HALLO COLLECTORS. thank you for click

1.I have built the blog promotional site in Face book with the name Iwan Suwandy (be carefull many same name, but my name with y not i in Suwandy, and my profile in the Face Book look the foto  below :

2.Before to be my friend and joint blog group Asia uniquecollecion Blog Group free of charge , until now I have 500 free of charge members, from now I am starting a new premium group where I put many new information and illustration related to the premium unique collections informations, special for the premium member ,please contact editor via comment to be the premium member, I will not added the free of charge member anymore.look at the sample of my facebook promotion below :


Medical doctor is my profession, travelling and collectors my hobby, now retired from Police health and medical center, I have two FB group and two internet blog.iwansuwandy. and,please click.

Aspar Stamp

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2:32 Added about 2 months ago
2:07 Added about 2 months ago

Iwan Suwandy

Hallo Friend,
please donnot dream that you have the vaery coins which you tag from the other club or person coins collections, you know that very easy to know what are you tag, if you really collections the photo from your own camera, like the half cent James Brooke coins and one cent james brooke coin the bigger factory of coins trader didnot have that coins,last Wednesday clear

3.Before join the group you must pass the administration of premium  member, after that you built you FB and asked to my  FB to be a friend , and I will accept you as a friend ,and the I will invite you to be the premium member,and you confirm, the new info alway send to your FB and you can asked about the info from my internet blog free of charge.

Jakarta July 2010

sincerely Your

 Iwansuwandy(Dr IWAN S)




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