UHI-Uniquecollection Heritage Info.free info@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010

The Gate of Palace 


Palace Museum 
Palace Museum info 
Copper&Iron Vats info 
Chillin copper vats 
INcense Burner 
Bird Copper vats 
Imperial dragon staircase 
The hall of Supreme Harmony 
Supreme Harmony hall info 
The field of Supreme hall 
The Roof of Supreme Hall 
The Wall’s tiles of Supreme Hall 
The Window of Supreme Harmony Hall 
The Door Of Supreme Harmony Hall 
Turtle copper vats 
Sundial (Ri Gui) info 
Sundial (Ri Gui) 
Central Harmony info 
Hall of Central Harmony 
Preserved Harmony info 
Hall of Preserved Harmony 
Heavenly Purity info 
The Palace of Heavenly Purity 
Heavenly Purity info
The Hall of Union and Peace 
Union and Peace info 
The Magic Door 
The Magic door info 
The Imperial Garden 
Imperial garden info 
Branch interlocked info 
The Branch Interlocked 
Crimson Snow info 
Pav.of Crimson Snow 
Pav. of Spring Seasons 
Pav. of Ten Thousand info 
Floating Greenary info 
Pav. of Floating Greenary 
Hill of Elegance info 
Hill of Accumulated Elegance 
Platycladus garden info 
Platycladus Orientalis garden 
Shenwu gate info 
Gate of Devine Prowers 
Good By Forbidden City 
Summer Palace Introduction 
The gate of Summer Palace 
The God of Longevity info 
The stone of the Longevity’s god 
Hall of Longevity info 
Guidance Map 
Garden of harmony info 
Garden of Harmony 

Eastren varanda info 

Eastern Veranda 
Grand stage info
Grand Stage 
Hall of Nourisly Pleasure 
Hall of pleasure info 
hall of jade info 
Hall of Jade Riples 
Yiyun Hall info 
Yiyun Hall at the Top 
Yiyun Hall info 
Yiyun Hall 
Chang lang info 
Long coridor Summer palace 
The Summer Palace lake 2008 
In the front of Ming-Qing Palace 2008 


(1) The Forbidden city Gate 

(2) The Ming-Qing Palace Gate 


(3) The Palace field area 

(3a) The Palace Museum


(4) The Copper and Iron Vats 

(5) The Emperor staircase 

(6) The Hall of Central Harmony 

(7) THe Hall of Preserved Harmony 

(8) The Gate of Heavenly Purity 

(9) The Palace of Heavenly Purity 

(10) The Hall of Union and Peace 

(11) The Magic Door 

(12) The Imperial Garden:
(a) The Branch inetrlocked, (b)The pavillion of Crimson Snow,(c) The Pavillion f Ten Thousand Spring seosns, (d) The Pavillion of Floating Greenary,(e) The Hill of Accumulated Elegance,(f) The Platycladus orientalis flower 

(13) The Gate of Divine Prowers 

(14) The Lake behind the palace 


(1) The Summer Palace Introduction 

(2) The Summer Palace Gate 

(3) The Stone of the God of Longevity 

(4) The Hall of Longevity 

(5) The Summer palace Guidance Map 

(6) The Garden of Harmony 

(7) The Eastren Varanda 

(8) The Grand Stage 

(9) The Hallof Nourish Peasures 

(10) The Imperial Qing Ceramic 

(11) The Imperial Qing Paintings 

(12) The Imperial Qing Meubeleur 

(13) The Imperial vintage photo and card. 

(14) The Hall of Jade Ripples 

(15) The Yiyun Hall 

(16) The Long Corridor 

(17) The lake and dragon boat 

(18) The Wenchang galery 

@ copyright Dr Iwan S.2010 


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