh Hai Phoa theo tap nghi thi Qui se La chanh thuc La nguoi lungcua dai duong.

Vi qui Se dti tau bien Luc Qui nang Khoa nganh hai Phai Xem xen, voi nganh Bom dtau cua nganh H.Q.vey,Khi Ban dtuoc dti tau Bien Bau se dtuoc dti tat ca cac tinh cua V,N.

Tap lat tiet La dta mot Phen tinh nguyen dti nganh Xa thu, De Lau nguoi hung o Giang Nghung tap o toai nguyen dtuoc, vi tap dta La RQ ma o dtuoc tren Trei Anh Ban dtuoc, nhung Ban dti hoi Pkao Eoi Chung Cuoi o co vo dto vi no so Ban thut Sap Nha dto Q suen tap cang quen luc qui dti co gei Lai cho thieu Ba lo noi o?———.

Can dtoi voi tap thi o co nhung noi o co thi o dtuoc ngoi nhung nguo: Qui biet Ra con tiet nhiem nhung tap dtem tu choi vi  tap ho mat cam ve van dte am uong vay le lat ra nhung au o tap cung xen xen voi ban ma thu.

Con phep thi Bi cap roi tai du ky roi nen o duoc ve cuoi thu tep cung chuc qui dtuoc nhiem mai mang ve  suc khoc nan nay tap cung nhu qui au tet tai dton vi cung nhu noel vua roi nhung C.T.cung Vui vui dto ban.

Thoi tap xin tau dtung biet va mong tho qui dtien neu Ban co dti dtan coi tap o mai ta dta chi cu.

                                                            Thau ly

                                    Tap luc nay ngheo quc qui vi



(Free  airmail –rocket VNAF 4th Air Division  cover, postally used with red KBC 4652 and Black Quan Buu stamped 10.1.1972  from KBC 4652(Phong Dinh Air Force)  L.D.P.T (?)  to CTTT Chong Thu literaly mean Gouverment Building,Tao Tac literally mean Building & Construc-tion, CTTT means Corps of Engineers , Ve Bien Nha Trang mien Cac Truong, Dinh Vu Sro 332-1(?),KBC 3319(Naval Training center Cam Rahn). The back side of the cover pencil written nhan ngay (arrive) 17.01-1970. one week after postal date stamped auth), and the type letter fron the same sender to “Huyen Trin Qui” from Phong Dinh 20.2.1970. Huyen Trin Qui covers were the best collection for showed because many variations during the war 1969 until 1971-aut)

(2) January,15th.197

The Bird triangle stamps were isuued in this day and  the uncommon mint stamp 30 pi.



 Banque Francaise De L’Asie (Phap A Ngan Wang) Compte D’Epargne Money  Deposit’s Bank Book:

(a) Front cover

(b) Inside



(1) February,12th.1972

(a)The postally used cover with vietnamese  US,Phillipine and australia flag stamps, the latter date12/1/69 cross 70, postal cds not clear, hand written recieved 12.02.1970, almost one years no communication, from saigon to KBC 3319 HVHP 12/69, DVS 332-1 tr 73 (Cam Ranh Naval Training center) , without Quan Buu and KBC stamped.

The letter inside in Vietnamese language : 


                                    Cholon ,ngay 12/1/70

Ziu nien,


            Toi vua nhan ctuoc thi Zui vaisang nay. Toi ret vui bung va voi

ho an cho Zui ngay dtay.

            Thoat tien, toi in dtoi cam on loi Chiu tung cao qui cua Zui, nhung Zhui a, Chuong trinh dte I nam nay nang lam

Nut la thoi lai theo ban C thi cang Phai nut hon; Vi mon Triet hoy va Sinh Ngu 1 nang ne ghe dti nen toi pha ban tam toi 2 mon nay nhieu hon ca; dtai Biet la mon triet no vua triue tuong lai vua Khi Khan thi lam dao toi co thi ly ho mot cach tron ven dtuoi-toi  phai dti hoc them lop luyen thi  mo vao dtau thang nay vay nue toi tuong cung chua tham  nhuan dtuoc may.

            Nhung du sao dti mia toi cung pha gong cong dtat gioi dti mia, toi …………………………..etc………………………………………….


Toi man phep dting but noi dtay , hen zui, chui Zui  luon vin kgoe va se huong thu nhung ngay Xuan xap dten mot canh tren ven.

                                                                                    Ban Zui



(if someone want the complete letters please comment and translate ,auth)

 (b)February,12th 1970

          The “Nguyen Trinh Qui civil Cholon “ cover, send by Lo Ngoy,5,Kom voi CL ,civil cover without Quan Buu cds and KBC stamped, rolling cds Cholon on South Vietnam Flag with USA-Australia flag,another design not clear send to H.V.H.P 12c/69 DVS 332 -1 tr D3 , KBC 3319-Can Ranh Naval Training Center.

(Nguyen Trinh Qui joined the Naval Training center at Cam Ranh, the other cover always to his station “Vung Tau HQ 503” , together with another Huyen Trinh Qui cover will very intersting collection to show,please comment-auth)   

(2)February.20th 1970

(a)Kissinger begins secret talks in Paris with Le Duc Tho (D)

(b) The vintage B-W photo of the Student of Quan Trung Military academy at Quan Tre  , on the back of the photo ,  handwritten “Ky niem Quang Trung K 1/70 KBC 4091 thang 2/1970 “(This vintage photo will best showed collection with the “Tran Trang Hoa M2” cover because from the same location  during the vietnam liberation war, and also with another “Tran  Tran Hoa M1 “ cover  because the same type military stamps, please comment-auth)


(c)Another “Huyen Trinh Qui “ cover, Free airmail flight-rocketvtype cover from KBC 4652 (Phong Dinh VNAF 4th Air Divison) L.H.P.T.(?) to D.V.S.332-1(?)  KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh Naval Training Center ). with KBC and Quan Buu CDS with letter inside :



Phong Dinh ngay 20.2.1970.

                             Qui Neen

Zap nhan duioc zho qui tap nung lam vi do la Bui tho ctan xuan qui van khoe cho con o xon minh cung nhu zhuong zap moi ve e bua truoc.

          Voi Khoan  ctau thang tu hay  cua thang Ba tap moi xin phep ve 7 ngay a qui co Biet anh thai da xung ngay 17 tai cau tha can cu vi q my.

          Cho anh thai cack tap vao A Cay Si Thoi Zan cunc qui cung ve vung Bon Ling Nbgfoi con Viet zap xai doi ve Sai Gon,Theo Tap chua ughi den Viec du ninh chua co gia vinh hon ning Liang ninh chi ca may ngau Ba ma thi nieu tap ve Sai Gon nen tap dtoi Hay o tien thi o nha Phai cho tap so se nhu anh thai tay thi kho nen tap Quyet dinh o lai. Etc………….

Choi tap co toi loi thein qui va chuc qui van Su Nho y muon o8 dtau thi vw dto vua/chua. Ven thu sau, mong bau.  


(During joined the Training center at Cam ranh KBC 3119, Nguyen Trinh Qui recived several letter , military and civillian cover, best collection with many different type postal histories covers-auth)


 March 1970

(1) March,18th.1970

     Sihanouk overthrown in Cambodia by Lon Nol (D)and his Photo (P)

April 1970

no info


May 1970


THE CU TRI (Election card) Saigon Quan(military) Truong.with native char : Tua qamp Voang Quan 8 , sign by Quan Truong saigon Nguyen Van Phav  with four A-D in the corner,the A have used. In the below of certificate “ Chu’y ,- Xin giu ky the de co dip dung sau nay. (OD)

(2) May.4th. 1970

     Large antiwar protests spread across the United states. National guardsmen kill four students at Ken State University in Ohio

 (3) May,1st.1970

Trich Luc Bo Khai Tu (birth)certificate

(4)May,21th.1970 Vietnam Conghoa Buu bien  Bien Lai So postal recieved money tax with circulate date stamp and revenue

June 1970

(1)June .2nd.1970

The earliest Travelling Pass( Chung-Chi Hop-Le Quan-Dich certificate) Of   Bo Quac Phong Nha Dong vien” So Dong Vien So 3” with Military and People Emblem.


Ho Ten(name)     : Luu Khac Nhon

Sinh(birth)             : 2/2/31

The can-cuoc so : 319334

Cap tai                 : Q5/ 8 / 02 / 1961

Dia-Chi                  : 175 / 17 Nguyen Tri

                                  Phuong Cholon.  825661 SDV3/QD/31     



Co bieu-luc den    : 30/06/1971

KBC 4309  NGAY 02 JUNE 1970

Trung Ta nguyen –Van-Koi

Chanh Su-Cu So Dong vien 3

Hand sign. Yo 825661

Guoc gia ban den 30 SEP 1971

KBC 4.309 ngay 01 JUL 1971

Dai ta Nguyen Phuoc Nhung

Chanh Su-Vu So dong Vien 3


Si-Quan Phu Ta- Handsign .


(The first KBC with point between 4 and 309. at Saigon area-OD)


The Cu Tri “Election” card,sign by Quan Truong Saigon in this day.


                                         Viet –Nam Cong-Hoa

        A                              THE  CU  TRI                                                    B

                                               So : 03008398           


                  Ho va Ten    :    NGUYEN THI  CHAT

                  Nam va noi sinh :       1927        –         HDG

         Tru quan  :  03 CH      07   03     P  T  GIAN      633-  Z 

        The can cuoc so : 03908762  cap tai     SGN ngay   20.02.70

                                                      Saigon,ngay   01  thang   06 nam 1970


                  Chu ky cua Cu-tri                               QUAN TRUONG


                                                                                          SIGNED STAMPED

                                          Red official stamped             NGUYEN VAN-PHAV 

                                  “ Viet -Nam Cong-Hoa

                                          Do Thanh Saigon

     C                                 Toa Ranh Vanh                                                    

                                                  QUAN 8”


(3)June .14th.1970

The earliest Civil covers send from Qui-Nhon without used KBC number (before KBC  3040) send from CDS Qui Nhon  14-7 1970 to Saigon, with black propaganda Stamped “ Goi thu SAIGON bo de so Quan” (meaning:” Go to Saigon …?… Army”) ,

 ( the earliest military propaganda stamped.inside chinese char. Letter date 31.5.71 two month before ,because the war civil letter delayed send-auth). (PH)

 (4)June,22th. 1970

     The “Huyen Trin Qui M1Military cover with military no value stamp from DAI DOI 3/2 KBC 3396 , RIVER  Mine group  91  Navy Saigon ,WITH RED CIRCLE KBC 3396 STAMPED to  T.T.T.P HQ 503 (HQ 503 was the LST;landing ship Transport at Vung Tau  NVH Navy,TTTP ?-auth) VIA KBC 3328(Naval Fleet Headquaters in saigon -auth), the militeray stamp didnot cancelled (from September 1968-auth) ,and Quan Buu CDS on enveloped .

The B-W vintage photo of two soldiers in the battle field .


(The very rare  Huyen Trin Qui M1 NAVN ‘s cover  send from the Battle field, by HQ 503 “LST –Vung Tau” via KBC 3328-Navy Headquaters . This time Nguyen Trinh Qui was back to field area at Vung Tau,  I have several Huyen trin qui Cover from the same persons , but from different type of  free postal cover and  I also  have found five covers with military no value stamp type one green yellow tank and one type two red green guerilla army. The military stamp were only cancelled    26/9-1966  without Quan Buu and KBC stamped ,  postal CDS Quan Buu 2045, 8-4-1968 with  KBC stamped, but the other covers  military stamp wasn’t cancelled with Quan Buu and KBC stamped on eneveloped not on military stamps from September.9th. 1968, Nov.24th 1969 .

 Military stamps cancelled illegalized (CDS or Quan Buu) after 1969 were bogus or phillatelic creation because Military stamps only cancelled by Quan Buu CDS later date found  in March 1968 not after that,   the military stamps type 2, issued in 1969 and never found cancelled CDS quan buu,please comment  because IMNAHA found bogus fake illegal cover ,cancelled in 1968 at tet as first day cover. The six collection’s cover of the military stamps Quan Buu type 1 and 2 were the very best collection for postal history showed, please com-ment and invite us for the show in 2010 -auth).

INSIDE the cover was found   CHINESE CHAR’s Letter written like latin from right to left  different from original native china char:(free translate)


This letter was send from the Battle field at border area“TIN” (KBC 3966-2nd Battalion,not known location-changed location due to the operation field.)


Are you recived my  letter ? I have joint the battle at the border area “TIN”, we were fight until the Gunshot sound were stop, and we were win, the enemy some died and wounded. This time I just came to the province” Lung Ching” Vietnam.

The Battle very best at “Chup” in the “Chung nan Pantau” area (Chung means Center, Nan mean South , and Pantau mean half , where ? may be someone  will told us –auth), the battle around 21/2  hours and the enemy lossed much  with many died, the battle still exist and our  march foward until the enemy flea away .

I didn’t recieved your letter , may be beacuse the war situation. Where do you now ? at “Tin”border too ? How about the health of your  mother and sister&brother ? 

(The only one  and very rare “Huyen Trinh Qiu M1 “ the battle field ‘s Cover send from his friend  Duong Dinh Son Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966- 2nd Battalion , always moving due to operasion field at the battle in the border :Tin” –please comment-auth)

(6)June,26th.1970 The red cross Khai Sanh Certificate issue at Nha Trang,with local blue ship nha trang revenue .

 July 1970



(I have seen the same medal in Rusian market Cambodge in 2007 but very expensived price, and I found at HCM city le Cong Key market with fair price, original because the owner name was scrabbed and still have pattina, please comment why on the front’s center blank ,something missing?–may be ROK military will gave information. Imnaha also have ROK-vietnam postal covers.At the other place I also found a pin with a hand hold flag red-white with one star in the center , Coan Thanh Nien ….Danang Vietnam ? not clear good patina,why two colour ? and a square bronze patina pin”Dai Hoi I Ngia-Binh 1977, please comment -auth).

(2) July,21th1970

Acte Notariete tenant Lieu d’Acte de Naissant(Giay Khai Sinh) certificate  issued at Hanoi with legalization on Hanoi Thue Than Po(local Hanoi Revenue) 3 d (very rare local Hanoi revenue)

 August 1970 


Trich Luc Bo Khai Sanh (birth)Certificate


9) September 1970


The course of France langue Certificate of Saigon ‘s Francai institute

(2)September.13th. 1970

(a) prepaid Stamped free military letter sheet type light blue, send from  DA 83/8 ND(?) via KBC 3119( airbone 6th Battalion Saigon) to 27/10/2 Huynh Ainh Cua (?)  Tan Dinh Saigon, but without Quan Buu and KBC stamped (may be personal delivary).

     The letter written in native vietnamese char :



Mien Gioi  t vien ngay 13/9/70

Khin Phia

Ba, Ma

Nhan sewe phu chi maino qua va doi da dac bat ven say gui ve than gia sing qa chi.

            Ba Ma ngoai ny con van manh va phu dia sinh lam rat monh pin nha, ma’a! Chi hai chi chac dta kha toi phai khong ma, gia Sinh minh pan bang an chu o con qu ma ong hanh to cho lon chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba Ma.Vai hano vo tham Ba ma vo cau chuc na dinh manh khoe bang on.

        Con  cua va ma.(OD&PH)


     (b) Letter sheet pre stamped M3, send from DD 83/8 ND KBC 3119 (Airbone 8th Battalion saigon) to Saigon, send by courier, no CDS Quan Buu & KBC stamped, M3 type a-light blue colour. The letter :


                                              Mien Gioi tra ven ngay 13/9/70

                                                            Kihn Phua


            Nhanh tuoc thu  am maino qua va vai da dtac ven say geu ve tham gia sinh va cho. Ba na nguoi nay con van manh va nha na sinh lam nen rat nong tin nha, ma a   ! chi hoi chi chac dta kho toi phai khong ma, gia sinh minh tan bang an chu a con vu na ong thanh to cho con chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba ma

            Vai hang vo tham ba ma va cau chuc gia dinh manh khoe hang on.

                                                                                    Con cua va ma


Vi trong nguoi tuoc khoe nen con nhay noi dtay

            Ma nho ge cho con xin S lon man ruot thi l

            Kho dtay nha ma dte con dung.



            (c) Letter sheet pre stamped M3 type 2-drak blue, send from KBC 3043/HQ ( never report,not know location &institution) to  trung si I THAI /TL/QV, KBC 3921(not known institution & location), send by courier , no CDS Quan Buu and KBC stamped. The letter inside :

                        Em Thu !

            Da hon tuan li nay thanh nho pho Tay-Minh Vang Long nguoi tinh nhay-Du. Bon anh dta phai truoc them mot tuoc quan tranh hanh mia, Anh dtat moi hy vong em cha anh sec dtang quoi cho anh nhiem. Nhung roi ! Bon anh dta dti ra.Nhiem Thien –Ngon man lua va mo hoi.

            Em Thuong !

            Mot sai nguoi bon cua anh dta nga giu mot cach dton dtan khi anh va ung bon bi tuoc  lanh tren xa them , theo sat voi cai tien dtoan sat vung trin gioi ta va bon.

            Nhan la thu thu hoi ma em voio chien ngay 26/10/71 trong luc anh tong sap sua dtua hon ve ban mong hom ngay sau nhung dtem thiue trang con mat ma lam viu.

            Em! Anh khong tuong truong chuve anh co thu hong dtem thiu suot , chin trong vov con truon ngu liu nao cung nhu thiu duc mon moi. Hioi dtem la, bon thuoi ,mot ly ca phe sua , ca cao loi thiu an thi khoi noi, ga co , vat co cav dtong co. Dam nao vai ngui trong bon anh thanh phien nhan, nguoc lam viu, ke lam dto om nan chao co, con goi co,..cung vi the tuy…….very long letter……etc………………………………..

            Vai hong cho gia dinh, nha co ranh bim thu cho anh hay va anh cung se tin thu ho em dti em va tinh dto lo phan nao ve anh, goi ve thu cua anh long thung nho cua nguoi chong xa vo, cha xx con,xi gia dinh hanh phuc



October 1970

(1) October.7th. 1970

(a)Nixon proposed “Standstill cease-fire” but repeat mutual-withdrawal formula next day(D)


(b) American combat death in Vietnam during last week in this month numbered twenty-four.(D)


(c) American troops strenght in Vietnam down to 280.000 men at year end.(D)


(d) In this day , the new series 692 with the replacement note EE of US military payment certificate were issue and used until 15.3.1973. This note very difficult to find .

( I have never seen this note, maybe someone will showed us their own collection-auth)


(e) The official free postal cover of Bo tai Chanh “Nha Tong Giam Doc  Thue Vu” with the red official stamped, send to Saigon  CDS Saigon Vietnam 7-10 1970 and round E.K Saigon no date round stamped.

(what the meaning “ Bo tai Chan “Nha Tong giam doc Thue Vu”?

      , official cover with official stamped free postal charge.-auth)

(2) October,21th.1970 

Trich Luc bo Khai Sanh (birth)Certificate

November 1970

No Info

December 1970

(1)December.10th 1970

Very rare “Huyen Trin Qui”Free airmail flight and rocket covers, postally used with Postal cds  Pho(ng Dinh) (10).12.1970  and not clear red  official Double circle stamped “Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa NHA TRANG ? “ SEND TO    KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh-Naval Training center/military school) HQ 503 Vung Tau(LST,Landing Ship transport NVH Navy Vung Tau) , but din’t found the postal man made with handwritten in  red ink pen:” cross and  another adress C-KBC 3328 “ (send via Navy Headquaters)

     To open the mysteri of this covers, please read the letter inside that cover :


Xu Biwn Ngay 10.12.1970

Qui Ngen

Cap nhou duoc thi Ban sau ngay tap tro Ve ctun nvi co nguo hen trao lai tap, tap nung lam bei ti tap nhon thu dai ngaoi quc ca co le ban kiet cho vi tep o co han gai, baw trai den cung mot cton vi ca dan mang kho quan du. Con gia Dinh o Ca vi rhi moi thang moi Ve thi tap o la vet ve, kan a kan cu Biet ngay tap ve ctun Vi Bi nhop het mot ctem,roi bi phat lam j dem Ban ngay shi Phai Truc Dien pkoai nen tap o CS Phi gio  hoi cum cho kan, Vi hom nay. Lauc Vi Ce Binh Thuong.

            Bo dong I thang nghi Thi Ve Phong ngu cho cten toi hom sau lai lain Va nhoi lam Buun Vo tan o cu viec nao Viec cho het duoc , cho nen doi tap qua Ben ctay tap moi du luc jauve Thi Lam Ngi Hia thi hoi met ty jhink jhiong moi nghi,com bay gio.  Etc………………

            Thoi yen gio lam roi tap  xin tau tan cting no’r ctay nho meng thu te……. etc(OD&PH)



(2)  December.12th 1970

     The civil postally used covers without the sender ‘s name send from Saigon CDS 12.12.1970 with rate stamp 6 Dong +3 Dong (9 D) to Parto (Patton ?) Ca USA, Mrs V.J. Eletto, without sencored  , the earliest civil letter to the American’s wife from saigon (PH)


(3)Dec.31th.1970 The recieved of Sending tax money by Postal(Buu dien Bien Lai So) with revenue stamped


the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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