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Famous Painter Affandi 
Museum Affandi 
I Met this Affandi 
Kartika Affandi 
original affandi or Kartika 

Original or fake 


Vintage Affandi book Ill. 


Vintage Affandi Picture 


*affandi book cover




(1) I have met affandi only one time in 1990, when I visit his museum*ill-001, at Jogya, but very pity when I entered the museum no one there, and then I met him*ill 002  and he said the museum was closed , after he left me without any informations.


*ill 002

(2) In 1995, I look at Affandi painting show at Taman Marzuki was presented by his daughter Kartika Affandi*ill 003, she sold her father painting to find the cost to pay Affandi medical consultative bill.
*ill 003

beside affandi Paintings, also kartika Affandi painting *ill 004,her fathers Affandi was painting in naked without cloth.

*ill 004

One of Affandi painting was sold eight million rupiah,circa Us $ 4000*ill 005

*ill 005

, I have that money but I don’t interest his painting because I am not the painting collectors , veri pity in 2007 that painting was sld during Borobudur Auctions 4 million rupiah about $ 400.000 , oh my god why I didnot buy that paintings before.
After the kartika show in 1997 I found two interesting book about Affandi,one Affandi told about himself and the other the painting expert Agus Darmawan T. write abut Affandi.


If I were not, a well-known painter. I would still walk around dragging my feet the way I do now. I have got to drag my feet along the alleys. It’s a man’s struggle and a struggle for humanity.
It happens that God has decided that I have always to struggle in front of a canvas pouring out my emotins in the form of colurful blotches made by the paints , I press ut from their tubes to perpatuate nature’s expressions and my own.
I was born sicty-four years ago in Ceribon. None of my ancetors was able to paint. My parents even told me to give up the idea of becoming an artist. They considered painting a meaningless job. That was also why my own brother suggested me that I cntinue my studies in the faculty of Medicine.
However, I made up my mind to follow the path I had chosen. I wanted to continue with my painting since i felt sure that I had talent needed in this field. God has granted me this particular ability. It wuld be a sin not t graceful frsuch a blessing

.I have had my ups and downs in my efforts to reach my ideal. The most important thing for me is that I have to achieve it anyhow, even thugh it requires lot of money. The basic pinciple is, the money should be lagally earned. I once worked as an usher at a cinema to get themoney I needed. I always think that there is dignity in every job, as long as it is not contrary to God’s rules.

I had to struggle hard for a better psition for Indonesian artist. They ought no to remain poor.
Once I saw a dcumentary film about Paris. on the screen I saw a street sweeper doing his job with his face bright, removing the rubbish on the corner of one of the streets inlarge city. Such a humble person was able to live peacefully there. How could a mere street sweeper make aliving freely there, in such a large metropolitant city?

This made me think hard. A man as I would surely be able to do more than that! I had got my scholing, thugh I didnt finish my studies. I had high ideals,although I am not a white man. you see, at that time we always regarded ourselves as beeing inferior to the white races. I had to have spirit to go to far places in order to gain what I wanted. It was then that my desire to travel abroad became an obsession.
Finally there came the chance ,I had been loking foward for a long time. I was lucky to get a schlarship from the government of India and I was warmly welcome in that cuntry. More than that, they even regarded me as an established painter,ne who needed nomore training, and what comment they gave !They said that Indonesia had made a mistake in sending a student like me, because,in their opinion, I was not an immature student but a really talented artist.
It was for this reason that my schlarship money was simply given t me all at once instaed of beiing provided yearly. With such a large sum of money I was able to travel around the country to get the experience I needed.
When I had trevelled enugh in India. I wanted to visit the city I had been longing for: Paris ! Since there was very little left of my money then, I tried to get a schlarship from the indonesian government. My request, however was refused. they thougt that a man like Affandi had been able to live in a foreign country and that meant that he was a rich man. They did not knw that I was in bad shape then.
It was this refusal that made me what I am to day : a man of iron, a man of hard spirit.

 I had to show my people that my struggle was not merely for my own benefit, but for the good of my country and myfellow-countryman , who had been dominated by a foreign power forncenturies. I wanted to show them that Indonesians were able to catch up with the peple of the developed countries. They ugly to know that we have a great culture.
Thank God, finally I succeeded  in acieving my goal. I took part in aworld contest for fine arts, and I won a prize! Now I had a bright future. not long afterwards i recieved an invitation to visit Europe and my wn government congratulated and praised me.

This is a short account of what has made me feel as if I have became one soul with the paints and canvases up to this moment, a feeling that I shall probably have until my last breath is gone. To me it does not matter how much money my painting bring me, a million or even one rupiah, but I will still paint and paint.

 @Copyright Dr iwan S.2010


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