The Vietnam Liberation War Collection New Info Dec 2010


1.Hallo Collectors from All Over The world,especially Vietnam War Postal History Collectors, there are some news from IMNAHA Stamps blog just sent to me and also my Vietnam war vintage books new finding,look illustration of Vietcong poster above.

2.Mr Andrew Crashow from IMNAHA thanks for the info,and send my honor to joe’s family and hope they will save joe collections and put in museum. We had lost one of the best Vietnam War Postal History Collectors in the world.

3,I will revise my e-books  Vietnam Liberation War with new info in January 2011, and please premium member who want to have this limited edition  revise e-book please subscribed premium member  via comment and asking to buy this e-book fast, as info in the blog only not comlete e book just for promotions.

 Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year 2011

from the blog founder

Dr Iwan Suwandy



Saturday, December 18, 2010

Joe Cartafalsa passed away on December 7th, 2010.

In August, 2000 I attended the APS Stampshow in Rhode Island. I had the good fortune of meeting Joe in front of his Vietnam Military Mail exhibit. I had started collecting this material a couple years earlier, but was finding it difficult to understand what I had. Joe spent a lot of time with me that day, walking me through his exhibit, identifying and commenting on the covers I had brought along, and introducing me to dealers at the show who carried Vietnam material.

Over the subsequent years, Joe continued to build my enthusiasm and knowledge in the military mail of Vietnam, and expanded my interest into revenues. We kept in touch via email and an occasional phone call, meeting up at NAPEX when his health allowed. We collaborated on a CD-ROM and talked about items we had found and articles we were writing. I caught up with him in Philadelphia one year to borrow books for an article I was writing, and of course to browse his stock.

Joe was a long-time member of the Society of Indo-china Philatelists, and a prolific contributor to philatelic publications, including three articles in the Congress Book.

Rest in peace, Joe. You will be missed. 

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Driving home from NAPEX, I stopped in Havre De Grace, Maryland for lunch and discovered a terrific bookstore, Washington Street Books & Music. They have one of the best selections of military history books I have found anywhere, not to mention games, role playing books, comics, music, dvds and an excellent selection of science fiction – all of which are right up my alley. I definitely recommend checking it out if you are in the area.
At the store I picked up a copy of a Vietnam Studies monograph I didn’t have, The War in the Northern Provinces. Turning it over, I saw the book, which is around 1/2″ thick, was sent through the mail as evidenced by the mailing label.
My Anthony Wawrukiewicz book on US postal rates isn’t handy, so perhaps someone can explain why the monograph qualified for 3rd class mail, which is typically used for advertising or “junk” mail.  Printed in the upper right corner of the label it clearly reads “Special Fourth Class Rate Books.”
In addition to a useful book I got a nifty piece of postal history, not to mention a new destination to visit each year.
I just found two new Vietnam War Literature and  I will put the new info at my web blog to make the article Vietnam Liberation War became more complete :
a. Eyewitness NAM  POTRAIT OF THE ENEMY, the other side of The War by David Chanoff and Doan Van Toi,New York 1986
b.No Place to Hide ,a novel of The Vietnam War by Gerry Carrol,he write in 1986 just before passed away in 1993.
 He aslo write another book about Vietnam War:
NORTH SAR  and GHOSTRIDER ONE, please who have the other two trilogy of Vietnam war book  PLEASE SEND INFORMATIONS THANKS.

THE END @ COPYRIGHT Dr Iwan suwandy 2010


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