The Arifin C Noer Memorable Collections





                            Created by Dr Iwan S from his private collections

                                    Limited E-Book special for collectors

                                   Jakarta @copyright Dr IWAN S 2010



I write thiis limited e-book   as the memorable of   my idle persons in memoriam Arifin C Noer


 and also dedicated to his wife  Jajang C Noer ( I never met her)

. After more than two year seeking my memorabilia collections of My idle Arifin C Noeer, this I found that amizing collections, I remember this collections because two weeks ago I red in Kompas News Paper that my idle’s wife have been foolish by some one who asking her by phone that her friend was sick and need fund to cure,and Mrs jajang C Noer send some money,but when she hear the same story from her friend that she wasnot sick, and she now someone have foolish her.

Arifin C Noer very famous in Indonesia espesially at the theater name Teather Kecil(Smallest) with his special theater show SUMUR TANPA DASAR(Water resoucer without Basic) in 1971. He was passed away insunday Mei,28th 1995. Very long I keep this collections and now I put in limited e-book, the original collections I still Keep, may be Mrs Jajang C Noer want to collect this amizing memorable collections or Indonesian Theater Museum please contact me via comment.

I hope all the artist whoever works with my idle theater’s maestro  like

1. Ikra Negara


2.  Chairul Umam


3.  Ratna Madjid

,4. Chairany S

5. Dina Gampita Madjid

6.,Felix, herman negara. also his wife Jajang C Noer,and his production’s staf Sutopo HS, FX POER,Hady Poernomo,Hardiana HS, Nunuk Suladji,Rudolf Puspa, Danarto,Amak Baljun,Utjik Suprajitmo and Amak Baldun  will be happy to read this e-book.Special for Mrs Jajang C Noer if she asked me I will send her one copy e-book via her e,mail please contact me via comment.

Thelimited  e-book only for 100 collectors, and the sample not complete, please join the club as fast as you can to find this e-book.the latest registration Ausgusr,1st 2010.-


The Author



CHAPTER ONE : THE ORIGINAL STABILO SKETCH PAINTING of the Sumur Tanpa Dasar ,my be by Arifin C Noer without his  sign or markand FX(Felix). The skectch about the character of the theater .The complete character please read at the theater promotional booklet below.

1.The Kakek(grandpa) and Nenek (grandma)  during young(muda), the name of Grandpa Djumena Martawangsa.


2. Djumena merried

3. Djumena whole family his wife  , , two son   , two daughter  ,six grandchilds.

4.Granpa Djumena and Grandma with mark FIQ.

5Grandpa Djumena

6. Grandma, two sketch one not finish.

CHAPTER TWO :The Newspapers Clipping

1. Drama Sumur tanpa Dasar di TIM si abu Djumena (Sinar Harapan Newspaper)

2.  Sumur Tanpa Dasar, Lakon Baru Arifin C.Noer (Merdeka Newspaper ,March 10th 1971.)lakon baru means new action.

3. Formulir Si Abu Diisi Si Djumena.Sorotan “Sumur Tanpa Dasar'(Indonesia Raya Newspaper,March,17th .1971) formulir Si Abu means Abu Form),  diisi means fill in and  ,sorotan means highlight .

4.Arif dan Maut ( Ikra Negara,Gatra,june ,10th.1990)

5. Arifin C Noer Telah Tiada(Putu Wijaya,Kompas newspapere.Mei,29th.1995) Telah tiada means have pass away or gone.

6.Arifin and Thaeter Kecil ( Salim Said,Gatra.jume,10th1955)


CHAPTER TWO : The Promotional Booklet(by CIPTA)

1.Front : SUMUR TANPA DASAR Arifin C.Noer

2.Back :9.10 & 23,24 MARET 1971 dJAM 20.00 WIB. teater tertutup (Closed theater) .pusat kesenian (Art center),Djakarta, TAMAN ISMAEL MARZUKI .

3.Preface of Sumur Tanpa Dasar

4. Para Pemain (The Players)

5. Productions staff

6.TJATAN TENTANG NASKAH (The notes of script)

In years 1964 Arifin C Noer have written the tyheater action caption SETAN-SETAN TUA (Old Devils), this drama very long and ever played at Jogja, Semarang and Magelang then at least at Malang. In the late 1970 the author have made revision  and rewrite with new caption SUMUR TANPA DASAR.

In the 3rd years of Small Theater(Teater Ketjil)

 , had asked thank you to Dewan Kesenian(art Board)  Djakarta , after Sumur Tanpa Dasar  in the 3rd years of Teater Ketjil , now have prepared the  PERANG TROJAN TIDAK AKAN MELETUS  (the Trojan War didnot exploded) translate by Adhi Limas Team from yhe author Jean Giraudoux.

CHAPTER THREE : The Original Handwritten (Arifin C Noer ?)

Gambar (Picture)

1. Kakek + Nenek Patajaran (muda),the Youn grandpa and Grandma lovers. In one day (in one day karya)  Arifin C Noer by (oleh) Teater Ketjil

2. Perkawinan Kakek + Nenek 9muda) The young grandpa and grandma merried

3. the Family. player (para pemain) Chairul Usman and Ratna Madjid

4. Grandpa and Grandma , Rudolf  and Rheni Rivai

5. Grandpa. Kasim Rachmat. M inor Jusuf, Chairany S

6. Grandma . Dina Gempita Madjid

Note: the caption change with “ANGIN'(WIND) and at least change to Sumur Tanpa Dasar, The actor of Granpa changed with Chairul Usman and the old women by Toty Nasution.


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