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 I.The Introduction Of  Singapore  Ship mail

SHIPMAIL cover from Singapore with PAQUEBOT  Singapore postmark type 3 send on the High Seas at S.S. SIBAYAK ship (no postmark, because send at Singapore Port) to Indonesia BUTITENZORG  (now Bogor) CDS 6.12.1937. The other type  look at SHIPMAIL 1 and 2.


Five type Singapore Post MARK , Si-S2 straight line and S3-5 combine with port  name (Singapore)-Brig.M.A Studd’s work published only 200 copies.”PAQUEBOT  and SHIP LETTER  Cancellations of the world 1894-1951.M.A.Studd.


One of  unique postal history were the SHIPMAIL postmark when letters posted on the High Seas on the ship DEPARTURE from Singapore  and destination at Indonesia port. Many collectors asked me why Straits stamps from Perak and Johor were cancelled Singapore , Straits stamps were cancelled Indonesia (DEI) port or city cancelled (used abroad) and why the letter from Singapore cancelled with KPM (Dutch East indie Royal Ship) beside Paquebot stright line and PAQUEBOT  Singapore ?

Rules for letters posted on the HighSeas were drown up at the Postal union Conference in 1891. The used of the world “PAQUEBOT” was officially adopted at the UPU Congress ,Whasington.USA in 1897 for international use on correspondence posted on the HighSeas and handed over to the Postal administration at the first port of call.

Brief  the rules are : letters posted on the High seas bearing the stamps of the country in which the ship registered will accepted at the first port of call in any country for onward transmisssion to another member country of the UPU without further charge.

The stamp(s) should be cancelled with the chancellor  of the port and the indicator mark “PAQUEBOT” applied alongside. The letters posted on the High Seas are to be handed over to the postal authorities immediately on arrival, they should not be posted in a shore  side letter box.

Many variation were found, Singapore have 2 type straight line PAQUEBOT Mark type 1 and 2, beside that 3 type PAQUEBOT   combined Port’s name “PAQUEBOT -Singapore”  postmark type S3,4, and 5.

Pre war Singapore PAQUEBOT  postmark S4 and S5 very shortly used after the reoccupation (rare0, and some of destination postmark (Indonesia port) on Singapore departure ship without PAQUEBOT Postmark (Used abroad).

I hope after look carefully at the illustration from SHIP MAIL  1 ( with Singapore PAQUEBOT or KPM-Dutch east Indie (Indonesia) royal ship postmark, and SHIP MAIL h 2 : Indonesia (DEI) port only postmark without PAQUEBOT mark  , all the collector will understand and have the answer why other country stamps used in other country (Used abroad) with or without PAQUEBOT  postmark. This collection were the Marine ship collection thematic , became popular among the  Marine persons as the memorable of te ship where he/she or their family ever  work or travel and write  the letters on the high seas. Now everybody travel via AEROPLANE  and PAQUEBOT  mark never seen anymore. The last PAQUEBOT  letters circa 1970, a ship route from Singapore to Indonesia , like Medan (Belawan) ,Jakarta (TandjongPriok) should used her country’s stamps at the Port Belawan or Tandjong Priok  but Indonesia Stamps at Medan or Jakarta





II.Straits Ship mail abroad (Malaya and Indonesia )

1.Singapore PAQUEBOT Johore

2. Straits post agent ship mail Indonesia

(1) Makasar straits ship mail  agent post

2) Sumatra straits shipmail agent

(1) Pakanbaru straits Ship Mail agent

(2) Padang Straits Ship Mail agent


3) Straits via KPM dutch ship Mail


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