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a) Independent Kingdom
*AN DUONG VUONG (258-207 BC)
4)TRIEU DYNASTY (207 -111 BC)

b) China domination


a) EARLY AD YEARS OF Independent
2) EARLY Ly’ DYNASTY (544-602)

2.1.2 HISTORICAL CHRONOLOGY (Compiled from many source, Stenley Karno,1983. internet exploration internet by Google ,anti-quarian documents and books.)
a. 691 BC
The history of Vietnam begins around 691 BC ( 2700 years ago).

b. The legend of Thuc – Hong Bang War(257 BC)

1) Hong Bang Dynasty of Van lang Kingdom (258-257 BC)
The Hong Bang reign reigned by the 18th Hung Vuong Kings during 258 BC,.
The Kingdom nothern part of Vietnam ruled by The Thuc dynasty, king Thuc Vuong had asked the southern King Hung Vuong XVIII for his daughter’s hand in marriage.
When Thuc king’s request was refused, he became enraged and a feud developed between the two family dynasties.
One of King Thuc Vuong’s nephew ,Thuc Phan, profited from the degene-racy and debauchery of Hung Vuong XVIII to invade and conquer the Van Lang Kingdom in 257 BC, thus ending the Hong Bang Dynasty.

2) Thuc Dynasty of Au Lac Kingdom (257-207 BC)
Thuc Phan assumed the name of An Duong Vuong, then ruled the combined kingdoms, The combined ofViet people . The country was then known as Au Lac.
An Duong Vuong protected his reign by constructing a spiral shaped chitadel, which was called Lao Thanh (the remaining ruins of Lao Thanh still exist in the village of Co Loa , Phu Yen province)
In the endeavor, the King was said to have recieved the divine help of the Gold Turtle who equipped the King with a supernatural cross bow which made him invicible.
This weapon derived its magic from an attached claw offered by the Gold Turtle himself.

c)First Chinese Denominations(207BC-30 AD)

(1) Trieu Dynasty (207 BC-30 AD)

a)The legend of Trieu Da
To the north , the powerful Chinese King, Tan thuy Hoang, of the Tan Dynasty, who start building Van Truong Thanh (Great Wall).
Tan Thuy Hoang sent Trieu Da to extended the territories southern towards Viet Nam.
An Duong Vuong defeated Trieu Da’s army with his supernatural bow.
Trieu Da then adopted the customs of the Viets, married his son Trong Thuy to the princess My Chau ,daughter of King An Duong in year 2088 BC.
Trong Thuy made a false magic crossbow. He gave it to his wife to switch with one that King An Duong had.
After having the supernatural bow, Trong Thuycame back to the North.
Trieu Da sent his troop to conquer the Kingdom of Au Lac.
An Duong beheaded My Chau, his daughter, and drowned himslf in the sea before the invaders couldreach his citadel.
Trieu Da conquered and ruled Au Lac from 207 BC.

b) The Chinese millenium in Vietnam
(the First Chinese Domination)

1) 208 BC
Trieu Da, a Chinese General , conquers Au Lac in the nothern mountains of Vietnam, established a capital, and proclaims himself emperor of “ Nam Viet”.

c)Han Dynasty in Vietnam (111 BC-?)

1)111 BC
Successive dynasties based in China ruled Vietnam directly for most of the period from 111 BC until 938 when Vietnamregained its independence.

2)1st century BC
Han dynasty expands incorporates Nam Viet into the Chinese empire as the province of Giao Chi (this name used by the chinese overseas in vietnam until the Portuguese came at the village Faifo near Touran, now Danang , in 18th century, and they called that area
Cochichina, because they also have the Cochine at India , must added China after Cochi in order to made different name , “Cochichina”, then by the French became “Cochin-chine”
( The Cochinchine in Indochine Francaice , later became the state of Vietnam or Etat du Vietnam,Etat du Vietnam Cuoc Gia, the Republic of Vietnam or Vietnam Cong Hoa different from the North area Vietnam Dan Chu Cong Hoa ort The Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and now became several province in The Socialist Republic of Vietnam .
All of the historical changes always first begun with the civil or military war with different name will be an interesting to study if we have the document, revenue and postal history collections as the Fact of that History.
If you read slowly with full concentration , all the historical fact collections will help us to understand what happen and how the Vietnam-ese strategic and tactics to win against the more powerfull foreign countries during the resistant , Independent and liberation war with “The People Power and Guerillas war” noone could win against them , please comment for the new information, correction and suggestion about the printing of this book with complete illustrations of the historical fact collections in full coloured, by the Indochine postal history association collaborated with the Vietnam Postal History club all over the world and Armed Force Postal History association, that is why I put the information in short type every weeks because very difficult to understand by the yunior postal historians -auth)

(Compile by the author from antiquarian Books private collections found at Hanoi ,Than Pho Ho Chi Minh, and internet explorations by Gogle-auth)


(1) 500 BC
The military experience of the Chinese was expressed in a notable military treatise, “The art of War by Sun Tzu.
The author was a career officer who probably rose to a senior rank, but composed of a number of maxims or precepts. It is worth remarking that, apart from its military value, The art of war is regarded as one of the great work of Chinese literature.
Sun Tzu’s tretise deals with the fundamentals of Strategy and command. (read completely at Montgomery’s a History of Warfare-page380)

(2) 228 BC
The Chinese became a nation in arms and different part of the country became united into empire by emperor Shi Huang Ti .

(3) 208 BC
(a)The recorded history , as registered in Chinese annals, begins only in this year, when Trieu Da, a turncoat Chinese General , conquered Au lac, a domain in the Nothern mountain of Vietnam populated by Viets, a people of Mongolian origin who migrated to south.

(b)Trieu Da , defying the decadent Ch’in dynasty, constructed his capital near the present city of Canton and proclaimed himself emperor of Nam Viet, land of the South Viet , which reached as far as the present city of Danang (ex Tourane) .

(4) 104-86 BC

(a)The Han dynasty’s brilliant reign was Wu Ti.

(b)The Dynamic Han dynasty, which expanded the Chinese empire across Asia from Turkestan to Korea, annexed Nam Viet as the Chinese province of Giao Chi.
(c) The Chinese integreted the territory in ways that resembled Rome’s contemporaneous approach to “Its dominion” .
(d)They created administrative districts under military govenors whose Civilian Chinese advisers imported Confucian bureucratic concepts that Underlined respect for authority.(I have found rare document history collections in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city during my visit in 2007, the document of handwritten chinese calligraphy in old paper with many paitings about Confusion phillosophy and traditional ceremony and praying, and a chinese calligraphy bring from china to cholon-chinese area at saigon during Cochin China Indochine Francaise (now HCM-city) – this document will discuss in special book “Chinese Overseas in Vietnam” with another Vietnam’s Hoa Kiao collections-auth)

(e) They established school to spread the Chinese language, which be-camed the idiom of learned Viet-namese. ( I have found in Hanoi an antiquarian book”Cuc Thu Bach Vinh” 1769 about Vietnam in Chinese charactered and translated in vietnamese published by Nha Xuat Ban Khoa Hoc Xa Hoi -1978 after liberation war, the book will discuss later in another boo”Vietnam’s Chinese overseas collections” -auth)

(f) They also introduced the plow and draft animals and, to exploit Vietnam for themselves, they built road, ports,canals, dikes and dams.

(g) At First they ruled Vietnam lightly, co-opting its feudal chiefs rather subduing them. But China failed to assimilate the Vietnamese, who retained their ethnic singularity despite their receptivity to Chinese innovations. Indeed, China’s superior institution may have indirectly contributed to Vietnam’s cohesion .

b.The Vietnamese Rebellion vs Chinese domination.

(1) 207 BC
The Vietnamese rebelled against Chinese Troops because the situations of Labor levies , High Taxes and inte-ferance in their local affairs.

(2) new information about the first rebellion against Chinese domination still need, please comment and report.


2.2.1. The Anciet vietnam Dynasty AD

a.The Second Chinese Domination
40-544 AD

a)Rebellion against Chinese Domination

1)40 AD
Lady Trung Trac Sister Rebellion against China and became a queen of Vietnam from Hue to south China only for two years.
2) 42 AD
The Chinese crushed, in this year and the Trung sister commited suicide .

3) 248 AD
Another women, Lady Trieu Au, the Vietnamese , launched a revolt against China in AD 248 but failed,and Homosuicide.

the third china domination 602-905.

1) Though

b) The Third Chinese dose conquers referred to Vietnam as Annam,”The Peaceful South” , it was not peaceful. Resistant against China persisted.

2) Mai Hac De’ (722)
Not yet information

3) Phung Hung (791-798)

Not yet information

4) 938
Ngo Quyen rebellion at Bach Dang River and in this year Vietnam regained its independence.
Vietnam remained a tributary statew to its larger neighbor China for much of its history.

5) 967
Dinh Bo Linh Rebellion and made new state “Dai Co Viet”.

b) Chinese-Mongol Invation Vietnam

1) 1255
Invations by the Chinese as well as three invation by the Mongol (Kublai Khan –Yuan dynasty-auth) between 1255 and 12 85.
Emperor Trin’h Nha’n Ta’ng later diplomatically submitted Vietnam to a tributary of the Yuan to avoid further conflict.

2) 1287
Sino-Vietnamese relation were recurrently turbulent. During the thirteenth century, the Mongol emperor Kublai Khan invaded Vietnam three times.

THE END@copyright Dr IWAN S 2010


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