The Republic of Italy Rare Stamps

@COPYRIGHT Dr Iwan S (iwansuwandy) 2010.

The Vatican city holyland pictures


                                                                                      The vintage Napoli picture postcard

This story and illustration rare stamps dedicated to the Italian stamps collectors.

Many rare and valuable stamps especially on postally used cover related with postal history not beutiful in graphic design but very interesting for historian as the history fact , but some rare stamps also in beutiful design and related to the famous event and famous man like Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, Classic Composser Viverdi , race . Interpol, Radio ,televison , the visit of President Italy to brazil and Peru(this stamps ever issued with wrong map of Peru and short time reject but I didnot have,in my collection the reprint in right map) and many other topic. I have almost compleet the rare stamps of Italian Republic stamps except one series consist three stamps in 1951n FG.51 first Gymnastic Festival Florence 1951, If someone have this stamps please send the photos to the editor email for made this collections complete or exchange with me with another country rare stamps you prefer.Yessica please edit this story and the photo make more clear with the photoshop,this are your working as a student,my editor just going abround in two weeks ,he have many work at his own job,the picture still nor clear to protect from reproductions, before show you must edit with photoshop program let upgrade your skill.(Dr Iwan S).

Before show the Italian Republic rare stamps ,I will show some Italian pictures,and old Italian Kingdom rare stamps below.

a.The rare Italia kingdom stamps on cover

b.The rare 19th century Papal State stamps(now Vatican)

c.The unique Italian f1rst stamps
(1)the first issue stamps

(2) The ovpt BLP bustelari poste means discount postal price,now rare in mean condition.

(3) this used stamps below were very rare in unused(mint) condition

During my younger age , I have many friends with the Italian priest in Padang, they gave me many Italian stamps and some of the Rare Republic Italian stamps will installed for my Italian cstamps collectors all over the wold. The rare stamps have not only from the priest but also found at Jakarta Phillatelic center circa1990- 2000.firdt in Cikini post office and later in Ex Pasar Baru central post office now became the phillatelic museum.msny rare postal history not beutiful grapic design but some very best design especially related to the stamp centenary,the famous man, sport , interpol, radio television and the visit of Italian president to Brazil and peru, be careful many beutiful graphic stamps issued after 1970 very common and nonvaluable stamps because issued more than 100.000.000 items because that time too many speculatio on stamps, before 1970 especially thew 55 cent stamps always in blue color very limited editions because not many used and the economic situation after the WW II which made economic crisis no one speculations or invest in stamps like this day the same situation who want to invest in stamps no money enough to buy one series up than 10 US$, if the colectors have enough money I suggest to invent the high nominal value stamps on postally used cover as 10 pound,50 dollars,50 euro,1000 yen etc on postally used cover twnety years later when the economic situation became good this investation will be very rare and high value, like I done in 1979-1980,when German economic crisis the German and Switzerland stamps very cheapest, and now the value became up more than 20 times.
This my tips for the beginner collectors,please clic my blog every weeks and you will seen the new informations.

Gretings from The Founder of Blog
Dr Iwan S.


The picture of Napoli

1.The best ten of republic Italy rarest Stamps no 1 until 10

(1)1949.The Republic of Rome centenary stamps with design Vascello Castle,send from Italia to Surabaya Indonesia in 1949

(2)1950.The International Radio conference(difusion altered frequency) postal used on cover send from Italy to Bandung Indonesia

(3) 1951 Triennial art Expo Milan
(4) 1949. ERP Euro Recovery Plan stamps
(5) 1951. Restoration of Monte Cassino Abey
.(6) 1949 Volta Discovery of Electric cell centenary
(7) 1945 Work justice and family,rare in postally used cover send from italy
to Bandung I0ndonesia or in unused condition.
(8) 1951. 29th Milan Fair
(9) 1950. Euro Tobacco conference
,(10) 1952. 50th Milan Fair.

2. The other rare stamps .
1) 1951. Verdi the c lassic composer 50th Death centenary (2) 1951.Sardian stamp centenary,(3) 1952 Modena and Parma stamp century,(4)1954 Introduction of TV in Italy (5).1953.Rainbow over Atlantic,(6)1958 Visit of Pres.Gronchi to Brasil,(7).1961 visit pres Gronchi to Peru ,the reprint in right map with different color, (8).1952. Leonardo birth centenary design his painting,(9).1954 Interpol Congress Rome,(2) The modern high valuse stamps 500 Lire with Road bicicle rice and the modern arr design
The Picture of Napoly

PS. I stop the installed because I spent ten hours full worktime , and I have many other work to finish fast, but in Yessica please asking me to continue in comment to installed the next ten rare stamps or another collector and pleasesend to edior email a formal written statement from you school and organization with a thanks statement to blog by Dr iwan S for joining the exhabitons(Piagaman ucapan terima kasih), I need this for UCM promotions, and one day may by your school will asking me a special show with their sponsorship logo with some donations for operational cost, for this story free for you as the student. from the Founder of Blog Dr Iwan S.
@Copyright Dr Iwan S 2010



  1. mark mcclean July 8, 2011 / 10:24 pm

    ive some old italia stamps frm 1851 upwards

    • iwansuwandy July 10, 2011 / 4:51 am

      hallo Mark, thanks for visit my blog,
      congratulation you have the best collection of Italian stamps, please show me the Football stamps 5 L thanks

  2. michelle May 10, 2012 / 12:27 am

    Hello Dr. Iwan,
    I have a few pages of old Italian stamps. Glad to show you pictures if you love Italian stamps. I have many unsorted around the world. If you have other stamp interests I’ll be glad to send scans. 🙂

    • iwansuwandy May 11, 2012 / 4:27 am

      hallo michelle,
      thanks for visit my web blog, and please send the rare stamp scans only ,look the price more than US$ 100,- per stamps only,
      and I will upload in my web blog
      Dr Iwan suwandy
      if you want to have the informations of the rare stamps I have e-book in CD-ROM but you must subscribe via comment to be my Web Premium member
      with upload your ID scan just for security against the hijeck
      Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

  3. khagendra khatri November 4, 2012 / 11:02 am

    Dear sir/Mam, thanks for rare nice italina postage stamps, actually I’ve some little italina rare stamps collection,which are rare also old, When I saw you stamps picture, I’m happay, because some stamps are in collection, Italina is very nice country & also old stamps Thanks

      • khagendra khatri December 7, 2012 / 1:09 pm

        Sir/Mam I’ve so many stamps old most rare usa & europ[ean stamps collection but I’ also impressaed Italina stamps of course I’ve Rare old collection may most expensive anyway I’m satisfied when i saw these rare stamps photo .. thanks

      • khagendra khatri December 8, 2012 / 2:09 pm

        Of course, stamps it’s history of the which price is not comparitable with’s a rare of acountry,what you think about sir, suggest me?

  4. khagendra khatri December 7, 2012 / 4:26 am

    Sir I’m from nepal i’ve old rare italy stamps collection..thanks

  5. khagendra khatri December 9, 2012 / 12:43 am

    Of course, stamps it’s history of the country,ie italy,france usa etc.. which price is not comparitable with’s a rare of a country’s history,if we study,reserch,anylisis about it then we can understand about it,what you think about sir, suggest me?

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