One of the Dutch east Indie (Hindia Belanda) rare stamps,the  hignest nominal value used stamps,the mint stamps more expensive, 55 years I am seeking this time ,and in 2009 I found this stam in jakarta from the senior stamps collectors from Bogor, I bought this stamps joint with my trader friend, I only bought this stamps and Bandung Jaarbeurs 10cent, and the other He bought, I am very happy as the phillatelist, I had ever seen in the auctions many times but never win the bidding, after the economic crisis and the price became only 10% of catalogue price I can bought this expensive stamps.(Dr Iwan S). 


The  very rare Indonesia postal stationer,Bulterman catalogue price 5000 US Dollar, I found this postal history 1n 1984, and in 1985 I sold to Mr Karel US$ 1500, Mr Karel Sold in Van Dieten Auction Nederland in 2008 estimate price US  5000,- but I didnot now who baought this very rare postal History, Mr Karel promise me not sold abroad,but  because the economic crisis  he must sold abroad due ton in Tangeran Stamps Austion of Mr Suwito Harsono no one bidding, I am very upset this collections must keep in Indonesia, like I have keep the Type Machinewriter overpring Republimk Indonesia on 20 cent Dai N ippon Sumatra stamps,used on fragment ,only two exist one My Ricardo Collections now in Den Haag Musuem ,and the other one still in my collections.(Dr Iwan S)


This article dedicated to my Philatelist friend Mr Gogo who just pass away last week at Bandung, he was the first Phillatelist give me informations about Dai Nippon Occupation and Indonesia Independence war during my visit his stamps shop at Braga Street in 1984, this informations have help me starting to a phillatelist.

 Before from 1955 until 1984 I am only the Stamp Collectors and investors I didnot know and no one gave me informations about phillatelis althought I have met senior Indonesia Phillatelist like Susantio, Dr Nelwan,Mr Thung Kim Tek, Wuysiang.General Surya Darma. Mr Pantau, Mpek Kok Sioe etc.

After have the phillatelist information from Mr Gogo Bandung in 1984 , starting from 1985 until now I learn many phillatelist literature, and met many senior phillatelis like Mr Ramkema, Mr P.R. Bulterman, Mr Suwito Harso, Mr Untung Raharjo, Mr Karel, Mr Dani etc from them I have many experience and information, I have bough many phillate;list Boooks, The International Stamp Catalogue like Stanly Gibbons,Yvert,Scott, and Michel, also collecting classic vintage catalogue,the postal history books and literature especially about the earliest 19th century Stamps.

I have write 389 article about unique collections, also about phillatelist from Asia country,after the old blog full, I am starting built the new internet blog in june 2010, with more profesional e-book,If you want to be the phillatelist you must joint my unqiue collection Club, and  my editor will send the new e-book info you like via your e-mail, you only paid the operational cost,please fast contact my editor via comment, I have only send 100 e-book only, if you late , you never found the very best information which I have learned almost 25 years.

I am sorry, the -book very limited because I didnot have enough time to produce the e-boook, like Indonesia Independence war and Dai Nippon Occupation Indonesia I have write almost two years still not finish that is why I only send you if you join the club, part and part have finish may be in two or three years because I have thousand collections realted to this very special momment for Indonesian Nations.


Yesterday (and as well as today) I got involved into a somewhat “interesting” discussion on my facebook and internet blog  that gathered five of comments in matter of hours. Unfortunately, it turned also into a catfight between stamp collectors and philatelists in few responses. I understand thta in the world 99 % were the stamp collectors and only one % phillatelist. My thoughts precisely. Why on earth can’t stamp collectors and philatelists co-exist in peace ?
Anyway – one of the comments hit a nerve as it labeled Yours truly as a philatelist based on the fact that I know lots of stamp related stuff (as well as share it openly with others).


When the first time found this stamps,Personally I consider myself nothing more than ordinarie stamp collector, as 99,9% of my time with stamps goes into hoarding large worldwide lots and filling spaces. In my books it definitely doesn’t qualify as philately. But after the China stamps became booming, The Mao Stamps  issued by DDR -easr Germany also up the value,every body in china more than 10 Million collectors seeking the M ao profile stamps and also after the Belrin wall broken and the unity of Germany this stamps became popular. in Germany and China, I like this stamps if on postally used cover to add my Mao Profila Postal history,you have  I want to buy. I am interested of things such as postmarks, errors or printing methods?

 Who has said it is philatelists exclusive privilege to be interested of these things? Though stamp collecting is simply a task of filling spaces, there is a very clear need to know all sorts of stuff. Such as how to identify two printing methods from each other to successfully fill a specific gap. Or to verbally express one’s need very accurately to a seller / dealer / trading partner. Or to simply look out for all those “eBay bunnies” that try to sell “bogus products of crapmanistan” as the real thing because stamp collectors buy it all.

 Both stamp collectors and philatelists share and live in same world where knowledge is power. It would simply be damn foolish for a stamp collector (or philatelist for that matter) to remain ignorant!

So what is the difference between a stamp collector and a philatelist? My personal opinion is that the main difference is in attitude towards collecting.

 STAMP COLLECTORS do things with heart and with “easy rider” feeling. They are on a road to nowhere in particular, and they enjoy pretty much of everything (and all the stamps) that life throws at them.


The Stamps collectors will comment this stamps beautiful pin color and  ethnic building I like it, but the Phillateslist different ,they look the related history  as the Postal History, this stamps issued during Indonesia in the United State Republic (Republik Indonesia Serikat) ,very short republic from December .27th 1949 until August ,17th 1950 ( after that became The United Republic of Indonesia -NKRI Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia until now), thi high nominal stamps from Rp. 2 to RP 25 didnot sold at Post office, the sdtamps will put on the cover or pakket and postal cancelled, only Indonesia phillatelic association can buy one sets for their collections, that time teh goverment protect the stamps used as investation like othe monetery -Papermoney, that is why the high nominal value especially RP.2 and Rp. 3,- very difficult to find in Mint stamps , and the other nom inal Rp.5, Rp 10 and 25 later many exist because many reprint and the stamps didnot used by the postal office sold to Indonesian and Nederlands trader. I have the Indonesian First issue stamp sample (contoh) put on the document for Postal announcement what kind of Stamps sold that time, that stamps still sold until 1952 after RIS. When the first RIS stamps sold and used on cover, you can read at my story about Indonesia Independent War and RIS in my old blog, and now i have starting to upgrade that story with more profesional style and illustrations, bvut not many stamps collector like this story, but they found that their stamps were fake ,they starting thingking to became phillatelist, also when they want to sold their collections, the trader didnot want to buy, they said your stamp collection not valuable or low valuse ,thay want to buy swapt with very low price, that is why the Stamp Collectors starting slowly but progress to disappears in the world, only the Phillatelic collections still alive and more valuable, I have an very best experience . If you are only want to be stamps collectors stop reading this article , you can seen many informations at facebook where many traders show their common beautiful which you can found many everywhere,very cheapest, that you can buy in Kilogram, when you want to sold noone will buy, also exchange in swap 100 different stamps in Stamp Circuit Club, or 10 kg from Christian Mission stamps Kiloware for charity, I have ever bought 10 kg British stamps, all the stamps were definitive stamps thaousand Elizabeth II stamps in 1986 only about 20 uncommon  stamps from the England state area stamps. I have bought 30 poundsterling which send via Bankdraft. I still have that garbe stamps until now,no one want to buy, maybe 100 years later my grandchild next generations  can sell this stamps.  

 PHILATELISTS  on the other focus on study and research, and take things much more seriously. And various “guidelines and rules” give them a very precise goal and path to follow for years to come.


This is my very rare phillatelic collection,  Indonesia Independence War Sumtra typemachine overpint

                                                  only two exist two in the world.

 I’m not saying that neither of the paths a collector can go is better than the other. And they are not even mutually exclusive…So let’s let all the flowers blossom.

If you are the real phillatelist, join my unique collection club via comment, and you will find many special informations which guide you to be the phillatelist and valuable collections investors,look the sample below,



1. Rare Sweden philatelic collections

One of the most valued Swedish stamp issues are so called Landstormen surcharges.  These are semipostals used to collect funds to equip soldiers during World War I.

First about the series name… Between 1885 and 1941 Swedish soldiers were divided in “Beväringen” and “Landstormen”. Beväringen was the younger classess / men in the active service,  and Landstormen referred to  older classes in reserve.   In practice Landstormen was used mostly for the Swedish army’s area defense.

The first Landstormen series (Landstormen I) contains a new print of the invalidated 1872/86 Circular type series.  The stamps differ from the original circular type series on paper, which has wavy lines +letters watermark.  However, there exists an special edition Landstormen I on original stamp paper (with post horn on back).  The stamps were overprinted with new values and sold for the double face value.

1916 Sweden Landstormen I semipostal – Michel #86, cat.value 6.00€

The second Landstormen (Landstormen II) set was overprinted on old, and not any more used postage due stamps (or as swedish call – Löjsen).  These are extremely difficult to find as perfectly centered copies;  catalog prices usually apply for mixed / poorly centered copies.

On the left 1916 Landstormen II type, on the right 1918 Landstormen III typThe third Landstormen series (Landstormen III) reused unsold stamps from Landstormen I set. These were once again applied with new face value overprint.  The Circular type values of 2 – 6 öre should be overprinted with 7+3 öre, and 12 – 50 öre with 12+8 öre face value.  But there was some kind of mix up in the printing, and some of the overprints were mixed. The mixed overprint values are somewhat rare as used, but more common as mint/unused

2.The Rare Australian Bridge Postal History

                                                 Bridge Fever


  Former Australia Post Chairman Maurice Williams sold his collection of Sydney Harbour Bridge stamps for more than $120,000 at the same Prestige May 24 auction mentioned above.The “Five Bob Bridge” is this country’s most iconic stamp design – the one issue every collector of Australian stamps aspires to own.It is to Australia what the 1929 £1 PUC Pound is to Great Britain fans, and what the 1893 $5 Columbus is to United States collectors.Mr Williams’ collection went far beyond the basic stamps. He managed to acquire First Day Covers, rare plate dot blocks, varieties, and many of the non-stamp collectables associated with the Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.The illustration no installed !!!!!  


                                        $10,000 Smithy Cover

  Charles Kingsford Smith carried 15 postcards on his dare-devil flight to commemorate the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The example in this sale franked with a near worthless 2d red, was signed by John Bradfield who designed the Bridge and other dignitaries, and sold for almost $10,000.Only a month or so back a similar opening day postcard flown by Kingsford Smith and signed by others, sold at a Charles Leski Melbourne auction for $A3,737.  Maurice Williams’ example went for almost three times that figure at $9,611.A client of mine bought the Leski piece, and is absolutely delighted with his savvy judgment!   Earlier this month I sold him a far rarer ‘Smithy’ signed cover for far less than that, so he is having a good year.The Illustration not installed!!!!!!  

                                                      Sheet of 5/- Bridge


  A sheet of twenty of the 5/- Bridge value cost £5 ($10), or at least  two weeks wages in the Depression era, when issued in 1932. It is no surprise that very few complete sheets still exist.  Maurice Williams’ sheet of 20 in good condition sold for $27,960.Mr Williams and his wife Norma attended the sale, and claimed that they were thrilled with the results.  As Mr Williams left the room he punched the air with delight I am advised! the illustration not installed !!!!!!!  

                                             Cannon-balled Bridge 



  The one result that amazed me was a pretty rough looking telegraph punctured copy   Has blue pen marks on it and lumpy perfs etc.Stolen goods pure and simple, as no telegraph punctured examples of any stamps have ever legally reached the market.  In the past they have been sold as very cheap gap-fillers by the trade.High value Kangaroos sell for about 20-25% of normal price with a telegraph puncture, as space-fillers.This 5/- stamp shown nearby sold for about $A875 – or around four times what a nice CTO copy brings.    How fashions change in stamp collecting – and very fast!     


the end@copyright Dr IWAN S 2010.


  1. peni sari June 29, 2010 / 10:18 am

    Thank you. I really enjoy knowing about story behind rare stamp.

    • iwansuwandy June 29, 2010 / 9:45 pm

      hallo Penny Sari,
      thanks you for comment, I suggest you join Unique Collection Club via comment and sfter the administration ok ,I will send you the complete
      e-book of rare stamps via your e.mail
      Dr IWAN S

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