Dr IWAN S E-BOOK COLLECTIONS


                                    THE HISTORY OF ESA UNGGUL UNIVERSITY


                          created by Dr IWAN S from his own document history collections

                                                               LIMITED E-BOOK

                                                        Private Edition Special for

                       Health Science Teacher , Alumni  and student MHA , Apikes,

                                                    and Community Health Science



This e-book based on my own experience as the first  graduate of Master Hospital Administartions Student program 1989-1990, and later as the teac her at Health Scienece Fakulty , APIKES and Community Health program between 2000-2005 and UIEU Teacher Guidence’s book 2002.

 I know this book is not complete and many wrong info, that is why I hope more info and corrections. also my English language.

Jakarta ,June 2010

The Author

Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA


CHAPTER ONE : Indonesia European UNIVERSITY( 1986-1993)

Yayasan Kemala Mencerdaskan Bangsa was founded in January ,10th.1986 based on the Notarial Sri Rahayu no. 05. The   the Yayasan have built the first program  Institute of Management in 1986 (cooperation with European University Belgia with the name Indonesia European University-Dr Iwan) BBA, MBA, MHA (In my archive collections first MHI-Master Of Health Information and MHA  program later in 1989 and I am the first student and the first graduateof MHA  in 1990, MHI only one program graduate in 1990 and after that the MHI program closed -Dr Iwan). and also Medical record Administraion in 1989 ( later change to APIKES and my wife the first student and the graduate in 1992-Dr Iwan S)

CHAPTER TWO: Indonesia  Esa Unggul UNIVERSITY(1993-2005)

In 1993 was  bulit IEU-University(INDONUSA Esa Unggul) and the program during Institute of Managgement IEU still open program APIKES(Medical Record), BABA joint with University of Wales, Magister Managemenent  as the new program changed from MBA program, and strata one (Bachalor of Scienece) Management, Accountant, Industrial Technology, Planology Technology.

After nine years, In 1998, developed the new education’s program  , Bachelor of Public Health, and IT (Information Technology),  in 1999 , Law Highschool, The DIII Communication Skill School . DIV Physiotherapy Skills  School.

In 2001 the new program developed, DIII Managemen Informatica, Bachalor of Industrial design, and Bachalor of Physcholohy.

In 2001 the new program developed, Bachelor of Communication science and S2 Magister of PublicAdministration.(MPA).


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