In this day with my loving Toyota Hardtop Lancruiser BJ 40, I went alone to Rengasdengklok to look at the historic house where Bung Karno and Bug Hata were” Keep ” by the young man 55 years ago inorder to aksed them to proclaimed the Indonesian Independent there (the complete story look at the Indonesian Independent war collections and Bung Hatta Collections in this blog or in my old bl9oc hhtp”//

Very difficult to found the road to  the Candi “Jiwa” (Ancient Soul -BudhishTemple), after enter the Rengasdengklok ,from the Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road, at West Cikampek,then tern left and after the  railways t’s  turn to the right, I came to the market the turn right until at then of that market,turn left near the small river, I drive straight until arrived, the Jiwa Temple at the right circa 40 km in very bad road,with very small arrow directions of  Candi Jiwa , then turn to the right about 500 m. I enter the broken candi Jiwa, and with the helping of the native peoples there I have seen other  borken candi, they talled me about 24  candi beside Candi Jiwa there. All the candi built frome  “Bata” sands break. At the small camp’s house there ,I saw the project map,and some artifact founding, like same small sand Tablet with Buddish’s relief ,and a broken earthenweare vessels (Kendi),and small jarlets(buli-buli) and some new ceramics, they said until now they still studied the earliest Candi which ever found in Java circa three or four century AD much older than the Ancient mataram kindom of Java, may be this candi built by the Ancient Tarumanegara Kingdom, no Ancient coins and Chinese ceramic found there. I took the adventure after read te magazine story about   Mr Abu Ridho from National Centre Museum and Mrs Sumirah Adyatman of Adam Malik museum,s curator ever came there too.

II. August.15th 2010

After ten years , I am asking my son Anton to take me with my wife with his Toyota Kinjang Innova  to adventure agains to Rengas Dengklok in order to comemorate the  65 years of Indonesian Indenpent day.

After that we went to “Candi Jiwa “to look the progress of that Candi renovations, because I have read in Kompas Newspaper a week ago,that some foriegn’s  arkeologist  had found athe human skull and skelletons ,very long diameters  about two meters long body-head with their ancient gold necklage and sword.

The Road still same but before the raillways ,there atre the new flyt over bridge wich made the road  more closer, and still turn right strait to the Rengas Dengklok market but I didnnot met the Historic House anymore, after arrive the market still the same  turn to the right until the end of market near river turn left but the road more best with cement beton and smoe asphalt betons to cadi Jiwa, now there have two candi almost finished ,one cadi Jiwa and near that candi, new candi Blondongan are still in renovations , please look my profile at two candi *ill

This time I with my wife Lily and My son Anto, have made some interesting pictures of some artifact found the free :

1) The picture of the candi Jiwan and Blondongan

2) The letest artifact have  just founds, very pity the Ancient Gold were bring abroad by the archeoligt to studies .

3) the older  foundings’s artifact.

(1) Eathenware Budhist Tablet astifact

(2) Earthenware   Jar Kendi artifact

(3) Eatherware Jarlet buli-buli artfact

(4) other old artifact  finding in small museums near candi Jiwa

and some informations, I will added one by one, I hope all the collectors will patient, only some info will added in this blog, for the serIous archeologist and collctors who want to know more detailed informations, please registered as the Premium members,and I will answer and send your the detailes info straigth via your e-mail.


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