TUC-travelling Uniwue Collections
@Copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

A. Dr Iwan S Travelling Pontianak Rare Malaya coins.
1.In January 1990, I was graduate Master Hospital Administration, and I went back to West Sumatra to report the Education graduated, and waiting for the new job from the Headquaters, but not long in May I have the Radiogram of my new job as the chief of West Borneo Medical and Healt Department of WEst Borneo National Police.
I am starting to collect the information about that area , but very difficult , because not many information about that area, and in two weeks the former chief of Medical and Healt WEst Borno have phoned me, he asked me to came more fast because the cheif of West Borneo National Police will changed soon, if I donnot fast came , I must waiting log until the new chief came. I know the former chief didnot like his Job because he didnot bring the family there because no good school there for his children and his wife have an Aphothecry, she didnot want to leave, I have will the same ,my wife and my two son still in their education in Java, I will work alone in west Borneo, but I like there because my uniquecollections will foun there.
2.In August 1990 I went to Pontinak by flight without any informrmations, but in the flight a young man who stayed in Pontionsk help me because he know many Pontinak Police Medical Docter, he help me to Pontiank from the airport about one hours, because too late in the night, I stayed in a Hotel near my office, I cannot contck the former chiel of Police Medical Department there because that time difficult comunnication and no HP that time.
Tomorrow I phone the West Borneo Police headquaters, and after new the phone of the Police Policlinic at Pontianak, the former chief bring me to stayed at Hotel because no Official House he stayed at tje Official guest house and I will used the same after he back to Java for his new job as the chief of Police Kediri Hospital.
I sayed in my job at POntianak for four years, I will write the interesting story and info during my job at west Borneo.

II. Ineterstin Info from West Borneo

III. Rare Malaya Coins Found In WEst Borneo
1. North Borneo near mint Coins

2. East India Compay Coins

3. India Straits coins

3. Strrait Settlement coins
4.North Borneo
5. Sarawak

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