The Ancient Riau Collections


 I have just read the comment of my article in the tis blog” The ancient Coins Circulated At West Sumatra” by Mr DR Adbudl Rani bin Kamaruddin . he asked me about the Rais Village in Riau. He write my title as Proffesor, he made mistake because I am not professor, but Thank you with your support may be one time the Andalas University at Padang will gave me honourry professor due to my research about West Sumtara Ancient Coin which never report by another writer or scientist. please look Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamaruddin Comment:


Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin

Asslamu’alaikum Prof,

Minta bantuan jika Prof mengetahui dimana letaknya kampung Rais, Siak?

Dr Abdul Rani Bin Kamarudin


I write this article special for DR Abdul Rani bin Kamaruddin, please Doktor read carefully and look my Ancient Unique Collections which found during my adventure in Riau archipelago- land and islands. May be you can support me to be honoury  DOKTOR in your Unisersity at Pakan Baru Riau.and later also to be honorary Profesor. I will answer your question ,  I only now the Kampung Rais is the Village of Prof DR Amien Rais *ill 001
*ill 001
 and the village near sarawak where we can found the Ancient Dayak Iban Long House.During exploration by google images and news I found that Datuk Rais bin Yatim Malaysian  Menistry of cultural and Communications *ill  002

ill 002

, better ask because form you langauge Your are a Malaysia Scholar. Our Negri now in hot quarrel situation, your joke was better to made the brothehood “Negri serumpun”,also from Minangkabau were many Datuk in Negri sembilan.

Jakarta Agust 2010

Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA

Chapter One : My First Adventure to Pakan Baru in 1964 with my Father,uncle L.E.Goan with The Isnpectur Police Baringin and the driver Inspectur Police Nazar Sago.

Chapter two : My adventure to Rumbai Caltex Pakanbaru in 1972

Chapter Three: My Adventure from Padang via Kiliran Jao to Air Molek,Pekan heran dan rengat 1984-1986

During this adventure I found some unique colletions

1) The sheard of  Artifact Ming Hsuante Cup with Mohamedan blue in glaze imperial five clown dragon handpainted, the archeologist tall that cup bring By Admiral Cheng Ho during the sixt expedition to Indonesia.

(2) The Ming Imperial Hsuan Te mark

(2) The Ming Imperial Dragon Five Clown Of Hsuan-te mohameddan blue in glaze faound at Pekqan Heran,Rengat near Indragiri River.

2) the artifact small cup with mark Ming Chen Hua with design red in glaze Flower and blue in Glaze the leaf and other part or that flower.

3) the Qing Handpainted watercolour of Confucios and The bagger eight Ancetor Lee Tao kee, I have hangging that painting in guest room.

4) The Dutch east Indie  Governur General Medal which given the his Father as the Mayor of Chinese Overseas at Rengat.

5) The Document of the Rengat’s Chinese Overseas Mayor documen in 19

Chapter Four :  My Adventure from Padang to Air Tiris and Pakan baru 1n 1986-1988

I am starting from Padang Panjang. after took my son to my Father and Mother in law House, I went in the afternoon, after eating delicious Martabak and sate in Bukittingi, I and my Wife with my Toyota Lancruiser BJ $) 1983, starting to Payakumbuh ,Nine turning road (Kelok Sembilan), the witter not do good raining and many light storm (Kilat) which We felt like the Gun shooted upon my car, my wife became scarced, but I am still strong and fighting, I drived slowly until came to the bridge  over the bigger River called in native language Lake of “Bingkuang”, we eated very delicious smaal Fish called in native language “Ikan Billieh”. After that the wheater became more good but still raining, after came near the small city Bangkinang , We turn left to across the river to the small willage AIR TIRIS, to the house of aan Antique trader. That time almost 12.00 PM in the night, we sleep in the car, and in the morning the after we came, I met the trader ,sorry i forgotten his name, I bought several Ancient Collection which I still coolected until now :

1) Tang olive green Jar with 4 X four ear

2) Suasa  18 k Gold ring  with the safir stone

3) Bigger Imari Plate

Later I had informations that the trader need fund to Marry again because his first wife cannot gave hin the Children.

After that we went to Pakanbaru and rest in the Hotel near the bigger rod in the centre of the City, the after came to pahn baru, I looking my frien shop, he ever met me in my house at padang several time, from him I bought :

1) Early Ming Plate with Chillin design (later i found at jakarta amother collections with the same design)

2) Early Ming Plate with the opera dancer ladies’s  design

3) The Bigger Ming Red Plate size 40 cm but some cheap at the border with design flower.


Riau Archiphelaho had been visit by many Ancient Chinese Imperial trader from Tang Dinasty until Ming Dinasty, like admiral cheng Ho, also from the Japanese traders.At the  Rais village  Siak were born two famous people Prof Dr Amier Rais famous Indonesian Leader and Datuk Rais bin Yatim Menistry of cultur and commnuication Malaysia.  Why DR Abdul Rani bin Kamaruddin asked me the question, only as the yoke nd tell Me that from thar village born two famous man from different Country which now in hot quarrels.

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