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The Indonesian Natural History cybermuseum 

(Museum dunia Maya Sejarah  Alam semesta Indonesia )

 Showcase :

The   Rare Fish

A.The rare river’s fish in the world

1. Chinese Paddlefish.

2. Alligator Gar.

3. Bagarius Yarreli (River Yeti).

4. Mekong Giant Catfish.

5. Arapaima (Pirarucu).

6. Giant Stingray

7. Freshwater Sawfish.

8. White Sturgeon.

9. Giant Carp.

10. Dog Eating Catfish.

B.The Rare River Fish Like Dog Eating Fish  at the  Ganga River India

The adventures man had report that he have just found the rare and bigest fish at Ganga River North India

,  kidnapp by fishing nails and bring to the beach of the river after he fought until came into the river

very difficult to take the fish from the river

at least the fish had kidnapp and biring to the beach of river

he inspectied the fish from  the body

,the skin

then the mouth

please compare with The Dog Eating Fish

, the diferrence  were the sharp teeth

and look how bigger that fish

and they had took balance scales 164 kg

after that they bring back the rare fish back to the water in the river.

who know the name of the fish please tell me via comment thanks very much-Dr Iwan. (picture were taken by digital camare from  video at discovery TV channel ).

C.The Rare Indonesian Fish

1.The Rare Indonesian Fish which threats off

2.Sea Fish

a.Napoleon Fish

Napoleon fish is the emperor of tropical coral reefs and is battling for survival. Often illegally fished it is sold for high prices to Chinese buyers who prize its delicate flesh.

The latest attempt at smuggling this giant of the seas with a curious bump on its head occurred last month. 36 of the fish known also as the humphead wrasse were seized at Manado airport on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island.

They had been destined for the steaming restaurants of Hong Kong where one kilogram of the rare fish fetches 80 to 130 dollars.

Yvonne Sadovy from the World Conservation Union warns that one of the challenges facing the species is that it does not reproduce as readily as species such as sardines or anchovies, AFP reported.

The fish which can weigh up to 200 kilograms and exceed two meters does not reach sexual maturity until it is nearly five years old. But fishermen aim to capture young prey which have not yet had a chance to procreate.

“They are potentially threatened if nothing is done” warns Sadovy an expert on the fish from the University of Hong Kong.

Greenpeace noted in 2004 that the fish was in dramatic decline along Indonesia’s coral reefs while another conservation group, Telapak, estimated that its number had dwindled to just three to four per square kilometre.

Under pressure from ecologists, the species was registered in 2004, effective in 2005 under appendix 2 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora which allows its controlled marketing.

Strict quotas now govern the capture of the humphead wrasse found in the Indo-Pacific zone off the east coasts of Africa and New Caledonia, through the Red Sea, the south of Japan and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.


c.Chromilepticus(kerapu Tikus)


Salah satu jenis ikan yang mempunyai potensi untuk dibudidayakan adalah jenis ikan kerapu tikus (Cromileptes altivalis) karena memiliki nilai ekonomi yang tinggi dengan harga Rp.100.000,- – Rp.150.000,- per kilogram bagi ikan kerapu tikus hidup berukuran di atas 300 gram di tingkat pedagang pengumpul. 

c.Tiger Fish



A rare coelacanth was netted off Sulawesi

A report from Indonesia says fishermen have caught a rare coelacanth in waters off Sulawesi island.

The Antara news agency says the fish, about one metre long, was caught in nets off the North Sulawesi capital of Manado on Saturday (local time) and died a few hours later.

Coelacanths are among the world’s oldest fish species. Their fossil records date back more than 360 million years and suggest the animal has changed little in that time.

They reached peak abundance about 240 million years ago, but were thought to have died out around the time that dinosaurs became extinct – until a coelacanth was caught off the Commoro islands in South Africa in 1938.

A few have since been caught in waters along the eastern African coastline, and several have been captured north of Manado.

Coelacanths, closely related to lungfishes, usually live at depths of between 200 and 1,000 metres. They can grow up to two metres in length and weigh as much as 91 kilograms.

But the fish, sometimes referred to as a “living fossil,” otherwise remains an enigma for scientists, and it is not known why Saturday’s find was caught in nets so close to the surface

3.River Fish

Arowana red

Red River Fish

Giant King Beta


We are very pleased to announce the availability of the Giant King Betta. These fish, of approximately 2” in size (5.5-6.0cm), are being captive bred in Indonesia and should be available from our stores within the next 2-3 weeks. They are available in a variety of colours, being of a good size and quality. We would recommend they are best kept at temperatures between 24-26°C and a pH range of 6.8 to 7.5. They are currently feeding on live and frozen Cyclops but will take dried foods readily once established

the end @ Copyright Dr iwan suwandy 2011

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