The Vintage 1956 book of Toba Batak Belief In The High God

Cretaed By dr Iwan S based form His Vintage Books and Pictures collections

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Jakarta < @copyright Dr Iwan s 2010

I.Front Cover Of The Vintage 1956 book.

1. The Vintage 1952 Tobing’s Books” The Structure of The Toba-Batak Belief In The High God”


III.  Introduction.

1.The Toba-Batak

2.Our sources

ill pustaha lak-lak

3. Influence from abroad.


1. text and Translations


5. Silaon na Bolon

a,. An aspect of the High God

ill Raga-raga


A. Introductory Remarkas




 ill sketc 3.

3. Part and totality


1. Preliminary rematks

2. Spirits

a. Begu in a resticted sense

b. Sombaon


4. Part and totality


1. Preliminary remarks

2. Perholaan

ill Ori ba tolupu lu dohot bulan na Sampulu dua

illl per-holaon (batak toba bambu calender)

ill  tulisan kuno batak dengan sistem huruf  gambar

3. Desa na ualu

4.Time and space in the high god

5. Pane na Bolon

illustrasi the vintage picture (only for premium member):

(a) The death ceremony

(b) The Parsili-effigies

6. Unity of time and space


A. Introductory Remarks

B. Community

1. Thw system of relationship

2. The village

3. The house

illustration(only for premium mmeber)  :

(a) Toba-Batak Landscapes

(b) Carvings on a Toba house

4. The Village


 1. Preliminary remarks

Pictures illustration (only for premium mmeber) :

(a)The basket is placed on the rice-window

(b) The cock is being killed

(c) the basket is being lifted

3. bius


 1. Preliminary remarks

illustrasi Lower part of the Tunggal panaluan ,design serpent bitting a lizard.s tail

2.Tungal Panaluan

illustration The double squeare

illustration pictures (only for premium member)

(a) The beginning of the ceremony

(b) The altar

(c) The tunggal panaluan in a basket,full of rice

(d) The tunggal panaluan wrapp in the ragidup

(e) The datu acting like a woman in childbirth

(f) Moving the tunggal panaluan up and down

(g) The tunggal panaluan planted on the egg

(h) The lines of the octagon are wiped out.


explanation of some toba -batak words at the picture illustrations.




PS  After look at this ample informations, I hope the Batak-Toba scholers and collectors who want the complete information please contact via comment for premium memebrs registrations.

I think after learn this Thesis, if the NGO or Gouverment from all over the world which want to give me   the fund scolarship  to Study the West Borneo Dayak’s Tuntun (almost same with the Batak-toba tunggal panaluan) which never study by the Indonesian scholar, I will made the study because I have four years experience in that area and have collectings some rare tuntun in order the save the human heritage Ancient Dayak social-art, please contact me via comment. Before some one scholar asked me the information abou the ancient Metawai Mongkey diesign Tobacco Box, but I have told he to be  the premium member,but he never contact me anymore, he dondot know how mush the fund I had spent to get the colections and collections, many scolar only want free charge for study something although they get the special fund and keep only for himself, oh my god please give them the social hearts.

PS.this info still in processing. for more info only for premium member

The End @copyright Dr Iwan S.

6 thoughts on “The Vintage 1956 book of Toba Batak Belief In The High God

  1. adhysiagian May 22, 2011 / 3:33 am

    halo bang..saya tertarik dengan buku abang ini..batak belief in high god…
    apakah abang punya salinan nya atau gimana caranya saya bisa mendapatkannya kira kira?
    terimakasih banyak bang..
    oh ya abang bisa konfirmasi pada saya melalui email atau sms ke 081395003968 ya bang..terimakasih banyak

    • iwansuwandy May 23, 2011 / 1:32 pm

      dik adhy siagian
      untuk dapat memproleh salainan kopi buku batak bilief in God, anda harus jadi anggota premium, daftarkamn diri anda liwat comment dengan melampirkan fotokopi KTP
      dan riwayat hidup serta pekerjaaaan pribadi, bila memenuhi syarat,nati anda akan dihubungi liwat email.
      salam dari
      Dr Iwan Suwandy

  2. fernando PM Tambunan November 15, 2012 / 7:49 pm

    how to get the premium members? saya sudah klik di linknya,, tapi saya tidak mengerti,,,

    • fernando PM Tambunan November 15, 2012 / 7:54 pm

      atau mungkin bapak bisa email saya bagaimana caranya mendapatkan buku ini… terimakasih sebelumnya…

      • iwansuwandy November 15, 2012 / 11:54 pm

        yth pak fernado PM Tambunan.
        bila anda ingin CD rom dari buku ini, anda harus mendaftar dulu jadi anggota premiyum dengan mengirim kopi KTPnya ke email saya, ini hanya untuk sekuriti saja, kemudian anda kan dihubungi untuk persyaratan administrasi lebih labnjut untuk memperoleh CD-rom tersebut
        Dr Iwan suwandy.MHA

    • iwansuwandy November 15, 2012 / 11:57 pm

      thanks for visit and to subscribed premium memebr you must send you ID copy via email

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