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The Kapuas river near Pontianak flea market*ill, during my duty in 1990-1994, I found many small uniquecollection object like chine cermic-pipe, jade, artifact ceramic, coins when the hot nonraining dry seasons we could walking in the beach of that river, but in my last visit no collection found anymore because all that area were clean.


After back to Pontianak by bus fromKuching Sarwak I stay one night and the last day of the journey 6.00 AM by citycar (oplet) I went alone to the Pontianak flea Market near Kapuas river*ill , I found unique collections Montrado and other kongsi Local chinese Kongsi tin coins(Cash coin) , and very rare James Brooke 1/2 cent 1841 coin (now put in Blog as Aung Aung rare sarawak coin), 12.00 AM Dr Sugeng Specialist Orthopaedi ex my younger medical doctor staff during my duty as the chief of WestBorneo helath and Medical National Police 1980-1994 during this time I have visit Kuching several time and found many interesting unique collection to put inblog. He came with the latest chief of Health and medical Police West borneo Dr Priok, after seeing the Police Hospital I builded in 1990-1994, many development and nostalgia for me to meet my ex staff there, Thank You very much Dr Priok and Dr Sugeng for your very kind helping me during my long journey in 2008. Dr Sugeng you always remember me during your first job at west borneo when I guided you to Sintang job with my car .I hope you will success in the future.


 After stay one night at Kuching, Mr Chan took me around Kuching, the photo of Chinese temple near uniquecollection shop*ill , where I found some unique coolection during my first visit 1994 and in this visit only found not much, Mr Chan please apoligized me because to long waiting and not on time because the shop not open must waiting, from here at 12.00 AM the journey continieu by Bus to Pontinak cross the border 4.00 PM and came to Pontiank 8.00 PM. THankyou verymuch Mr Chan for your very kind and phillatelic friendly help to me, I hope one day you will came to Jakarta during International Phillatelix exhibition and I will take you around.my greetings also to the other Sarawak Phillatelist Dr Francis H.H.Ngu.


*ill labuan poster of boat transportation from labua to Kotakinibalu and Muara brunei.
After continue long journey from jakarta to Pontianak by flight to Pontianak and frome here at night 9 PM by bus to the village near the entikong border rest a while 4.00-6.00 PM at restaurant to wait the border open, I starting again 6.00 PM cross the Entikong border gate throung Indonesian immigration-Malaysia immigration , the journey by road about four hours came at Kuching Sarawak Bus Station out the city and by Taxi I went the Kuching Post Office in August.31st.2008 Malaysia Independence day, when I am asking the Malaysia Stamps catalogue at the Phillatelic section of the postoffice I met Mr Chan Kee Tex -vicepresident Sarawak Specialist,s Association ,ex the Kuching Postmaster, He took me around with his BMW car around sight seeing, no uniquecollection,s shop open this day, Mr Chan Suggest me to continue my journey by Bus at 4.00 PM to Miri in the next day 6.00 AM from there by non official Toyota Kijang car cross the brunei border to see the very clean and modern rich country Brunei, I travel around Brunei and the capital city Bandar Sribengawan look at sultan Bolkiah out of his Palace until 2.00 PM ,the journey continue from the ferry Port by the speed ferry boat about one hours to Labuan (ex victoria city) ,looke at the ferry Brunei-Labuan ephemera, In Brunei I didn,t found the Uniquecololection shop /fleamarket, no bus and Motorbike here,the continue jouney read below.


 After stay one night in Labuan Island port (ex vixtoria city, the British Borneo Gouvernor General office there before the World War II), beautiful city with excellent and exciting sea side and seafood, thank you to the Malaysia-Indian man who helpme during seeking the Hotel and also the Hotelman who helme to contact me Wife by Malaysia Phonecard, I didin’t fine any uniquecollection shop or flee market there, early in the morning I take a photo of my two bags in the front of Labuan Ferry port*ill to continue my journey by Speedferry boat to Kota Kinibalu Sabah (before jesseltown North Borneo) about four hours.


*ill KK
 After long journey by speedferry boat from Labuan island I came at the KK(kota Kinibalu) Sabah (before JesseltownNorth Borneo), the photo was the gate of KK Port*ill KK , from here by taxi to the very nice city , I stayed here three days for unique collections hunting and I found some unique collections at KK PLaza like MR Chan kee Tex suggestme , stampd dom and also at the other place some best collections will illustrated , the complete information read at Sarawak Unque collection in this blog

THE END@copyright Dr IWANS 2010.



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