The Vietnam Liberation War 1963-1969

AVRN vs Vietcong 1963-1969 Escalation war @copyright Dr iwan S 2010

f). The  crisis escalation 1963 

(Monk burn himself , Student protest and Diem assasination )


1) January 1963

(1)Vietcong units defeat South Vietnamese at the battle of Ap Bac .(D)


2) February no info


3) March 1963


     (1) March, 6th.1963

     The very rare Do Than Saigon THE’ CU’-TRI  (election?) card  with  stamped red squared box D.V.16 – cross and  D.V. 19.  signed by Cap tai Saigon , print 16.9.1964 , change with red ink written 6.3.1963. signe by Quan-Truang Quan 8 , Cao Ming Chung with red double circle official stamped of TOA KAHN CHAN QUAN THAY-VIETNAM CONG HUA  D0-THAN SAIGON.

( Why the date of the’ cu’ Tri change from 1964 to 1963, may be the worst situation in 1963 and what the meaning of Stamped D.V. 16 and 19. may be military  areal code,please comment-auth)



                        VIET NAM CONG HOA

                             DO THENH SAIGON


                                         THE CU – TRI           : D.V. 19 :

                       So 0735593                             

          Ho te’n       LAM VAN HUE’

       Ngay va noi sinh  1928 Cho Lon

          Nai cu-tri  9 B Nguyen deuy R 11 ky 14

          The’ ca’n cua’c so”   050977    cap tai quan    ngai 1960


          Chu ky cua cu-tri     Cap tai Saigon ngay 6 thanh 3 nam 1963  

                                    Quan-Truong Quo’n    8


                                                                             CHAU MINH CHUNG


                             Chu Y” : 1. The nay duoc cap hoan Toan mien phi

                                                        2. Xin gia the de Quan Trong cac quoc

                                                             Bau cu khac.

                                                        3.Ai dung cu tri cua nguot khac hooc

                                                            Dua the cu-tri cua minh cho ngua khac

                                                            Cung co bi truy to theobhinh tuoi.



4) no info


5) May 1963


(1)  May,8th.1963

South Vietnamese troops and police shoot at Buddhist demonstrators in Hue. (D)

6) June 1963

(1)Crisis intensifies as Buddhist monk commits suicide by self –immolation.

A Budihst monk burns himself to death in Saigon in this day ,as a protest against the South Vietnamese governnment ‘s mistreatment of Budhist.

 This suicide , the first of several by Budhist militans as Tri Quang, after that  a Buddhists Monk displayed pheno-menal skill in Mobilizationn south Vietnam ‘s Buddhist to protest against the Diem regime.

 He and  other monks stage a sit down strike on a street in Saigon , then sparked widespread demonstrations against the Govern-ment. Two kind of photo’s angle self immolations, first form the left side and second from the right , also the photo of  Tri Quang sitdown strike  (D & P)


7) July 1963


(1)  July,4th. 1963

      CIA agent, informs from South Vietnam General Tran Van Don, officers are plotting against Diem.(D)

     (2) July,7th 1963

     The Vietnamese Emblem and armor defend stamps issued in this day.


(3) August 1963


(1) Vietnam Special force cordon off the Saigon Market because of student demonstration (P)

(2)Dean of the school of Science and Paedagogy at the center trying to calm student holding a protest demonstration against the repressive measures of the Diem government (photo)


(3)Students at the School of Sciences and Paedagogy holding a protest demonstration against the Diem goverment(photo)


(4) Tam Pham Bieu , Dean of the school of Medicine at the University of Saigon, speaking to Students after his arrest by the Diem Government.(photo)


(5) Military Governor of Saigon-Cholon (Gia Dinh) province holding a press conference at the city hall to defend the Diem government’s position during the period of martial law two. Look at the Governor’s photo (D&P)


(6) Anti-Diem goverment demonstration by the student at the University of Saigon School of Sciences and Paedagogy(P)


(7) Demonstration by high school students against Diem Goverment at the Saigon city street (Truong vo Truong Toan, canh ben Truong Trung Vuong, gan so Thu Saigon-P)

(8)August 9th 1963


(a)US secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara visit Saigon , look the photo , he sat behind ARVN Brig.General Do Cao Tri (photo)


(b)General Maxwell D.Taylor also visit South Vietnam and he had made a tour of Inspection with ARVN General Van Minh Duoang, look at his photo when gave military salute (photo)


(c)The photo of the South Vietnam presidential family , their put the native traditional gown , at left Diem (P)


(d) Madame Dinh Nhu Ngo , ex first lady during Diem regime, waving from the stairs of an airoplane  to went abroad before His husband and her brother in law Ngo Dinh Diem assasination.(photo)


(e) During the period of martial law, Military Governor Ge. Ton That Dinh and General Nguyen van La holding a confrence to defend the Diem Goverment’s position, look at their Photo (D&P)


(f) In this day, Phu Lam SG Budhist monk arrested by Diem regime, being held in guarded compound at Phu Lam (Photo)


(g) The Photo of Rome Italy- Arch-bishop Ngo Dinh Thuc , was taken in this day (P)


(h)The photo of official meeting in Saigon this day, ARVN General Nguyen Dinh Thuan defend the Diem position to the US Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge jr and US secretary of defense  Robert S. McNamara.(P)


(i)  Unidentificated Dean of the School of Sciences and paedagogy attempting to persuaden the security Police of The Diem government no to arrest the student demonstrator (P), but The Student still being taken away in trucks by them(P)

(3)  August,21th 1963

     Ngo Dinh Nu’s forces attack Buddhist temples.(D)

(4) August,22th 1963

Washington recommends tha Nhu be removed; also suggest American support for mutinous generals against Diem.(D)


9) September 1963


(1) September,2nd 1963

     Kennedy criticized Diem in a television interview.(D)


(2) Pres.Ngo Dinh Diem’s brother Ngho Ding Nhu and his younger son  with his wife went to europe by aeroplane (Photo at airport)


(3) Us Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge yunior meeting with President of southnVietnam Ngo Dinh Diem (P)

And he talking with Mr Ngo Dinh Nhu at a diplomatic reception (P), he also talking with acting Foreign Minister Truong Cong Cuu at a diplomatic reception.


(4) Us Ambassador H.C.Lodge Jr shaking hands with US Army services on the Saigon city street(P) and he with his wife  leaving St Christopher’s Anglican Episcopal congregation Church after services on Sunday.(P)


(5)  The formation of the 11th Air Assault Division.  After  the one year prepared concept tested in two month s of continous maneuver against the 82nd Airborne Division.

 The outcome was strongly vin favor of the helicopter-borne forces and the 82nd was defeated as sound-ly as any division ever was its peace-time maneuvers.(D)




          (6) President Diem talking with a delegation of Budhist monks from the Union Committee for the Defense of Pure Buddhism at Gia Long.(P)


          (7) Nhu holding press confrence (P)


          (8) Police participating in a Diem government sponsored demonstration (P)


(9) Police holding back a crows at the An Quang Pagoda as the Buddhist monk are taken away again by the Diem government(P)


          (10) Police hauling away high school student who were demon-strating against the Diem goverment (P)


          (11)Pictures of the Buddhist monks who burned themselves to death  prior to the anti-Diem Government revolution in the xa-Loi pagoda (P)


(12) Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Saigon being welcomed back by medical student after his arrest by the Diem government (P)


(13) Combat Policemen going to student demonstration (P)


(14) Buddhist monk tidying up the vestry rooms in the Xa Loi pagoda at its official reopening by permission of the Diem government(P)


          (15) September,13th 1963

The photo at Belgrade,Yugoslavia, where Kennedy,s meet Mrs Nhu, accompanied by  Senator Edward(P)

And Senator Edward M.kennedy tals with Mrs Nhu(P)




10) October 1963

(1)October ,10th 1963

Infantrymen move toward the woodline after being airlifted to a landing zone in Xa Ba Phuic during a search and destroy mission (P)

(2)October 1963, 16.000 US troops  sent more to South Vietnam . The Geneva agreement were dead, as the US responded military to increasing Vietcong activity.(D)

     (3) October,21th 1963

     Mrs Nhu in Whasington DC ( Ba Ngo Dinh Nhu trong buei hop bao tai Washington DC, Hoa Ky)

11) November 1963

(1)November 1st 1963

(a)A photo of Vietcong army(?) in this day, Cac binh si tham gia cuoc dao chanh (please someone translate to find more information-auth)


(b)The Photo of Dinh Gia Long (office) , noi TT Ngo Dinh Diem va ong (overthrew ?)


(c)in this day, at The photo we saw the  wrecked Presidential Palaced, gutted & ransacked after military coup that overthrew Diem Goverment(P)


(d) Mayor General Van Don Tran with other officers and troops celebreting overthrown in this day(P)


(e) General Van Minh Duong leader of military coup that overthrew Diem regime , in this day made a press conference (P)


(f) The photo of Monks meeting with Military coup after overthrew Diem Regime (P)


(g) In this day , Vietnamese dancing again at night club (after forbidden during the Diem regime ) aftrer overthrew of Diem Regime (P)


(2) November,2nd. 1963

( The Diem and Nhu assasination’s day)


(a)Arrest and Assassination of Diem and Nhu.(source:Wikipedia)

Marked the culmination of a successful CIA-backed coup d’etat led by General  Duong Van Minh in november 1963.

On the morning , November,2nd 1963 , Diem and his adviser, young brother Ngo Dinh Nhu, were arrested after the Army of The Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) had been successful in bloody overnight siege on Gia Long Palace in Saigon.

The coup was the culmination of nine years of autocratic and nepotistic family rule in South Vietnam Dis-comfort with the Diem regime had been simmering below the surface, and exploded  with mass Buddhist protest against long standing religious dicrimination after the government shooting of protesters who defed a ban on the flying of the Budhist flag.

When rebel forces entered the palace, the Ngo brothers were not present, as they escaped the night to the loyalist shelter in Cholon.


The brothers had kept in communication with the rebels through a direct link from the shelter to the palace, and misled them into believing that they were still in the palace.

The Ngo brothers agreed to surrender and were promised safe exile, after being arrest,  they were instead    executed in the back of an armoured personnel carrier by ARVN officers on the journy back  to military headquaters at Son Nhut Air Base.

While no formal inquiry was conducted, the responbility for the death of the Ngo brothers in the trip. Minh’s  bodygueard, Captain  Nguyen van Nhung, and on Major Duong Hieu Ngia, both of whom guarded the brothers during the trip.

Minh’s army colleagues and US official in Saigon agreed that Minh ordered the executions.

They postulated various motives, including that the brothers embar-rassed Minh by fleeing the Prseidential Palace, and that the brothers were killed to prevent a later political came back.

 The general initially attempted to cover up the execution by suggesting that the brothers had committed suicide, but this was contradicted when photos of the Ngo’bloofied bodies surfaced in the media.


(b) The street of Saigon were littered when opponent of Diem broke into the office of a newspaper sympathetic to the Government Diem’s overthrow was greeted with jubilation by the Saigon populace which had hated his harsh rule(P)


(c) In the morning of this day, a mutinous South Vietnamese soldier inside  the presidential palace , after Diem and Nhu had fled to a hiding place on the Saigon suburbs (P)


(d) The bodies of Diem and Nhu in the back of an armored personnel carrier, in which they were murdered by two insurgent officer after their captutre on this day. They had surrendered, hoping to be permitted to leave the country (P)


(e) The book’s illustration of the bodies of Diem and Nhu in the back of an armored personnel courier , in which they were mudered by two insurgent officers after their capture on November 2 1963 ,They had surrendered hoping to be permitted to leave the country (ibid S.Karnow)


(f)Nguyen Bao Tung best phillatelic collections aslo contain the stamps of the Founder of the Republic of Vietnam who was assasinated after The military coup on November.1st 1963., the collections bore the signatures of the president Diem and official seals

( very rare collections with original signature and official seals because no one keep the Diem official cover after he was assasinations, please comment –auth)


(3)November,22th 1963

(a)Three weeks after Diem’s death  J.F.Kannedy assasination in Dallas, succeeded by Lyndon Johnson.

The death of Kennedy and Diem led to a new phase  in the American involvement in Vietnam (D)   


(b)Henry Cabot Lodge, American ambassador to Saigon, with President Diem. Lodge had little patience for Diem, whom he felt was hindering the American effort on help South Vietnam fight the Vietcong (P)


(c) An American adviser, leads South Vietnamese troops into action in thge Mekong delta in 1963. America adviser then in Vietnam were suppos-ed to avoid combat, but many parti-cipated in battle neverless(P


12)December 1963


(1) December,15th 1963

     The Thanh-Minh-Tu, AP PHU HAI, XA PHANRI-CUA “THIEP MOI” invitation(?) letter from Phu-Hot to Kinh Goi Ong Bu “ Quan-Truong Quan(Military) Hoa –Da


“Trong 9 nam chien tranh tan khuc.Tan-Minh-Tu Phu-Hai pai bj canh tieu tan sup do, mai den nay m duoc co-duyen xay dung hoan thanh, do cung nhoi au giup do cua Chinh-quyen, nho su giup do cua cac nha hao tam ung-ho va duc tin tuong manh liet cua toan dan trong Ap, gop lan cua moi lap nen.

Le Khan thanh se cu hanh trong 3 ngay 12,13, va  14 thang 11 quy –Mao  tuc ngay 27,28,29,29-12-1963 the chuong trinh vach dinh ben canh.


                                    Tron trong kinh moi

                                    T.M. Ban To-chuc


                                                Tran-Van-Ne (OD)


(Please native Vietnamese collectors will helping me to translate this  very rare document and also the below document , because the information from this document very useable for postal history colecter and Vietnamese historian-auth)



(2)December,12th 1963

The very rare official letter send by  Cuorier from Ngoc Bang Saigon double red circle stamped on Covers sending by Courier to Ong Ba,Trung Uy’ Quan Trung. He oa-Da.

        Inside Doan Ca-Kich Ngoc Bang Saigon,Chiep Moi Card used for writting the latter :




      Kouh Anh!

Doan cua chung toi rui qua din dia phung nay theit bai luon 3 hon’i khy dhuong xoay tu’.

            Itiui guo nay ca 50 doan vien Chua Co buoi au son nai.

            King thi vi hoan caung dien diug cua gauf ceuy dau hiem 3 ngay ray Rly ngoi dan duoa.

            Vay: Vo choy toi nho eum dui thua vio auh nho anth tieui.

            Pheuing hui gi’up do doang ti guing say duo ngay Tet.

            Hoay Rinz. (PH)


(Please native Vietnam to help me for translate this interesting informations from this letter, why this cover din’t send by Postal , may be no postal services by the worst situation , if someone have the postal histori covers in 1963 please comment and sho us that rare collection-auth)


(2)The meeting between General AVRN Van Minh Duong with American Ambassador Henry Cabot Jr and Robet McNamara,(P),


4.3.3. AVRN  War in 1964-1967


a. AVRN vs Vietcong war 1964


1)January 1964

(1)January,30th. 1964

General Nguyen Khan seizes power in Saigon , arrest four ruling generals but allow Minh to remain as figure head chief of State.(D)

(2) In the year after 1963 , Nguyen van Thieu steadily in importance he became the deputy premier and minister of defense.


2)February 1964

Not yet info

3) March 1964

(1)US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara visit Vietnam , vow support for Khanh.(D)


(2) March,20th 1964

The chinese written postally cover from Saigon-Vietnam 20.3.1964 to Saigon-Cholon  Viet-Nam 21.3.1964, with  1d justice emblem and 2d Unesco stamps (rate 3 d) .

( Cholon was the chinese overseas area over the Mekong river in Saigon where I found this posta history , the address in chinese traslate means…….. :……………..auth)

4) April and 5) May 1964 noinfo


6) June 1964




(1)June , 2nd . 1964

Pantagon Strategist refine plans for bombing North Vietnam.

(2)Johnson anticipate a large scale US effort:

       (a)The Tonkin Resolution was simply intended to give him the discretion to punish the North Vietnamese, but it was  noneless regarded  as essential to bring stability to an independent

(b) Non-communist  South-Vietnam in order to counter Khruschev’s claim to have the right to support “ war of National Liberation”(D)

7)July 1964, no info


8) August 1964

(1)Vietnam was still seen  by the public as no more than a miror problem : The Us would need only to flex her muscles for the communists to back down.(D)


(2)Covert South Vietnamese Maritime operations begin against North Vietnam.(D)

        (3) North Vietnamese patrol boats attack the MADDOX , an US destroyer in Tongkin Gulf, August 2(D).


(4) A doubtful second incident report two days later(D)

(5) US aircraft bomb North Vietnam for the first time in this month.(D)

     (6) August, 21st , 1964

      The rare postal history of US’s Kennedy prestamped 11c airmail letter sheet       send from native vietnamese at California CDS “SAN LUIS OBISPRO 1934004, Aug 21 1967” to South Vietnam CDS “Saigon-Vietnam 26-8 1967”

The handwitten latter in vietnamese language:


Cal Poly-San Luis Obispro                         Chu nhat 20.8.1967


                             Hong mien

          Lan qua khong dube bien y ma Hong, anh ut truong La Hong da quan anh, khong con nho gi dten thang anh xa xoi may nua the roi dong hu do anh nhen duoc the Hong vo nhat la khan quan co do think tay Hong sung tai, va anh thay minh co loi doi nghi oan cho hong, hong chonanh xia nha. Tu nay anh khong dan nghi tam bay tam ba nhu vay  noi dan nhung anh anh hong ung dung bo be anh nuy , moi lan duoi thu van biet chat itoi gia ma viet cho anh doi dong de goi la chanh qua soy am tam long doi coi nay. Anh thang thue cau du truong ve qua tang ma hong, anh vat sung luong va cam doi thay tu nua lanh de anh quang khan cua hong.

Mau ve  kiem day lain anh thich thu nhat day, hop y ve dung la nhy diem anh nhuoc tu lan. Honh khan that, anh ky biet noi sao cho bet sui  biet an cua voi hong duoc, anh nung khong biet hong nuon gi e anh co gi anh ve tang hong theu y hong, thu san hong biet nho, hong muon gi anh nung chra y ca muon la……..etc….

          Hong lua nay ra Sao! Anh rat nay tu Hong, anh khy quan duoc nhy ky vien va thy luong ve Hay chue Hong voi ve, manh an duong man.

                                                                             Signed Hien


( This collection very interesting, because not many communication between Vietnamese who study in California to his friend (Girl?) and writting information and comment about his own country, we will understood about the vietnam information in US –please someone wil kind to translate-auth)

9) September 1964

(1)September,7th 1964

     The South Vietnam first day covers-Premier Jour D’Emmision of Bai Bien (Plaque De) “Ha Tien” stamps, firstday special stamped  Tem Tho “Ba Bien Ha Tien.Saigon , Ngay Bau-Rien 7-9-64. (PH)

10) October 1964


(1)October,30th. 1964

     Vietcong attack  Bienhoa air base, but Johnson rejects proposal for   retaliatory raids against North Vietnam .(D)

11) November 1964

(1)Lyndon Johnson defeats Barry Goldwater for the presidency ,November 3(D).


(2) Saigon convulsed by Rioters protest Khanh’s rule  and Taylor now ambassador , urges Khanh to leave the country.(D)

12)December 1964


(1)  December,24th. 1964

     Vietcong terrorist bomb American military billet in Saigon, but Johnson again rejects proposal for raids against North Vietnam.(D)

(2) December.20th 1964

Bien Lai Khai Sanh- Bo Thanh saigon certificate-without photo(?) ,sign and stamped by Quan-Truong ,vietnam Cong Hoa NAM –PHAN, for Tian boi Phan ,tai quan 4 Saigon durong (street) 9 Le Chach, con (Children) cua :Tian hoc Diec,va cua Ly tu Ky (father & Mother?)


b)AVRN vs Vietcong  in1965


1)January 1965

No info





2) February 1965

(1) February,4th. 1965

Johnson’s national security adviser, Mc Geo Jr and George Bundy, arrives in Saigon, as Soveit Prime Minister Alaksei Kosygin arrives in Hanoi (D)


(2) February,7th 1965

Vietcong stage attacks against American installations and this time Johnson authorizes Flaming Dart,US

 air raids against North Viet-nam.(D)

(3) February,12th 1965

Postally used Airmail covers from  Danang to Saigon, rate 3 Dong, Rolling type CDS Danang 12.2.1965 and in the back CDS Saigon 12.2.1965

       Inside the letter handwritten :


Danang 10.2.65

Bich men,

Minh don thu Bi’ch vao nhung ngay dau ma in’am moi, vao nhung.ngay mia minh thay can phai co i c’an gi thay doi; thay doi ca noi tam lan ngoai guan.

            Bi’cha, thu thach ta’ den voi minh nhung a lan trong nam Nguoi minh gia tay hoan toan nhu kho he’o.tuy nhien nhua dong von con tu cho minh tiep tuc cuoc toi.

            Cuoc toi nay kerong biet co ban tay Dinh menh nhung vao kgong, mrrang dau co hay khong-kerong thanh van te-ma vanb te chines van loi ngudi voi thuch tai thuc tai la i traong tay tau kso.

            Toai tong y’ voi Bich y’ nghi bignam yen the tuc nay. Oi! Ly tuong la I con vat kerong ca chan, no chi quet tren mat tat nay i vet loang ten negam.

            That na chung ta chi ta nhang nong cu cho toi nay. Dieu to khong ,conghia ta cai tines kien na minh te bai ten the te’ noi khong tim ra tuoc I loi thoat, boi vi dau nuon dau khong con ngun voi cuoc toi rang buoc nhan mot c’ach ro rang.chines khong Kerong co y noi rang “ Minh voi Bich tuy 2 ma I” nhung su thuc van Kerong che dau tuoi tien do  …….etc…………..

            Cuortha,vi ta noi va toan vong, ninh muon duic Bich va toan gia mot nan vui tuai va may man.

            Voi nhung loi bao quat tren tay, minh chi nhun Biich lap lai nhien lan nhunh cau cuoi la nhung loi chuc thang that nhat.

            Thans that duc Bich vui tien. (PH&D)


 (This letter send one month before the US Marine land to defend Danang.auth)

(4)February,24th 1965.

     Operation Rolling Thunder , sustained American bombing of North Vietnam , begins in this day with South Vietnam as airbase(D)

3)March 1965


(1)March,8th. 1965

Two Marine battalions land to defend Danang airfield, the marine wer the first American combat troop to defended airbased  in Vietnam.(D) and The photo of Marine Land-ing(P)

(2)March,9th. 1965

Postally used airmail cover from Danang one day after US Marine landing to defend Danang airfield, CDS Danang 9.3.1965  with stamps 3 Dong(rate) and CDS Saigon 11.3.1965 (two days), inside the love letter(?) from N.H.Taoi to P.N.Bich  :


Danang 9/3 65

Bich men

Duoc thu Bich(name) qiua luo minh tang Sua Soan mioi thi ni Minh nong Bich thong cam cho su tra ti tre nay m athu loi nse.

            Deng luc tinh than minh dang cang thang vi nhung noi uat han nam aqua,tang luc minh tang chan nan su bhoc ten cuc to, tha Bich ten minh la mot niem an yui dang men Minh van biet, von nguh cu neu Sau moi that bay ma khong bay ra nhung Su rhon keo te wem tiem nsung nguyen do nao da tua ten thrit bon cug thi soau nay kso na co the vuot lengiai toan.

Tuy wien tung vi the ma tem ion tonguh minh tem i nonien buj amij nsu nerong nguti xung quant minh mia nsu vay moi lay i su kso ai suot toi Du biet vay, minh van psai nsin theng vao thuc tai, i thuc tai pru-psang, ban ha minh tay ngubi nay the nay, no nguoi kia the kra hose’ nhin minh voi, i tain trang the nao? –dtac biet nhung bau chi than minh.

Co 8 tam trang nha minh, Bich moi tay mot Su mia mai ngho-ngei. Do chi la I van dte tam ly.

Buy nhien , nhi la noi the, chu minh van vui song lam Bich a. Nghi nha Bich, tui minh hi con vai chuc nam mia la ta dta psai dtoi husug cuoc dtoi Bi gi minh phsai vi I ksiu quang be bnho ay dte huy hoai moc toi. Do (Heart picture) Bich thay minh khong phai vi mang mai cam tu ti dtang tren the qian nay, vat lon voi moc tong kan voi the choi con nguoi ben kia landtat.

Dao nay thi minh Sua Soan ha thi roi, tuy du nhus song nam mia khong con, nhung minh voi co gang mia I nguoi lun, Bich cu tiu la ban Bich se kerong dtun thot vong cho Bich in khong ? 3 thang lo ngay Sau se ytra loi.

Minh va Cau khong ctuoc tin yi o’bhayen ca’ Minh se ctanh that cau chuc Bich ung Gai quyen van Su nhuy ,Hen thu Sau. Bhao thanh cong. Toai  (PH &OD)


4) April 1965


(1) 25.000  young and better educated social groups were Marched to the Whitehouse demostrations against the Vietnam War.


(2) April,8th 1965

North Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Van Dong rejects Johnson’s proposal, says ettlementt must be based on vietcong program (D)

Pham van Dong vintage Photo, found in the Ho Chi Minh photo collection as a given during Afro Asia Confrence in Bandung Indonesia,1955.(OP)


5) May 1965

(1) May,15th 1965

Ho Chi Minh handwritten about the Vietnam nationalist war ( found in Hanoi-auth)

6) June 1965

(1)  June,11th 1965

Air Vice Marshal Nguyen Cao Ky takes over as prime minister of military regime in Saigon (D) and the photo of Cao Ky (P)

(2)  June , 26th.1965

American command in Saigon reports that Vietcong have put five South Vietnamese combat regiments and nine battalions out of action in recent month (D) and the photo Vietcong combats (P)

(3)Near the mountain peak called Don Den , twenty kilometers northwes t of the Danang Air base, the Cade River serpentined its down from the green mountains  on its way to the South China sea. It curved abruptly east across the flat bottom of a narrow, elbow-shaped valley the Ameican called Elephant Valley from an action that occured there one ninght  in this day.


Infantrymen from the Third Marine Regiment were act up on the lower jungle-covered ridges of Dong Den when, incredibly enough, they heard through the darkness what they thought to be the trumpeting of elephants. They radioed in for artillery illumination rounds to bring the Valley out of shadows.Sure enough, it was elephant.


A string of eight of eight of them with their drivers was wending its way across the flat rice land. The elephants were loaded with heavy cannon and ammunition for the Vietcong.Atillery made short work of the pachyderm convoy. The action went down in Marine lore as the Battle of Elephant Valley.




Since it was a natural gateway from the North tp the South, the valley constanly swarmed with hamburgers on resupply and replacement missions.(D)


7) July 1965


(1)July,8th. 1965

Johnson reappoints Lodge ambassador to South Vietnam, to replace Taylor and eighteen combat battalion now in the country.(D)


(2)Mid Winter 1965

The marines became the first U.S. Forces in Vietnam to establised authentic snipper schools, snippers classes were only three days long .


Two men armed with bolt-action rifles slipped silently into jungle hide dep inside Vietcong territory , they settled down to wait. Any unnecessary movement might disclose their position. They spoke only in an occa-sional whisper.They did not smoke. Some times they waited as long as ten to rweleve hours  like that in order to release a single accurate shot at an  elusive enemy.


They had adopted a weapon borrowed from the VC, who had in turn borrowed it from the japanese and others from as far as men had gynpowder and realized the advantage of killing from hiding at a distance- the rifle that cracks from nowhere to bring sudden death.





Vietnam , with its lack of combat lines, its fluid battlefield, and an enemy that often operated singly or in asmall sniper warfare, evenmore so than the trenches of world war I or the more conventional setpiece action of World war II.


US forces had a numbrer of crack riflemen, they possessed frew trained snipers at the beginning of the Vietnam involvement. The Vietcong soldier considered himself relatively safe at range 600 yards or more.


There were instances of VC walking in plain sight at distances of 700 to 1000 yards  while they directed mortar fire on American Positions. In the jungles and hemlets of the countryside, communist felt free to move about at will, confident they could spot U.S. patrols first and either avoid them or lure them into ambushes for vtheir own marksmen.


So desperate was the need for qualifiued US sippers to counteract the enemy in the new kind of war .Although rarely publicized, the exploits of American Vietnam snipers have become a permanent part of the history of the war.


Word of their feats spread quickly in-country , As :    “Thrirty-three guerillas filtered onto a road that went past a sprawling vietnamese cementery.





 They were operating in their own backyard. This was”Charlie Land’ “Mr Charles” controlled it so throughly that he could afford to relax. None of the guerrillas showed concerned as they sloppily formed up to march up the road to a village where they would replenish their food supplies.


Suddenly , the point man grabbed his chest as a bullet from a hidden rifleman sent him sprawling to the ground.


The crack of the rifle eight hundred yards away was barely discernible. Hidden in tall knife grass, the US Marine who fired the shot quickly jacked a fresh round into the still-smoking chamber of his Einchester Model 70. Off to his right, his teammate drop a second VC.


Within the next few minutes the  pair of sharpshooting Marine snipers killed eleven Viet Cong and wounded six more as they rained lead into the panicked guerrilla ranks. Entire battalion operations and week-long sweeps rarely accounted for that many enemy causalties.(D)

(3)July,24th. 1965

BINH CHUNG TEN LUA, Dion Vi Anh Hung. Luc Lu’o’ng Vu Trang Nhan Dan(D)

(4) July,28th. 1965

Johnson approves Westmoreland’s request for forty-four additional combat battalions (D) and the photo of combat battalion(P)


       (5)After concencus was reached   by Johnson’s  adviser that  the  Viet-cong could defeated and the North Vietnam were forced to a negotiated when know that they willn’t win the war.

          The momentos dicisioned to plan a war in Whitehouse, after extensive discussion between Johnson and his close advisers their were no recognation that South Vietnamese were fighting among themselves and that North Vietnam were also Vietnamese.


8) August 1965


(1)The experimental divison  was redisgnated the 1st Air cavalry Division (air mobile) , incorporated into the active Army sructure, and sent to South Vietnam.


          (2)     Combat operations generally have confirmed the effectivesess of the air-cavalary units. One of the major operation questions,the vulnerability of helicopters to ground fire, it is  reported that only 48 helicopter were lost in the first four years, which in cluded a period nearly three years when only a few helicopters were in the country in support of Vietnam forces.


(3)Some 700 Air Force, Navy , and Marine Fighters aircraft were available for close support work in South Vietnam during this year 1965


(4)An excellent communications network was set up so that vietually any village or any military which comes attack by Viet Cong  may immediately issue and emergency call into the Tactical Air Control Center (TACC) in Saigon  which keeps an up-to-date situation report on th elocation and readiness of every attack air craft in the South of Vietnam. In 1965 , approximately 20 percent of the fighter strikes were response to emergency less than 15 minutes.


(5)The necessary close control has been maintained by a team of Forward Air Control (FAC) who fly low and slower over every target and mark it with smoke before it is bombed. About 150 FAC air planes, primarily Cesna O-1’s .


(6)A diverse Group of aircraft are employed for ground attack.The most numerous type is the fast Jet Fighters  which can responds quickly to emergencies, it included : The North American F-100, Northrop F-5, MacDonnel F-4, Douglas A-4, Grumman A-6, Martin B-57,and vought F-8,(D)  


(7)Troop airlifted into Tuy Hoa to protect rice fields (P) and  Swift helicopter “YN2” evacuation of wounded soldiers has saved many lives (P)


(8) The air attacks which reaced significant proportion in thei year have been unsuccesful , because they did not bring the surrender of The North Vietnamese and the Vietcong.(D)


9) September 1965

(1) September,1st .1965-

free airmail service was started.(PH)

Free airmail service went into effect in this day for all military personal letters, letter size tape recording and postcard in their generally accepted from are entitle to free transit.

Letter send under this free mail policy will be handle as US air mail.Your full military address to include name,rank, and service number must appear on the envelope.

The word free in th upper right hand corner must  be in Your handwritting. It cannot be typed  or mechanically marked .

Mail may be sent free to the foreign countries. Letter so mailed cannot be registered.They may be sent special delivery if an additional special delivery cxharge is paid. (info from IMNAHA).      

(The Vietnamese Quan Buu  Military Post also have free air mail with military without nominal value stamp or pre-stamp letter sheet, must write  the HQ & KBC number, but if sent to civillian must added special rate of stamp-auth)



10) October 1965


(1) October,3rd. 1965

The reciept of buying Toshiba 4 band radio 5400 dong with Hiem(revenue) 11 Dong ( 5x d dong yellow and one Dong red revenue) , from Le-Cong Radio 398,Dai-lo Dong –Khanh Cholon.

        The back of this document,  used to write “Giay Ban)


Zen toi la Bui Tram Phu to zuai so c/co/7858vcapngay 6.7.60 tai quan ngu tai so Nha 242/4 ben nguyen duy X-c co loan i cou may thou thanh hien Toshiba 4 ban Transior so;6,672 cho ba am thi cai cam cho thi la  5200,00 dong neu san co  ai can cho thi toi xin chui toi voi nho chuc chach.

            Mai ky ren yoi day ,B.T.Phu.(sign) Cholon  30.10.65.(OPH&D)


(2) American forces defeated North Vietnam units at the  La Drang valley


(11) November 1965

       (1) November,10th.1965

              The AVRN postal history  cover , send from KBC 4858 (AVRN 7th Infantry divisond 2nd regiment 1st Batalion with military stamp without NOMINAL value (Quan Buu ) type M1 ,but the military  stamp not cancelled  and  rare KBC red doble circle stamped ” G.D .M.A.G.V.N.  KBC 4.858  THU –TIN-VINH”  to Cholon CDS “CHOLON-VIETNAM 9-11-1968. In the back rolling Saigon Vietnam cds but the date not clear.

(rare AVRN postal history, why send thruogh  regular post office , not  military post that is why without “Quan Buu” stamped and the Military stamp didn’t cancelled,,KBC 4858 didn.t know the location, what the meaning of GDMSAGVN and Thu Thin-vinh?  may be after tsomeone ranslate the letter inside we will no the history fact-auth)


          The letter inside in vietnamese language :


       KBC 4858   


                                                            Thu’a Chi

Tu ra truong dten non t thang em chang co dip rao dten than hai bac cung cac chi . That loi vo cung em nghi Hai Bac va cac chi Tuyen.

Xhan mot hom ve phep nghe thoa bao co noy chi cho em Kinh Loi tham noi manh. Chac dto nay noi cung chang biet mot dtua chai re ra lam sao. Em dtung la dtua chau vo la phai khong chi.

Em cung cau nuong hai bai va cao chi dteu manh. Chi Bay. Chi Tam va anh Sau dto nay vao Dai Hoe ce weng anh sau chec saj ra truong co phai.

Em thi het hoc dtuoc roi Hanh Quan luon Manh tu tai I le Loi biet bao gi o’ co’dtoi Nhiem luc buon ghe.

Nghe noi anh tu vai quan dtoi Vay anh tu co’ dtuoc nay o’ Saigon khong chi. Mong anh dtuoc nhien may hon em.

Mot lan nua nho chi chuyen than noi hai bac, chi Hai vo cao chi

                                                            Em Chi

                                                    Le-Luu –Nghia



(12) December 1965


(1)December,25th 1965

Johnson suspends bombing of North Vietnam in an attempt to induce the North Vietnam to negotiate.(D)

(2)Late 1965,

Nguyen van Thieu was appointed chief of state late in 1965 by Nguyen Kao Ky, who became premier when the South Vietnamese generals decided to form their own government following the weak  civillian regime of Dr Phan Quat .


c) AVRN vs Vietcong in 1966


(1)January 1966


(1) Backbone of Airlift  is a group of less than 250 four engine Lockheed C-130 transport and twin engine Fairchild C-130’s. These are supplemented by a smaller number od de Haviland VC-2 Caribou which were transferred from the Air Force in this year.(D)



The receipt of Bien-Lai Tien(future purchase?) Muon Pho-Cholon (chinese area Saigon) 991$10 , tien thue pho 900$ and tien thue 1.2% ,tue cong ve rac 81&  With revenue Vietnam Cong Hoa Con Niem 2$00.

(The earliest VCH-Con Niem revenue collection for future purchase added for credit interest and country?,please comment–auth) 

(3)  January,31th. 1966

        Johnson resumes Bombing.


2) February 1966


(1) February,8th. 1966

Johnson and South Vietnam leaders issue a communique, in Honolulu , emphazing need for pacification in Soutrh Vietnam(D)

3) March 1966

(1)March ,10th.1966

Buddhist demonstrators against Saigon regime in Hue and Danang(D)

4) April 1966 no info

5)May 1966

(1) May,23th 1966

Government troops take over Danang (D) .

6)June 1966

(1)June,14th. 1966

A Complete document “Giao Keo” Saigon Thuy cuc with South Vietnam green  30 Dong revenue with red double circle Saigon Thuy Duc stamped date 14.6.1966 and Stamps 2 dong with Postal Circulair Date stamped Saigon-cholon 15.10.1966, rare combination never report before (OD&PH)

(2) June,16th. 1966

Government troops take over Hue(D)

(3) June,29th. 1966

American aircraft bomb oil depots near Hanoi and Haiphong (D)

7)-8) no info

9) September 1966


(1)       France President calls American withdrawal from vietnam during his visiting Cambodia.(D)


(2) September,25th 1966


(a)FREE POSTALLY USED COVER FROM MILITARY ACADEMY/ARMED FORCE TRANING SCHOOL NATHRANG KBC 4311 red airmail COVER from  Hop TD-894 (?, please comment-auth  ) TO So 1/TR 16/lg 4 Nho caiu trao cho me (?) Saigon. And the vintage photo of Nha Trang HQ 505 LST (landing ship Transport )-Phillipine navy , on the back of photo hand written “ Ky niem ngay uo ki he 56 Doa Nu trah quoc gia Su Phan Nha Trang”

Nhatrang   military cover Hop TD 894 KBC 4311with Quan Buu M1(Military Post) Stamp without nominal with not clear CDS of Nha Trang , not clear red double circle official Stamped  to Saigon .

(The earliest postally used  Military stamps type M1 during the Vietnam liberation War ,rare postal history-auth)

     Inside the covers the letter :




Nha Trang 26/9.66

Kinh anh !


Den hom nay mia la con 12 ngay se mau khoa.

            Em thu cho anh hay. “Heart picture” Ngoai Hue, neu  anh  thi ten nha t         hang thinh (ban em) choi thang ay choi dep lam.

Anh dten do choi va co the nho nha no nan com hoai lai dto a nha khoi muon nha.

No co thu cho em. Anh co gap no bao  no lai em co loi hoi ho tham no .

                        Thu anh vai hang, xin tam but Chine anh vui may mau.

            Em via Dah.

TB. Dia chauc thinh, Lunchi thinh 82 Chi Long Hue.(OD&PH)    


(b) Civil postally used cover with Thw Thao The Duc olympic 1 d and flower 3d stamps (rate 4d) send from Qui Nhon to Saigon, CDS Quinon-vietnam (not clear) 15.9.1966. The letter inside:


                                                                        Qui Nhon 22.9.1966

                                                                                    Em Ye’u

Moi nam gio sang anh da thuec day roi. Thoi guen anh tap  dtuoc trong nhung ngay o’ Saigon. Giaa phut nay thuc en hay un ngu trong chau an? Troi Saigon dta lanh  tro em ? han em dtang no nhung giao modtep.

Em oi! Em mo thy gi? Anh, Nghi rang ting yeu cua  chung ta chua dtu dte? Anh nghi? Rang tinh yeu cua chung ta chua dtu dte dti vao nhung gioi ngu than tum ma em tinh yeu cua anh chua dtu manh di chiem tran vin long un? Chung co lo tu hem anh roi ra dten Zui nhon dten nay, anh dta goi dten em toi da thu thu tu,trong khi dto anh chi ? nhon cua em co mat. Mat la thu trang gan thang ! Anh truong thu chuoc dtuoc tinh trang dto. Tinh yeu dtang dtot chay long anh, em but chung ? Anh nho em Kinh phung guea Khung canh vang ve cua in ro trong tins anh. Anh khao khat duoc gap em,dtuoc nhin tan mat em cuoi va nhat la anh muon hon em.

Em yeu mui ,anh lai nho dten truoc phi mot troi dti vao chan nui,………………..etc……………………………………………

(very long latter, if someone will tranlate I will put all letter in the blog, many “Anh” what the meaning ?-auth)

Hay viet tha cho anh den nhe ! Vieyt that nhieu vao ! Bao nhien l         oi em Viet anh cam thay van Chua dtu. Sap dten gio anh phai dte rua mat dte xuong van phong. Ban ngay anh ban lo cho hoc ninh dten bu dtau , Theo sau  so noi nhien hon.

                        Hon Em !



            (3) September,29th 1966

            The vietnamese letter from Phu Nhuan Thu nan :



        Phu Nhuan                            Thu Nam ngay 29.9.66


                                                Anh ve Saigon nhi phepgiao hi 12.9.66

Vi han mot tuyen, nam moi viet  Pho Hong duoi.

Da loi khay nhem duoi thi ji cua Hong ca ? ca le doi Hong da co 1 lei gi doi thang….Du sao di nua, Hong vuong nen cho anh biet vien co.

            Thai Hong da nhen duin the ma anh canh dau may thang ?

Hong ha hoi mien gap cho anh yoy Ichi nhan duoi thu nay de anh  yen lan.

Ve Saigon buon nhien va mat ly do phai nan Li that nghiep chua biet lan hay hoc nen thong di dai la toi anh tua.

Hong va manh vi vau di lau nha thung Le lho anh gie than ha vo ca gia guyen.



Doi Thi? 369 Truong Lai Bien 369

            Phu nhuan saigon.



(10) October 1966

(1)American and South Vietnamese leaders conclude conference in Manila. American troops strength in Vietnam reaches nearly 400.000 by year-end(D)





     (2) October ,7th.1966

     The Vietnamese letter used official sheet :




Viet-Nam Cong Hoa

     Bo Noi Thu                                                  7-10-66

 Nha-Vien-Thong                                                 AH


            Em moi lan doc thu A H thay an han vo coy voidto! An han vi H ma chan thu di phai nhien phai tranh hon troy dtoi A A cu tranh h hua Ha , hon phan them nhan h im nhan loi tat ca  loi lam noi guan troy lam vi H o biet lam vui loy A  ma o biet chup them nhien son lai dty len di soi hy dtui dta cho them truong Anh biet vi sao o vi H soisy dthuy dti gua rui ong thien tra ma H …..etc………(very long and bad written latter, what the meaning of “Biet” –auth)


11) November 1966


(1)Each of South Vietnam’s provices  and districts, there would be an Intelligence and operations coordination center (PIOCC or DIOCC)  where captured enemy documents would be read, prisoners interrogated , and dossiers maintained on all suspected members of the Vietcong infrastucture (VCI) .

Once adossier became large or convincing enough, the individual would be targeted for arrest by the Vietnamese Police, the military, or one of the provincial reconnais unit (PRU).

Phung Hoang had its origin in November 1966 when the Vietnam Stasion, MACV J-2, and the Vietnamese National Police cooperated to form a combined intelligence staff called CT-4. Its mission was to identification and neutralization of the Vietcong infrastructure in MR-4, which at thzattime corresponded roughlyto Gia Dinh Province plus the Saigon-Cholon metropolitan area.








d)1967-the second years of Vietnam Liberation’s war.


1)January 1967

(1)January,28th. 1967

North Vietnamese Foreign Minister Nguyen Duy Trinh says Unites States must stop bombing North Vietnam before talks begin.(D)


2) Postal History New zealand Army in Vietnam (courtecy IMNAHA send to Me in Jan 2011,thanks Mr Andrew  Crasshow)

New Zealand Forces in Vietnam

In May 1965, New Zealand announced its decision to deploy a combat force to Vietnam including a 105-mm howitzer battery, replacing an engineer platoon and surgical team deployed the previous year. The unit was attached to the US 173rd Airborne Brigade under MACV command, with the primary mission of supporting Australian forces in Phuoc Tuy Province.

In November, 1967, New Zealand and Australian forces entered a working arrangement to reimburse the United States military for services and support including base camp construction, transportation within Vietnam and military postal facilities that included a closed pouch system for all personal and official mail.


The illustrated cover, sent via the US APO postal service was sent to England, under-franked with 10-cents postage and assessed 3-pence postage due.
 The sender was one of 18 members of the New Zealand Army Detachment headquartered in Saigon. Total in-country strength of New Zealand forces at this time was 534.

The small number of personnel in Vietnam makes mail sent by NZ units less plentiful than that of their Australian and Korean counterparts. It should also be somewhat less plentiful than mail from Thai allied forces. I have not found that to the the case, and it is reflected in the significantly higher market prices for Thai material related to the Vietnam War.
Strength of Military Assistance Forces in Vietnam in 1967 (US Department of the Army):


3) March 1967


(1) March,1st. 1967

The best summin high-up of the war in Vietnam was written by Corelli Barnet in PUNCH , “ The Americans have yet to be persuaded that they cannot win their Vietnam conflict on the battle-field”(D) 

(2)  March,21st 1967

Johnson ends two-day meeting on Guam with Thieu and Ky, North Vietnam reveal exchange of letters betweenJohnson and Ho Chi Minh.


4) April 1967


(1) April,3rd. 1967

Nhiem Vu Rat Nang Ne Va Het Suc Ve Hang. Boi doi Truong Son du’o’c Quoc hoi va Chinh phu tuyen du’o’ng . Don vi anh luc Luong vu trang nhan dan (D)


5)May 1967

(1)  May,1st 1967

(a) Ellsworth Bunker arrives Saigon to replace Ldge as ambassador.(D)

(b) In this day issued a psecial first day cover with a soldier  with gun and people repaired the wheel of Tank, 1-5-1967 , the stamp about the soldier and civillian stamps, “DOI SONG DAN CHUNG, La Vie Du Peuple Au Vietnam , Premier Jour d’emission , First Day cover”

          (this cover found at Cholon Saigon-auth)


(2)  May,7th 1967

The Original handsigned of  the book ‘s writter , George M.T.Kahin ,on the inner page of his book’s “The United States in Vietnam” with his hand written For  Nugroho(in memoriam Indonesian Military Historian) with best wishes May,7th,1967 .Djakarta (old type,since 1971 Jakarta-auth)

6) June 1976

(1) June,10th. 1967

Rare official Vu quoc Hien , Luat  Su Toa Thruoang Tham Nathrang ( pri-soned Camp ?) covers to Cholon. With  Stamps 3 dong + 1 dong (rate4 dong) CDS Nha Trang 10.7.1976.

        Inside the official  Vu Quoc Hien letter.


Thua Ong,

Phuc dap quy tho ngay 2/7/67 Toi tran trong bao tin ong ro , viec chua ong Toa da goi ra de hoa giai (theo thu tuc) vao ngay 21-7-67.

                        Ngay do toibs thay mat Ong de di hau Toa.

            Kinh Thu.

(Please someone tranlate this important information, because rare official latter from South Vietnam still exist now due  to many refugees from this area and all the document were burned  before they put in the Truong Tam “Change of Thought” camp after the fall of Saigon in 1975-auth)


7)June 1967

(1) Unused Bankbiljet (Check) of Vietnam COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRY BANK in 196… branch SAIGON


(rare bank Chaque during liberation war, and the location at Ham Nghi street,  he was  very short time ‘s emperor and vietnam hero, his coins very rare,where that street now?-auth)







CHI PHIEU so A  09718                                  VN$………….

Cheque no.



                     HOI HAC DANH VON 50.000.000 VN$

                        TRU-SO : 93-95 ,DAI –LO HAM-NGHI SAIGON

       Nhan chi-phieu nay,xin tra………………………………

                                  So bac viet toan chu (somme en toutes lettres)




Do tinh cua ………………………………………………………………………….


____DUOC TRA’ TAI________________ .                             ……,ngay……..196….

            :     PAYABLE A                                      :

            :   VIET-NAM CONG-THUONG-HANG:

            :   S A I G O N                                       :



          COMPTE                     NG MINH TUYEN -32 819


     (2) July, 22th,1967

        The postal used official cover of Thieng Noi Hy-Vong Hop Tha 453 Saigon AN LOAT PHAM  , rolling type cds  SAIGON-VIETNAM 22-7 1967 with Stamps soldier and a worker  hands with his “scop” ,rate 0d80

(interesting low rate for official cover  0d80,    no destination because the cover’s type with clear window address,and the letter not included-please comment why and what the meaning of An Loat Pham and Thieng Noi Hy-Vong Hop Tha-auth)

8) August 1967

     (1) August,21st 1967

     The US airogram pre stamped John F.Kennedy 11 c Air mail USA, send from Hien,230 Fremont hall, Cal Poly San Luis 223 , California 93401-USA, rolling CDS SAN LUIS OBIS PO Aug 21 1967, to Ho Thi Tuyet Hong 16/18/3 Nguyen Thien Thuat Saigon South Vietnam and  destination CDS SAIGON VIET-NAM 26-8. 1967 , the letter in viet-namese:



Cal. Poly-San Luis Obispa          Chi nhat 20.8.1967

                                                Hong nien

Lan qua khong duse tin gi ma Hong, anh ui tuong la Hong da quen anh,khong con nha gi dten thang anh xa xoi nay mue the roi dong lue doi anh nhem diuse thy Hong va nhat minh ra loi da nghi con Hong, Hong cho anh xin nha, tu nay anh khong doi nghi tam bay  tam ba nhi nay nua , moi lan dua thi nen bouh chid thoi gio ma viet cho anh doi dong de gui la  chind qua am tam long don coi nay.

Anh thang cau de tiue ve qua tang ma Honh, anh quang khan mia Hong mau va kien dan lan anh thieh thu nhat day, hop y ve dung la nhy dien anh nhuoc tai lan. Hong khan that,anh khy biet ni Sao cho het su biet in cua voi Hong duoc, anh nung khong biet Hong nuon gi anh lo gi ang se tang Hong thei y Hong , thu San Ha biet nha ,Hong nuon gi anh nung  chuei y ca nuoc la……etc……..

Anh thi da gei ngu cua, co viet then, nha cho anh giu loi lin tham Hong lue nay ra sao ? anh rat nung tin Hong, anh khy quan duoc nhy  ky mien va thy luong ve Hay Chiu Honh vin ve manh an mey man.


9) September 1967

(1) Just prior October 1967

Just prior the South’s Vietnam October 1967 election, Hien and Chau supposedly met again. Chau, visiblyconcerned about his future, allergedly said he had decided to leave the military to run for the National Assembly from Kien Hoa province.


In that delicate exchange of nuaces for which the Vietnamese  and their language are famous, Hien understood Chau to be asking for help, both in money and in votes from Vietcong cadres.


There was not enough time, Hien said, to get Chau money, but he did report Chau’s desire for help in getting out the vote. Hien claimed  he did not know what in anything, his superiors had done about it, but he added slyly it wsas interesting that Chau had won his National Assembly seat by a wide majority.His interrogators were left to draw what ever conclusion from this claver gambit that they wished,


A report on Hien’s version of theChau contact was passed to Major Chung in accordance with NIC standard operating procedure for sharing data derived from interrogations conducted at the NIC.


            We know the report was quickly translate into Vietnamese and send to Binh, Quang and Thieu.


The Vietnamese questioned Chau, he admitted having met Hien once and having recieved Hien’s probe about setting up a meeting with the Americans. He claimed to have reported this to the Americans with a view to helping them set up a dialog with the NLF and Hanoi but that nothing had come of it. Chau said he saw himself as having acted throughout tisaffair as a Vietnamese nationalist. He denied haing violated any South Vietnamese laws.


Now the political nightmare started. Binh and Colonel Nguyen Mau, the head of yhe Special Brsanch of the National police, both asked me if it were true that Chau had worked under American.(D)


(2) September,3rd. 1967

Mc Namara,testifying before a Sanate subcomittee in this day, assert American bombing of North Vietnam is ineffective (D)


10) October 1967


(1)October ,3 rd.1967


(a)The government announced that the presidential election will held Oct 3 as scheduled with President Nguyen van Thieu as the only candidate,


(b)The announcement appeared to dash all U.S. hopes and afforts by U.S.Ambassador Ellsworth Bunker to make the presidential election a multiple race. Bunker had met two straight with Thieu in seeking a solution.


(c) In South Vietnam , Thieu elected president, KY vice president.


(d) Thieu won as expected in the ballothing.

11) November 1967  

(1)By the end of 1967

(a)following his electoral triumph, President Thieu sought to make his goverment more representative than it had been and to nuity politically and organizationally, only two of 19 cabinet members were soldiers and premier, Tran van Huong , was acivillian ,


(b) The combat troop had risen from 175.000 to 525.00.


(c)The Vietnamese and Vietcong matched and outpaced the US buil-up.


(d) By counting all by day which supplied the the communisr they kill in hundreds of skirmishes in rice-fields and forests and in attacks on village Vietcong by night, they thought they were surely winning the war. But these missions to seek out and kill the enemy didnot bring conflict to en end.


(e)American tactic proved of no avail in the Jungle of Vietnam. A helicopter gunship was not as effective as tens of thousand Vietcong and Viethminh, each armed with a rifle and able to live on adaily bowl of rice .It was impossible to kill them all.

Casualties would be replaced with new recruits, increase in American Combat troops with increased numbers of Viethminh. The Vietcong controlled much of Southern countryside.


(f) The very rare Vietminh propaganda ‘s picture  and North Vietnam stamps about the Vietcong shoot down the American ‘s  aircraft combat were issued this day(P & PH)


(g) Nganh Quan Y, who born 16.4.1956 had written about Vietnam in 1967 :


Thuchien loi day cua Bac Ho trong thu Nguoi gui can bo va chien si quan y ngay 31-7-1967:” Nguoi thay thuoc gioi dong thoi phai nhu la nguoi me hien, het long het suc cuu chua va phuc vu throng binh, benh binh”

Nganh quan y da tan tinh cuu chua va dieu tri khoi mot so lon thuong binh, bnh binh, trong do co nhieu truaong hop vet thuong va benh tat rat hiem ngheo. Rieng vien quan y 108, hang nam dieu tri tu 7000 den 8000 nguoi.(D)


(2) November,8th. 1967

The Postally used home made cover of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp) Saigon Bureu Saigo,republic of Vietnam,  send with Bu Chinh Vietnam Cong Hoa 1 Dong stamp ,CDS Saigon  18-11.1967 to Cholon.

The cover have made of half page -3 stencil brochure in Vietnamese charater :


Moi’ day mot thong tin v…………..

Trong ban tin tu Viet Nam gui ve…….

Pittsburg courier, da viet da so……….

Cho rang ho chien dau cho mot muc………………………………………………

Cuoc bieu tinh ‘hoa binh’ tai Hoa…..


            Hoa Thinh Don(TM),-……………………

Va cung la mot nhan vat quoc hoi…..

Ngo loi trong mot chuong trinh tro……

Quoc rang cuoc vieng tham moi day…….. da khien ong tin can phai ung ho……….trong cuoc chien dau gianh doc ia………………………………..

            Ong, Darius Marpaun—chu……Thien Chua Giao Indonesia—da tu…. bao, ong noi :’Cong san tai quoc….. bi loai tru trong mot cuoc dao chi….. Viet Nam chi la mot bu nhin cua…..Nam (Viet cong) la mot phong trao.

            Nhay 8-8, ong Marpaung…. trinh vo truyen thanh nhan……

            Ong Marpaung cung tuyen….cuoc tham Vien moi day cua ong….khao voi ong tran Quoc Bu’u—Chu…….Viet Nam—ya ong da duoc biet ….chuch khung bo cua Chong san va Mat….la mot chong cu chinnh tri cua  dan ….Viet.


            Nuu Uoc(TM)-Mot brnh…duoc xay cat tai Saigon,voi kinh…Chuc Cuu Tro Y’Te Nhi Dong Quoc Te….Nhan vien Virt Nam nhan lanh dieu….5 nam.

            Bacsy Arthur J.Barsky ,…..cho biet la benh vien se bat dau…tu 6 toi 9 thang sap toi.

            Den an cua to chuc gom he….. ‘Dieu tri cac tre em va huan luyen…

            Ong giai thich ‘Chung… toi nam nam Chung toi co the hoan…..Viet Nam va trao lai hoan toan cho…..benh vien do.

            To chuck nay la mot to ch….khong co muc dich chinh tri va tu….hoat dong co dich vu y te dac biet do gia kem mo mang.

……benh,vien dau tien thiet lap…….giai phau chinh hinh cac thoi.

……khong han che cong viec cua….. chinh hinh,trong khi’tai…xet nhu cau tai day va tu…..dieu tri nhung benh gi duoc.

….tien nhan va dieu duong gom do Uy Ban Cuu Tro Quoc Te.

            Tro Quoc Te, ong Morton Ham-burg…tiep nhan noi tren se do nhan ….oc cac tre em bi benh hoan.


(Histories’s Infornation from  Postal History covers. The historic fact  not only about postal services but also the information about foreign native citizen who joint the lieration war , from Indonesian Darius Marpung, Rusian Arthur J.Sparky,Germans Morton Hamburg .

I hope  native Vietnamese will be kind to translate this very interesting postal history and war history ’s informations ,especially for the three men family –auth)


(3)  November,16th. 1967

SO TUY THAN  like a pasport book ,Hong tuoi 1957, so quan 57 A.1777,010 , Ly-Lich:   the name (Ho Ten) Nguyen Trien Lan , born (Senh) ngay(date) 1.3.1937 tai Huon duong sign by Chu-su Phong Toyen Binh ,Nguyen Van Cau, vai tu coch B.I.V.V. and red double circle stamps fauna like bamboo design ,five fingers print Dau Lan Tay, Tay Phai and Danh-Muc , Nhung trong toi va kinh toi-Hinpaht in another page.

The end of the book we found a documen ‘Phieu Dung Lam Giat Chuyen van Form , sign by Doan truong (OD)


12) December 1967


(1) December 20th 1967

On this day , Prime Minister Tran van Kiem issued a letter of instruction calling for cooperation and coordination by all goverment of Vietnam (GVN) agencies in a program to neutralize the VCI (Vietcong  Central Intelligence-auth).

This letter gave the activity its legal designation of Phung Hoang, the name of a mythological animal that apprears only during times of peace and prosperity.


(perhaps the prime minister believed that invoking such a potent symbol would bring about the desired consummation).


(2)December,29th 1967

Foreign minister Thrinh have said on this day, that North  Vietnam will “Talk once the US halts its bombing.



4.3.3            Vietnam Liberation war 1968-1975

a. TET OFFENSIVE  , Vietcong attack  in 1968.


1)January 1968

(1)Sihanouk tells  Johnson ‘s emissary, ester Bowles,that he will not stop American forces from pursuing the Vietcong over the Cambodian border.(D)


(2) January,15th. 1968

BIEN VIEN SO 307 /Q6.QV STENCIL CETRIFICATE, SIGN BY NGUYEN THANH TRACH , TUNG-QUNG(?) THRUONG QUAN SAU FOR Toa So Tham Saigon, Luc Tinh Cholon knom 13 gia 8 Phuong Bien vien. With finger print without photo on ..nhon Tay Tro columm.(OD)


(3)After a decade of American tactics the communist planned a devasting blow “The Tet Offensive” against town in South Vietnam, was design as an all out effort to impress on American that the Vietcong were far stronger that they had supposed.

In preparation for Tet , was design as all-out effort and the North Vietnam had endeavoured to draw US troops from the towns by a diversionary attack on a nothern US base at Khesan .


(4)31th January 1968

(a)On Tet Holidays, the Vietcong and Vietminh launched “The Tet Offensive” against the town of South Vietnamm and mounted a huge offensive, penetrating several town s in an attempt to destroy the morale of the South Vietnamese and Americans , who believed  that their power was confined  to the countryside.


(b)It caught the Americans and the South Vietnamese completely by Suprise, because Tet was the National New Year Holiday period, dureing which a truce had always been observed, and because the town of South Vietnam had hierto been thought secure against the largely rural Vietcong.


(c)Score of Vietnamese towns were assault by  some  70.000 Vietcong and Vietminh , who created wide spread destruction  and even penetrate the heavily fortified US Embassy compaound in Saigon.



(d)The carnage was worst in the ancient city of Hue in central Vietnam, there the Vietcong overhelmed the South Vietnam Garrison . look at the vintage photo(ibid S,karnow)  ‘a wounded  GI helped by  his buddies  during the battle of Hue. The  toughtest  fighting occured  at the Citadel, which the Vietcong  held tenaciously American artillary  and aircraft also bombed and shelleted this city.”      


(e)In the end the communists were bloodily repulsed, but the terrible scenes of fighting shown on American television  screens conviced most Americans that US soldiers should be brought home.


(f)The ability of the communists to pene-trate  and even to hold their positions in a number of South Vietnamese town hitherto believed to be fitmly in South Vietnamese and American hands succeede in undermining American morale in their longest and most succesful war,


(g)The US President ‘s assurances that The Tet Offensive was the most disastrous Vietnam defeat of the war were perfectly true, but they carried little connection.(D)


(h)Tet offensive of 1968 was a campaining  “Liberate” the South before Ho ‘s death (ibid Stanley Karnow)


(b) Tet offensive Map (P)

2) february 1968

(1) Early 1968

After Tet offensive, Whasington was forced  to awful conclusion  that US could  no longer win the war(D)

(IMNAHA report a bogus fake first day cover with ilagalizes too sharp postal cancel Quan Buu 1.2.1968 on the second type Miltitary non nominal value, and fake  postmark” kho tet mau than de phong xuan ky dau.”

I have found the 2nd type Military stamp not cancelled by Quan Buu in sept 1968, but Quan buu cancelled on military stamps type 1 at april 1968, we can made comparative studies about the original quan buu cancelled-aut)


(2) February,25th. 1968

After twenty six days of Fighting, American and South Vietnamese troops recapture Hue.


3) March 1968

(1)  March,1st. 1968

The issued “ should another  206.000 troops be sent to Vietnam, bringing numbers there to almost three quaters of a million? The new secretary of Defense Clifford and the president rejected the increase.


(2) March ,21th .1968

(a)   After three weeks Vietcong occupation at Hue,  massacre 3000 people and buried them in hastily dug mass graves.      


(b) Before American and South Vietnamese troops regained control, the Tet offensive had caused them 6000 combat death. Thousand more Vietnamese civilian died, caught up in the fighting. For the Vietcong, the casuaties amounted to a devasting 50.000. AS a fighting force they was never recovered.


(c)The weakening of the Vietcong was not unwelcome in Hanoi. Indeede, in as Tet was a double victory for North Vietnamese because it undermined American confidence that the war would ever be won and it prevented the independent communist in the South Vietnam  from being able to challenge the nothern communist regime. The Vietminh henceforth played the major military role and so gained the upper hand in determining the future of vietnam.



(3)  March,31th. 1968


(a) Johnson announced his decision  not to seek re-election; he also indicated that there  would be a measure of disengagement from the war, reflecting the new consencus among his advisers, including former hawks, That at least freed his hand from the inevitable political infighting as the election loomed nearer and anabled him to concentrate on finding a viable alternative strategy in Vietnam .


(b)He also announced a partial bombing halt and invitee the North Vietnamese to begin peace talk.


(c) He says that he will not run for re-election(D)

(d) Propaganda picture anti Vietnam war, Presiden Johnson bring back home” daddy skull and bone” to his son (P)


4) no info


5) MAY 1968


      (1) May, 22th 1968

A very rare KHAI SANH’s certificate  signed by  Nhan chung, Ho lai and Tran-Hoc-lung in 22-05-1968. without revenue

(the rare collection after four month tet offensive without revenue,military free tax  dan used military area number Ku Buu chin(KBC) 3014(An Duc-Vinh Long) , please comment the complete form of Khai Sanh,s certifiacte below-auth)





                     KHAI SANH

:So hieu  250


:                                       ________________________________________________

     :                                        :Ten,ho au-nhi              TRAN-TUAN-TAI

     :                                    :P hai :                              NAM                                    :

            :                  :            Ngay hai muoi mot thang nam duong       :

     :                                       :            chin tram sau muoi tam(21-05-1968)          :

     :    SAU-Y-THONG-BO: Sanh: (ngay,thang,nam)…………………………………..:

            : AN-Duc 25/05/1968:  Tai   :…………………Xa An-DUC……………………………:

     : Chu-Tich K/Ho-Tich:   Cha:………………….Tran-Hoc-Luong……………………:

            :                                  :  Tuoi :………………….Hai muoi tam tuoi. ………………..:

            :     Signed &              :  Nghe-nghiep:…….Quan nhan……………………………:

            :       Stamped            :  Cu tru tai  :…………KBC 3014………………………………:

            :Vietnam conghoa         :  Me :…………………..TRANH-LINH…………………………..:

            :Vinh Long Chau.?,,        :  Tuoi :………………….Hai Moi hai tuoi……………………..:

            : UY-BAN  MINH CHANH :  Nghe-nghiep:……Noi Tro…………………………………..:

            : Nguyen-Tam-the    :  Cac tru trai………..Trai gia binh Trong doan 16BB..:

     :   CHUNG NHAN      : Vo :……………………Vo chanh……………………………….:

            :Chu ky cua UY Ban hanh chanh Nghe-nghiep:……..Quan Nhan………………………………..:

            : Xa An-Duc tren day :  Cu tru tai :…………….K.B.C.3014………………………………….:

            :Vinh-Long ngay 25/5/1968    :  Ngay Khai:……………Ngay 22 thang 5 DL 1968…………….:

            : TL Quan Truong CT    :  Nguoi chung thu nhirt: ..LE-HOANG-MINH………………………..:

            :P HO QUAN TRUONG  : Tuoi :……………………..Hai muoi chin tuoi………………………:

            :                                     : Nghe-nghiep:……….Quan nhan…………………………………:

            :    signed & stamped : Cu tru tai :………………K.B.C.3014………………………………….:

            :                                      : Nguoi chu thu nhi :..LE-HUU-HANH……………………………..:

            : TRAN-VAN-LAN         : Tuoi:……………………….Hai muoi lam tuoi………………………:

            :                                     : Nghe-nghiep:…………Quan Nhan………………………………..:

            :                                     : Cu tru tai :………………K.B.C. 4014………………………………… :

            :                                    :_____________________________________________________:

            :                                                                                                                                               :                       Lam tai ….AN-DUC…………..ngay 22….thang…05…nam..1968……..:

            :                                   Nguoi khai                   Ho lai                      nhan chung        :

            :                            TRAN-HC-LUONG     NGUYEN-VAN-THE    LE-HOANG-MINH

            :                                   (KY TEN)                   (KY TEN)                     (KY TEN)          

                ::                                                                                                                                                                                  :

                :                                                                                                                                      LE-HUU-HANH

            :                                                                                                           (KY TEN)              :


6) June 1968

(1)  June,5th. 1968

Robert Kennedy was assasination while celebrating his victory in California elections .

(2) The Vietnamese war may become the biggest question mark in airpower history. Even when the full records of the war become available, judgment of airpower effectiveness atill will be a matter of opinion as weel as fact.

The restrictions that always accompany a limited conflict have clouded  the vietnamese situation throughly, and it will be difficult for anyone to appraise the true worth of airpower in this war objectively.(D)


(3) A USAF helicopter airlift supplies to a Special Forces camp in the central highland of Vietnam (P), A foward air control (FAC) ground team keeps in radio contact with an airborn 0-1 Bird Dog(P), and Vietnamese Air Force A-1 H Skyraiders over Bien Hoa air Base

( I have the postal history sent from this base , keep reading you will find that-auth)(P)


7) July 1968


Finally in this day With some nudging from Bill Colby, then chief of MACV CORRD, President Nguyen van Thieu put his official stamped of approval on the program.




8) August 1968

(1)     Ho Chu tjeh da tang co thu’ong cho nganh xe quan su nhan dip Hoi ngi lai xe gi’o’i va tho sua chua gioi toan quan thang 8 nam 1968. La co mang nhung dong chu :

Yeu xe nhu con

              Quy xang nhu mau

              Vuot moi kho khan

              Hoan thanh nhiem vu

                           Bac Ho.

(2)  August,24th. 1968

Information from “NGANH XANG DAU QUAN DOI”:


(a)Ngay 13.6.1968. nganh xang dau da xay  dung xang 42 km duong ong dan dau vuot qua Nam Ban ,Dong Loc, Truong Bang.(D)

(b)Ngay 24.8.1968. Cuc Xang dau thuoc. Tong cuc Hau can chinh thuc thanh lap.(D)

(c) thang 11-1968 , tiep tuc keo dai them 230 km duong ong xuong phia Nam,doc theo duong chien luoc so 12, kip thoi van hanh xang tren duong ong,cung cap cho cac doan xe van tai cho hang vao chien truong.(D)




(3) August,27th. 1968

Air Mail Military Covers from Phong Dinh  with Military Stamp  without nominal value  but not cancelled, Nahrang circulaired date stamped  9.9.68 outside the stamp (send two weeks  from the date of the letter 27.8.68)

This civil letter from Nha Trang to Army personel KBC 4882 TSE  R Won cho/ AA I (location ?).

(This miltary cover or civilian  send by regular Phong dinh post office without KBC and Quan Buu CHOPPED,why military stamps used,please comment after read the letter below –auth).


Dem Jay Cho 27.8.68

                    Imh Hoang kinh men.

                    Phnong cham biet thn hoiu em ena phuong cgan dem voi amh la can mot su chom tre, chao la mam hi mong choi va trach hon phuong chan lom phai khong chi loim phai khong cho phuong chan xin loi anhe.

Imh hoang men Troi somh ra chi phuong chan, koi ban cho phuong chan mot noi miem san kho .Pjuong cham ng heo lam , ngeo tat ca hi imh yen cho den vat chat , cho khong nhn omh phoang Imong Imong chan Ai conbiet cho pjuong cham ngoi con gan tay do nay Moi khira dtnong ,phuong chan chi biet nhm xnong,nhn nhn lon cuoc dtoi.

IJ tnoi som mong ina phuong cham xau so any . Troi oi dtinh menh , Thuong che.cha bem cho Phuang chan mot hinh hai, one khong vam cho phuong chan mot mem, Im oni trong cnoa song du mot mem Im vni nho nho. Imh khoang si! Moiu Rhi phuong chan soi bong minh trong gnong, ma com thay Im than vo enng, nhong Phuong chan kip ngln,Imy minh,xan xi, nhing con dtuoc 8 hau phuong, yen lanh, trong khi co,nhien omh linh, cha ngheo tat, ca ma con phan chien chan o noi vong minh lay kho nhoc,Phuong chan nghi chan minh thi,dtang Im cac anh hinh kho nhoc dto nhat la cao anh o mien xa, khong ngo, phuong chan ctuoc dirm phuc anh bien thn den chnh mon biet dnng bhan ena Phuong chan,n ? Khong anh ching tim hien vi ve Phuong , chan ca, nh chi can biet phuong,chan co em gai xau xi va ong hao nan. Omh hay inong inong phuang chan trong tri nho, khi emh muon nghi chen phuong chan, vi su that luc nao emg phu phong va cay dong.

Phuong chan xin ching, but nhe, hen thu sau chuc omh chem nay  chi vao mong dep….

                        Em gai nho Tay thomh (Phuong Chan)

A anh con nho chia khong de phuong chom bien lan ma nho,

Jhn vo. N.H.Trang, cong gnyenh can da moi , Phong Dinh.(OD&PH)


(4) August.8th. 1968

Nixon elected president of the United States with Spiro Agnew as vice –president.(D)

9) September 1968

(1) September .14th.1968

A letter from True Giang ,




Co Hien

Nhan duitc thu c0 tri that phan van kho ngi, khong kieu Co new viet thu cho co khong, nhung rai to quiyet dinh thu chico, keo co trong thui hoan J mai, co Se nghu khong tot ve ngun ban qua co cua toi tri hanh bao tin khong vui co Ro hoang dta anh dung lia dto tri thanh that chia buon cung co va hien nay tri dang gui 2 la thui Cuo co goi cho hoang va 1 taan anh-toi xin loi co ve nanh dong khong dtep cua toi, vi toi va hoang lam2 nguoi ban than new toi da biet co qua nhung thu trore tren dtay toi xin goi tra anh. Cua Co ve Cgu.

Thu dteu dtay vai hay Co reo mot lau nua thanh that chia buon cung co neu Co Co gi muon noi toi khng dam tai choi.

Xin dung but chuo co may man lon. Kinh Chao.

T.B. neu can thu cho toi Xin de de : Ts H.V.J DDR KBC 4882 (location ?) Xin Co Vui Long Hui Bo, Sui Chau Tho Cua Toi. Cam Buu. (OD)








10) October 1968


       (1) October, 21th.1968

       The series 641 with JJ  Replacement code of  US military Payment Certificate  start from 31.8.1965 type to 21.10.1968, and this day began to used the BB replacement code until 11.8.1969, this token issued special  for used at South Vietnam field area. The design of US beautiful woman , nominal 5 cent- 25 cent-50 cent-1 dollar,5 dollar  and 10 dollar. The last use of this token in this day .

(I found all of this payment certificate except 5 cent JJ  and 50 cent JJ  and 5 dollars JJ . I found 5 cent BB and not yet found the BB replacement note of another nominal .  The collector’s name “TOKEN” because used only at special area South vietnam , private collection in fine condition except 5 cent everage good condition  have found during my visit in 2007 at HCM-city, but during my last visit 2009 I couldn’t found anymore –auth)


11) November 1968 no info


12) December 1968

(1) Until this day Somone was not the God father of The Phung Hoang  ( or Phoenix, to give it the name that the American hung ) as some would have it.program

(2)American troop strength in Vietnam at year-end is 540.000.








1) January 1969


2) n(1) Nixon’s policy of Vietnamisation played into their hand as they negoytiated interminalby in Paris. Their prime aim was to reach an agreement which would get the US out but would leave them able to continue the war within the country until final victory. So they resolutelu reject any proposal out foward by Henry Kissinger, America’s chief of negotiator in Paris,which required borth North Vietnamese forces and the Americans to withdraw from the South.

          (2)American bombing caused grievous losses, but, making use of widely dispersed factories and with supplies of arms from China and Russia, the communist leadership in Hanoi was prepared to continue waging for years to come.


(3)The Vatican rewarded Nguyen Bao Tung ( Native Vietnam best Stamps collectors) a medal( VIIth Pontificate of H.H. Pope Paul VI) for his book entitled “Journeys of Pope Paul VI”


(4) President Nguyen van Tieu picked General Tran Thien Kiem as premier in a goverment with other soldiers, technocrats , and folloers of former president Diem predominated. He had chosen to base his goverment on military rather then popular support


          (5)Paris talks expanded to include saigon government and Vietcong representatives(D)




2) February 1969


     (1) The original vintage photo of AVRN Vietnamese captain native with two photographers,  one surgent  and one  civilian  in the front of US ARMY , ARMY PICTORIAL CENTER.

            ( I found this photo at HCM city in 2007, who know where the army Pictorial center ? I think at Saigon, who was the Vietnamese captain and is he still alive, please comment- auth)


3) March 1969


(1)March,12th. 1969

Registered 460 overprint stamped  Long –Xuyen ,Postally cover with 3 dong stamp , CDS Long-Xuyen 12.3.1969, to Trinh-Van-Phan Bo-Moc –Vu Sai-Gon. This official letter from Duong-Thanh-Pinh Truong Trung Moc Bo-De Long-Xuyen(A-G)  

(Rare registered from Long Xuyen,from official offiice civilian without KBC stamped,trough  civil post office with special rate 3d , non official 6 d , what the meaning of the official office Duong-Thanh-Pinh ? please comment -auth)


4) April 1969


      (1)April,20 th.1969

The very rare postal history of AVRN” TRAN TRANG HOA M1” postal used covers with  South Vietnam military stamps type M1 ‘s  clear CDS Quan Buu  2045 ,8.4.1969,  with red double circle Quan Doi Cong Hua BUU-TIN-VIEN KBC 4308 send from Le van Vien B.V.3.D.C /L.Ngoui Chan KBC 4308 to  code Q.T , Tran Trang Hoa  219/19 Pham ngu Lao saigon with destination CDS bigger type (saigon ?) Quan Buu 8.4.1969.




( This postal hstory very best for showed , becaus fine condition and the samedestination with another postal history military stamps typ M2  24-4-1969 , this  postal history one from KBC 4308 never report the location may be Cam Ranh? , another KBC 4091  –Quan Trung Military school/training academy at Quan Tre- please comment –auth)




The very rare “TRAN TANG HOA M2” Quan Trung military Academy at Quantre postal history  with South Vietnam Military stamps type M2 not cancalled by Quan Buu CDS , send from Dai Doi Chi Hung Tien Doan Phong ve KBC 4091-Quan Trung  Military School/Training Academy at Quan tre , red doubble circles stamped “ Quan-Doi –Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa BUU-TIEN-VIEN K.B.C. 4.091 TOAN” and CDS Quan Buu Vietnam 26-4 1969 to Tran Tang hoa, So 219/19 Phan ngu Lao Saigon  with note :( Nho Chuyen cho Huyen Trang xin that that thar cai) , on air mail par avion envelope, no quan Buu detination CDS.

Another collection from the Quantrung KBC 4091 military acedemi :

(a )The photo of Quan Trung Military academy’s  Student, two student in the front of modern canon weapon, and one student with war helmet  was taken in another year february 1970.

(b) The ceritificate of Gunshooting bravet “ Chung nhan Then X6) from KBC 4091 –Quan Trung Military academy  April 24 1972 signe by Brig.general (Thieu-Thoang) Hoan-Van lac.


(The very rare M2 stamps and never found with CDS on that S.V.Military stamp ,  destination Quan tre, Military School/Training Academy “Quan Trung” , please comment the TRAN TANG HOA M2 ,the illustration as the cover of the Book Vietnam war 1 with T.T.Hoa M1 cover , please comment after read the letter inside the cover below for more information. I have seen the Fake cover of M2 stamps , report by IMNAHA. I am very happy to showed this rare postal historry with anothe M3 and Vietnam map cover , ICCS cover, if I the US Indochina phillatelic association send the invitaion to show this two  at their annual exhebation  because very difficult to get the US visa this time , please comment-auth)



                                                                                    Huyen Trang men !

La Thu ? dtai  tiu, minh chong thong biet viet ga han dto? Lan quon voi trang la ke? Lan cho Trang nghe truong hop duoc han hanh viet tho cho Trang truong hop nhu sau

Trang cuoc hanh quan luo soat thu dtech Minh dta luc Soat dtuoc so mang anh, vi rach nat vien Minh khong biet vo la to bao so nay  va May mau le Trong nhung Trang ngay vach nat dto lai con mu tien bay leu Phung Minh nghe nhat vay chu khong biet muoi dto co pha la minh tin hoang bon phung o?

Sau vi doi va hang gioi thiu cua Huyen trang, tu nhien Minh thay thich va vui vin vi chi ? Trong vai hang ngai ngai dto uo cung dta thew hien dtuoc phan nao ma long Minh hang mo uoc nhat la thich nhy chien Sat nang, vi moi mat buoi chien tat nang Minh thuong huong vi quc nha va xan dte nho thuong me gia va em doi.

Thei Minh cha them viet nha vi noi lan noi chen la Minh co the choc len dtuoc.

Minh xin nghing bat moi dtang va hen tho sau se Viet nhiem hon.Minh dtiem ma Minh so uoc nhat la Trang pha thanh tha voi Minh ten Minh Se Co gaiy thank that voi Trang moi van dte,



Tai bat : dia chi cua Minh hitch tai co chung nha china vi thong thung,dti nanh quan luon men nha co o han cu vay minh mien dtia chi cua anh bao co han cu dte lich lai voi huyen trang vi nha the thu se o la that lac :

                           Ha Ei vai Dieu

                              Dai Doi Chu Huy / The Doan phong Vo KBC 4091

                                          Liu Tiao lau Cho






(3)April,24th 1969

The very rare US Military payment certificate series 651 were issued with replacement code A-A in this day and the note used until 19.11-1973.

(This not veryrare because used during the war and before the fall of Saigon didn’t use anymore  and another series also issued in 1969 like series  661 BB in 1969 , 681 cc in 1969 and 692 EE in 1970 then in, many were change to US dollars for buying gold  due to the refugees, I have never seen this notes, only report but not confirm 5c,10c, and 25 c, the 50 cent only one report, the 1,5 and 10 dollars never report. Please comment why the series  651 AA very difficult to found?-auth)


5) May 1969

(1) May,10th. 1969

The Handwritten last wish letter from Ho Chi Minh at Hanoi.


“ Viet Nam Dan Chu Cong Hoa,Doc tap-Tu do-Han phuc.

Cuoc chong My,cu’u nuo’c cua nhan dan ta du phai kinh qua gian kho, hy sinh nhieu hon dua, song nhat dinh thang loi hoan toan.

            Do la mot dieu chac chan.

            Toi co y’ dinh de’n ngay do’, toi se’ di khap hai mien Nam Bac de’ chuc mung dong bao, can bo va chien si anh hung; tham hoi cac cu phu lao, cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong yeu quy cua chung ta.

Ke theo do , toi se thay mat nhan dan ta di tham va cam on cac nuoc anh em trong phe xa hoi chu nghia, va cac nuoc bau bin khap nam chau da tan tinh ung ho va giup do cuoc chong My, cu’u nu’oc cua nhan dan ta.

            Cuoi cung,toi de lai muon van tinh than yeu cho toan dan,toan dang,cho toan the bo doi,cho cac chau thanh nien va nhi dong.

            Toi cung gu’i muon ciu’oi cung cua toi ta. Toan Dang, toan dan ta doan ket phan dau, xay dung moi nuoc viet nam hoa binh, thong nhat,doc lip, dan chi va giau manh, va gop phan xung dang vao su’ nghirp cach mang the’gioi.

                                                              Ha’ Noi,ngay 10 thang 5 nam 1969





(not complete letter, maybe native vietnam will translate the Ho Chi Minh Letter-auth)



(4) the calour Photo of Ho Chi Minh (P)


(5) The cover of Vietnam Book propaganda  with national Flag “Viet Nam Dau Tranh Vi Doc Lap Va Chu Nghia Xa Hoi and Chu tjeh Ho’ Chi Minh photo, in this book  have illustrated the vietnam war photo


(a) Chu tjeh Ho Chi Minh


(b) Thi xa Cao bang sau ngay quan xam lu’o’c Trung Quoc rut


(c) Nhan dau cac vung xung quanh thj xa Lang So’n di so tan trong thoi gian Trung quoc xam lu’o’c.


(d) Xu’o’ng sura chua nong cu o’ cao bang bj bon xam lu’o’c trung quoc tan pha.


(e)Nha may san xuat phan dam lo’n nhat Vietnam o’ Ha Bac


(f) Hai hong,Phan xu’ong nguoi nha may co


(g) Xurong che’ bien muoi o’ Nha rang.


(h)Ruong trong lua tinh Hoa Binh


(i)Cy ruong bang may o’ tinh Quang Binh


(j) Hai che trong nong truong Moc Chau


(j) Nha may go dan o tinh Phu Khanh san xuat hang xuat khan,


(k) Mo rong ho chua nuoc o’ tinh Lai Chau


(l) Nha may nhiet dien Quang Ninh


(m)Thap khoan tren dong bang son Hong


(n) Hai Pong Xay nha o’


(o) Cac chi tho theu lang Binh Minh gan Ha Noi


(p) San pham cua mot horp tac xa huyen Kim Son


(q) Cua hang ban den giay


(r) Tran dia trong nyui cua bo doi Lang Son


(s) Pho lu bj thiet hai trong thoi gian Trung Quoc xam lu’o’c.


(t) Bo doi giup dan uyen Kim Bang dan mu’o’ng dan nu’o’c tu’o’i ruong.


(6) Nam 1969, nganh xang dau da ngien cu’u.thiet ke va che tao thanh cong may bom cao ap Truong Son;tiep do hang loat cac loai ong va phu kien duoc che tao,nho do co the chu dong thay the, sua chua va co nguon du tru can thiet, bao dam toan bo he thong duong ong van hanh tue trong moi tinh huong.


 (2)   May,14th. 1969

   Nixon proposes simultaneous withdrawal from South Vietnam of American and North Vietnamese forces (D)


  6) June 1969

(1) June,1st 1969

The Soldier civilian stamps were issued, the uncommon mint 80 pi.

( I found thi stamp on postally cover,look at registered Danang 11.10.69 and  Saigon 17.12.69-auth)



(2)June,8th. 1969

Nixon with Thieu on USS.Midway , annouces withdrawal 25.000 American troops from Vietnam.(D)


7)no info


8) August 1969



        The replacement note B-B of series 661 beautifful women were issued in this day to change the series 661 J-J.and also in this day issued new design notes series 681 army warfare design with replacement coed C-C (I only found the 5 cent series 661 B-B  notes in  good condition only  , very rare in very fine condition because this notes were used until 7.10.1970 only one year and after that the war became more battles everywhere-please comment-The series 681 found 5 cent,10 cent submarine design, and 1 dollar  airforce pilot in fine condition- auth)


(2) August,29th,1969

The uncommon mint Bannar Man stamps,50 pi, were issued.


9) September 1969

(1) September,3rd. 1969

   Vietnam National Hero, Ho Chi Minh dies in Hanoi at age seventy-nine, this day (RIP=Rest In Peace).

(read his handwritten last letter, on 10th May 1976, four month before he have  passed and his vintage photo in 1955 after the Vietminh war-auth)


(2) September,20th,1969

The Civilian became soldier “Tong Bong Vien “ stamps were issued, the uncommon was 10 pi.


       (3) September,24th .1969

       The  serial collections  of Vietnam Cong-hoa Buu-Bien reciept of Bien-Lai So : Nhan Cua O Tay Chanh ,so tien la 3542. with Coniem(revenue) Vietnam Cong Hoa Nha Truoc Ba Va Coniem 3X 3$00.

(very best the collection of revenue rate and variation of tax reciept  , from 21.12.1968 until12.4.1971,this were the first report of rate during the escalation of Vietnam liberation war :

No.       Date             Tax            Revenue 

                                                Rate    Type

a)      21.12.1968      3172       0$80   large coniem

                                                2$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00        “

                                             ( 7$80)

b)      22.3. 1969      2772         0$80  large coniem

                                                1$00  Nha truoc va

                                                5$00       “

                                               ( 6$80)

c)     24.9.1969       3542          3  X

                                                3$00        “


d)     23.12.1969      3472        0$80          “

                                                3$00         “

                                                5$00         “


e)     21.3.1970       9138        2×0$80       “

                                              20$00         “


f)       26.6.1970      8015        0$80           “

                                              20$00        “


g)     31.12.1970    9735      5X0$80         “

                                                20$00       “



h)      12.4.1971     8875     2×10 d         stamps

                                          5$00        Nha Tuoc Ba va



i)      8.7.1971        11.825   3×10$00        “

                                            2X0$80          “


(The 10$00 revenue rare, and used stamps in March.12th 1971, why ? look at March 1971-auth)


10) October 1969

(1)October.17th 1969

The very rare “Bao Thi”(The  Military Headquaters) Return to sender Registered airmails Cover from R no 908 ovpt Danang , with 16 d nam-quoc-te nahn quyen ed.1968 + 2 d-soldier civilian stamps (rate 18 dong) cds Danang 17.10.69 to Saigon cds 22.10.1969,  the addres cross , handwritten Bao(1) cross with red handwritten date 21/10,  and red squared box stamped “retour afsender “and straight stamped “not found’  with hand writen 8/12 and in the back Bao Thi 12/12.


(Rare registered letter from Military HQ-“Bao  Thi” Danang after Danang under Vietcong between Jan-March 1968 –auth), return to sender after seeking many battle’s area were seen   many destinations and post stamped  during vietcong war in fighting area Danang, this the first report,altough the condition not so fine but very good multi postmark & stamped still read. The best showed covers  –auth )  


(2)October,15th. 1969

     Massive antiwar demonstrations in Washington (D)

(3)American troop in Vietnam reduced by 60.000.(D)


11) November 1969


(1)November,8th 1969

     The President van Thieu photo in the day at Bien Hoa , S.Vietnam , he attends National Day ceremonies at military cementary near Bien Hoa . In most photos Thieu ( wearing dark grey suit)  accompanied by Vica President Cao Ky , who is wearing a Nehru jacket. ( image by



12)December 1969


(1)     December,17th.1969

The postal used cover from the ownwer of VIPITRA SA import-export,88.Le Van Duyet Saigon ,to Kinh giu Bac Si Le Cuu Truong,99 Nguyen Du Saigon, stamp 2d-soldier civilian (rate 2d in city) , CDS SAIGON VIETNAM 17.12.1969.

       Inside a  beautiful “Chinese New year greeting “in chinese char” on American navy boy holding flower and the picture of a habour and a trap lady’s fish tailed  post card.


(2)            December, 17th.1969

The AWA aerogram letter sheet without prestamps l, send from Nguyen Hien 374/1 Nguyeng ngoc Suong Phu Nuan saigon Vietnam with  3 stamps 2 x 1,5 d and 1x 3 d (rate 6 d)  to Miss Ho Thi Tuyet Hong , CDS Saigon Vietnam 28.12 1969,as regular civilian postal service , in the back hand written :



Phu Nhuan                             Thu bay Ngay 27-12-69

                            Hong men,

      Mot canh thi cua Hong da den tay anh va sau do mot

Thiep Noel nua da roi vai Sau tay anh nhung anh thuo vi

Tinh da khong co mot loi than hoi gi ca cho Hong , anh

co loi nhiem , anh an han ve ming , va anh xin hong dung voi goan

lay tho thu cho anh va de anh noi so ly do toi sau anh lai co mot tai di nho  vay.     

sau khi nhan duoc thu cua hong, anh hinh goi diem thoa cho hong hen ngay gap nhung mot phan o  tai dinh phu nuan khong hen doan thoan cong cong hai le o chanh day tung co doan hoa nhung cua may seu chu my anh khong muon phu va vi vay anh da kho goi duoc cho hong……….etc…………………………………………………………….

Va vi vay ma truong tho bay ngoi viet tho hong de ta toi hong lue nay ta sau, chai cong ru van huong . Anh xin loi hong ve ru kang tren lao thu tu hay diem thoi de xen con vrie sa sau toi anh se tiu cho hong sau dung buon ve nua nhe anh biet toi voi, tho cho anh








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