The Unique Orchid Collections

THE UNIQE OECGID COLLECTIONS @copyright Dr iwan s 2010.

Dediacted to My Wife, she was very fond of Orchid flower.


                                Bhutan Red Catleta orchid 

I.Dr Iwan Note.

The Idea to built the orchid garden when I and my wife visit Singapore Garden 1973, but very long time because my duty in Solok Wes sumatra,the idea couldnot actions because we didnot have the land, but my Father and Mother in Law,my wife parent have flower garden including orchid at Padang Panjang west Sumatra.

In 1983, at Padang city, Bundokandung street, in the backyeard of our new house, my wife starting di built her Orchid garden, we had trevellings around west sumatra to find the local orchid garden, we found the local orchid but someone from England bought all of that local orchid called Kantong semar(Semar Bag),


 In 1983 during our visit to Medan city, she bought some Cattley orchid there,they bought from Thailand. In 1985 during our visit in Orchid Garden ‘Taman Anggrek” (now became the Mall and Apartement with the same name) She bought the bottle culture Angrek and some angrek Dendrobium. In 1985 I found a best book about Orchid(in Indonesia Anggrek) and based on this book my wife staring to built her orchind garden in the back of our house in Padang city. When we move to Jakarta in 1990,all the Orchid Flower had sold ,we cannot brin to Jakaerta, but in 1995 my wife starting to built an Orchid garden in our house in Jkartra, and duirng my duty to Pelabuhan ratu west Java, during the road betwween Bandung to Pel;abuhan ratu city, in the mountai I found a White  Moon orchid and my wife succed to grow up that Anggrek, but during hot time and we are very busy in our work in 2009 the white moon Orchid staring off because the float in 2003 made the orchid cannot growth anymore, look at the photos of that orchid.


In 1999, during my adventure to seeking uniquecollectoions at Jatinegara , I saw a local cattaley orchid garden , when I asked to buy, the owner gave me some orchid


, and also some orchid I bought at Jatinegara market, This Orchid planting became growth, and my wife succeed to made the cattley orchid growth.Look at the photos during the Orchid in flowering.  


In 2003 during My Son wedding, my wife freind gift a beautiful red cattley ordid, and my wife grothw that orchid,and now we hove some of that beautiful ordid,look below the picture.


II.The Vintage Indonesian Orchid Book 1961(Sonenarko.R.Mr, Djembatan,Fadjar chakti Printing,Jakarta,1961)

III. My Wife Orchid Collections

IV. My Orchid Stamps Collections


@copyright Dr Iwan S 2010.


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