UHI-Uniquecollection Heritage Collection,free information, @copyright Dr iwan s 2010.

  My  adventure  in Korea will be illustrated with some photos during I joined My wife Lily W.MM as official Indonesia Health and medical record federation(Formiki) in order visit  the international federation Record organizational meeting at COEX building Seoul Korea June 2006 with another delegation. look at my profile and wife   photo at Namu island *001


The namu Island very popular and where many Korean love story film were shooting, the letest info that the film actor  was homesuicide.oh so pity .
hall.   We went with the Indonesian Embessy team which be making an Indonesia Day show at the The International Children Book exhibition in the Namu Island, look the picture in the front of the exhibiiton buiding *002.
 In the Front of International children Book exhibition at Namu Island, I have seen many children book from all over the world, very lucky I have found some old vintage Korean book at the Book flae market beside the exhibition room, the unique book about Korean ceramic*004, and the history of Korean Christian*005 with many illustration . In this exhibition I found many vintage  korean books  and also at Insadong seoul flea market ,.


Look at my profile with   the traditional korean children statue*006 in the front of International Children book exhabition at nami Island, I joined the Indonesian embassy delegation by bus to showed the Indonesian traditional art dancing and song at the exhibition.

  I am not joined the IFRO meeting, during the delegation joined the meeting I have made the adventure aslone with public bus  in order to hunting the uniquecollection  around Seoul about six days from flea market Insadong I found an ancient handwritten Chines overseas Korean handwritten book *006

After two day seeking the   Uniquecollection shop , at least I found at Nam Dai Moon(nam means south ,Dai means great ,Moon mean gate) market look at my profile at that gate (moon)*007


,  at  Underground the road between Nam dai Mon and the The Korean Bank Museum.,  I found the Korea phillatelic collection, postal used cover and dai nipppon military Cover which  very difficult to find in Indonesia

, my first Korea Stamps and reveneu were found in 1974 from an old chineseman collections*008

During this Indonesian Helath and medical record Federation(FORMIKI) Dr Iwan S. joined aparrt beside his wife -the President of that organization in the meeting of IFRO -International Federation Of Record Organization meetin at COEX building, also DR Gemala Hatta and Siswati M.Kes -the past president and two another delegation, we stayed at Indonesian Embassy Guest House “Wisma Indonesia” about one week.
At  night after came to Seoul I   and my Wife walked around and came to very beautiful Bridge shining with thousand lamp across the Han River-look the photo*009
.  Thank verymuch to all the Indonesian embessy man who gave us very well and free friendly Indonesian tour to Nami island by bus. During the official FORMIKI leader joint the conference, I have made the Unique collections hunting around Seoul from Insadong flea market to Nam Dai Mon Market , I found :
a. Korea  Stamps,  Dai Nippon Korea Overprint on Japan homeland stamps *010
b. korea phonecard *011
  After cameback home to Jakarta I found another Korea unique collection including Book,stamps,revenue and another type of collection :

1. Korea phillatelic collections

2, Korea revenue collections

3. Korea Books collection

4.Korea other type collections. 

@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.




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