1. “ Sunda” Anciet Sunda char.,Manuscript ,circa XVI th century
a)We found the information about Sandjaya, he said to be the son of Sena( husband of Sanaha) who was the regent of Galuh. Sandjaya was the Son in Law of Tarusbawa (Tohaan) in Sunda the king “Yang Dipetuan Agung”of Sunda
b) This manuscript very high historical works because the writer, date and years of productions list clearly .
The history aboud The King(Baginda) Rajasanagara with his family in Mojopahit and Sri Rajasanagara was thouht as the incarnation of Siwa and Budha.
Grandmothr of the “Baginda: Rajapatni, the daughter of Kertanegara from Singosari ,named Gayatri ,femous of her beuty.also the history of Mojopahit . (complete story see IUC”The Indonesia Regent ‘s Uniwue Collections-ed)

2. Prapantja; Negarakartagama, manuscript, 1364
The original ancient manuscript on “Lontar”leaf, only a lttle story about The”bubat” war 1357,between Sunda Kingdom and Mojopahit Kingdom at Bubat because Majapahit “Patih”(The high Rank General ) didn’t accept the marriege between the Hayam Wuruk King of Mojopohit with Dya Pitaloka daughter of king of Sunda( Complete story in the IUC book “The Indonesia Regent(“Penguasa”)’s Unique Collections, you will seen their artifact and image illustrations.ed)

3..Pararaton,”Lontar” Leaf manuscript.
The complete history about “Bubat War” between Majapahit during Haya Wuruk Reign with Prabu Maharaja Sunda as short told in Negarakertagama. Above.

4. Kidung Sundayana ,” Lontar”leaf manuscript, also told about the Bubat War .

5.Dewabuda; “Lontar” Manuscript,1435.
Told the history of the people of Sunda Kingdom religious Hindu-Budha (Cmplete story read in IUC limited bok”The Indonesia Regent’s Unique Collections” complete with artifact and image illustrations-ed).

6..Rangalawe of Damar Woelan, 67 Lontar- 52 ½ cm.manuscript.
The War between Suhita with Wikrama-warddhana vs Bhre Wirabhumi was told in folklore “Damarwulan –Mina Jinggo,
During Majapahit Kingdom administration ‘s Te Beautiful (Ayu) Queen (Ratu ) Kencana Wungu(Sauhita) , there were rebellion by Minak Jinggo(Bhre Wirabumi) because Minakjinggo want to merried Suhita, but not accepted by the bad face of Minakjinggo lake “Raksasa”Gigantism.
The Queen have made “Sayembara” if someone could bitten the Menakjinggo , she will gave a special reward. Raden Dawarwulan joined the fighting, almost “ lost the power, but with the helped of Dewi Wahita and Dewi Puyengan , Damarwulan win the fight and Queen Kencana wunggu became the wife of Damarwulan, they were the regent of Majapahit.
This story very popular in middle Java, especially EastJaa, Raffles ever found the manuscript book about Damarwulan, now in the Britis Museum, beautiful colour illustrations list in the book “Gold letters” produced by London museum.
6..Rangalawe Kidung,Manuscript

7.Sivaratrikalpa, manuscript.
The legend’s books about the hunters Nishada and Sivatratri ceremonial to honour the “Siva” will up to Nirwana”Heaven” when he died. .

Iki Takepan daruwen Ida Cokorda I Noma Rai,manuscript 108 Lontar 36 ½ cm .

8..Lawe,Manuscript 79 lontar. With Bali script.

Wayang Semar,manuscript with many beautiful handpainted multicolour potrait of wayang,in old paper, yava and arabic translate char, circa 17th century

9. Serat “Purwaka” The world from start to completely dones, manuscript circa 15th century; rewrite in modern writing book my be in Ixth century.

10.Iki rupane Pamor Keris Kang Kena Digawe Jimat, The character of Keris Pamor(drawing blade) for use as amulet, Yava char. Manuscript with Pamor keris handsketched illustrations circa 15th century, rewrite in modern writing book in XIXth century

the end@COPYRIGHT Dr IWAN S 2010


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