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                                                THE PROMOTIONAL DR IWAN E-BOOK.



                                                       Compile by Dr IWAN S

                                      Private e-book Special for Painting collectors

                                                                Jakarta 2010

                                                            @ copyright Dr IWAN S 2010



1.Abdullah, Basoeki (1915-1993)

Brother of Abdullah Sudjono and second son of Abdullah Soerjosoebroto, a prominent landscape painter. He studied in the Netherlands, and he also visited Paris and Rome. He is best known as a portrait painter, but painted landscapes, fauna, flora and other themes as well. His works had been exhibited in Bangkok, Malaysia, Japan, the Netherlands, England and Portugal.

2.Adolf, Gerard Pieter (1897-1968)

He was born in Semarang and studied architecture in the Netherlands. He returned to Indonesia in 1922 and then lived in Surabaya. He devoted himself to paintings there. He traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and Africa, including Japan, Rome and Middle East. He finally settled in the Netherlands and died in Den Bosch, Holland 1968.


He was the founder of the Himpunan Pelukis Masjarakat (Community’s Artists Association) in 1946 and Himpunan Pelukis Rakyat (People’s Artists Association) in 1947. In the early of 50s he travelled to India on a grant from Indian Government. He held-one man shows in several Indian cities, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy. He returned to Indonesia in 1955 to teach painting and sculpture at ISI / Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta. He went to Honolulu in 1967 to participate in the first East-West Center Artist-in-Residence Programme. He received an Indonesian Art Award from the Ministry of Education and Culture (1969), the Dag Hammarskjoeld Prize from Italy (1977), and an Indonesian Government The First Class Merit (1978). Internationally, Affandi is the best-known Indonesian artist.

4.Affandi, Kartika (B. 1934)

Kartika studied at the Shantiniketan School of Art in 1950 until 1952, continued at the Polytechnic School of Art, London-England. Besides her formal study, her father Affandi, was her guide. When Affandi worked on the Mural of the East West Center University, Hawaii in 1967 she was appointed as her father’s assistant. In 1968 she visited France on the invitation of the French Government to visit the museums and art centers of France. Her solo exhibitions was held in Jakarta, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Bangkok and Australia. She received some art awards from several art foundations. Kartika also participated in exhibitions with her father.

5.Anton Kievits, Frederik(1887 – 1951)

Born in Bogor, Java, 10 September 1887. Painter and draughtsman, who lived and worked in Indonesia in the 1920 and 1930. In 1930 his Exhibition in Jakarta, Kunstzaal Kolff & Co (One Man Show); The Haque, Panorama Mesdag, 1949 (One Man Show). In April – May 1938 he participated in the ‘Bondscollectie’ exhibition in Jakarta. During World War II he was interned by the Japanese and put in a camp.The artist painted and drew landscapes depicting Indonesia, his memories from the Japanese camps and other subjects of his native country. He died in The Haque, 17 July 1951.

6.Apin, Mochtar (1923 – 1994)

Born in Padang Panjang. He studied at the University of Indonesia between 1948 until 1951. Upon his return to Indonesia, he taught at ITB until appointed as the professor of art. Later he continued his study to Amsterdam, Paris and Berli

7.Awiki(B. 1961)

In 1973 he started painting under Bani Amora and later under Sucipto. He continued his studies at the SMSFI / SSRI Fine Art High School, Yogyakarta before moving to Bali in 1980. He lived in Pejeng from 1980 to 1982, where he studied under Dullah. Since 1984, his style gradually evolved from naturalistic realism to more impressionistic representation, with strong colors, thick textures and spontaneous brush-strokes. He has actively participated in both group and solo exhibitions in Jakarta, Surabaya and Bali.

8.Aziz, Abdul (1928-2002)

He first studied social politics at Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta from 1951- 1957, but then switched to art. He graduated in 1959 from ASRI / lndonesian Academy of Fine Arts. In 1959, he went to study in Italy on an Indonesian government grant. He settled in Bali in 1966 and worked as a lecturer in fine arts at Udayana University in Denpasar. He had participated in many exhibitions in Indonesia and USA.


1.Bagus Made, Ida (1915-1999)

He studied painting from Rudolf Bonnet and Dutch painters. He was a member of Pita Maha Artists Association. He received the Wijaya Kusuma art award from the local government and the Dharma Kusuma award from the Bali provincial government. His works are in collection of art center and galleries in Bali, and also Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. He is famous for his portrayals of everyday life in Bali and for his mystical paintings of religious characters.

1.Bauer, Marius Alexander Jacques (1867 – 1932)

Pupil of the Academy of Arts in The Hague, who travelled to Russia, Egypt, Turkey, India and in 1925 and 1931 to Indonesia, where he participated in several exhibitions. His work was selected for the colonial exhibition in Paris in 1931 and destroyed by fire there. The artist is represented with his work in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, the Municipal Museum in The Hague and other major Dutch museums. Bauer is considered to be one of the few Dutch orientalist.

3.Bedil, Dewa Putu (1921 – 1999)

He studied with the Dutch painter Rudolf Bonnet (1895-1978), and was a member of Pita Maha Society during the 30s. Most of his works are inspired by village life. They usually include large figures of people, especially their heads and upper bodies, in soft pastel colors. These were aesthetic features which he learned from Bonnet. His work are in the collections of the Art Centre in Denpasar, the Puri Lukisan Museum in Ubud, the Rijksmuseum Voor Volkenkunde in Leiden, and the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. His work was included in the Art of Bali exhibition held in 1988 at the East-West Centre in Honolulu, Hawaii.



5.Bettinger, Gustave (1857 – 1934)

Born in Orleans, France. He was taught by Boulanger, Vibert, and Le Febvre. He married a Dutch lady and in 1909 he came to Indonesia to work on a plantation .

The end of promotion@copyright Dr IWAN S 2010

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